Predictions from the Faculty Lounge
TNA Sacrifice (May 24)
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo
Predictions by: staff and readers

Wow, I am ecstatic right now! Not because of the next TNA PPV, but because I am back from watching another exciting hockey game featuring my very own Pittsburgh Penguins!! I know, it is tough to climb back from a 3 games to 0 deficit, but it is possible (ask the ?75 Islanders or the ?04 Red Sox). I am sorry for the excitement actually, student and faculty. You have to understand. Once the Penguins are out of the playoffs (and I shave for the first time since the end of the NHL regular season), we only have the Pirates. I don?t need to go on much further. It is just funny that this sorry excuse for a baseball team can not score a run against the Chicago White Sox in two games, yet the Minnesota Twins were able to put a ?20? in the runs column a few days ago. Ok, back to the real reason why I am doing this.

It is another Sunday here From the Desk of Mr. V and I have worked real hard yet again to bring you another star-studded edition of ?Predictions From the Faculty?! This is the segment where about five to ten of the WrestleView columnists look at the PPV card of either the WWE or TNA and make our honest predictions on who will come out victorious. We had our highs (Co-Dean Baiamonte’s 8-0 Against All Odds Predictions) and lows (everyone’s losing WrestleMania 25 picks, except for Mr. Boutwell), but we all have one goal. It is to become the Dean of WrestleView when Royal Rumble 2010 is over! So students, you also can share your picks to the e-mail address that I will provide after our predictions are set.

Last week, we got a Faculty first, as not one, but TWO columnists on this great site have to share the coveted ?Dean’s Chair? for at least this week. After CM Punk lost to Umaga at Judgment Day, Co-Dean David Stephens finds himself in a tie with the ?Hunter S. Thompson? of WrestleView, Co-Dean Joe Baiamonte. Also, TNA recapper Josh Boutwell and Mr. V scored the highest marks on last week’s PPV, and are closer to claiming a spot on the throne. Also, the students are not far behind, in their goal to cause anarchy at our Faculty Lounge. However, last week the slid just a little bit, but are still in contention as are the other members of the WrestleView Faculty. So, please once again students I ask you to pull a chair and have a seat. The TNA Sacrifice Edition begins?.NOW!!

Currently, students, there are eight matches on tonight’s PPV card (one match is free to the public. Here are our predictions to who will win each match and how they will win it.

And again class, the following predictions does not reflect anyone in the management part of, the WrestleView VIP section, and its affiliates.

First, let’s take a look at the current standings as of last week’s Judgment Day.

(Judgment Day Records are in Parentheses)

1)Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)…..32-19 (5-2) (Present)
2)David Stephens (ECW Recaps and That’s a Wrap!)…..32-19 (4-3) (Present)
3)Josh Boutwell (TNA Recaps and Viva La Raza!)…..29-22 (6-1) (Present)
4)Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V)…..28-23 (6-1) (Present)
5)WrestleView Students (Loyal readers of columns)…..28-23 (4-3) (Present)
6)Matt O?Brien (Notes From the Nosebleeds)…..26-18 (3-4) (Excused)
7)Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)…..25-26 (4-3) (Present)
8)Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought)…..9-20 (—) (Present, Welcome Back)
9)Josh Piedra (The Shoot)…..16-15 (4-3) (Present)
10)Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)…..13-15 (5-2) (Excused)
11)Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)…..9-6 (5-2) (Present)
12)Mike Klubnik (Stylin? & Profilin?)…..3-5 (—) (Excused)
13)Ryan Droste (Ask WV)…..0-0 (—) (Excused)

So, who will become the NEW Dean of WrestleView? On behalf of myself, I wish all involved good luck and hopefully the winner will provide a victory speech on their behalf.


Kiyoshi vs. Amazing Red

Joe B. – I don’t know who either of these guys are. Erm… AMAZING RED has the better name so I’ll go with him.

David S. – AMAZING RED I have purely sentimental reasons for this pick. For those who don’t know, Red was out for 18 months due to injuries he needed repaired on both of his knees. I was in person for his return match a couple of months ago and loved the guy a couple of years back.

Josh B. – RED. Red’s official return to the X-Division, should be fun and Red takes it.

Anthony V. – These two are a couple of my faves here in TNA! I look at this match as potential outside interference. If NO LIMIT and Bashir are out there, then to me it is obvious who wins. If it is one-on-one, then I have my pick. Since this is TNA booking, I see interference in this match, leading to a KIYOSHI win (finally!).

Jose M. – Give it to AMAZING RED. Kiyoshi is a tag team wrestler and well Red just came back. I dont even know the point of having this match.


