The following was issued on, which plays off the “WWE Universe” social networking website:

Why get lost in a Universe, when you can be part of a Nation?

TNA Wrestling is known for being the most fan friendly Professional Wrestling organization in existence. Beginning with the TNA University Program, TNA created a way to directly work and connect with it’s fans. TNA is now proud to announce that the TNA U Program has evolved into what is now known as the TNAtion.

Fans from across the world have spoken. They all want to continue to support TNA Wrestling and assist the company to grow. The TNAtion will be an assembly of TNA Wrestling fans who come together to market and promote TNA Live Events, related services and activities.

Members of the TNAtion are known as Citizens. The Citizens of the TNAtion have the option of gathering their friends and creating a TNAtion Colony. Colonies can earn points that they can redeem for various prizes as part of the TNAtion Domination Competition. Citizens can also earn free tickets to TNA Live shows as well.

Registration into the TNAtion begins today. For all the information regarding the program, visit