Eric Cohen of has an interview up with TNA star Daniels. Here are some highlights.

What fans can expect who have never ordered a TNA PPV:
“Well, I can tell you there is definitely going to be a lot more action. We pride ourselves on being the best athletes in the world, the best wrestlers in the world. You?re going to see something for everybody. There’s going to be tag team action. There’s going to be X Division action. There is going to be heavyweight guys. So I think there is something for everybody, more than the WWE would be.”

On the name change from Christopher Daniels to Daniels:
“It’s not going to impact me at all. I?m still the same guy going out there and wrestling the best match I can every time I get into the ring. As far as why, that’s nothing I really want to get into to be honest with you. That is something that was decided. It really didn?t matter what they called me as long as I go out there and get an opportunity to excel and climb the ladder.”

If he thought TNA would be this successful and still around:
” I trusted they were going to succeed. Early on, there was a lot of scuttlebutt that we weren?t going to last more than a year. Here it is, almost seven years later, and we?re doing well, making strides forward. I always thought we had the opportunity to succeed. It’s just a matter of us taking small steps forward rather than trying to do too much at once. We went from the Wednesday PPVs to Fox Sports Net to Spike TV. We started there on Saturdays, moved to Thursdays, and then moved to prime time and then moved to two hours. So like I said, it has been slowly but surely. But it has always been steps forward. I fell that every time we have taken a step we have succeeded in taking that step and capitalizing on that forward momentum.”

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