Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
July 15, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Tonight’s Impact has been called “must see” by those in attendance at the tapings but honestly I’m not sure exactly what we are to expect tonight (remember I don’t read spoilers).

Impact opens up with highlights from Victory Road and then the pyro goes off inside the Impact Zone as we kick off tonight’s show!

Immediately Tenay announces that the controversy surrounding the finish of the Machine Guns/Beer Money Tag Titles Match will be settled in the ring old school style! We’re going to have a Best of 5 Series between those two teams that starts tonight! The first match in the series will be a LADDER MATCH! Also, Sarita and Taylor Wilde will take their feud to the streets in a Street Fight and Jay Lethal goes one-on-one with Jeff Hardy in a first time ever matchup!

We then go to the new Top 10 Rankings! #10 is Rob Terry, #9 is The Pope, #8 is Kurt Angle, #7 is Hernandez, #6 is AJ Styles (falling from #4), #5 is Jay Lethal, #4 is Samoa Joe, #3 is Mr. Anderson, #2 is Jeff Hardy, and the #1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship is Abyss!

Abyss’ music hits and the new #1 Contender makes his way out to the ring carrying his ‘girl’ (the 2×4 with nails) as well as a huge slab of beef. Abyss grabs the microphone and calls out RVD immediately as the fans chant for RVD. Abyss says ‘they’ have a plan for RVD that involves Abyss and his ‘girl.’ Abyss says that plan is like nothing RVD has ever experienced before and that it’s beyond ‘extreme’ or anything RVD has ever done in this business ever in his life. Abyss says later tonight he will share that plan with RVD but first he’s awaiting some final instructions from ‘them.’ In the meantime Abyss introduces us to his ‘girl’ Janice, his 2×4. Abyss says she’s beautiful, tall, sophisticated, sexy, and SHARP. Abyss says there is a dark side to Janice that likes pain and suffering. Abyss starts destroying the beef with the 2×4 which causes a ‘beat the meat’ chant to start (oh my lord). Abyss even breaks the board he’s hitting it so hard. Abyss then starts biting into the raw freaking meat! That dude has issues. Abyss says he forgot to mention that ‘she’s’ one hell of a cook. Abyss then says before it’s all over RVD will realize just how much of a ‘b*tch’ his girl his! Abyss continues to chomp on the raw meat as his music hits!

Tenay says that he’s been informed of an altercation backstage. We then cut to Sarita tossing Taylor Wilde into a wall! The two girls continue to brawl around backstage! Sarita tosses Taylor into the wall repeatedly and says she’s done with the ‘dead weight’ and then Taylor shoves Sarita into a door. Taylor beats on Sarita hard before Sarita comes back and throws her into an equipment case. Taylor picks up a pipe and swings at Sarita with it but misses! Taylor then picks up and chair and blasts Sarita with it! She swings but Sarita moves out of the way and then Sarita throws Taylor head-first into the floor! Sarita then locks Taylor in an Armbar and talks trash while pulling back on the arm! The Street Fight is next!


Random thought of the night: Michael Vick on Pros vs. Joes=must see TV!

Street Fight
Taylor Wilde vs. Sarita

Back from commercials Taylor Wilde throws Sarita into a wall in the Impact Zone as the bell rings and the match is officially on! I just got to get this out, both Sarita and Taylor look beyond hot tonight! I’m just saying. Taylor tosses Sarita to ringside and then picks up a chair and absolutely blasts Sarita in the face with it! Taylor screams at Sarita but then Sarita throws a drink or something in Taylor’s eyes and goes underneath the ring. Taylor looks for Sarita but she comes from under the ring and attacks Taylor from behind. Sarita lights Taylor’s gorgeous chest up with a chop and then they exchange body shots before Sarita tosses Taylor into the ring steps! Sarita pulls up the padding around ringside and then she grabs Taylor and again they exchange some huge rights and lefts! Finally Sarita goes for the Michinoku Driver on the concrete but Taylor blocks it and then hits a Facebuster onto the steel chair! Taylor then lights Sarita up with vicious leg kicks and then she slams Sarita into the ring apron and nails her with Flair Chops. Taylor tries to stop Sarita from getting into the ring but Sarita kicks her in the gut and then climbs up on the apron. Sarita dives off the apron at Taylor but Taylor throws the chair at her in midair! Sarita hits hard on the floor! She has a huge bruise developing on her arm as Taylor starts putting the boots to her. Taylor whips Sarita into the ring post and then she slams her into the guardrail! Taylor hits a running Dropkick that sends Sarita over the guardrail into the crowd! Sarita grabs some ladies purse and starts choking Taylor as Taylor was getting ready to climb over the guardrail. Taz with the line of the night: “you can get fired for that in some companies” (as Sarita chokes Taylor with the purse strap). Sarita chokes the crap out of Taylor as she screams at her the whole time. Finally the referee calls for the bell as Taylor passes out!

