Billy Corgan on wanting to become majority owner of TNA, WWE showed interest in tape library in 2016

The New York Post is featuring an interview with new TNA President Billy Corgan talking about his goal to become the majority owner of the company.

The article described IMPACT Ventures, the producer of TNA Pay Per View and Impact Wrestling for Pop TV, as “cash-strapped” and that they have entertained bid talks including WWE and Sinclair Broadcast Group. reported that WWE met with TNA officials in early 2016 showing interest in the company’s tape library should they shut down.

Corgan talked at length about his future goals as President of TNA, with the article noting that he began fully investing in the company this past August after initially being brought in as a producer. The article lists Corgan, Dixie Carter, Aroluxe Marketing and Canada’s Fight Network as all holding equity stakes in TNA Wrestling right now.

The Post article described TNA as being “so financially strapped” that Aroluxe Marketing recently acquired the “TNA” (Total Nonstop Action) trademark.

Corgan stated he hopes to have more sorted out come the Bound for Glory PPV on October 2 and continue to seek out new potential investors for the company.

“There’s a rebel spirit in wrestling that has gone out of rock ‘n’ roll. I would love nothing better than to stand up in front of everyone and give a clear picture of where this company is and where it’s going. I can get anyone I want to listen to my vision.”