Recap of debut of “TNA Epics” in UK

Chris Kelly sent this recap in:

The show Opened with the TNA Cross the Line promo.

The insane walking of the cage when Elix Skipper hurricanrana’ed one half of AMW from the top of the 6 sides of steel (was shown).

The TNA Epics logo hits and we are shown clips of superstars that have made an apperance in TNA with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall ,The Road Warriors, Roddy Piper and Jeff Hardy’s massive Swanton from the entrance ramp onto Abyss.

We are welcomed to the show by the current TNA world champ and Hardcore Legend Mick Foley and he informs us that tonight we will be getting up close and personal, inside outside and on top of the six sides of steel with some of the best matches. He says he is no stranger to cage matches and we will start tonight off with a bang! as he does his famous “bang bang pose.”

We will start off with AMW vs Triple X inside the cage and this match includes handcuffs, a cheese grater, blood and awesome cage spots with AMW getting the 3 count by hitting the powerplex.

We cut back to Foley who puts over Elix Skipper’s hurricanrana from the top of the six sides of steel. When we come back we will see LAX vs AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.

Midway though the match Daniels is bloodied by a fork then has alcohol spat in his face. AJ hits an INSANE crossbody from the top of the cage onto Hernandez for a 2 count. The end comes when Homicide hits the Gringo Cutta.

The last match of the night is Christain Cage vs Rhino. The match involved blood, chairs and a straight jacket. A nice spot was Rhino doing a cutter onto two stood up chairs. The finish came when Rhino Gored Cage onto and though the Door onto the floor thus giving Cage the win.

Foley appears putting over the match then says “Christian may have been declared the winner in that match but to me he looked anything but a winner when Rhino gored him though the door, gore though the door, gore though the door!”

Mick thanks us for joining us on this week’s Epics and asks us to join in next week when we see more things that make TNA what it is today. A mini video recap of AJ/Daniels is show as we end with the TNA logo telling us to cross the line.

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