Winner: Sarita via KO

After the match Sarita continues to talk trash after finally releasing Taylor and the fans boo her.

In the back RVD walks through the backstage talking about Abyss and he says he doesn’t get intimidated easy and he’ll rise to the challenge. He says Abyss better be ready to use that 2×4 tonight.


Back from commercials Ms. Tessmacher is screaming at somebody on the phone and then Kevin Nash walks in and says he has a meeting with Eric and Hogan tonight. She tells him that they had a last minute meeting and Nash looks pissed. She asks if she can help with anything else but he says no and leaves. Nash then stops and comes back in and he tells her to 10:00 tonight she should ‘pen him in’ and he’ll be the last meeting of the night for her.

I Quit Match
Douglas Williams vs. Brian Kendrick

This is the return match from Victory Road where Williams successfully defended the X-Division Title against Kendrick in Ultimate X 20. This will NOT be for the title but will be under I Quit rules. Kendrick charges Williams with kicks and forearms but Williams nails him with a Knee Strike. Williams then whips Kendrick into the ropes and goes for a Backdrop but Kendrick stops and kicks Williams. Kendrick climbs on Williams back and goes for a Choke but Williams gets to the ropes. Kendrick attempts to whip Williams into the corner but Williams reverses it. Williams then charges at Kendrick and Kendrick gets his boot up, but Williams grabs the boot and throws it into the ropes and kicks Kendrick in the knee. Williams then hits a Lariat but Kendrick refuses to quit. Williams puts the boots to Kendrick but again he refuses to quit. Williams then puts Kendrick in a Chinlock and again Kendrick refuses to quit. Kendrick comes back with more leg kicks and forearms in the corner and then he chokes Williams with his boot but Williams refuses to quit. Williams comes back with a big Forearm and then he mounts Kendrick on the mat and throws repeated elbows and forearms and yet again Kendrick refuses to quit. Williams goes for Scoop Slam but Kendrick blocks it and then elbows Williams in the back of the head before tossing him into the corner. Kendrick throws a few more forearms and then he chokes Williams again but this time Williams backs Kendrick into the corner. Williams then charges at Kendrick but Kendrick moves out of the way and throws a series of kicks at Williams to the body. Kendrick then chokes Williams and Williams refuses to quit as the referee asks him. Kendrick charges at Williams but Williams hits a Double Leg Takedown and then he Catapults Kendrick headfirst into the mat. Williams then transitions into a Half Crab but Kendrick pushes the microphone away and refuses to quit. Williams releases the hold and then throws Kendrick into the corner and then whips him into the opposite corner and follows up with a Running Knee Strike! Williams then hits a Vertical Suplex and then rolls through into a Gutwrench Suplex! Kendrick again refuses to quit so Williams nails him with a T-Bone Suplex! Again, Kendrick refuses to quit so Williams pulls out his climbing gloves from Victory Road and starts slapping Kendrick with them. Williams then puts the glove on and nails Kendrick with a European Uppercut but Kendrick comes right back with a series of Forearms and then a Running Enziguri! Kendrick follows up with a Running Forearm and then a series of dropkicks. Kendrick climbs to the top and hits a Missile Dropkick! Kendrick grabs Williams and goes for the Cobra Clutch but Williams blocks it and then reverses into a waistlock. Williams forces Kendrick into the corner and goes for the Chaos Theory but Kendrick blocks it. Williams then goes for the Running Knee again but this time Kendrick moves and locks in the Cobra Clutch! Kendrick then wraps his legs around Williams waist in a body scissors and Williams quits!

Winner: Kendrick via verbal submission (Cobra Clutch)

After the match Kevin Nash’s music hits and the former World Champion makes his way down to the ring with a serious look on his face. Nash climbs into the ring with Kendrick and grabs a microphone. Kendrick talks trash to Nash so Nash grabs him by the throat and hits a Chokeslam! Nash says that he’s tired of Hogan and Eric ignoring him. Nash says that he can’t find TV time around here anymore and that when he dies he will never, ever be replaced. Nash says there’s only one Kevin Nash. He says he’s 6’10” and built like a God. Nash says that he’s a living legend and if he can’t get Eric and Hogan’s attention then maybe he’ll start taking out some of their ‘young boys’ and he’ll get their attention. Nash grabs Kendrick and sets up for the Jackknife but Jeff Jarrett’s music interrupts him!

