Predictions from the Faculty Lounge
TNA Slammiversary 7 (June 21)
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo
Predictions by: staff and readers

?They were not going to make it?..They are just a young organization?..They will be crushed by Vince McMahon?.blah blah blah.?

My apologies to the greatest readers of professional wrestling, I could not resist all those commercials that TNA gave us in preparation of the 7th Anniversary. The location? The Motor City! I am sure our students in the Detroit area are impressed and maybe even a few of them will actually go to the show.

Students, if you have been a member of the TNA-tion like I have, you know that it is Slammiversary this Sunday on Pay Per View. Welcome students to the latest edition of Predictions from the Faculty. This weekend’s PPV should be as unpredictable as the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (and recently, it is for the better). Their tagline is simply ?Seven?. At first one would think of the movie ?Seven? starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as a two-man detective wrecking crew attempting to solve crimes, but it is not. Instead, it is the anniversary of the #2 professional wrestling promotion in the United States (I can?t debate that WWE is #1 and ROH is #3, I don?t think no one can).

For this first time in a while, the Dean’s chair will probably be safe, as Joe Baiamonte continues his dominance as Dean of WrestleView with a robust 42-25 record. However, with another PPV on the way this month he shall not be too cozy with that seat. David Stephens and Josh Boutwell may had faded a bit, but they are far from out of it. Heck, even the WrestleView student body has posted some solid averages and can easily create anarchy in our very own virtual faculty lounge. So, will the faculty lounge have solid records this weekend? Will David Stephens and Josh Boutwell pick up some wins and inch closer to that coveted spot? Will the WrestleView students move up in rank, as they are all outsmarting the majority of the Faculty? Will Joe Baiamonte (The WWE may have the Viper, but we have the Maverick) turn his picks on time? Anything can happen, as we all know in these predictions. So, grab a seat around your home computer and please read the predictions that the Faculty. Your day will not be complete without finding out what the best of WrestleView have chose to come out on top of a TNA PPV.

Before we make our predictions for this weekend’s Slammiversary, here are the current standings as of WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV. (Extreme Rules records are in parentheses)

1) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)…..42-25 (5-3) (Excused**)
2) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap! and ECW Recapper)…..38-29 (3-5) (Present)
3) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza! and TNA Recapper)…..38-29 (4-4) (Present)
4) WrestleView Students (Our loyal readers)…..37-30 (5-3) (Present)
5) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)…..35-32 (5-3) (Present)
6) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V.)…..35-32 (4-4) (Present)
7) Matt O?Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds)…..31-21 (5-3) (Present)
8) Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought)…..-26 (5-3) (Present)
9) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)…..25-22 (5-3) (Present)
10) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)…..17-14 (4-4) (Present)
11) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)…..13-15 (0-0) (Excused)
12) Chris Kelly (TNA Epics Recapper)…..10-7 (5-3) (Present)
13) Mike Tedesco (WWE S.S. and Smackdown Recapper)…..5-3 (5-3) (Excused)
14) Ryan Droste (Ask WV)…..4-4 (4-4) (Excused)
15) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)…..3-5 (0-0) (Excused)

**As of 2:30 AM, Dean Baia has yet to e-mail me his picks. We will just go as is and if he sends them later on in the morning, I will accept them. If not, there is a good chance we will have a NEW Dean of**

Now, students?may I present the faculty’s predictions for TNA’s Slammiversary VII:

*** Non-Title Contests ***

Pre-Show Freebie Match
Eric Young and Rhino vs. British Invasion

Joe B. –


Josh B. – THE BRITS. Not that really matters but EY will get aggravated with Rhino or something and the Brits will get the cheap win.

Jose M. – Since Eric Young is turning heel I don?t know why he is even in this match so I am going to say him and Rhino get into it and give this match to the BRITISH INVASION.

Anthony V. – I see what they are doing here. They want to build up the Brits a bit more and this is a perfect setting for them. Eric Young will be interesting to watch. He has turned heel by way of knocking out Jarrett and slapping Jeremy Borash (and JB needs slapped more now). I don?t know where Rhino fits in this match and in a way why he is still here. Maybe it is to get the hometown pop, I don?t know. With that equation, I think EY turns his back on Rhino; Rhino takes his defeat on that Navy guy with a bad hairstyle and the BRITISH INVASION will easily claim victory over the odd tag team.



Josh P. – With Eric Young’s apparent heel turn, I can see him turning on Rhino so Rhino can have his typical flavor of the month feud. So I’m going to go with the British Invasion on this one. BRITISH INVASION.

