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The TNA “Cross the Line” Promo is shown then the TNA Epics logo hits and then we cut to

Hulk Hogan, who is at a NJPW event in the Tokyo Dome, cutting a promo about challenging for the IWGP and says that winning that is his gold. Hogan states that he wants to become NWA Champion and IWGP when suddenly someone says, “you don’t know what your talking about”,grabs the Hulkster by the arm and hits him over the head with a guitar!. Hulk is down as the camera pans to the right,we see the attacker and its none other the Jeff Jarrett!

“What do you think you’re talking about unfinished business Hogan?” asks Jarrett as he picks up a steel chair and uses it on a floored Hogan. Jimmy Hart tries to make the save but his effort are in vain as Jeff chucks Hart into the wall. Jeff picks up the chair again,knocks over a table with a trophy and starts hitting Hogan again. Jeff mounts Hogan and starts saying, “What do you think you’re talking about unfinished business Hogan.”

The TNA Epics opening hits and we are shown clips of superstars that have made an appearance in TNA with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, The Road Warriors, Roddy Piper and Jeff Hardy all shown.

We are welcomed to the show by TNA World Champion and Hardcore Legend Mick Foley. This show is about Jeff Jarrett attacking Hogan.

We jump to October of 2003 with Mike Tenay and Don West. They talk about Hogan wrestling in Japan and how the papers covered the match. The papers also cover the Jeff Jarrett attack, We see pictures of his match with Masa Chono which he wins with The Leg drop followed by a cloth lines.

They once again show the footage of Jarrett attacking Hogan in the post match press conference but this time they show the save by the Masa Chono

-Commercial Break-

We are welcomed back to Epics by Mick Foley, who recaps Jarrett attacking Hogan again before we cut to Jeff in the ring with Mike Tenay from 2003 in the Asylum

“Rumours were flying around that Hulk Hogan was in talks with TNA” Jarrett says and he was going to be damn if Hulk Hogan “stole” him title shot since TNA is his back garden. Since Hogan wasn’t going to TNA, Jarrett look TNA to Hogan by flying 6500 miles,hitting Hogan over the head with the guitar and raining on his parade. “We Want Hogan” fills the Asylum as Jarrett claims that Hogan’s track record speaks for its self : He enters a place,takes all the money, fans, belts and most importantly,the credit. Jarrett says that TNA won’t follow Hogan like other companies have and he will be damned if Hogan steals his spot.

“Is it about Florida?” asks Tenay. Jarrett reacts to this by demanding that Mike never brings the Florida topic up again. Jeff starts to talk about next weeks title match when Vince Russo appears from out of no where and spears Jeff Jarrett.

They brawl to the outside and into the crowd as Russo picks up a Steel Chair which he starts to use on Jarrett as he is trying to run away. Russo spears Jarrett into a steal barrier before perching a table up against the wall and throwing Jeff face first into it. Russo attempts to make his exit but is speared to the floor and hit with a chair several times by Jeff before starting to use his belt buckle and another chair.

Jeff then ties Russo to a fence and hits Vince with anything that’s not nailed down. security attempts to stop Jarrett,who then turns the trash can on them and beats the security down. Jeff then goes back to attacking Russo with the chair and there is no sign of Jeff stopping in till wrestlers from the back come out to stop the attack.

We then jump forward in time and see Jeff Jarrett in a suite and he explains how he hide in the rest room and planned the attack on Hogan. He explains how he know Hogan would be in a press conference after the match then shows the hall wall he walks down,how he kicked the door to open it to attack Hogan with the Guitar.

Back to The Asylum in 2003, Jimmy Hart and Mike Tenay in the ring and Teney asks Hart to explain what happened when Jeff Jarrett took TNA to Hulk Hogan.

Jimmy asks Jeff why three years ago (2000) in WCW at Bash at the Beach did Jeff Jarrett lay down for Hulk Hogan. Jarrett’s music hits and Jeff comes out in his wrestling attire and a microphone in hand. “I told Mike Teney last week and you tonight : As like as you’re in TNA, Don’t bring up that subject up! “The Crowd and Jimmy chant why as Jeff walks into the ring. Jeff knows everyone wants to know why he layed down in WCW but before answering he nails Jimmy Hart with a right hand and starts to stomp and punching Jimmy. He tapes Jimmy to the ropes and starts to whip Jimmy time and time again and doing the Hogan pose,the ring belt rings as security attempt to make the save but get whipped by Jarrett for their efforts as AJ Styles runs down to make the save.