Jarrett tells Nash to relax and says this is the last thing we need. Jarrett says Sting is suspended and asks if he wants to be next. Nash asks Jeff what the hell he’s doing out there. Jarrett says Nash has a personal issue with Hogan and Bischoff just like Sting did. Jeff says it’s not about Nash anymore just like it isn’t about him anymore. Jarrett tells Nash to take a look at who they’re getting behind right now and uses Lethal as an example. Nash says that has nothing to do with this and says all he did was come out and make sure he got Hogan and Bischoff’s attention. Jarrett says Kevin wants everybody’s attention just like always and calls him a glory hound. He says Nash always has been and always will be. He then calls Nash an ‘egotistical son of a b*tch.’ Nash says a lot of people say he’s the greatest worker in the business and they mean that because he always gets the money he wants, always gets his way, but he looks in Jeff’s eyes and says he’s not fooling him. Nash asks why Jeff would be taking up for Hogan and Bischoff but says if Jeff wants trouble with him then he’s got it. Nash tells Jeff to stay tuned for whether he’ll get his way or not.


In the back Kevin Nash talks about Jarrett coming out and defending Hogan and Bischoff despite them pretty much stealing Jarrett’s company. Nash says he’s one of the smarter guys around and at around 10:00 tonight he’ll probably have all the answers he needs.

Three Way Dance
Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea vs. “The Freak” Rob Terry vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

Wolfe doesn’t even get an entrance anymore. Footage of Wolfe costing Terry the tag match from Victory Road this past Sunday is shown. Joe and Terry surround Wolfe and then Wolfe tries to bail out of the ring but Terry grabs him by the foot and pulls him back in. Brutus Magnus is then shown coming to the announce table. We haven’t seen him in quite some time. Formerly ½ of the former British Invasion tag team. Terry picks Wolfe up and tosses him into the ropes and then goes for a clothesline but Wolfe ducks only to run right into a series of nasty jabs from Joe! Wolfe turns around and eats a right hand from Terry! Wolfe gets to his feet and etas a forearm from Joe and then one from Terry! Joe follows up with a Leaping Enziguri that sends Wolfe down to the floor! Joe and Terry exchange forearms in the ring and then Terry comes off the ropes and hits a Running Forearm that knocks Joe down! Joe immediately gets to his feet and eats Terry’s legs up with Leg Kicks and then Terry grabs one of Joe’s legs. Joe then rolls through into a Rolling Leg Lock! Wolfe comes in and Leg Drops Joe! Joe then comes right back with an absolutely sickening Flair Chop and then he goes for a Suplex but Wolfe blocks it and reverse it into a Spinning Arm Wringer. Wolfe kicks Joe out of the ring and then puts the boots to Terry and connects with a forearm. Wolfe puts the boots to Terry’s knees and then nails him with another forearm. Wolfe kicks Joe from ringside as he tried to get back into the ring and then he turns around and nails Terry with another forearm. Terry finally shoves Wolfe off and tries to free his leg from how Wolfe had it tangled up in the ropes. Wolfe then comes in with a Running European Uppercut! Joe back in the ring and nails Wolfe with a series of Forearms before Wolfe grabs Joe by the tights and tosses him back out to the floor. Wolfe then stomps on Terry’s knee as it was tangled up in the ropes. Wolfe kicks Terry repeatedly and then hits a Spinning Toe Hold on Terry. Wolfe goes for it again but this time Terry kicks him off with the free leg right into Samoa Joe who was trying to get back in the ring! Terry gets to his feet but Wolfe comes over and grabs him the leg again. Terry then flings Wolfe off and hits a big clothesline. Terry hits another clothesline and then he whips Wolfe into the ropes and hits a huge backdrop! Terry hits the Spinning Heel Kick but gets up hobbling and eats a Flying Leg Lariat off the top from Samoa Joe! Joe then grabs Wolfe and locks him in the Coquina Clutch! Wolfe immediately taps out!

Winner: Joe via submission (Coquina Clutch)

After the match Chelsea looks disgusted with Wolfe as Terry gets into the ring and stands face to face with Joe. They nod to each other and Joe pats Terry on the shoulder and walks out of the ring. The entire time during the match they were playing off of Brutus Magnus’ past with Rob Terry but that he was also a fellow Brit with Wolfe as well.