Doug L. – YOUNG & RHINO via who the hell knows. If you couldn’t tell, I don’t follow TNA that often. Nothing against the performers, I just can’t stand the production.

Sean H. –

Chris K. – I think Eric will turn Heel on Rhino and cost his team the win. BRITISH INVASION.

Consensus: The majority of the faculty appear pretty confident that the winners of this free match will be THE BRITISH INVASION, mainly because of the whole Eric Young hates the world mentality. And who blames him? He had to wrestle Danny Partridge or whoever he was. Still, we expect the British Invasion to get over again and become a force in the tag team division for a while. BRITISH INVATION 8-1.

Monster’s Ball Intergender Tag Team Match
Raven and Daffney vs. Abyss and Taylor Wilde

Joe B. –


Josh B. – ABYSS & TAYLOR. This should be BLOODY! This is step #1 in Abyss getting revenge on Stevie.

Jose M. – I don?t know why but I feel like Raven and Daffney wont really lose anything by losing this match so I am going to go with ABYSS and TAYLOR WILDE.

Anthony V. – Look, I understand why these four are in a rivalry. I have been following TNA more than I ever had recently. Lauren is going to find a way in this match somehow and interfere. Whether it is good or bad, I won?t know. I actually think this match will be better in the ring than on paper. Hmm, this one is a toss up, but I don?t see Abyss getting revenge on Dr. Stevie’s clan yet. I am going to go with RAVEN AND DAFFNEY winning this match, with Raven Evenflowing Abyss into a pool of thumbtacks.



Josh P. – Raven’s deal is for Slammiversary, but Daffney is staying a while, but despite all of that, I think that Abyss and Taylor Wilde are going to end up taking this one despite the fact that Abyss seems to have crap luck with winning hardcore matches on pay-per-view. ABYSS AND TAYLOR WILDE.

Doug L. – RAVEN AND DAFFNEY via Abyss taking another bloody match for the TNA roster. He seems to be the only one who physically takes this stuff… so why even have these kinds of matches?

Sean H. –

Chris K. – As much as I want Raven to win so it gives him a reason to stay, I think the face team will win. ABYSS AND TAYLOR WILDE.

Consensus: This match is going to be a very hellacious battle and can go hardcore from the moment the bell rings. We know that Raven and Abyss will give us some major bumps and Daffney will provide some hardcore tactics. Does anyone know why Taylor Wilde is in this? The faculty has followed this and we guess Lauren can?t wrestle, whatever. This was a very difficulty situation and the faculty as a whole can pick a clear winner. The minority pleads that Raven and the Queen of Scream can win this despite Raven’s short term deal. But the majority, in a split decision, suggest that this is step one of Abyss? healing (?) process. The Faculty gives ABYSS and TAYLOR WILDE the slight edge in this Monster’s Ball. ABYSS/WILDE 5-4.

Match for Daniels? TNA Roster spot
Daniels vs. Shane Douglas

Joe B. –


Josh B. – DANIELS. The Fallen Angel takes out Anthony’s hero and sends him back to Target! (I know low blow, sorry)

Jose M. – DANIELS…hasnt he been “fired” enough times already?

Anthony V. – Look, I like Daniels he is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. But it is no secret to my friends and my readers that I am a huge Shane Douglas fan. I am making these predictions before I see the faculty’s picks and I think I will be the only one to say this. Though Daniels is probably going to win this, I am going to be a, what a friend of mine calls, a ?yinzer? and go with the local man who I had the honor to meet on a couple occasions. If it is a dream, SHANE DOUGLAS will execute the Pittsburgh Plunge on Daniels, get the victory, and be back in TNA full-time as a wrestler or a manager.

Matt O. – DANIELS.

Phil C. – DANIELS.

Josh P. – Like Raven, I think Shane Douglas’ stay here in TNA is just for a Slammiversary appearance. I think Daniels here will beat The Franchise and send him packing. THE FALLEN ANGEL CHRISTOPHER DANIELS.

Doug L. – DANIELS in a no-brainer… I’ll be surprised how active Douglas will be in this match.

Sean H. –

Chris K. – The report is that Shane is only here for a short stay so I have to go for Daniels. DANIELS.

