Slam Wrestling has an interview up with TNA star Kurt Angle. Here are some of the highlights:

On wrestling in Detroit, MI:
“Detroit is more than a hockey town. It’s amazing how loyal the fans are. They make me want to put out a four-star match everytime I come, and this Sunday will be no different.”

On comparing pro wrestling and MMA:
“You are dealing with two different animals. You have to be crazy to do both. You have to have a certain talent to be a professional wrestler. There is an art form and psychology to it that is different than any sport of form of entertainment. Both are brutal but you train all the time for maybe two MMA fights a year. In wrestling, you are fighting every week, every year, for years and years. Nothing is more brutal than taking 20 bumps in a ring on plywood.”

On praising WWE for cleaning itself up:
“The bumps take a huge toll on people’s bodies. Guys used to take drugs, both recreational and medical, to ease the pain. And the WWE has done a good thing to open up drug rehab for all current and past stars. The young wrestlers of today have seen all these problems. Their idea of a good time isn?t drinking, partying, doing drugs, it’s playing video games all night.”

On the the passing of Mitsuharu Misawa:
“He may have had a past heart problem or injury and just aggravating was what killed him. It’s sad. What happens when you make a superstar? You spend time and money in the star. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Fans want to pay to see the star wrestler and appear. You don?t want them to get hurt or worse yet die.”

To check out the full interview, click here.