Impact Results – 1/22/09 – Orlando, FL

Orlando, Florida (iMAPCT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
January 22, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

It’s time to cross the line! The show starts with a recap from last week and then Don & Mike hype the rest of the card, but we will start with Alex Shelley’s first X-Division Title defense!

TNA X-Division Championship
Fatal Four Way Match
Alex Shelley (c) vs. ?The Guru? Sonjay Dutt w/So Cal Val vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

Shelley and Sabin actually come out together tonight for this match. One fall to the finish, first man with a pin or submission wins the Title and this week Mike Tenay finally reveals why Shane Sewell is a referee again: he was reinstated by Jim Cornette. Shelley and Sabin start the match off and they pick right up where they left off at Genesis. Shelley with a wristlock but Sabin rolls through and gets one of his own and then Shelley reverses and it’s an armdrag but Sabin reverses it into a rollup for a nearfall. Sabin and Shelley clap at each other but then get attacked from behind by Sonjay and Bashir. They put the boots to the Guns and then take turns hitting chops on Shelley. They double whip Shelley into the ropes and go for a double clothesline but Shelley ducks, put Dutt in a waistlock, and then shoves Dutt into Bashir. The Guns whip Bashir into the ropes and then both hit double leg kicks to take him to his knees and then destroy him with double head kicks! Dutt back in and hits the Guns from behind. Dutt taunts the crowd and then kicks Sabin on the mat. Dutt with an elbow and then charges at Shelly, but Shelley backdrops Sonjay over the top rope onto the apron where Dutt lands on his feet. Shelley then drops down onto all fours and Sabin comes flying with a Dropkick off Shelley’s back onto Sonjay sending him crashing to the floor. Bashir tried to cut Sabin off in midair but he missed him. Shelley then slingshots over the top rope onto the ring apron and then back kicks Dutt in the face and jumps up to the middle rope. Sabin goes for the Suicide Dive through Shelley’s legs but Bashir clotheslines him and Dutt pulls Shelley off the ropes hitting his face on the apron in the process. In the ring Bashir scoop slams Sabin and follows up with an Elbow Drop for a two count. Dutt in now and he snapmares Sabin over and Double Stomps Sabin’s face. Basahir and Dutt whip Sabin into the ropes and then double back elbow him and Shelley tries to get back in the ring but Dutt kicks him in the face. Bashir covers Sabin for a two count and Dutt didn?t like that too much. Dutt chokes Sabin on the ropes and then Bashir does it too. Dutt stands on the back of Shelley’s neck as he is draped over the middle rope throatfirst choking him. Dutt again kicks Shelley as he tries to get back in the ring. Bashir and Dutt take turns punching Sabin but he comes back with shots to both men’s ribs and then forearms and goes for a kick on Bashir, but Bashir catches his leg and spins around where Sabin hits a spinning leg sweep! Dutt with a rollup for a nearfall but Sabin kicks out sending Dutt through the ropes to the floor. In the ring Bashir rolls Sabin up but So Cal Val is distracting Shane Sewell! Finally Sewell turns around and Bashir gets a nearfall. Bashir begins to argue with Sewell again and goes to punch him but Dutt stops him and dropkicks him to the floor. Dutt attempts to whip Sabin into the ropes but he reverses it and Superkick’s Dutt in the gut. Sabin whips Dutt into the ropes and Sabin charges but Dutt escapes it by climbing through the middle rope and then hits the Bombay Boom (seesaw-like Tiger Feint Kick) that causes Sabin to fall throat first onto the middle rope. Dutt then hits his Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop. Dutt comes off the ropes and charges at Sabin but eats a nasty clothesline that turns Dutt inside out. Bashir comes running in and hits a Running Enziguri on Shelley as Sharmell is shown walking down the ramp. Bashir covers Shelley and gets a nearfall before Sabin breaks it up. Sabin then throws Bashir back to the outside and Sabin goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Dutt but he reverses it into a beautiful tilt-a-whirl Tornado DDT for a nearfall. Dutt slaps Sabin in the face and then hits repeated shoulder blocks. Dutt attempts to whip Sabin into the corner but he reverses it and charges it and eats a boot from Dutt. Dutt climbs to the top and goes for a Flying Hurricanrana but Sabin blocks it and Shelley runs in and hits a basement dropkick. Sabin then transitions Dutt into the Cradle Shock, but Bashir pulls him out of the ring allowing Shelley to roll Dutt up in a modified Magistral Cradle for the pin to retain his title!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Alex Shelley via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Sharmell tells Shane Sewell that Booker wants to see him in his locker room right now and then we see Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, and Sting on their way out of their locker room.