In the back Ric Flair says he will make a huge announcement that will begin more history for TNA. Flair says this thing will only get bigger and bigger as time goes on and he says he’ll do that because he’s Ric Flair and he can.

Match 1 of Best of 5 Series
Ladder Match
Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money Inc.

Off the heels of the excellent match between these two at Victory Road which resulted in the Machine Guns finally capturing the Tag Team Titles this Best of 5 Series has been made due to the controversy surrounding the finish of the match (which a replay of was shown). There hasn’t ever been a Best of 5 Series in TNA to my knowledge (they did a few Best of 3 series back in the day I believe). The most memorable Best of… series I can remember was the Best of 7 series between Chris Benoit and Booker T. back in WCW. The winner of this match will get to pick the stipulation of the Match 2 and the winners of the series will be the Champions. That means the Guns have to win 3 of the 5 matches to retain their belts. Beer Money jump the Guns at the bell and Storm tosses Sabin out to the floor as Roode puts the boots to Shelley. Beer Money tosses Shelley into the corner and then they whip Shelley into the ropes and go for a Double Backdrop but Shelley stops and kicks Roode and then nails Storm with a Forearm Smash. Shelley hits a few more Forearms to Beer Money’s faces and then he comes off the ropes but eats a couple of boots from Storm and Roode. Beer Money go for the Beer Money Double Suplex but Sabin comes in and pulls Shelley to safety and then the Guns hit Double Dropkicks that send Beer Money out to the floor! Sabin and Shelley hit stereo Suicide Dives through the ropes onto Beer Money on the floor! Sabin grabs a ladder and puts it into the ring and sets it up as Shelley keeps Storm and Roode out. Finally Storm and Roode use their numbers to beat down Shelley as Sabin was starting to climb the ladder. Storm pulls Sabin off the ladder and then beats on him in the corner. Storm moves the ladder and sets it up in the corner. Storm then tries to punch Shelley in the opposite corner but Shelley moves and nails Storm with a Leaping Enziguri to the back of the head. Roode then tries to kick Shelley but Shelley catches his leg and sweeps his other leg. Sabin comes over and the Guns treat Roode’s legs like a wishbone! Then they both kick Roode in the face! The Guns whip Roode into the ladder and then Sabin hits a Flying Forearm into Roode into the ladder and then Shelley leaps off the back of Sabin into a Forearm on Roode! Sabin leaps off of Shelley’s back with a Flying Back Elbow but Roode moves and Sabin eats the ladder! Roode then hits an Atomic Drop on Shelley and Storm follows up with a Russian Leg Sweep and then Roode with the Knee Drop! Storm grabs the ladder again and he turns it sideways in the corner (never seen that done in a Ladder Match) as Roode whips Sabin into the corner. Roode charges at Sabin but Sabin gets his boot up and then charges at Beer Money but they catch him in midair! Then they toss Sabin crotch-first into the ladder! That looked painful. Storm sets the ladder back up in the center of the ring and starts climbing but Shelley kicks Roode and then crawls underneath the ladder to get away from Roode and pulls Storm off the ladder. Roode then dropkicks the ladder into Shelley’s face! Roode sets the ladder back up and climbs but Shelley grabs him and pulls him down. Shelley nails Roode with a series of Forearms but then turns around right into the ladder as Storm tossed it at him! Storm then goes out to the ramp and gets another ladder and puts it in the ring as Roode lays the other ladder on top of Shelley. Beer Money grab the 2nd ladder and start slamming it into the other ladder on top of Shelley repeatedly! Beer Money grabs a ladder and try to run it into Shelley but Shelley ducks underneath it and then Sabin springboards off the top with a Springboard Missile Dropkick that sends the ladder into their faces! Shelley then hits a Double Foot Stomp onto the ladder which was lying on Beer Money! Sabin grabs a ladder but Storm grabs the other end. Sabin pushes the ladder into Storm sending him into the corner. Sabin then runs up the ladder and stumbles but instead jumping off he just catches his balance and absolutely crushes Storm with a knee right to the damn face! Sabin then turns around and gets turned inside out from a Lariat from Roode! Roode sets the ladder up in the center of the ring and starts climbing again but Shelley nails him with the other ladder to knock him off! Shelley then sets the ladder up on the ladder standing up in the ring and the ropes making it kind of like a bridge. Roode then kicks Shelley and tries to Suplex Shelley onto the ladder but Shelley blocks it. Shelley then grabs Roode in a Flatliner and Sabin comes in and Bulldogs Roode at the same time sending him into the ladder face first! Storm trips Sabin from the outside and pulls him out. Shelley climbs up the ladder but Storm pushes the ladder off and then hits the Backstabber! Storm grabs the ladder and lays it down in the ring and then slams Sabin into the corner and puts him up on the top rope. Storm nails Sabin with an uppercut and then he climbs up to the top with Sabin and tires to Superplex Sabin onto the ladder but Sabin blocks it and then he pushes Storm which hangs Storm upside down in the Tree of Woe in the corner! Shelley then grabs the ladder and puts it right in front of Storm’s face as Sabin climbs down off the top. Sabin then charges and hits the Hesitation Dropkick sending the ladder right into Storm’s face! He’s dead! Sabin turns around and eats a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker from Roode! On the outside Shelley sets the other ladder up on the apron and the guardrail like another little bridge. Shelley hits Roode with a shoulder block through the ropes and then he climbs back into the ring. Roode charges at Shelley but Shelley backdrops him over the top rope! Roode lands on his feet but then Sabin jumps off of Shelley’s back into a dropkick that sends Roode crashing down onto the ladder! Shelley then hits a Double Foot Stomp off of the apron onto Roode who is still lying on the ladder and then without missing a beat Shelley leaps off of Roode into a Plancha on Storm on the floor! It was all in one fluid, gorgeous motion! Sabin then hits a Slingshot Splash over the top onto Roode and the ladder! Holy crap, somewhere Hunter Golden is going absolutely apesh*t screaming “MOVES!” and probably pulling his hair out, but damnit I’m loving every second of this! After a few replays we come back to live action where Storm shoves the bridged ladder into Shelley’s charging face! In the ring Sabin climbs up the other ladder but Storm comes in and climbs up the other side! They exchange right hands on top of the ladder and then Roode and Shelley come in and they exchange rights underneath the ladder. Shelley pushes Roode which sends him into the ladder knocking it over! Storm and Sabin are able to balance themselves and the ladder on the top rope but Shelley shoves Storm off the top down to the floor! Sabin then pushes himself with his legs off the top rope and balances the ladder back in the center of the ring! Sabin reaches up to grab the contract as Shelley stables the ladder, but Roode kicks Shelley into the referee knocking them both out to the floor! Roode then climbs up to the top with Sabin and they exchange right hands atop the ladder. Sabin slams Roode’s head into the ladder which causes Roode to fall off and onto the top rope and then over it and onto the ramp! Sabin pulls down the contract but Storm comes from behind and bashes him over the head with the beer bottle! Sabin drops the contract and Storm picks it up! The referee gets to his feet and sees Storm with it and declares Beer Money the winners!

