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The TNA “Cross the Line” Promo is shown then the TNA Epics logo hits and we are shown clips of superstars that have made an appearance in TNA with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall ,The Road Warriors, Roddy Piper and Jeff Hardy.

We are welcomed to the show by TNA World champion and Hardcore Legend Mick Foley.Tonight’s show will be about “The King of the Mountain” match. Its a reverse Ladder match and is featured on Slammiversary each year. The first match tonight is the first ever one in TNA History

AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven vs. The Truth vs. Chris Harris for the World Heavyweight Championship.

AJ goes right onto Jarrett just mauling him with blows. Truth whips Harris and gives him a knee to the stomach. Raven grabs Truth’s leg and pulls him out. Jarrett is stomping AJ in the ring. AJ is back up with a whip, reversal, floatover and dropkick to Jarrett. AJ springboards off the top rope over the penalty box onto everyone standing on the ramp. Everyone is
down and Jarrett begins attempting to pin anyone. All he managed to get were twos. Tenay reminds us that falls count anywhere.

Raven and Truth are in the ring. Jarrett and AJ are on the ramp. Jarrett rams AJ’s head across the side of ladder. Raven is setting up his Raven Effect on Truth but Harris dives off the top rope breaking it. AJ hits a snap suplex on the stage momentarily stunning Jarrett. Mid-ring collision between the Truth and Raven. Jarrett goes up on the ropes for a cross bodyblock on Styles for two. Drop toehold by Jarrett and AJ lands face first into the turnbuckle. He goes for the Stroke but AJ blocks it and gets a two count. Roll up by Jarrett for nearfall. Two count and then the Styles Clash for a three count.

AJ is now eligible to win the match by hanging the belt. Jarrett is sent to the penalty box for two minutes.

AJ goes to set up the ladder and Russo hands him the belt. Everyone comes in to attack him. Raven pushes the ladder into Harris who comes back with a spear for three.

Harris is now eligible to win the match by hanging the belt. Raven is sent to the penalty box for two minutes.

Raven and Jarrett are in the box together. Raven goes to attack him but Jarrett starts telling Raven something and he stops as we head to a break.TNA Epics rejoins the match as Harris is sent to the penalty box for two minutes.

Harris and Raven are brawling in penalty box. Jarrett powerbombs the Truth and then tosses him into the corner where a ladder is leaning against the ropes. Raven and Jarrett double team on AJ throwing him into the ladder. Jarrett grabs the ladder and rams it into AJ’s stomach. He then throws the ladder at Truth. Raven is bringing in a table. Raven and Jarrett charge the Truth and then AJ with the ladder. Next they hit the Truth in the back with
it and he drops to the mat. Jarrett rams AJ’s head into the ladder on the mat.

Harris is now back in the match and Raven immediately attacks him. Now Raven is choking AJ on the ropes. He then brings a third table in the ring. Raven tosses AJ into the same corner as the Truth. Jarrett and Raven go to ram him with the ladder but Truth ducks and AJ gets it instead. Truth thought he was safe but they end up knocking him over on the back swing. AJ jumps on top of the ladder to avoid being hit again and they flip the ladder over dumping
him out of the ring.

Jarrett sets up a chair while Raven sets up the table. Jarrett goes to attack Raven but he gets the drop toehold and Jarrett crashes headfirst into the chair. Flying forearm by Killings on Jarrett. Harris spears Raven. They are now paired up in the corners and 10 punches are counted out. Killings throws Jarrett out of the ring. Harris & Raven are brawling into the back.
Truth is trying to set up the ladder. Russo hands the belt off and he’s going up. AJ off the top rope with a dropkick out of nowhere!! Jarrett comes after AJ with a chair but AJ dropkicks it. AJ is making his way up again and Jarrett tries to powerbomb him off the ladder onto the floor. AJ reverses and gets Jarrett instead. Harris is going up now. He’s at the top but here comes Raven and he throws powder in his eyes. DDT by Raven onto Harris for three.

Raven is now eligible to win the match by hanging the belt. Harris is sent to the penalty box for two minutes.

The Truth elevates Raven and he goes right into the turnbuckle. Jarrett comes from behind clipping Truth. He goes for the Stroke off the ring apron on Truth for three.

Jarrett is now eligible to win the match by hanging the belt. Truth is sent to the penalty box for two minutes. Everyone is now eligible to climb the ladder at this point for a chance to win.

Russo is holding the belt and doesn?t want to hand it to Jarrett. AJ comes up behind Jarrett surprising him with a roll up for three. Jarrett is sent to the penalty box. Jarrett is arguing with the ref because he doesn?t want to go in. AJ is now working Raven over with some knife-edge chops. Harris and Raven are brawling away in the box. Harris, having served his two minutes, comes flying out and joins forces with Raven to push the ladder over causing AJ to crash into the penalty box. He falls between the ring apron and the penalty box.