Josh P. – Given that it is his return to TNA, they will probably want to push him, so I see Amazing Red getting the nod here. AMAZING RED

Doug L. – KIYOSHI via clean end. I don’t know why I keep riding Muta’s pupil… I guess it’s a habit and many of you should respect my addiction.

Consensus – One wrestler comes to us from Japan and was trained by Muta, yet gets buried in the TNA picture. The other wrestler returns after an eighteen month absence to take care of his injuries. Though we like both wrestlers, the faculty made their decision and by a vote of 5-3, we are giving the edge to the returning (and always entertaining) AMAZING RED.

Monster’s Ball Match
Daffney (w/ Abyss) vs. Taylor Wilde

Joe B. – Again… no idea who either of these are. I’ll go with DAFFNEY.

David S. – Taylor Wilde should not win this match. To her credit she is a diva that actually looks as good in person as on TV. I also almost drove off an icy cliff to my death when I was leaving a really small unheated Indy show she was at – long story. Anyway I’m going with DAFFNEY who will have the sadistic advantage with Matt Parkman in her corner (or whatever Abyss’ name is).

Josh B. – DAFFNEY. A first in TNA! Daffney gets the win when Abyss gets involved per Dr. Stevie’s orders.

Anthony V. – I am not really into seeing this match on paper. I mean I sense storyline will play a role in the outcome. Sadly for us, it will drag a couple more months; I say DAFFNEY wins with interference.

Jose M. – This match could really go either way with the Abyss storyline being what it is. I expect DAFFNEY to go over simply because I think this is going to be the beginning of Stevie’s “nest” so to speak.


Josh P. – Abyss is going to be on Daffney’s side… which makes this kind of one-sided unless Taylor Wilde is going to bring someone out in her defense, which I don’t see happening so Daffney will take it in this one. DAFFNEY

Doug L. – DAFFNEY via who the hell knows. Abyss in the corner, Stevie might do something on the side that has nothing to do with Taylor whatsoever. Though I would not be surprised if Stevie pulls the double-cross in failure.

Consensus – Let’s face it, this match has evil intentions written all over it. And with Abyss, and possibly Dr. Stevie, potentially interfering with this contest, we all agree that DAFFNEY will win this contest over Taylor Wilde, as the Queen of Scream took all eight of the facutly’s votes.

Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe


David S. – Sorry, but I find it impossible to believe that an aging Kevin Nash would legitimately be able to defeat a youthful Samoa Joe. With my luck Nash will win via DQ. SAMOA JOE ftw.

Josh B. – JOE. R.I.P. Kevin Nash.

Anthony V. – Will this match be quicker than Rey/JBL at WrestleMania 25? Will Scott Steiner jump on a pogo stick to help Nash? Or will Joe go all crazy again. Either way, I am probably the minority here and going to go KEVIN NASH by disqualification. Nash may win, but Joe will STILL kill him!!

Jose M. – SAMOA JOE simply cause he has to go over on someone and I don?t want to see this match again.

Phil C. – JOE?S gonna kill Nash.

Josh P. – Even though the gimmick is a failure in my eyes, Samoa Joe will need the victory here over Kevin Nash if they insist on this working. The Main Event Mafia, however, can be a factor, but I think Joe will overcome it. SAMOA JOE

Doug L. – SAMOA JOE via total squash. How active do you really think Nash will be? Joe will take the shots only to pull a Cena and come back.

Consensus – Nation of Violence vs. Main Even Mafia, take 2. Last time, we all went with Joe I believe. Well, this one did not take a whole lot of though, though only one faculty member went with aging veteran Kevin Nash. However, we still expect SAMOA JOE to win and possibly even kill Kevin Nash. Though Samoa Joe won the faculty’s vote 7-1, the ?1? vote still think that Nash will be murdered tonight. HEH!?!?!?!

Team 3D Invitational Tournament Finals
Beer Money, Inc. vs. The British Invasion


David S. – Am I the only one annoyed that this entire invitational ended up leading us to the same stale feud that we had before it started? BEER MONEY

Josh B. – BEER MONEY. Beer Money gets their rematch at Slammiversary in what should be a very good finish to a great Tournament.

Anthony V. – This will be the sleeper on the card. Again, I see interference in this match as well (this sounds like a theme here and why I won?t pay $30 to watch it). Both teams want 3D in the worst way and I think it will be about who wants it more. So with that, I am going to go with BEER MONEY with a little help by the beer bottle of James Storm.

Jose M. – BEER MONEY INC gets the win and gets the rematch with 3D to regain the tag titles.


