Mick Foley has a new blog up on his official MySpace page talking about the release of his new book “Crossing the Line” which is scheduled for a Winter or Spring 2010 release. The book will be released through Grand Central Publishing, which published Chris Jericho’s recent book.

Foley also talked about his last book release, “The Hardcore Diaries”, that was published through WWE adding:

“I flipped through “The Hardcore Diaries” for the first time in a while, and could finally see why so many people within WWE were rumored to be less than thrilled with me after the book’s publication. I was really pretty rough on the company, and three years after writing it, I’m shocked that the powers that be (mainly Vince) allowed so many negative musings to be published. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t personally regret writing any of it, but I am really surprised that the book wasn’t edited down to matchbook size.”

To check out Foley’s full blog, click here.