According to an article by The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle is now free on bond following his arrest earlier today on charges that he violated a protection of abuse order obtained by his girlfriend Trenesh Biggers (known to wrestling fans as Rhaka Khan).

Angle was arrested around 7:50 a.m. in the parking lot of a Giant Eagle Supermarket near a Starbucks where Biggers had gone to use her computer to send emails. Biggers claims Angle had been stalking her outside of the Starbucks and she called police. She reportedly told police that Angle had abused her physically and called them when she saw Angle circling the parking lot of the supermarket.

In addition to Angle violating the protection of abuse, he was also arraigned on charges of harassment, possession of HGH and possession of a syringe to use the substance. Angle told police the drug was prescribed to him legally according to an affidavit. Police had Angle’s car (a Cadillac) towed from the scene because Angle was driving with a suspended license that was in connection with a previous drunk driving arrest.

Angle confirmed with police during the traffic stop that he and Biggers had an altercation the night before. He denied stalking her saying he was looking for a hotel since Biggers barred him from his home following the altercation. Biggers also told police that Angle had taken possession of her Blackberry phone and she feared he was erasing text messages and photos that showed injuries she suffered during their altercation. Police were able to recover the phone and return it to Biggers. Angle will face a preliminary hearing on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. local time before District Judge Carla Swearingen in Robinson. Thanks to’s own Anthony Valvo for pointing out this article with the new information.

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