Dixie Carter holds locker room meeting with TNA talent, discusses WWE rumors, TNA’s financial situation

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Dixie Carter held a locker room meeting prior to the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings last night in Orlando.

Here are some highlights of what was said.

Late payments
Some talents were paid late. Dixie Carter said that this happens sometimes because TNA waits for money that’s owed to them and once it’s received, talents are paid.

Rumors on WWE buying TNA
Carter confirmed rumors WWE wanted to purchase TNA, but she wouldn’t let that happen. Carter also revealed the video library is still owned by them.

Rumors about Bound for Glory not happening
Carter admits that there was some scramble heading towards the PPV (something Billy Corgan commented publicly about in the media), but the PPV was going to air regardless.

According to the report, Carter apparently was surprised to see wrestlers worried about the status of the company. She apologized over the concern many may have had. Dixie did ease some of the concerns many had, but there is still some worries about where the company is heading financially.