Back from commercials Booker T. tells Sewell to have a seat. Booker isn?t playing tonight, no King accent. Booker tells Sewell to relax and he tells Sewell that around here they do things different than they do them in Puerto Rico. Booker says that Sewell did something out of order, he put his hands on the Legends Champion. Booker says that’s grounds for a ass whooping but Sharmell stops him and he says he wants to talk business with Sewell. Booker says he is going to give Sewell a pass but only if Sewel l makes sure that tonight Booker and Steiner have Petey all alone in their Elimination Match. Booker even says that Sewell could be the Mafia’s car washer and asks Sewell if they have an understanding but he just walks out.

Main Event Mafia members Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, & Sting make their way down to the ring none looking too happy. Kurt says that last week things didn?t work out exactly like they had planned. Angle says that Team 3D is in Japan and Mick Foley is in Europe promoting TNA so they will get theirs next week. Tonight Petey Williams and AJ Styles will get it. Kurt says that they underestimated Petey Williams and they thought he was dead and buried. Kurt says that TNA isn?t Ozz and munchkins don?t run around there and calls TNA the house that Main Event Mafia built. Kurt talks about the Elimination Tag Match between Steiner & Booker against Eric Young and Petey Williams. Kurt says that after that match the only ones left in the ring will be Petey Williams and the Main Event Mafia and then tells Petey to have a nice day and smiles at the camera. Kurt says that AJ was part of the reason he was put through a table last week and the fans cheer which doesn?t make Kurt happy. Kurt tells AJ that payback is a b*tch and he is going to whoop AJ’s ass tonight and put him through a table, but afterward they are going to put AJ out permanently. Kurt asks who died and made 3D bookers because they can?t go around making matches. Kurt says that they can take their challenges for Against All Odds and stick them up their ?fat asses.? Sting calls Angle ?Mr. Godfather? and says that he can speak for himself. Sting says that no one will tell him who can and cannot wrestle and then Sting says something in Kurt’s ear as Jim Cornette walks out to the ring. Jim says that Kurt is right that 3D can?t book matches in TNA, but he does. He says it won?t be Sting vs. Brother Ray or Angle vs. Devon. It will be a Fatal Four Way with Sting defending against Brother Ray, Brother Devon, and Kurt Angle with the first man with the pinfall being the World Champion! Cornette talks about how the best way to win a four way is to team up and take out their opponents and they know that 3D can work together, but the question is can Angle and Sting. Cornette says that at Against All Odds they may be a ?death in the family? and both Sting and Kurt do not look pleased about this.


Back from commercial they show a video package of the history between Petey Williams and Scott Steiner.

In the back Lauren is with Petey. Petey is serious and he says that the thing between the Main Event Mafia and the Front Line, it’s personal between them. He says that he knows Scotty’s past about how he bullies everybody from the production crew to Ric Flair but he tells Scott to try and bully him around. Petey says that Scott needs to worry about tonight because if he has one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow then he’s pissing all over today. Petey then calls Scott a ?little bitch? and walks away.

Mike and Don are talking ?via satellite? from Tokyo, Japan with Team 3D who are flaunting their new IWGP Tag Team Championships. Tenay talks about how there has only been one other American tag team to hold those titles and Devon says that those belts prove that they are the greatest Tag Team in history. Ray says that winning the IWGP Tag Titles in Tokyo is like winning any Tag Titles in Madison Square Garden back in America. West talks about the Fatal Four Way just made but Ray and Devon look surprised. Ray says that if he has to go through Kurt Angle and his brother to get to Sting then he?ll do it. Ray says that it won?t be the first time they?ve fought and Devon says it won?t be the last. Tenay asks Ray who is going to win the Title at AAO but as he starts to answer they ?lose? the audio feed. Tenay apologizes and they go to commercials.


Back from commercial JB is with the Main Event Mafia minus Kurt Angle. JB asks Sting about what happened between he and Kurt tonight. Sting says that they haven?t forgotten what this war is about and tells Booker to tell him and Booker responds with, ?RESPECT!? Sting says that JB is disrespecting them by trying to stir things up and says Kurt is his brother. Sting says that will stay the course because they haven?t forgotten what this about. Sting tells 3D to keep that in mind because there is enough respect to go around for everybody and then leaves. Steiner starts rambling about being unstoppable and then calls Steiner Make Believe Muscle and he says Petey will pay tonight and he won?t be responsible for what he does tonight. Booker then says respect again and walks out.