Consensus: If anyone was wondering what The Franchise was doing the past few years, it was working at a Target and a teacher in New Brighton, PA (about a few miles from Mr. V’s residence). Mr. V will admit to being a Shane Douglas mark and no matter what, he picked him to claim Daniels? roster spot. David Stephens joined the case because of Pittsburgh’s championship run recently. However, the majority of the faculty have spoken in a majority decision and said there is no way that DANIELS loses his roster spot after being fired, doing Curry Man, fired again, and now is just his last name. Sometimes TNA’s management and creative department confuses us. Still, the Faculty will go with the Fallen Angel and hopes that The Franchise does not embarrass himself. DANIELS 7-2.

Match for a spot in the Main Event Mafia
Sting vs. Matt Morgan

Joe B. –

David S. – STING.

Josh B. – MATT MORGAN. That’s right I’m going for the upset. The MEM turns on Sting!

Jose M. – STING just because I don?t want to see Matt Morgan in the MEM although if he won it wouldn?t surprise me.

Anthony V. – Matt Morgan is slowly breaking out in TNA. I am digging the fact that he has battled Kurt Angle and interfered with the Mafia’s business as of late. Morgan now is going to face the Kingpin of the Mafia for the right to be in it. I know Sting wants to retire soon, but he won?t go down like this. Though Morgan will dominate this match, I am going to give it to STING in a decent contest.

Matt O. – MORGAN

Phil C. – MORGAN via MEM Interference turning on Sting

Josh P. – Matt Morgan has been on a roll as of late in TNA and I think him and the Main Event Mafia could work pretty well. Even though he is not a major star, they could do some things with him being the rookie to make the stable a little more interesting. I think Morgan would benefit the mafia heavily just from a creative standpoint. MATT MORGAN.

Doug L. – STING in another no-brainer. If Matt Morgan were to win this contest, I would deem it as a sign of the apocalypse and start stocking up on milk, bread, water, beenie weenie, and D-batteries.

Sean H. –

Chris K. – As much as I hope Matt will join the Mafia, it won?t be at this PPV. STING.

Consensus: I am quite surprised that this was close. A few members of the WrestleView Faculty predict a Matt Morgan upset and Morgan will finally get his opportunity to be in the most prestigious faction in TNA, the Main Event Mafia. Though Morgan is the future of the company, STING is the present and the majority of the Faculty went that route. So, TNA’s Icon will be the Kingpin for the MEM for the near future. STING 5-4.


TNA Knockout’s Division Championship
Angelina Love (champ) vs. Tara

Joe B. –


Josh B. – ANGELINA. This is a VERY interesting match because it could really go either way, I just don’t think Angelina should drop the belt yet. This could be the best Women’s Match thus far this year.

Jose M. – ANGELINA LOVE this one was hard for me just because TNA usually likes to promote WWE talent ahead of there own homegrown talent. Smart money for Bound for Glory is on a Awesome Kong vs. Tara match but well thats in October and this is June which means you still have 3 other PPV’s to kill before that match I say Angelina goes over here and you can give it to Tara next month.

Anthony V. – I am not going to say ?Tara?, I am going to say Victoria here since that is who she is. Victoria made a GREAT move by going to TNA because she can still go with the best of them. Angelina Love still has the momentum as the champ and I just don?t see Victoria winning the title yet. For this month, I say due to some interference (as usual when the Beautiful People get involved), I say ANGELINA LOVE wins this match, only to lose it to Victoria in a couple months.

Matt O. – LOVE.


Josh P. – TAFKA Victoria may seem like the favorite since TNA loves to put titles on former WWE wrestlers, but I think this will be an exception in this case. I just have a feeling that Angelina Love is going to walk out of Slammiversary with her championship secured. ANGELINA LOVE.

Doug L. – TARA via TNA’s newly designed contracts for former-WWE employees. It is written in every single TNA contract to a former-WWE employee that they must hold a title belt of some kind within 2 months after debuting. Don’t believe me? Check the stats…

Sean H. –

Chris K. – As Tara just arrived, people think she will gain the belt but I think they will drag it out and have Tara win the match by DQ but not the belt. TARA by DQ, Love retains.

Consensus: We think that Tara’s time will come very soon in TNA, but not right now. Though Tara is stronger and at times smarter than the Leader of the Beautiful People, Angelina Love is smarter and has the back up to prove it. Though Tara’s time will come as the Knockout’s Champion, we predict that ANGELINA LOVE will find a way to escape the Widow’s Peak, for now. ANGELINA LOVE 7-2.

TNA World Tag Team Championship
Team 3D (Champs) vs. Beer Money Inc.