Josh P. – The British Invasion doesn’t seem like they will be sticking around long in the tag team title scene. Beer Money Inc is TNA’s newest golden team and I think that they want them back in the title picture. BEER MONEY INC.

Doug L. – BRITISH INVASION via DQ. Homicide will probably come out and interfere, giving the DQ win to the Brits, pissing off my wallet (Beer Money) and causing a nice little feud.

Consensus – This vote almost went unanimous. With Slammiversary around the corner, and Beer Money’s stock is rising as we speak. We also have the start of a dominant force known as the British Invasion, and it actually got notice by a columnist. Still, we expect BEER MONEY INC. to win this contest, get the 100 grand, and compete against Team 3D in the future. Even though Mr. Lackey ponders a British Invasion push, we are going to go with Roode and Storm by a 7-1 vote.


TNA Knockout’s Championship
Angelina Love (c) vs. Awesome Kong (w/Raisha Saeed)

Joe B. – I thought Kong was injured? I say ANGELINA takes this by the skin of her tits.

David S. – It’s time to put the belt back on the beast. Sorry but the way she dominated Velvet with the Silicon Drainer (or whatever it’s called) with Angie not even trying to save her partner, in my eyes means she doesn’t deserve the belt. I’m going with AWESOME KONG

Josh B. – ANGELINA. I think Angelina sneaks out another one and we go into Slammiversary with the feud still going.

Anthony V. – Students, if you want to see Kong destroy Angelina Love, you won?t get it this time. I am going to say Kong wins by countout, but then Cornette making this a no countout match. I see interference with the help of an unknown ally for Angelina in this one. Though Kong will dominate the contest, ANGELINA LOVE will sneak a win and keep her title.

Jose M. – ANGELINA LOVE. I am tired of Awesome Kong as champion and even though the storyline seems to be shifting to Angelina being out of friends I am going to say someone may make a debut and cost Kong the gold.


Josh P. – Awesome Kong has just been down right brutal lately. This may have Awesome Kong written all over it, but I think they might find a way to get Kong out of the picture. Then again, this is TNA… my head says Angelina Love, but my gut says Awesome Kong… eh.. AWESOME KONG

Doug L. – LOVE via clean end. I’m just smelling upset on this one for some stupid reason. Are you noticing how I don’t really care about these results?

Consensus – If you have watched TNA Impact since Kong lost the title, you saw her completely murder men and women at an alarming rate. It won?t happen on this month’s PPV though. Though Kong has been dominant in her matches throughout the month, expect ANGELINA LOVE to find some way to get herself a victory here. By a vote of 6-2, that is who the faculty will go for at this time.

TNA X Division Championship
Suicide (c) vs. Daniels


David S. – I’m going to soil my undies if Curry Man makes a run in. I will actually mail Dixie Carter $20 as a thank you if this happens, you have my word. DANIELS deserves this victory.

Josh B. – SUICIDE. I don’t see Suicide droppin the belt yet and I’m sure the Guns (and probably Lethal Consequences too) getting involved. Should be very good regardless.

Anthony V. – I remember Backlash, when Josh Piedra wanted Christian to win, though he was afraid to be wrong. Well, he got the win and Josh was pleased. Sorry to copy you Josh, but I though I think he won?t win clean, I am going to pick DANIELS to win this match, and hope he becomes the NEW TNA X Division Champion!

Jose M. – NO CONTEST. Everyone interferes and well its a big schmozz. Daniels cant job here and well with Kazarian back neither can Suicide. If there is a finish it will not be a clean one.


Josh P. – Now this is weird… Obviously, someone else is playing Suicide now (Kazarian? Is he healed?), but I think to add fuel to the fire; Daniels will walk out the new X Division Champion. – FALLEN ANGEL CHRISTOPHER DANIELS

Doug L. – SUICIDE via clean end. Watch for tons of interference from everyone and their grandmothers in this one. You gotta’ have some way to bring in everyone else on the roster right?

Consensus – This was one of the closest, if not the closet vote in the Sacrifice Pay Per View tonight. Anything can happen in this match. The faculty members think it can be a clean end, a winner with help, or even a no contest (as Mr. Marrero stated). The faculty was mixed, but after much thought by the eight men we came to a decision. And by a vote of 4-3-1, we see a NEW TNA X Division Title holder in DANIELS. All will be right in the world if he actually does, though we won?t be surprised if Suicide (former Daniels) retains.

TNA Legend’s Championship
**I Quit Match**
AJ Styles (c) vs. Booker T (w/Sharmelle)


David S. – What’s the point in a belt that only 2 guys seem to care about? As someone who enjoyed the TNA product at its conception I can’t accept that AJ STYLES would ever say “I Quit”.