TNA Rough Cut w/ Sojournor Bolt

Sojourner and Terry Taylor talks about her being a part of Kong’s open Challenge back at Slammiversary (then known as Josie I believe) and how that got everyone’s attention. Bolt says that she is 100% the real deal and talks about having blonde hair and fake nails but when she punches you in the face that’s real. JB says that Bolt gained Kong’s respect and she says that if you want it you have to work for it and if you want to be on top you have to meet her in the ring.

Sojournor Bolt vs. ODB

Tenay says that ODB will challenge Kong for the Knockouts Title at Against All Odds and Sojo attacks ODB before the bell and puts the boots to her. Sojo works on ODB’s knee and goes for a clothesline in the corner but ODB moves and hits chops. Sojo comes back with a leg kick to ODB’s knee again and follows up with a clothesline for a 2 count. ODB is selling the knee and Sojo hits a snapmare followed by a Basement Dropkick. Sojo climbs to the top goes for a Big Splash but ODB moves. ODB with forearms and a clothesline. ODB with a back elbow and another clothesline and then whips her into the ropes and hits her with a Hotshot. Sojo tries to bail out to the floor but ODB stops and hits a Thesz Press when Kong runs into the ring and kicks ODB in the head.

Winner: ODB via DQ

Kong nails ODB with the Implant Buster as Rhaka Khan and Raisha Saeed come out to, but then Roxxi and Taylor Wilde run out with weapons and the Kongtorouge bail. Tenay puts over how ODB will have to work against Kong with an injured knee now.

In the back Lauren is with the fake Sarah Palin aka Daffney. She is still doing the accent but then stops and laughs about how fun it was to make fools out of them when The Beautiful People come up and beat the hell out of her. Angelina throws Daffney into a case and then Velvet Sky hits her with a 2×4. Angelina and Velvet continue to beat the hell out of her and cuss her out. Angelina chokes her until security runs up and then Kip takes out security and gets Angelina to let go.

Tag Team Elimination Match
?Big Poppa Pump? Scott Steiner & Booker T. w/Sharmell vs. ?Maple Leaf Muscle? Petey Williams & ?Showtime? Eric Young

Booker and EY will start the match off tonight. Booker gets the advantage early with chops and then whips EY into the corner, but he nips up and over a charging Booker. EY with right hands and then attempts to whip Booker into the ropes but Booker reveres it and hits a Running Knee. Booker tags in Steiner and he hits a big Scoop Slam on EY. Steiner throws EY into the corner and chops him followed by a hiptoss and then puts the boots to EY. Steiner throws EY headfirst into the top turnbuckle and then whips EY into the corner but EY nips up and over Steiner and hits an Atomic Drop followed by a running forearm for a nearfall. Steiner hooks EY’s leg and then drags him to his corner and tags Booker back in. Booker puts the boots to EY and hits a big elbow and then goes for a Vertical Suplex but EY blocks it and hits one of his own! EY comes off the ropes but Booker hits a back elbow. EY comes back with right hands but Steiner hits him from behind to stop that momentum. Booker hits the Axe Kick on EY out of nowhere and gets the pin to eliminate EY. That was mighty quick and now we go to commercials.


Back from commercials Steiner is putting the boots to Petey and they show the beatdown that MEM put on Petey during the break. Steiner Scoop Slams Petey and then taunts him and spits on him. Steiner throws Petey over the top rope but he hangs on and skins the cat back into the ring. Petey with right hands on Steiner and then whips Steiner into the ropes but Steiner holds on. Petey charges and Steiner backdrops him over the top and Petey lands on the ring apron. Petey with a shoulder block through the ropes and hits the Slingshot Facebreaker (Codebreaker). Petey with rights and lefts and starts pummeling the hell out of Scott and forces Scotty to bail to the outside. Scott asks for a timeout but doesn?t get one and Scott tags out to Booker. Booker with nasty knee strikes to Petey repeatedly and they really did look good. Booker with a nasty chop and then whips Petey into the ropes and goes for the Harlem Sidekick, but Petey ducks and hits a dropkick for a nearfall. Booker picks Petey up with pure strength and hits a nasty Spinebuster for a nearfall as he pulls Petey’s head up at two. Steiner tagged back in and he puts the boots to Petey again. Steiner goes for a scoop slam but Petey reverses it and hits a Jawbreaker followed by a drop toe hold that sends Steiner throatfirst onto the middle rope. Petey then follows up with a Hesitation Dropkick to the back of Steiner’s head! Petey with a running forearm in the corner and then attempts to whip Steiner into the opposite corner but he reverses it. Steiner charges at Petey but he gets a boot up and climbs to the top. Petey hits a Tornado DDT from the top for a close nearfall. Petey sets up for the Canadian Destroyer but Booker flies in with the Superkick at out of nowhere. Steiner picks Petey up and places him on the top rope and hits a Fallaway Slam off the top for another nearfall as he picks Petey’s head up again at two. Booker tagged back in and hits the Axe Kick and pulls Petey’s head up at two again. Sewell gets in Booker’s face after that. Booker hits another Axe Kick this time he gets the pin.