Winners: Beer Money via pulling down the contract

Beer Money is up 1-0 in the Best of 5 Series and this means Beer Money gets to pick the stipulation to next weeks match!

In the back Abyss is testing out his repaired ‘Janice’ and is beating a watermelon with it. Has Gallagher possessed Abyss?


“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

Both of these guys are coming fresh off of losses at Victory Road. Pope to Angle in an excellent back-and-forth match and Morgan to Hernandez inside a Steel Cage (which had a great finish). Morgan mocks his height advantage over Pope as a big “Pope is Pimpin” chant starts up. Morgan goes for a clothesline right off the bat but Pope ducks and then goes for the Codebreaker but Morgan blocks it. Pope pulls down his knee pads and then starts a “D.D.E.” chant with the crowd. Morgan charges after Pope but Pope ducks out of his way and kicks Morgan in the knees. Pope then throws an elbow and then a forearm followed by a dropkick to Morgan’s knee. Pope comes off the ropes but Morgan grabs him by the throat! Morgan tosses Pope into the corner and then destroys him with those back elbows in the corner. Morgan then whips Pope into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Pope ducks and then goes for a Cross Body Block but Morgan catches him in midair. Morgan then tries to put Pope on his shoulder but Pope squirms off his shoulders and hits the Pimp Slap! Pope then dropkicks Morgan into the ropes draping Morgan over the middle rope. Pope gets ready for the Coronation but Morgan turns around and goes for a clothesline, but again Pope ducks and then hits the Codebreaker! 1…2…3!

