Impact Wrestling

TNA President Dixie Carter posted the following on Twitter on Thursday announcing that Impact Wrestling will be moving to Thursday night on Pop TV beginning on July 21.

With the move by WWE to move Smackdown to airing live on Tuesday nights on the USA Network, this was the most logical move for TNA to make for Impact Wrestling.


  1. If TNA were to run against WWE Smackdown on Tuesday the ratings would drop big time against WWE. TNA made the right decision.

  2. Please tell me you’re joking, like the article said, it’s a logical business move. Staying on Tuesdays at this point would be akin to deliberately crashing a hatchback head on into a big rig at high speed.

  3. Game on! after the deletion match they might have turned a corner. now not too much hot shooting and start building on this win.

  4. There was never any real “war” between TNA and WWE. Highest Impact rating was around 1.4, and that was with Hogan, when people hated the product.

  5. Bad move. This always hurts them, constantly switching days. They lose a good chunk of casual fans every time they do this. By sticking to Tuesdays, most of the Impact fans wouldn’t suddenly switch over to watch WWE. If anything, some Smackdown fans might become aware of that a wrestling alternative exists as they are flipping channels, and it might pique their interest. They announce this right after the hype and praise (and viewership increase) that Final Deletion got too… they could have at least waited to see how they would fare on Tuesdays first.

  6. It would’ve been cool to see a Tuesday Night War between both shows,but with the Monday Night War with them in 2010 flopping I can see why they would move to Thursday nights. The only way I could see the Tuesday Night Wars work in TNA’s favor would be if they were with a chamnel that doesn’t require cable or satellite in order to watch it (like Smackdown from 1999-2010).

  7. Good move or bad move, it always bodes ill for any show to constantly switch days & times.

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