Winners: Scott Steiner and Booker T. via pinfall (Axe Kick)

After the match Sewell raises Booker and Steiner’s hands but isn?t happy about it and Booker slaps the hell out of Sewell. Sewell hulks up and starts chopping Booker but Steiner hits him from behind. Steiner lays the knees into Sewell and Booker hits the Book End on him that was stiff as hell. Booker continues the beatdown on Sewell as Earl Hebner begs for them to tstop and even Sharmell and Steiner try to get Booker to stop. Tenay points out the irony of Steiner trying to calm someone down.


Back from commercials they show a video package highlighting Matt Morgan and Abyss’s history.

Morgan makes his way out to the ring followed by Abyss where Lauren is waiting for them. Lauren talks to them about their brawl last week and Morgan says that it’s not a secret that he has a temper. Morgan talks about losing an NFL contract, an NBA contract, and a wrestling contract because of his attitude and more importantly he may have lost his best friend due to his attitude. Morgan says that he owes Abyss an apology and that it’s his fault. Morgan calls Abyss ?Abbie? and he says that he believes that they will become the Tag Team Champions and that tonight they?ll just settle for Beer Money’s blood. Abyss accepts Morgan’s apology and they hug. Abyss says that he has a bad problem with his temper too and that’s why he goes to therapy. Abyss says that they should go to therapy together and Morgan agrees. Abyss says now he has his best friend back and his girlfriend (Lauren) with him. Abyss then picks her up and hugs and tosses her around like a ragdoll with Don West saying the line of the night: ?Easy, Abyss, don?t Black Hole Slam her.? Oh I think I took that line dirtier than it was meant to be.

First Blood Match
Beer Money Inc. w/Jacqueline vs. ?The Monster? Abyss & ?The Blueprint? Matt Morgan

Man, I can?t wait to see James Storm drive his motorized cooler down the ramp at a New Japan Show next month. Classic stuff right there. Beer Money & The Monster Blueprint don?t waste anytime as they start brawling on the ramp. Abyss throws Roode into the guard rail and then throws storm against the ring apron. Abyss throws Roode head first into the steel steps and Morgan is beating down Storm in the crowd. Morgan whips Storm into a wall and then Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint but Storm ducks and Morgan kicks the wall. Storm climbs up and dives off the wall onto Morgan! Storm charges Morgan but he throws Storm over the guardrail as Roode is beating Abyss down the stairs and then Abyss whips Roode into the guard rail. Morgan with a knee strike on Storm and Roode throws Abyss head first into the ring apron. Morgan with a Big Boot on Storm and now Roode grabs a chair and follows Abyss into the ring. Roode attempts to hit Abyss with the chair but Abyss punches it into Roode’s face! On the outside Morgan whips Storm into the guardrail again as Abyss sets up a chair in the corner. Abyss goes for a Corner Splash but Roode gets his boot up and then hits the Blockbuster off the middle rope. Roode follows up with stiff punches to the face. Roode chops Abyss and then tries to throw Abyss into the chair but Abyss reverses it and Roode attempts to nip up and over Abyss, but Abyss stopped and kicks Roode in the nuts. Abyss then throws Roode headfirst into the chair but he isn?t busted open. Morgan and Storm are finally in the ring and Morgan is just destroying Storm with back elbow after back elbow in the corner. Storm pokes Morgan in the eye as Roode whips Abyss into the guardrail on the outside. Storm attempts to whip Morgan into the ropes but Morgan reverses it and goes for a clothesline, but Storm ducks and goes for a Flying Cross Body. Morgan catches him in midair and hits and goes for a Fall Away Slam but Roode runs in and hits Morgan with TNA Tag Title belt. Morgan still isn?t busted open and Abyss double clotheslines Beer Money. Abyss goes for a Running Corner Splash but Storm moves and charges in on Abyss, but Abyss backdrops Storm over the top and he lands on his feet on the apron. Storm with a nasty Enziguri to the back of the head from the ring apron! Storm goes for the Last Call but he blocks it and then Chokeslams Storm! Abyss goes to the crowd and grabs a chair but Roode comes from behind and chop blocks Abyss’s knee. Beer Money pick Abyss up and hit the Beer Money Double Suplex. Roode picks up the chair but Morgan comes from behind and swings at Roode but he ducks and then swings at Storm and he ducks. Morgan then fakes like he is going to hit Storm and then Roode but turns around and absolutely blasts Abyss with the chair. Roode and Storm can?t believe it and Abyss is busted wide open. Heel turn complete.

