TNA House Show Results – 6/5/09
Location: Abbotsford, British Columbia

Marcus Cygy sent this report in:

– For the X-Division Title, Suicide retained his title when he wrestled Christopher Daniels to a time limit draw. TNA Legends Champion, AJ Styles had to decide which wrestler he wanted to defend his title against later in the evening.

– TNA Women’s Knockout Champion, Angelina Love defeated Taylor Wilde. During the match, fans were chanting ?You Screwed Bret,? because Earl Hebner was refereeing this match. Angelina got on the mic and clarified that she has never screwed Bret before.

– Eric Young, who sported his old Team Canada tights, defeated Matt Morgan.
– For the Legends Title, AJ Styles retained by defeating Christopher Daniels and the X-Division Champion, Suicide in a three-way bout. This was easily the match of the night and quite possibly one of the best matches I have ever seen live.

– In the main event, TNA founder Jeff Jarrett and TNA & IWGP World Tag Team Champions, Team 3D defeated Robert Roode & James Storm of Beer Money, Inc. and Sheik Abdul Bashir when Team 3D sent Bashir through a table.

Before the main event started though, fans pelted the ring with popcorn, peanuts, and soft drinks as Roode declared BC to be the worst province in his home country of Canada. He said that the best part about being in BC is leaving BC. For some reason, Bashir took offense to the ring being pelted, so he picked up some of the debris and threw it back at the fans in whipping fashion. Earl Hebner was getting hit too. It looked like a riot scene at one point as security had to get involved.

Once the main event was finished, Team 3D did their gig of handing a toddler a piece of the broken table in the ring with autographs. Brother Ray and Devon spoke for some time on the mic before Jeff Jarrett finally got his time. Jarrett said that he thinks Canadian fans are some of the best wrestling fans ever because of how passionate we are. Fans began to chant ?Thank you Jeff? at this point.

Jarrett would continue on the mic by saying he wasn?t looking for a cheap pop, but he went on to speak lengths about his best friend in the business, Owen Hart. Fans immediately started an ?Owen? chant. Jarrett paused his words and let the Owen chants filter throughout the arena, which I figure had anywhere from 800 to 1000 fans in attendance.

Jeremy Borash announced that TNA Wrestling would be back in Abbotsford again probably for a PPV. The arena is a nice one as it opened this year and it’s right in the middle of two big cities in BC, those being Vancouver and Kelowna ? two towns that have hosted multiple WWE and WCW television/pay-per-view events.

Overall, it was one of my best experiences at a wrestling show. My other favourite experiences were in Orlando for a TNA Sacrifice PPV in 2005 and some iMPACT episodes. With this being the first TNA house show I have ever attended though, I was blown away by the production of the show. It is far superior to any WWE house show I have been to, and it far exceeds the department of WWE’s fan experience. All night, Jeremy Borash kept interacting with the fans while keeping them energetic at the same time, when the WWE ring announcers barely even recognize the audience.

This just showed the fans in attendance that the TNA workers care just as much about their fans as the fans care about their product and Borash especially did a great job acknowledging the live crowd, while also managing to Twitter on the side. He deserves all the credit he can get when it comes to promoting TNA because he really does work his butt off for the good of the company and he’s definitely a huge asset, and no doubt a loyal one.

To close the night, all the TNA stars came out to sign autographs and take pictures ringside while Team 3D stayed in the ring and waited for fans to pay $20 for a picture with them and their TNA World Tag Team Titles. Tons of people paid to get in the ring, so that was nice to see.

While I was at the show, I really got the sense that if there were any doubters about TNA being a real contender in the wrestling world, tonight was their night to overturn their doubt. In this setting of a house show event, TNA is without a doubt the number one company. Their handling of a live event is much better when comparing against the WWE or even WCW of the past in my mind. Whether TNA is better than WWE with television and pay-per-view shows or not at this point is still debatable. However, house shows like this will bring in new fans and I believe this because I saw new TNA fans born tonight. It was great to see because this is a company I have supported since their inception in June 2002, and it’s a wrestling promotion I will continue support forevermore.

Great job TNA, we?re looking forward to you all coming back to Abbotsford in the future? but don?t keep us waiting because that’s what the WWE is good for!