Cougar sent this in:

Just replying to your article about Midway games from the GameInformer Magazine. I think that there may be a little bit more to it then they reported.

First, Midway has nothing to do with the Juiced Series. That series is acutally made my ‘Juice Games’, which then is distributed by THQ.

Also, it is widely reported that even though development for TNA2 is still going, Warner Brothers is only wanting Midway for Mortal Kombat. If you read this article by The Escapist, they will tell you this, and they have no interest in any of their other ‘flagship’ titles

As an interesting side note, Threshold Entertainment is suing Midway for the rights to Mortal Kombat, as they are the guys who helped bring Mortal Kombat to mainstream media with the movies and subsequent TV show. If they win this, then there would be no reason for Warner Brothers to acquire Midway.