Winners: Beer Money via Abyss bleeding

After the match Morgan starts the beatdown on Abyss and is kicking him in the face and hitting him stiff right hands. Security tries to come in but Morgan kicks them out. They show a closeup of Abyss’s face and that cut is nasty. He is bleeding like a stuffed pig at this point. Matt Morgan screams at Abyss saying that he did this and then nails Abyss with the chair again.


Back from commercial they show a replay of what just happened and we cut to the back where Abyss is going psycho and throwing people and stuff around. He even goes crazy on the cameraman. Finally, the monster is back!

They show a video package highlighting the long history between AJ and Kurt. In the back JB is with Kurt Angle. Kurt says that he has given AJ way too many chances and that there were many times he could?ve ended AJ’s careers but didn?t. He says not to forget what he did to Kurt’s marriage and that AJ took everything away from him and tonight he will take away AJ’s livelihood. JB asks Kurt about what happened between him and Sting tonight but he just stares at JB.


Tables Match
?Olympic Gold Medalist? Kurt Angle vs. ?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles

For the 2 people out there that doesn?t know what a Tables Match is, to win you have to put your opponent through a table. Pretty simple. Nice sign in the crowd that says ?on the 8th day, God created AJ STYLES!? in which AJ nodded at and said that’s right. They lockup and Kurt gets the advantage with a wristlock but AJ rolls through and reverses into one of his own. Kurt quickly gets to the ropes to break the hold. They lockup again and Kurt hits a side headlock takeover into a headlock. AJ fights to his feet and then pushes Kurt into the ropes and leapfrogs over him followed by that beautiful Phenomenal Dropkick! Kurt bails to the outside and shakes the cobwebs before climbing back in the ring. They lockup again and Kurt picks AJ up and puts him on the top rope. From there AJ hits a modified hurricanrana taking Kurt over the top rope! AJ hits a running Flying Forearm off the apron onto Kurt on the concrete! AJ sets up a table and as he went to grab Kurt he quickly squirmed his way into the ring to get away from AJ.


Back from commercials Angle snaps AJ over with a Snap Suplex. AJ fights back with right hands and comes off the ropes but Kurt catches him with a beautiful belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Kurt climbs out of the ring and slides the table into the ring. AJ fights back with chops and a stiff right hand. Kurt with a boot to AJ’s gut and then slams AJ headfirst onto the table. Kurt grabs AJ and puts him in a headlock and they show a closeup of AJ’s face turning red. AJ fights out with back elbows and a big chop and comes off the ropes but Kurt nails him with a big Knee Lift. Kurt grabs the table and sets it up in the ring. Kurt hits AJ with a big European Upercutt and then sits him on the top rope but AJ hits him with right hands and climbs down. Kurt grabs AJ and attempts to German Suplex AJ into the corner but AJ grabs the table to block it and then hits a big back elbow followed by a right hand and now they start exchanging right hands. Kurt goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks and then crotches Angle on the table that AJ had knocked over when he blocked the German Suplex. AJ with 2 clotheslines on Angle and then a Flying Forearm on Kurt in the corner. AJ with a scoop slap and then hits a Running Knee Drop! AJ grabs Kurt but Angle catches him with a nasty European Uppercut out of nowhere that sends AJ through the ropes onto the ring apron. Kurt walks over and tries to grab AJ but AJ hits him with a shoulder block and then hits the Springboard Flying Forearm off the top! AJ sets Kurt up for the Styles Clash after he set up the table but Kurt reverses it and attempts to Spinebuster AJ through the table, but AJ sunset flips over the back of Angle. Angle rolls through the sunset flip and puts AJ in the Ankle Lock! AJ fights out by kicking Kurt off and then Kurt goes for a clothesline, but AJ ducks and hits the Pele out of nowhere! AJ lays Kurt on top of the table and climbs to the top rope, but Kurt springs up and goes for the Belly-to-Belly off the top! AJ blocks it and knocks Kurt off the top again and Kurt is laid out on top of the table again. AJ goes for Flying Splash off the top but Kurt moves and AJ tries to stop in midair but hits his head on the edge of the table! Kurt picks AJ up and puts AJ through the table with the Angle Slam!