We jump again to Jeff Jarrett in the ring cutting a promo when we hear Jimmy Harts voice before he appears on the main screen. He tells Jarrett he just got off the phone with someone he use to manage who will be here next week and for every scratch on Jimmy’s back,Jarrett will lose a pint of blood!

-Commercial Break-

We are back and Jarrett is in the ring to see who Jimmy Hart has brought into TNA to get revenge for Hart.

Jimmy Hart appears at the top of the ramp and tell us the first man to pick up the phone is a good friend of Hulk Hogan…It’s Hacksaw Jim Dugan!

Jeff Jarrett VS Hacksaw Jim Dugan

Jim gets in the ring as Jeff bails. Jeff attacks Jim from behind and starts to choke Jim on the rope. He irish whips Jim into the turnbuckle and as Dugan hits the buckle he busts out and hits Jeff with a three clotheslines and Jarrett bails with Jim in toe. They brawl outside before Dugan chucks Jeff back into the ring. Jeff cuts Dugan off and starts to beat down Dugan who out of no where hits a Chokeslam. Jim hits 10 punches before hits Jeff with a massive Clothline again. He sets Jeff up for the three point stance then goes for his 2 by 4 but before he can use it, Jeff is up and hits Hacksaw with the Guitar for the three count.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Jimmy Hart reappears and calls it then start of the end.

Rick Steiner vs Jeff Jarrett

Rick Steiner is in the ring and hits two massive cloth lines and a T-bone suplex. Rick then goes up top but jumps into the Ref. Jeff Jarrett rolls up as Rick checks on the ref and picks up a 2nd guitar and hits Rick over the head as the bell rings

Winner: Rick Steiner via DQ

After the match, Jeff gets on the mick and asks Jimmy Hart if that’s the best he can do. He begs Jimmy Hart to come to the ring. Jimmy Hart tells Jeff that next week he will face a man called…..STING!

-Commercial Break-

Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting

Sting got a nice ovation coming out. Tenay and West sold it as practically the biggest crowd pop in the history of civilization, doing their best to make this seem like a huge match. Sting overpowered Jarrett early and Jarrett sold it with facial expressions that said, “What have I gotten myself into.” They brawled into the crowd, with Sting throwing chops. Jarrett put on a sleeper to take control of the match. Sting fought out of it and hit a couple Stinger Splashes in the corner. When he went for the cover, Callis came to ringside and yanked Sting off of Jarrett. Jarrett hit Sting with the title belt. Jimmy hart came to the ring to tell the ref what happened. Meanwhile, Sting came back and applied the Scorpion Death Lock. Red Shirted Security entered the ring. Sting fended them off, but Jarrett then hit Sting with a chair for the DQ.

Winner: Sting via DQ

The Red shirts beat down Sting as Jeff hits the Ref with the belt. Jeff and the Red Shirts triple team Sting before Raven comes out and brawls with Jeff Jarrett. Raven attempts a DDT but it is stopped by The Red Shirts. Jeff attacks raven and hits him with a chair. AJ comes out and takes out The Red Shirts and Jeff. The Red Shirts power bomb AJ. Abyss walks down and the ring clears before Abyss hits the Black Whole Slam on AJ. Jeff sneaks back in and looks to hit Sting with the Guitar but Sting smashes the Guitar with his Bat before attacking Abyss and The Red Shirts to end the show

Epic Thoughts

Tonight’s show was okay. Seeing the Hulk Hogan/Jeff Jarrett video twice in the first 10 minutes was a real over kill of that video. Watching todays show, I learned that Sting’s arrival in TNA was due to Hogan not showing up and seeing how thing have turned out, I think TNA made a great decision.

Hacksaw Jim Dugan looks awesome in his short match with double J and its kind of a shame what he has become in WWE since his apperance in TNA.

I was surprised to see TNA showing Masa Chono in the Jeff/Hogan video as whenever i’ve seen it on TV,its been edited out and I can see why,it made Jeff look week.

This show was probably the worst TNA Epics to date and this is reflected in the show rating.

So that’s it for TNA Epics this week. Agree or disagree with what I said? Have any feedback or ways I can improve my recap? Send any comment you have to