While the situation with Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle was said to be known among a few people in TNA for some time now (being a combination of wrestlers and some in the office), a majority of people were shocked to hear the news when it got out through the “Bubba the Love Sponge” radio show.

It should be noted that Karen is not living in Hendersonville, TN with Jeff, but she is there a lot of the time and was there as recently as this past week. The relationship between Jeff and Karen goes back many months and was even said to be going on before the official divorce between Karen and Kurt Angle.

No one seems to know when Jarrett will be returning to the company, but some have stated his absence at the last set of TV tapings was noticeable with Vince Russo pushing ideas without that “Jarrett filter” as some have described it. The company already cut creative team member Dutch Mantel this week along with road agent Savio Vega in moves that were described as the first of many. While it was stated earlier that the company had no plans to seek outside booking help, the release of Mantel has gotten people talking (especially since he was considered a among the many “Jarrett allies”) and how some big changes could be coming with Jarrett gone.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter