Jeremy Samples sent this in:

Wanted to kind of follow up your Kip James report and give a review of a previous TNA Appearance:

First wrestler appearance put on by TNA that I have been to. It took place at the Hooter’s Restaurant in Barboursville, WV yesterday between 12-2PM before the 7:30PM show tonight in Huntington. They arrived at 12:07,and ate for around an hour. However, my table was near where they were it was interesting to hear a few stories they were talking about. Felt like a dinner banquet at a fanfest, except more casual.

The autograph appearance started at 1:10. There were around 100 people in attendance. TNA should really try to promote personal appearances more…have a section on there site, such as WWE. Kip and Angel were very friendly, and they had free great quality TNA flyers that they were giving out to those in attendance.

A few notable news worthy items were that Kip was going to start wrestling regularly again for TNA in two weeks. I asked him about working behind the scenes, and he said he wasn’t that type of guy. Seemed genuinely hoping that TNA would begin using him more again.

Angel stated how much she enjoyed working Booker T’s Fanfest over WrestleMania weekend, and how that came about. She also stated that she couldn’t remember the championship match she had previously on Pay Per View, but she really was happy in the direction that the company was going. She hoped to elevate the women’s division in TNA substantially over the next few months.

Overall, a great appearance by TNA…they just need to promote these more to get more attendance…and therefore, more at the Live Events. But, it defintely looks like they are going in the right direction.