Jerome Wilen sent this report in from the 6/4 TNA event in Kent, WA along with some exclusive pictures:

Only have of the 6,100 seat Showare Center in Kent, WA was used. I was say maybe 600 people in attendance. I think if TNA advertised better, they would have had a larger turned out. There were not radio spots on any of the Seattle radio stations, especially our new ESPN station.

Before the show Earl Hebner was signing autographs.

Jeremy Borash announced TNA would be back to Kent at the Showare Center to host a PPV, but did not say which one.

The crowd was passionate, loud, and crazy. Although I did notice after the 15 minute break, the crowd was not as loud (maybe the beer was settling in)

Backstage passes were given away by Jeremy Borash throughout the entire night to the loudest and craziest fans. They also gave passes away using the Text TNA (backstage) using your cell phone. If you received a winning message, you got go backstage.

The fans went nuts for Suicide and Daniels X Division title match that went almost 20 minutes which ended in a draw. Even amount of cheers for both guys.

Taylor Wilde beat Velvet Sky to get a title shot for the Knockouts title the same night. The crowd was crazy for the Beautiful People. Both ladies are taller than they look on TV. When Taylor came out, I could hear crickets in the area. Half way through the match, some of the fans started to get behind Taylor. Taylor wins, then goes on to challenge Angelina Love. Angelia Wins with a bicycle kick to the face on Taylor after Velvet took Hebner’s attention away from the match. (TNA should turn Taylor heel, nobody really cares for her as a face)

Eric Young was a face in this match (funny how house shows are different from TV) Matt Morgan did one thing very well, which was impressive which was taunt, harass and make the fans very mad, even to go far enough to get in the face of a fan who heckling Morgan throughout the match. Borash and Security got between them. The fan then hi-fived his kid. Morgan lost clean by a Death Valley Driver from Eric Young.

Before the short intermission, fans got to choose who AJ Styles would defend the Legends Championship against, Daniels or Suicide. Based on crowd reaction, it was announced as a triple threat. AJ got a huge pop. This match was all over the ring and outside the ring as well. AJ pinned Daniels clean to retain.

Main Event ? Beer Money, Inc and Bashier vs. Team 3-D and Jeff Jarrett (who? hamstring I guess is only hurt on TV, he did not have it taped up) Both sides were entertaining. The fans went nuts for Beer Money and they taunted the crowd enough to get some boos. The crowd was hot for Jarrett and 3-D. Storm is really funny. There was a moment when Roode went running into Storm to be ?rescued? by Storm behind the ring ropes, then homosexual references were yelled out by some fans and Storm lifted the back of his tights were you could see one of his butt cheeks and he said something back to the fans that made him laugh and the fans laugh. They all put on a good match.

Jarrett and 3-D win clean with the Bashier going through the table. 3-D and Jarrett chose a young little boy who has TNA shaved on the back of his head to come in the ring and get an autographed piece of the broken table. Then 3-D chose either a Ft. Lewis or McChord AFB Soldier (they did not say which base) to come to the ring. They saluted the soldier and gave him an autographed piece of the table. Fans could purchase pieces of the table for $50.00 or pay $20.00 to get their pictures in the six sided ring with Team 3-D, which I did. I will include the picture so you can see what I look like. :0)

This event was really fun and I plan to attend the PPV when it comes. Team 3-D said that the fans should come out and fill the Showare Center and sell it out. I think that with the floor seating it could be close to 6,500 or 7,000.

Enjoy the pictures.

Jerome Wilen
Olympia, WA