The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an interview up with TNA star Consequences Creed. Here are some of the highlights.

On having a dual philosophy and psychology major in college:
“People think we are a bunch of big, dumb jocks. A lot of the guys have gone to college and have degrees.”

On wanting to be a pro wrestler since at a young age:
“You know when you?re in first grade and the teacher goes around the room and asks ?What do you want to be?? The other kids all said fireman or policeman or doctor. I said pro wrestler, and everybody laughed at me. It just seemed like the best job ever, because you got to go out in front of people and do what you love on a daily basis.”

On getting his first shot with TNA at Bound For Glory in 2007:
“I thought, this is like one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. This is going to be seen across the world and in front of thousands in the arena. I could either do well and maybe get a [TNA] contract or not do well and not ever wrestle again. I ended up getting my face rammed into the concrete. I had to get a couple of shots of Novocain and stitches. It turned out pretty well. A week or two later, I got a contract.”

On how he got his name:
“In wrestling school, they gave three of us boxes at random [that] had gear that people used to wear in the ?80s. Mine happened to be a red, white and blue cape and trunks, and when I put it on, they were all like, ?You?re Apollo Creed!? ?Consequences? is something they came up with when I came in to do ?Bound for Glory.? The other guy in the tag team was known as ‘The Truth.'”

On the perks of taping TNA TV at Universal Studios:
“At Universal Studios [in Florida] where we film, they let us go to the front of the line in the rides.”

To check out the full interview, click here.