Winner: Kurt Angle via putting AJ through the table (Angle Slam)

They show several replays of the match and then Kurt is shown stomping on AJ’s ankle. Kurt grabs a steel chair and then places AJ’s ankle in the chair and stomps on it repeatedly! Kurt then grabs AJ’s ankle and puts him in the Ankle Lock. Kurt finally stops but then comes to the announce table and gets in their face. Kurt asks them if they think he’s going to hit them. Kurt says that tonight is the beginging of the end of TNA and next week they are going to take everybody out Main Event Mafia style! Kurt gets on top of the announce table and screams ?Look Ma, I?m on top of the world? James Cagney style to end the show.

Final Thoughts

I thought tonight was all about setting up everything for Against All Odds and did a decent job in that. The matches were fun for the most part but some were too short. I thought it was an okay show this week.

The opening X-Division Four Way was decent but way too short (under 5 minutes) but all 4 worked hard. I didn’t like how Sharmell came out during the match taking away from what was going on in the ring, though. Shelley is going to be a good Champion but I want to know where they are going with the Guns. I still think that Bashir and Dutt would make a great tag team as the Middle Eastern Nightmares.

I don’t really care for the Booker T./Shane Sewell angle but I’m loving that Booker has gone back to the ghetto-accent and dropped the stupid King one.

The Main Event Mafia promo was okay thought I thought the friction between Kurt and Sting was set up nicely and everyone saw that coming eventually. Let’s just see where they go with it. The Fatal Four Way Main Event announced for AAO is so much better than Devon vs. Kurt and Sting vs. Ray singles matches it’s not even funny.

The 3D “interview from Japan” was a little much. It was kind of corny with the Japanese flag in the background but I did love how they put over them winning the IWGP titles. I didn’t really get the “audio trouble” they had abruptly ending the interview.

Sting’s promo in the back was great and he should do all his promos like that.

Bolt vs. ODB was nothing special at all and it was obvious they were just doing it as setup for the injury to ODB going into the match against Kong. That should be an interesting match though given Kong’s legit knee and back injuries and now ODB probably selling a knee injury.

The Beautiful People beat down on Daffney was great and a better payoff of that angle than the stupid stuff they did last week. Angelina looked insane during the whole thing.

The Tag Team Elimination Match was just not done very well. It was an okay match itself but they really buried Petey and EY in the match, in my opinion. They really buried EY by having him eliminated within minutes. Then, they put over that Petey wouldn’t give up but then had him destroyed by Steiner and Booker. Hopefully Petey gets put over Scotty in the end because that would be big for him in my opinion.

Oh, man was that Matt Morgan interview just great. It just felt way too corny to be the end of it and that paid off. The First Blood Match was really good, with action all over the place but the Morgan turn was great. He killed Abyss with that first chair shot and now we finally have the monser back, hopefully to stay. Morgan vs. Abyss should be a bloody feud.

The Main Event was very solid as AJ and Kurt ALWAYS work well together and this match was completely different than any other match they’ve had. I really hope they dont sell AJ as hurt for several weeks like they did with Ray and Joe. AAO probably wont have Joe already, they can’t have AJ off the show too. Angle’s promo after the match was golden. That guy really looks like he has absolutely lost it at this point and that are putting that over nicely. The on top of the world reference was nice too.

Match of the Night: AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle (***)

Segment/Promo of the Night: Angle’s post match promo

Overall Grade: B-

Scheduled for Next Week:

– Nothing announced so far

Against All Odds Lineup so far:

– TNA World Title Fatal Four Way: Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon

– TNA Knockouts Title: Awesome Kong (c) vs. ODB

– TNA Tag Titles: Beer Money (c) vs. Lethal Consequences