Joe B. –


Josh B. – BEER MONEY. The drunken rich guys get their belts back! Should be another great match from the two teams. I expect 3D to drop the IWGP Titles this weekend as well.

Jose M. – BEER MONEY INC just because Team 3D has run its course and this whole storyline is there way of “passing the torch”.

Anthony V. – This to me is a pretty easy choice. Team 3D has been waiting for the right tag team to drop the belts to and not have a problem with it. Since we know their opponents are money in the ring and out, I say BEER MONEY INC. win this match and become the best tag team in this side of the world.



Josh P. – I think the choice is obvious in this one. Beer Money Inc is TNA’s top tag team right now and with a contenders match happening in Japan for Team 3D’s belts, I’m sure they will be focusing on going back overseas to defend them soon. Beer Money, at this point, would be the most logical choice to lead TNA’s tag division. BEER MONEY INC.

Doug L. – TEAM 3D for no apparent reason. These guys are supposed to be going against each other for the next 20 months anyway so it doesn?t really matter who wins…

Sean H. –

Chris K. – I think this match will be a “passing of a torch moment” with Beer Money Inc wining the belt. BEER MONEY.

Consensus: This was a near unanimous selection here. We know that Team 3D is going to have a busy weekend. From what I heard, they are defending both sets of titles in as many days and it could wear out the current tag champs. We predict, with the exeception of one member, a ?passing of the torch? moment in TNA in this contest. We predict the younger, more talented BEER MONEY INC. over the older, worn-out team once known as the Dudleys. The next questions will be 1) Will they shake hands? and 2) Will Team 3D win them again this year? BEER MONEY INC. 8-1.

TNA X Division Championship
**King of the Mountain Match**
Suicide (Champ) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed

Joe B. –

David S. – SUICIDE.

Josh B. – SUICIDE retains and doesn’t get unmasked either!

Jose M. – SUICIDE…even if he loses this match shouldn?t the other guys still be focused on exposing him for who he really is? This character cannot last too long with that being the focus of the storyline but I think somehow he gets out with the title.

Anthony V. – Typically when we see four men gang up on the champion you usually think there will be a title change. Since this is a King of the Mountain Match, I don?t see it happening. I see Suicide getting pinned a couple times, but Lethal, Creed, Sabin, and Shelley will be fighting and arguing with each other throughout the contest. I say two things: No one will take off the mask of Suicide and SUICIDE defends the championship for another month.

Matt O. – SUICIDE.


Josh P. – Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley will elimiate each other. It is very rare that a tag team will win a singles title and not have them dissolve into a jealousy feud. Jay Lethal already had his run with the title and I don’t see him winning it again. Consequences Creed may pull out an upset and walk away with the championship, however, I don’t think that they are finished with this Suicide storyline and for storyline purposes, I’m thinking Suicide will walk out with the championship. SUICIDE.

Doug L. – SUICIDE after the peanut gallery takes each other out. I still shake my head with this division… I used to admire it and think of it as innovative… until new talent comes along; it won’t even garner any of my attention.

Sean H. –

Chris K. – I’m gonna flip a coin (where does one find a 6 headed coin?). SUICIDE.

Consensus: Faculty member Phil Chroniger is going to go with the hometown man Alex Shelley, and honestly who can blame him? Shelley is the most recent X Champion and the show will be in his town of Detroit. However, I am a bit shocked of the near-majority decision that SUICIDE will defend his TNA X Division Championship. The reason is simple: Will they focus more on the ID of Suicide or the championship? There will be much conflict in this match, and the majority of the faculty will predict no title change in this division for this month at least. SUICIDE 8, Alex Shelley 1, Rest of challengers 0.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
**King of the Mountain Match**
Mick Foley (Champ) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

Joe B. –

David S. – KURT ANGLE.

Josh B. – KURT ANGLE! Angle gets his title back and it’s a result of new MEM member Morgan screwing over Joe!

Jose M. – I really wanted to say Mick Foley because I felt a curve ball should have been thrown here but then he started all that spiel about not wanting to defend the title for a year and while there is a way out of that I am going to say JEFF JARRETT…because he has been dying to push himself into the main event ever since he made his return last October and well he has been pushing a match with Mick Foley for some time now. Jarrett goes over here and has some sort of gimmicky rematch with Foley next month.