Winner: Pope via pinfall (Codebreaker)

After the match Morgan attacks Pope and hits a Fall Away Slam. Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint that sends Pope rolling out to the floor. Morgan grabs Pope and puts his head against the ring post and is about to kick his head when Mr. Anderson’s music hits and he comes out and gets between Pope and Morgan with a chair. Anderson grabs Pope and tosses him into the ring along with the chair and tells Morgan to come in with him. Anderson then turns around and beats the hell out of Morgan sending him bailing out of the ring! A huge “Anderson” chant starts as Anderson grabs the steel chair and looks like he’sa bout to hit Pope with it! He drops it and then offers to help Pope up. Pope can’t believe who just saved him and he backs away instead of shaking the hand of Anderson. Anderson offers it again as Pope gets to his feet. Pope just nods his head at Anderson and Anderson takes it and leaves.

In the back Velvet and Lacey are talking about Madison and the mystery woman at Victory Road. Velvet is pissed about Madison acting like she doesn’t need them and also that she brought in a 4th member of the Beautiful People without asking them. Lacey says they should just let Madison explain herself. Velvet agrees and says she’s going to add an exclamation point to the end of that sentence and that exclamation point is going to be her foot right up Madison’s a**!


Back from commercials the former Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne is in the ring with a microphone. Madison says she is formerly protesting the decision made by referee Andrew Thomas at Victory Road when he DQ’d her (which meant she lost the belt). Madison explains the stipulation which said if either Velvet or Lacey interfered she would be DQ’d and Angelina would win the belt. She says that didn’t happen so she is demanding that within 7 days of today that either that decision is reversed or she will sue TNA! The Beautiful People’s music hits and Velvet and Lacey come out.

Velvet is looking HOT tonight. Velvet asks Madison what makes her think she can bring in a new member to their group without getting their approval or even letting them know. Velvet asks her what the hell is wrong with her. Madison tells Velvet to relax and says she’s clearly been taking her dumb blonde pills again. Madison says she did what she had to do and took matters into her own hands. Velvet says Madison must have overdosed on her dumb blonde pills and says this is bigger than Madison just not consulting them. She says it’s about Madison saying she doesn’t need them anymore. Madison says she’ll explain that, and says she doesn’t need her and tells her to pick one of the four words and she’ll help her spell it out. Velvet says she should break down this phrase: “how about I kick you’re a** all over this ring right now!” and then they get in each other faces as Lacey is trying to hold them back! Angelina Love’s music hits and the new champ makes her way out to the ramp.

Angelina says she doesn’t know what’s worse, the b*tches who act on The Hills or the b*tches who are acting in the ring right now. She says Kim Kardashian is an Oscar winner compared to them. Angelina asks Velvet if she really thinks she buys any of this and asks if she really believes that she doesn’t know it was Velvet riding that motorcycle at Victory Road. Angelina says we would recognize those big fake boobs anywhere. Velvet asks if she honestly believes that was her on the motorcycle and she is sadly mistaken if that’s the case. Velvet is insulted because of the ‘dumpy a**’ on that person (that a** looked pretty good from where I was sitting, just saying) had. Velvet shows off her butt and says that clearly wasn’t her. Velvet says if she doesn’t want to believe that then she should believe that this b*tch and points at Madison and says she’s all Angelina’s and says she’s done. Velvet and Lacey walk out and Angelina says Madison is all hers as she walks by. Madison tells Angelina to get down to the ring and give her title back.

Angelina comes down to the ring and asks if the baby wants her belt back and tells her to try and come get it. Madison punches Angelina and Angelina spears her! Angelina and Madison are brawling now! The girl in the motorcycle rides down and climbs into the ring and pulls Angelina off. The woman then tosses Angelina into the corner and chokes her. Madison grabs a steel chair and DDTs her onto the chair! The woman with the motorcycle helmet claps and then gets back on the bike and Madison follows. They leave on the bike.

In the back Jeff Hardy talks about Jay Lethal’s big win over Flair tonight and then says the question now is can Lethal beat Hardy.


