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TNA returns to Orlando on Thursday to begin big taping schedule

After a long break since October, TNA will return to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida beginning this Thursday (January 5) to begin a long stretch of Impact Wrestling TV tapings for Pop TV along with a live One Night Only PPV special. The company will hold tapings from January 5-8 and then return for more tapings on January 10-12. TNA has provided full details on all of the tapings if you plan to attend live in Orlando.

Impact Wrestling now available on Hulu live

CBS has signed a deal with Hulu to bring its broadcast network and cable programming as part of Hulu’s new live streaming service that is scheduled to be made available some time in 2017. Pop TV, the network that TNA’s Impact Wrestling airs on every Thursday, will be part of the live streaming service per an article by Reuters.


  1. Looking forward to reading all the spoilers for the next few months of shows, as it always gives me a good chuckle or two. As usual, I expect the world title to get passed around. Some heel & face turns that don’t make sense. A good dose of continuity thrown out the window. A few new storylines that don’t make sense. And at least one new group or “faction” will be put together. And all in front of that “huge” Orlando crowd, all few hundred of them, half of which don’t even really wanna be there. Good luck Anthem Sports!! I really hope you can turn this ship around, if it hasn’t completely sunk already.

  2. Reading the results takes a lot of what you chuckle about completely out of context. Not just that, but, the World Heavyweight Championship hasn’t traded hands since after Bound for Glory which was, what? Four months ago? Don’t read the spoilers. Watch the show. Enjoy the dumb fun of pro wrestling again.

  3. The Hardy’s don’t equal money anymore. It isn’t 2007. They’ve lost Sting, Roode, Styles, Joe and Angle all in a few years. Those were really the only reasons I still kept up with TNA after 2010 or so.

  4. And just saying “Don’t read the spoilers,” isn’t a very realistic comment. I hang out and talk in a very wrestling friendly environment in my personal life and at work. With everyone talking and enjoying wrestling banter on a daily basis, it is very unrealistic to expect someone to not only ignore the spoilers, but to not talk about wrestling every three months because TNA can’t afford to produce a live show or PPV. Even ROH can do it, so I don’t buy the money argument. This isn’t 1987 where I wait for Superstars of Wrestling to tell me what happened on the PPVs. TNA needs to step it up. A month and a half of spoilers at a time is unacceptable.

  5. TNA and their business model not being what you think is “appropriate” or “acceptable” has no bearing whatsoever on your life, or their product. If you and your friends want to glower at months of spoilers and think the product is bad with no context and without actually viewing the product, hey, more power to you. Might I also suggest joining a book club and only reading the synopsis on the inside flap cover?

    And clearly, the Hardys still do equal money if Broken Matt Hardy is being hailed as the vest thing going in today’s pro wrestling scene and he’s being booked far-and-wide to packed houses. WCPW’s “Delete WCPW” iPPV was to a sold-out sports arena, and a lot of that was from the heavy promotion of Matt Hardy appearing at the show.

    P.S.; reading spoilers and talking about the show is still “keeping up”. So why not watch the show?

  6. I think we’ve already had this discussion, but I cannot watch the show when PopTV is another $23/month on my cable tier.

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