Anthony V. – I had to do this by process of elimination. Kurt Angle’s contract runs up in a couple months and is working on a movie. So though he is from Pittsburgh and all, he won?t win the title. Samoa Joe’s focus is not on the belt, he will attack Kurt consistently and with his injuries, he won?t win. AJ Styles is already a champion and I would love to see that, but I don?t see him with it. That leaves Mick and Jeff. I think the stipulation tells me that Mick Foley will not be holding that title much longer. Then I see who books these things and I won?t be surprised if my predictions are 0-8 (Bizarro Baia record). But I will go with my gut instinct here and say that JEFF JARRETT will win this match and have a lengthy title reign.

Matt O. – JARRETT.


Josh P. – Now here is the brain scratcher. Mick Foley is still, in my eyes, an interim champ. The mark in me wants Samoa Joe to win the belt and just go ape all over the TNA roster like the glory days of him in Japan / ROH, but for whatever reason, I can’t see Joe walking away. Another fan in me wants to see AJ Styles win the title because I think he would benefit the most from it. He could unify the TNA World and TNA Legends titles and become the only man in TNA History to hold the NWA World, NWA Tag, X Division, Legends, and TNA World’s belts. That would be “phenomenal”. Jeff Jarrett might make sense here with his feud with Mick Foley over power control. With Jarrett as TNA World Champion, the balance of power will shift in TNA into Jeff’s favor and would continue with the current storyline. As much of a freak Kurt Angle is, putting the belt on him could also work well for TNA, but deep down, given the biggest of the storylines, I think Jeff Jarrett will walk out, even though I’d prefer someone else, and be the new TNA World Champion. JEFF JARRETT.

Doug L. – ANGLE in a coin flip. All I had to do was use a process of elimination. Foley and Sofa Joe sure as hell couldn’t climb that ladder… Styles is just filler… so between Angle and Jarrett. If you’re looking for closure and a dead-end, take Jarrett. But if you’re looking to prolong what is meant to resemble a storyline… take Angle.

Chris K. – Foley cant climb a ladder, the rest of the guys are in other feuds so I?m picking “The King of the Mountain himself JJ. JEFF JARRETT.

Consensus: We all can agree that Mick Foley will not be defending his title successfully this time around. FYI: We did predict that Foley would lost the title last month, so that tells us who accurate we can be sometimes. Moving on, the faculty predicts that Foley, Joe, nor AJ will win this title. That leaves us to arguably the two most well-known superstars in TNA, Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett. The faculty predicts a close encounter with these former world champions, and we will go with the man who is called the King of the Mountain, JEFF JARRETT. Though Angle would be a solid choice (according to four men in our faculty), Jarrett has a motivation factor and will capture the title from his rival in the main event of Slammiversary. JEFF JARRETT 5, Kurt Angle 4, Rest of Challengers 0.

***** Joe Baiamonte’s Late Picks *****

Freebie Match: British Invasion (BRITISH INVASION 9-1)

Monster’s Ball Tag Match: Raven & Daffney (TIE 5-5)

Daniels vs Douglas: Daniels (DANIELS 8-2)

Sting vs Matt Morgan: Sting (STING 6-4)

Knockout Title: Angelina Love retains (LOVE 8-2)

TNA Tag Title: Team 3D retains (BEER MONEY INC. 8-2)

X Division Title: I don’t kno who any of these guys are… but I’m gonna say Suicide retains (SUICIDE WINS WITH 9 VOTES)

TNA World Title: Gonna go out on a limb and say Jeff Jarrett. Just a weird hunch. (JARRETT WINS WITH 6 VOTES)

***** *****

To the WrestleView Faculty, if I made any errors, please let me know. It is 2 AM EST and my eyes are starting to shut. I am sorry in advance if I goofed.

Well students, that sums up yet another edition of Predictions from the Faculty. Before I leave I am going to be serious for a moment. To all the fathers out there (especially TVS, Phil, Mike S., and anyone else who work on the WV staff), I wish you all a Happy Father’s Day! To all the people reading this and are not fathers, take a few minutes of your time to wish you fathers a nice day as well. I already got my gift. My little one once again stole money out of my wallet to get me a 2009 Stanley Cup Champion T-Shirt.

As always students, you are part of this column as well. Please provide me with your selections by e-mailing The winner of the students? predictions will receive a gold star in Mr. V’s next column. On behalf of the Faculty of, we wish you good luck and enjoy the weekend (what is left of it anyways). Until Thursday (column #21), you are officially…DISMISSED!

Again, send your predictions to Thanks to all that participate, and to those who just enjoy reading our thoughts. Take care everyone and thanks for reading.

HAPPY FATHER?S DAY and Happy Slammiversary!!