In response to a report from Sunday regarding Wrestleview reader Matthew Wilkerson having some issues with ShopTNA, we’ve received some more responses from readers regarding the TNA merchandise website.

Chad Harris sent this in:

To anybody at WrestleView:

Please warn your readers about the ShopTNA website. Very unprofessional and bush league plus a ripoff.

This is in regard to what another reader sent in a few days ago concerning ShopTNA. I too have had problems with TNA over merchandise. I ordered some items back in early January and it took to almost the middle of February before I got my order but of course it wasn’t what I had ordered. A Tshirt was missing and a few more things but of course, my credit card was charged the total price. I have called repeatedly to TNA only to get an answering machine too so finally, I think I’ve given up. I still don’t have my Tshirt that I ordered…and my credit card bill is still due and I can’t get anybody in TNA to answer a phone. I got the front desk and some guy who wouldn’t give me his name tried ringing the merchandise department but nobody answered. I’ve tried emailing them but apparently, they are too busy screwing up other people’s orders to worry about mine or respond to my emails.

What is up with this bunch of people? I will never again order anything from them. I can see making mistakes but once mistakes are made, man up and correct them. If what I read is true, TNA is using regular office staff in the shipping department to fill orders and if that’s the way they’re doing business, then I am done ordering any more merchandise from TNA. I can take or leave Impact because I haven’t spent any money watching it but once money comes out of my pocket, I want service and what I’ve ordered. If anybody is thinking about ordering anything from ShopTNA, be warned. You might get what you order and you might not. TNA, in my opinion, is very unprofessional in dealing with the public. No more.

Chad Harris
Very disgruntled ex TNA merchandise buyer
Alexandria, LA

Jay sent this in:

In response to your posted email regarding ShopTNA; I too have had a similar experience as of late with ShopTNA. I ordered upwards of $80 worth of merchandise on 2/22. I chose the free shipping option (still was charged $3.25 handling). My credit card was charged on 2/27, then I received an email on 3/02 stating that my order was “being packed.” It is now 3/08, and I have no product and the status of my order is still “being packed.” It took less time for the Von Trapp family to pack for seven children when they disappeared into Switzerland. I have tried to leave a voice mail only to get the same response as your other email, which was a full mailbox voicemail message. It sure didn’t seem to help when Don West got “promoted” to be in charge of merchandising full time. If TNA doesn’t rectify this situation soon, they will be losing me as a customer.

William Hatfield sent this in:

As a recourse, if he (the original reader Matthew) calls his bank and places a chargeback against the item, the bank will actually investigate the claim. It’s illegal for TNA to advertise items that they can’t actually sell. On a side note, any dealings I’ve ever had with TNA have ended up with TNA coming across as totally inept.