Jay Lethal vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

Lethal comes out to the ring wearing a new ring coat that says “Living the Dream” (at least I didn’t see it at Victory Road) on the back. This is yet another first time ever matchup and it pits the #2 ranked Jeff Hardy against the #5 Jay Lethal! Lethal and Jeff tie up and Jeff gets the advantage with a side headlock. Lay shoves Jeff into the ropes and Jeff comes back with a shoulder block. Jeff hits the ropes but Lethal leapfrogs over him and then rolls backward to try and hook Jeff with his legs but Jeff grabs his legs and Leg Drops ontop of Lethal’s legs into a pin! 1…NO Lethal kicks out. Jeff whips Lethal into the corner and then charges but Lethal backdrops Jeff over the top to the apron. Lethal then hits a Springboard Dropkick that sends Jeff crashing to the floor. Lethal hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Jeff sending him into the guardrail on the floor! We then cut to a shot of Rhino, Dreamer, Raven, and Richards walking in the crowd. Lethal rolls Hardy back into the ring and gets a nearfall. Hardy comes back with a kick to the gut and then goes for the Twist of Fate but Lethal shoves him into the ropes. Lethal then hits a Hip Toss followed by a cartwheel into a dropkick! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Lethal throws Hardy into the corner and he chops away at Hardy. Lethal attempts to whip Hardy into the opposite corner but Hardy reverses it and then charges at Lethal but Lethal floats up and over Hardy. Lethal charges but Hardy hits a back elbow and then hits the Whisper In The Wind off the top! Hardy and Lethal get to their feet at the same time and exchange right hands. Lethal then kicks Hardy and attempts to whip Hardy into the ropes but Hardy reverses it into a shortarm clothesline! Hardy follows up with an Atomic Drop and then a modified Leg Drop to the nuts and then a sliding dropkick for another nearfall. Hardy goes for the Hardyac Arrest in the corner but Lethal gets his boots up as Tenay announces that Beer Money has decided on a Street Fight for Match 2 in the Best of 5 Series! Lethal hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick for another nearfall. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection but Hardy counters into the Twist of Fate! Hardy then climbs up top and hits the Swanton Bomb! 1…2…3 and Hardy gets the win.

Winner: Hardy via pinfall (Swanton Bomb)

In the back Abyss is walking towards the arena holding his girl.


Back from commercials Ric Flair is in the ring with AJ Styles and Kazarian. Flair says Lethal is at the top of his list still but tonight we’re talking about the first official members of Fourtune: AJ Styles & Kaz! Flair says he knew AJ had it and calls him the face of TNA. Flair calls Kaz a movie star and AJ pats him on the back. Flair says that AJ and Kaz are the two best wrestlers in the world right now. Desmond Wolfe walks down to the ring and grabs a microphone. Wolfe says he knows American don’t like giving the English credit for anything but after Victory Road if anybody deserves to be in Fourtune it’s him not the two wankers in the ring (because he helped them win the match). Flair starts to talk to AJ and Kaz again but Wolfe grabs him and tells him not to turn his back on him. Flair tells him not to put his hands on ‘God’ and then Abyss’ music hits!

Abyss hits the ring and Fourtune and Wolfe bail out. Abyss grabs the microphone and screams for RVD to come to him now! RVD doesn’t make him wait long! RVD comes out with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. RVD gets in the ring with Abyss and Abyss says it’s time for him to share ‘their’ plans for RVD. Abyss says very soon ‘they’ are coming and when they get here they are taking TNA over and there is nothing RVD or Dixie Carter or any of the ignorant sheep in attendance can do about it. Abyss says ‘they’ have told him to continue to pave they way for them and to get the TNA Title off of him. Abyss says they laid out a blueprint and he says they will hang Janice 15 feet above the ring and then he and RVD will have the most extreme match in the history of professional wrestling! He says they’ll use ladders, tables, chairs, tacks, glass, barbedwire and whatever else he wants! Abyss says his girl Janice told him that she wants a piece of RVD’s a**! Abyss says the only thing left is the when and the where so how about RVD and Abyss get extreme! RVD snatches the microphone from Abyss showing no fear! RVD says he knows what the TNA Title means to everyone and that’s why he’s not going to try and take this thing with Abyss and Janice personally. RVD says the TNA Title is his and what he really loves about being the champion is the standards he gets to set whenever he’s met with a ‘monstrous’ challenge like Abyss and then he blasts Abyss with the belt! RVD then starts kicking away at Abyss and nails him with a Superman Punch. RVD then dropkicks the legs of Abyss and follows up with Knee Strikes! RVD hits the ropes and nails Abyss with a Spinning Heel Kick! RVD then punches away at Abyss in the corner and goes for a Monkey Flip but Abyss shoves him off. RVD then charges again but eats a Big Boot from Abyss. Abyss grabs RVD by the throat and hits the Chokeslam! Abyss looks over and grabs Janice!

Mick Foley walks out onto the stage! What the hell?! Abyss can’t believe what he sees, his former mentor! Raven, Dreamer, Richards, and Rhino then jump the barrier and climb into the ring! Oh damn!

