TNA House Show Results – 6/12/09
Location: St. Joseph, Missouri

Matt Jenny sent this report in:

I attended the TNA House Show last night in St. Joseph, MO. Here are the quick results:

-Consequences Creed defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir

After the match Creed danced to Living In America and got Earl Hebner to do the his twist and splits move (at least Earl tried to do it). Pretty funny stuff.

-Awesome Kong defeated ODB

-Eric Young defeated Jay Lethal

Before the match started, EY got on the mic and told Lethal he just wanted to have a good match and to not let what had been going on lately with him and Jeff to get in the way. As soon as Lethal turned his back EY nailed him from behind. He definitely played the heel role well.

15 minute intermission was next.

-Suicide defeated Christopher Daniels and Homicide in a 3 way match for the X Division title.

Very solid and uptempo match from all three guys.

-Abyss defeated Matt Morgan

Abyss was way over with the crowd.

Main Event:

Beer Money defeated Kurt Angle and Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

Beer Money played the face role to a tee. Crowd was way into them and Storm got everyone to chant “Beer – Money” on multiple occasions. Angle seemed to break a rib towards the end of the match as we was favoring it the rest of the night. BG James even came out after to check on him and I saw Angle mouth “I think I broke a F’n rib”

After the match they did the typical TNA House Show thing with Angle getting on the mic and thanking everyone for coming, etc. One drunk guy in the front row who was literally just chanting “Angle sucks” at the end of the match started chanting “Angle – Angle”. Kurt stopped his speach and said on the mic something to the effect of “Look at this guy. He was just chanting Angle sucks a minute and a half ago and now he’s kissing my ass!” It was funny stuff!

This was my second TNA Live Event (Lockdown 2007 in St. Louis) and I must say they put on a solid House Show. It was nice to see quality matches you would expect to see on Impact.