Raven and Harris are climbing up each side of the ladder exchanging blows the whole way. They begin to lose their balance and are barely holding on. Harris knocks Raven off the ladder into the table. Truth comes running in and knocks the ladder over causing Harris to slam into the other table in the corner. ?TNA TNA TNA? chants erupt all over the Asylum!

Truth is going for his shot but Jarrett is out of the box now. Truth is slowly making his way up and he goes to reach for the hook but here comes Jarrett sneaking up behind him with the guitar. He bashes Truth in the head. Everyone is down and Jarrett is about to hang the belt. Right as he hangs it AJ’s hand grabs on to his trunks in an attempt to stop him but it is too

Winner and New TNA Champion for the 3rd Time: Jeff Jarrett

We return to TNA Epics and jump right into the 2nd match of the night!

The 2005 King Of The Mountain match from Slammiversary 2005, with AJ Styles vs. Raven vs. Sean Waltman vs. Abyss vs. “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown for the World Heavyweight Championship

The match starts with Sean Waltman diving off the penalty box and taking out Raven. Abyss goes outside of the ring and AJ Styles leaps off the ladder he was standing on, hitting the huricanranna. Back in the ring, Monty Brown hits The Pounce on Raven and covers, getting the pinfall.
Raven will now enter the penalty box for two minutes.

Monty Brown grabs a ladder and brings it to the ringside area. On the other side, Abyss brawls with Sean Waltman when Styles leaps over the top rope taking out both. Waltman gets in the ring and pins Brown for a two count. Brown hits a big knee to the back on Waltman. Styles gets up on the top, but Abyss knocks him off. Waltman fights back against Brown, hitting some hard chops. Abyss then splashs Brown in the corner when Waltman moved out of the way. Waltman takes out Abyss with a quick spin kick. Waltman attempts the Bronco Buster, but Brown cuts him off and launches him to the other side of the ring. Raven’s time is up and he hits the ring (a little early). Brown then pins Waltman with a big powerbomb.

Sean Waltman will now enter the penalty box for two minutes.

Raven sets up a table on the outside as Styles climbs up the penalty box. Styles takes out both Abyss and Brown, but Brown fights back hitting a huge Pounce on Styles. Raven pulled Styles out and pinned him on the outside.

AJ Styles will now enter the penalty box for two minutes.

Back in the ring, Abyss lifts Brown to his shoulders. Raven knocks out both Brown and Abyss with a shot using a garbage can. Raven takes out Brown with a clothesline and taunts at the crowd.

Waltman’s time is up and he leaves the penalty box. Waltman takes out Abyss and Brown with garbage can shots. Abyss fights back hitting Waltman with a big boot. Styles’ time is now up and he hits the ring. In the ring, Abyss hits Brown with the Black Hole Slam for a pinfall!

Monty Brown will now enter the penalty box.

In the ring, Raven snapmares Styles and kicks him in the back. Raven picks up Styles, attempts a DDT, Styles counters that into the Styles Clash, rolls into the pin, but Abyss breaks it up. Styles then takes out Abyss with a huge kick to the back of the head. Abyss goes to the outside and Waltman takes him out with some big steel chair shots. Waltman puts Abyss on top of a table and calls for Styles. Styles gets up on the top rope and hits the Spiral Tap off the top, crashing through the table on Abyss! Styles covers Abyss and gets the pinfall.

Abyss will now enter the penalty box.

Brown’s time has now expired as he leaves the box and looks under the ring. Brown puts a ladder and table into the ring. Brown sets up a table in the corner and then hits Raven with a sledgehammer off the ring apron. Raven fights back sending Brown into the ring barricade. While everything is going on, Styles gets the NWA World Title and he climbs up the ladder looking to hang it. Styles drops the belt and Waltman picks it up, handing it to him. As Styles goes to hang it, Waltman takes Styles and drops him down off the ladder hitting the X-Factor! Waltman pins Styles and gets the three.

AJ Styles will now enter the penalty box again.

In the ring, Raven grabs a stapler and staples the top of Waltman’s head. Abyss’ time in the penalty box has expired and he enters the ring. Waltman gets the stapler and he staples Raven in the groin! Abyss attacks Waltman, but Waltman knocks him down and Waltman staples Abyss in the groin as well! Raven is brawling with Brown as Waltman sets up a ladder with the NWA World Title in hand. Styles’ time has expired and he hits the ring, climbing up the ladder with Waltman. Abyss then dumps Waltman and Styles off the ladder, sending both over the top rope and Styles through a table! Abyss grabs the NWA World Title, starts climbing up the ladder when Brown gives him The Pounce off the ladder and Abyss crashes through a table! Raven grabs Brown and gives him the Evenflow DDT! Raven climbs up with the NWA World Title, Abyss starts to climb up, Raven kicks him off and Raven successfully hangs the belt above the ring! Raven is the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Winner & NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Raven

We are welcomed back to the show by Mick Foley, who asks us what eles we could ask for in this match. Tables? Ladders? Chairs and Turkey Legs… Yes Mick did just say that. He tells us to enjoy the next match and bring on the Turkey Legs!

