TNA President Dixie Carter on reports of company’s financial issues: “You can’t react to the rumors about the financial situation”

Renjith Ravindran of The Fan Garage is featuring an interview with TNA President Dixie Carter discussing the company’s current financial situation, online reports speculating things aren’t going well and TNA’s current television relationship with Pop TV.

On TNA’s current financial situation and online reports speculating issues:

“You can’t react to the rumors about the financial situation. That’s the difficulty about being in my position. There’s so much incorrect information out there about the financial situation of TNA. We are putting out some of the best television our company has ever put out and if you watch it you can tell, great things are happening to our company. Seven or eight years ago, there wasn’t a social media platform for people to come on and just be negative about your product. But that is the best thing about wrestling. People are so passionate for and against it; they just love talking about it.”

TNA’s current relationship with Pop TV:

“They’ve been fantastic partners. Brian Schwartz has been a fantastic leader of the network. He has been great to us. It’s a young network but they have some great distribution. With 85 Million people being able to see it in the United States, we are growing every week and our DV-R and playback numbers are growing by around 20-30-40 percent every week and I’m looking forward to a long and solid relationship with them as they’ve been a lot of fun to work with.”