Gail Kim

Gail Kim was announced as the next entrant into the TNA Hall of Fame for 2016 during Tuesday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

TNA President Dixie Carter made the announcement last night on Pop TV. Here is a recap courtesy of Josh Boutwell.

Dixie Carter walks out and announces that the next entrant into the TNA Hall of Fame is Gail Kim. That is beyond well deserved there. She says that Gail came to TNA for an opportunity and found a family instead. She says that her passion is unmatched just like her talent and that she redefined the way that people look at women’s wrestling. Gail seems to be moved by the announcement but also seems like she was expecting it as she is wearing a nice dress while the rest of the roster was all wearing their ring gear standing on the stage.

A video package highlights Gail’s TNA career and calls her the greatest women’s wrestler of a generation. That would be pretty hard to argue against in my opinion. At a time when women’s wrestling was nothing more than bra and panty matches and T&A (no pun intended) she was always all about the in-ring action taking things to a level that we hadn’t seen in a long, long time in terms of women’s wrestling in America. A nice “thank you Gail” chant breaks out and Dixie says that there is no one more deserving of this honor because she helped create the greatest female wrestling division in the world and Gail will go down as one of the greatest women’s wrestlers in the world. She says that she will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame at BFG this fall.

Gail thanks the fans and she says that she is humbled and appreciative of TNA for giving her the platform to do what she does best in the ring. She says she got into the business because she loves wrestling and she is fortunate to be in it for 16 years, and it is because of TNA that she is been here this long. She thanks TNA, Dixie, the fans, and all of the girls she has ever shared the ring with. Gail hugs Dixie and waves to the crowd.

The full recap of this week’s 6/14 Impact Wrestling on Pop TV will be posted shortly.


  1. James Storm could be a good choice too .. unless its too early from when he tried to kill a woman on TV.
    TNA doesnt have much choices atm. (and then remembers Jerret) I’m pretty sure hes running low on cash, offer him $50 to do your bs hof

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