Recap of Hulk Hogan on Cavuto

Hulk Hogan was Cavuto Wednesday night. Here are the highlights:

– Cavuto plugged that Hogan would be returning to face Ric Flair on 3/8 on Spike TV. Cavuto did note that Hogan was “old” at age 56.

– When asked about why he is returning, Hogan said two reasons, he has wrestling in his blood. And secondly, he said he had to go back to work.

– Hogan said he turned down the “big monster” (WWE) for the young, upstart promotion TNA, a company that has been around since 2002.

– Cavuto noted that wrestling had hit a plateau, with the declining ratings as evidence, which Hogan acknowledged. Cavuto noted the rise of MMA, and Hogan noted that UFC is on the same network as TNA.

– Hogan said the wrestling universe is going to get bigger, because they are making history and not re-creating it.

– Hogan put over the young talent, and said they are willing to do what is necessary to compete.

– Hogan said he wants to put on a better product than WWE. He said he is going to do something to make wrestling fun again.

– Hogan did put over Vince McMahon and his wife, who he said is “unbelievable.”

– They plugged that the fact that the Hulkster is going to be on Imus tomorrow morning. If anyone catches the show, we would appreciate a recap.

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