Don West

Don West returns to Shop TNA

The Impact Wrestling YouTube page posted the following video teasing the return of Don West for a big “everything must go” sale as part of the Shop TNA website.

West was reportedly brought back to the company at the suggestion of Jeff Jarrett according to a report by

Impact Wrestling rebrands with new logo

The new Impact Wrestling logo featuring Anthem Sports & Entertainment branding was introduced all across TNA’s social media platforms this week.

Outside of production descriptions, it would also appear the company is completely phasing out the TNA name going forward.

Backstage notes from Impact tapings

Dixie Carter had zero involvement with any of the Impact Wrestling or One Night Only PPV tapings in the last week in Orlando at Universal Studios. is reporting that Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantell also had no say in the creative direction of the recent tapings as the team of John Gaburick, Matt Conway and others continued plans already in place.


  1. Don West was the most captivating thing about TNA for a long time. He was ALWAYS at the house shows, and did a tremendous job with their merchandise. Glad to see him back!

  2. finally the name tna is gone. never thought it was a good name for a wrestling company anyways since there was no emphasis on wrestling within the tna name. impact wrestling is much better.

  3. Ring Of Honor doesn’t have wrestling anywhere in its name but they have pretty good brand recognition as a wrestling company. Personally speaking, I liked the TNA initials because, aside from the play on words, it differentiated them from all the other companies past & present that called themselves “Something Championship Wrestling” or the “Something Wrestling Something”. Now, just like when Hogan & Bischoff got rid of the 6 Sided ring, they’ve lost something that uniquely set them apart from the rest.
    Also, calling them Impact Championship Wrestling probably won’t be possible since the ICW initials are already being used by Insane Championship Wrestling in the UK.

  4. roh’s name mentions something associated with wrestling ”ring” tna’s name had nothing associated with wrestling in its name and it always sounded to close to tits and ass. lol

  5. Plus, how do they intend to edit all their DVDs from the last 14 years that have TNA on them??? Kind of dumb to phase it out at this point, I agree with you.

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