They jump Abyss! The former ECW stars beat down on the Monster and then security runs out but they beat the sh*t out of security too! Rhino Gores one of them! Now Douglas Williams, Brutus Magnus, and a Japanese wrestler that I cant tell who was (maybe Okada or Kiyoshi) hit the ring!

The ECW guys are tossing them out as they come in. Raven Superkicks another security guy as he comes in and now referees are getting beaten up! Desmond Wolfe and Kendrick come out now! This brawl is just getting bigger and bigger as D-Lo Brown and Terry Taylor even come out to try and break this up. Dreamer nails Taylor! Simon Diamond and Al Snow (TNA Agents) come out now too. Al Snow and Diamond help the ECW guys! Now Pope and Lethal are out! Eric Young and Matt Morgan hit the ring now and things are evening up. Devon hits the ring now! Devon attacks the TNA guys! What the hell?! RVD is with the ECW guys too! Jeff Jarrett runs out and screams at them as we see Dixie Carter looking on! Now we have cops come out! They try and restore some order but to no avail. The Pope is beating on somebody in the corner. Dixie Carter grabs a microphone and screams at them to stop.

Dixie says that she invited them! Pope and Morgan look shocked as do everyone else. We fade to black with a shot of Dixie looking on!

Final Thoughts

What the hell was that?! Nice cliffhanger to end the show. I thought tonight’s show was extremely entertaining.

All of the stuff with Abyss was good tonight. I don’t think the ‘beating the meat’ thing was a good idea because of the obvious jokes people were going to make. That had no chance but his promos were actually good and RVD was excellent in his as well.

I loved Sarita and Taylor’s Street Fight, it reminded me of the Gail Kim-Kong Street Fight from ’08. I’m loving heel Sarita, hopefully this feud actually continues because it could be a great secondary feud in the Knockouts. The X-Division needs a secondary feud as well.

Williams-Kendrick was a good match but I’m really over this feud. It’s time to move to someone else.

The Three Way was another solid match with Joe yet again looking really strong. I’m wondering where they’re going with Brutus though.

The Ladder Match was absolutely awesome, one of the best Tag Team Ladder Matches in a long time and a Match of the Year Candidate in my opinion. If this Best of 5 Series is as good as this weeks match and the match at Victory Road Anthony Valvo can go ahead and pencil Beer Money vs. Guns as Feud of the Year for me.

Dinero got a good win and I loved that they actually are remembering an angle from before. I don’t know where they’re going with that though.

The Beautiful People segment was actually pretty good and it’s crazy to see just how far Madison has come on the microphone from when she first started in TNA. People say that motorcycle chick is Tara which would be a cool swerve and I’m just wandering if we’re heading to a Madison-Tara/Lacey vs. Angelina/Velvet feud over the Beautiful People name or something along those lines. Anyway good stuff.

Hardy and Lethal had a good mind but it absolutely blows my mind why they would have Flair put Lethal over huge on PPV and then have Hardy pin him clean the next week. That makes absolutely no sense unless they are going to use it somehow in the storyline.

The final segment was really well done in my opinion and was surprising. Seeing D-Lo out there throwing punches was cool too. I just don’t really know where they’re going with this ECW stuff. The brawl was cool and I’m sure old ECW fans marked for it. The Foley swerve was really cool too. The promo with RVD and Abyss before that was excellent too. I guess that ends the speculation that the ‘they’ Abyss talks about is the ECW guys. That actually gets me more interested in just who the hell Abyss is talking about. Great show and I’m looking forward to some explanation next week.

Quick Results:
1) Street Fight: Sarita def. Taylor Wilde
2) Non-Title I Quit Match: Brian Kendrick def. Douglas Williams
3) Triple Threat: Samoa Joe def. Rob Terry & Desmond Wolfe
4) Best of 5 Series Match 1 Ladder Match: Beer Money def. Motor City Machine Guns
5) D’Angelo Dinero def. Matt Morgan
6) Jeff Hardy def. Jay Lethal

Promo/Segment of the Night: RVD and Abyss/ECW invasion
Match of the Night: Ladder Match (****1/2)
Overall Grade: A

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Best of 5 Series Match 2 Street Fight: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money

Hard Justice Lineup:
-TNA World Title Extreme Rules Match: Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Abyss

Top 10 Rankings:
1) Abyss
2) Jeff Hardy
3) Mr. Anderson
4) Samoa Joe
5) Jay Lethal
6) AJ Styles
7) Hernandez
8) Kurt Angle
9) The Pope
10) Rob Terry