– King Of the Mountain match from Slammiversary 2006, with Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Abyss vs. Christian Cage vs. The Truth for the World Heavyweight Championship

The Truth took out Jeff Jarrett. Sting and Christian Cage double teamed Abyss on the outside. Cage eventually joined The Truth and they double teamed Jarrett. Cage does a dance at Truth. Truth smiles and they slap hands. Truth then takes out Cage. Cage took out Jarrett from the top rope to the outside. In the ring, Sting and Truth double team Abyss. Truth dives over the top rope and takes out Cage, Jarrett and Abyss. Sting stands on top of the penalty cage and dives off, taking out Cage, Jarrett, Truth and Abyss. Sting hits a Stinger Splash in the corner on Jarrett back in the ring. Truth gets in a missile dropkick on Jarrett, covers and gets the pinfall.

Jeff Jarrett is now sent into the penalty box for two minutes.

Cage brawls with Abyss. Truth tries to pull a ladder in the ring, but Cage catapults it into his face. Abyss comes in and goes after Cage. Cage then rolls up Abyss and gets the pinfall.

Abyss is now sent into the penalty box for two minutes.

As Abyss goes inside, Jarrett’s time has expired and he hits the ring. Sting hits a dropkick on Truth. Jarrett pulls Cage out and drives him into the guard railing. Sting takes out Truth with a big elbow in the ring. Jarrett puts Cage inside a ladder and stands on top of it. We see Abyss’ time expire and he joins Jarrett stacking four tables on top of each other. In the ring, Truth and Jarrett brawl and Sting and Abyss go over the top rope. Jarrett hits The Stroke on Truth from the ring apron to the guard railing. Jarrett covers Truth and gets the pinfall.

The Truth is now sent into the penalty box for two minutes.

Abyss and Sting brawl in the crowd as Cage goes after Jarrett in the crowd as well. Sting hits Abyss with a chair shot. Sting throws Abyss into part of the Impact Zone leaving an imprint. Abyss then sends Sting into the broken wall as well. Time expires and The Truth is out. Back in the ring, Truth is setting up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Truth has the title and goes up the ladder. Abyss comes in and knocks the ladder over. Abyss and Jarrett work together to knock out Truth, Sting and Cage with the ladder. Truth gets launched over the top rope when he jumped on the ladder. Sting and Cage hit a double dropkick on Abyss and Jarrett. Cage and Abyss go over the top rope. Truth sets up the ladder, climbs up again, but Abyss dumps him off again. Abyss throws the ladder into referee Earl Hebner. Abyss hits Jarrett with a Black Hole Slam, a new referee hits the ring and Abyss gets the pinfall.

Jeff Jarrett is now sent into the penalty box again for two minutes.

Abyss climbs up the ladder, but Sting pushes it over and Abyss crashes through the four stacked tables setup earlier! Stinger Splash on Cage and Sting applies the Scorpion Deathlock on Cage as well. Sting breaks the hold when Jarrett escapes the cage and tries to go up the ladder. Jarrett attempts a guitar shot on Sting, but Cage prevents it and Sting takes out Jarrett. Sting has the title, hands it to Cage and tells him to go up. Sting applies the Scorpion Deathlock on Jarrett. Larry Zbyzsko comes in and low blows Cage. Sting takes out Jarrett with a Stinger Deathdrop. Sting pins Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett is now sent into the penalty box

Sting grabs the title, climbs up, Cage comes up with, stops Sting from hanging the title and referee Earl Hebner pushes the ladder over sending Sting and Cage over the top rope. The fans boo Hebner as Jarrett sets up the ladder, climbs up. Fans are throwing objects in the ring and Jarrett hangs the NWA World Title to become the new champion!

Winner & NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Jarrett

Epic Thoughts

Wow, where do i start with tonight’s show? Personally i liked the Show as it showed why TNA fans use to buy the PPVs back in the day. I admit,as a WWE fan i didnt really like the idea of a backwards ladder match and thought the rules would be confusing and gimmicky but i found the matches fun and enjoyable to watch.

I enjoyed watching The Truth aka R-Truth in a main event role and if WWE would give him a push that he has earned in both stints of his WWF/E run,fans would get behind him and see him as middle/top card guy,maybe with a intercontinental belt to push him a little more

Another two wrestlers that i thought stood out were Chris Harris and Monty Brown. They both looked good in the main event match and i truely think if Chris and Monty were able to carry their TNA character over into the WWE they would have been over even before they stepted foot in a WWE Ring

Overall tonight was a soild show and a good build up for the match to return at the Slammiversary PPV in a few weeks time.

Tonights show grade: C-

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