Josh B. – AJ STYLES. Should be a very fun match, AJ doesn’t quit so Booker will! lol

Anthony V. – Since Samoa Joe already took a murdered Kevin Nash in a van and drove off to see Pizza The Hut from Spaceballs, he won?t be a factor. I see this being a Match of the Night as well, but I am going to pick AJ STYLES, but it will be close.

Jose M. – AJ STYLES. Unless they pull a Royal Rumble 99 finish AJ can?t lose this match.


Josh P. – AJ Styles is your only grand slam TNA Champion and they are finally bringing him back to his glory. I see them continuing that for a while longer. AJ STYLES

Doug L. – AJ STYLES via your guess is as good as mine. Just a guess. I don’t need justify this joke.

Consensus – I think this will surprise the faculty, as we have not seen our votes until Adam Martin posts the column. Though we expect a decent match out of this, we all agreed on this match ending with Booker T saying ?I Quit?. So, with a vote of 8-0, AJ STYLES will come out on top and retain the TNA Legend’s Title.

TNA World Championship
**Sacrifices are as follows: Foley’s Title; Sting’s Career; Jarrett’s voting power; Angle’s leadership role in MEM**

Mick Foley (c) vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

Joe B. – Jesus… erm… ANGLE I guess.

David S. – Process of elimination here. Foley has the least to lose, so let’s get rid of him. Sting can’t get pinned or he won’t wrestle again; the fact that this stipulation is only in effect if he gets pinned and not just if he loses, has me thinking he won’t be winning either. I see ANGLE winning the Title, keeping control of the MEM and getting Jarret’s control of TNA.

Josh B. – ANGLE. This one is really hard to predict for me but I think in the end Angle will steal the win, probably from Sting and Jarrett does everything in his power to ensure Foley loses.

Anthony V. – I don?t care who wins, as long as Foley is not TNA’s Champion! Boo me all you want class, but I think a world title around his waist right now is a joke. I don?t care who pins him, but I have to pick one guy. So, Mick sacrifices his TNA Title to?..KURT ANGLE!!

Jose M. – Am I the only one confused by this match? I mean is Foleys title on the line throughout the match or just if he gets pinned? I am going to say MICK FOLEY wins and pins Jeff Jarrett.


Josh P. – This is rather hard to predict except for one thing: Sting will be retiring so he’s out of the equation… he will get pinned… it’s just a question of who will pin him. I don’t think it’s Foley.. he’s a transitional champion… that leaves Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett has been pushed a little in his promos with his family versus Mick Foley whereas Kurt is struggling to hold onto the mafia.. I think with Sting wanting to hang em up, Angle will relinquish his Mafia status, that leaves Jarrett pinning Sting. JEFF JARRETT

Doug L. – JARRETT. Imagining Foley losing the title… Angle losing and leading to the apparent dissolving of MEM… and Sting finally retiring, hopefully…

Consensus – Well, another four way for the right to become TNA World Champion. Well, the faculty was mixed on this one, but we all agreed that Sting will not be the winner of this match (0 votes). One of the members think that Mick Foley (1 vote) will find a way to sneak a victory and keep his title. On the other hand, Jeff Jarrett has been getting his edge back and will find a way to make certain that Foley loses the title, and a couple of our members agreed (2 votes). However, in a majority decision, the faculty believes that the TNA Championship will come back to the Main Event Mafia (or what is left of it). KURT ANGLE is predicted as the NEW TNA World Champ by receiving 5 of the faculty’s votes.

Since the Co-Deans are split on one of the outcomes, we are going to have a NEW Dean of WrestleView after this show is over. If you did not notice if Awesome Kong wins, then David Stephens continues his reign as the leader. If Angelina Love defends her title, then Joe Baiamonte will return to a spot that he has dominated the past few months. Who will win that most honorable spot in WrestleView, we will find out after the Knockout’s Championship Match.

Well, the faculty has spoken. Now it is the students turn to predict who will come out on top at this PPV. You can submit your picks to and if you score the most victories, you will have your name mentioned in the ?Gold Star Segment? in the next installment of ?From the Desk of Mr. V?. I only received about five predictions from the students, so I will keep the ballot secret on this. Again, I thank you all for spending the time to read this column on such short notice. To those in the United States, the Faculty at would like to wish you all a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend. To those who read this from outside the States, continue to enjoy the nice weather we have. With Extreme Rules in a few weeks, the Faculty is on an extended break. So until then, please push in your chairs and exit the classroom. You all are officially…DISMISSED!