Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
December 09, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with highlights (and comments from some of the wrestlers) from Final Resolution with the spotlight on the TNA World Title Match. Anderson said that he was going to go on a rampage on Impact.

We then cut to “Earlier Today” in Bischoff’s office where Bischoff is talking to Immortal & Fortune. Bischoff says that Hogan has been kept from participating in anything to do with TNA due to Dixie Carter’s injunction. Bischoff says that when the judges & lawyers get involved anything can happen which is why going into Genesis they need the gold. He says they need all the titles because they need all the leverage they can get. Bischoff then asks AJ Styles to stand up. He calls AJ “the chosen one” (mockingly) and then says he just lost the Television Title causing them to lose some leverage. Bischoff says, “no more losers.” Rhino then walks into the room and asks where his contract that Bischoff offered him is. Bischoff then writes on a piece of paper “NO!” in big letters and says “here’s your contract.” Bischoff mocks Rhino’s “I got a family” thing and says he doesn’t need losers. Rhino then tries to attack Bischoff so Immortal beats him down and drags him out.

Immortal’s music hits in the arena and Bischoff and Flair lead the troops out to the ring. Bischoff then introduces the World Champion: Jeff Hardy (lots of heat for this). Hardy makes his way out to the ring and makes So Cal Val hold the ring ropes open for him. Bischoff says there is a reason that Hulk Hogan anointed Jeff Hardy as the man to carry the banner for Immortal and a big “Hardy sucks” chant starts as Bischoff screams at the fans to show some respect. Bischoff says that Hardy can only remain great if he is challenged by greatness. He says that Hardy beat a man that was a worthy opponent at Final Resolution and then asks Morgan to come down to the ring.

Matt Morgan comes out with a lead pipe. Bischoff says he knows what Matt’s thinking but there is no need for him to have the pipe because nothing is going to happen to him. Bischoff says everyone knows they are under the scrutiny of a federal judge so nothing will happen to him and he has his word. He says that TNA is, from this point forward, about fair play. Morgan says he watched the tape 25 times today of the TNA Title match and with all due respect to Hardy, Morgan COULD have beaten Hardy. He says the reason that Morgan didn’t beat Hardy was because he had a “horse shit” referee. He says Anderson cost him that match and if he had a referee that knew anything he might have won. Bischoff says that Morgan did the right thing in stepping up and facing Hardy when Anderson went down and says he deserved the shot so they have decided to sign a match. Matt Morgan vs. Mr. Anderson with the winner getting a shot at the belt!

Morgan says he just spoke with Anderson last night and as of today he’s still not medically cleared. He calls the match Bischoff’s “mental manipulation” and says it’s not happening. Bischoff says if it doesn’t happen then Anderson can just crawl back up in his Snuggie and fly back to Green Bay and freeze his ass off with everybody else because either he wrestlers Morgan or he’s gone from TNA. Bischoff says “take it or leave it” and says that’s it.

Mr. Anderson is shown watching on a monitor in the back.

The Impact intro hits and it shows all highlights of Fortune and Immortal.

Tenay announces that Tara will be “performing” in concert tonight and Jeff Jarrett will hold another MMA demonstration. Also, Abyss gets a shot at the TV Title against Douglas Williams tonight!

In the back Brother Ray says that he has been proving to the world for the past 15 years while he was the be-all and end-all of Team 3D. He says anyone could have been his “Devon” in 3D and he will prove it tonight. He then looks at a random black guy and says “let’s go Devon” and walks off. The “Devon” screams “OH MY BROTHER…TESTIFY!”

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

TNA shows a clip of Taylor Wilde & Hamada winning the Knockouts Tag Team Titles a few months ago and Tenay says that “due to VISA issues beyond her control” Hamada was unable to fly to America and defend the KO Tag Titles with Taylor. He says that Taylor & Hamada have been stripped of the Tag Titles so a Tournament will be set (which will begin tonight) to crown NEW champions. The 1st Round starts tonight as Sarita & Daffney face The Beautiful People!

Brother Ray & Fake Devon vs. Ink, Inc.

Ink, Inc. are coming off of a great showing in the #1 Contenders Match Sunday Night against Beer Money. Bubba and Fake Devon attack Ink, Inc. as they make their entrance. Brother Ray tosses Neal over the top to the floor and then Ray nails Moore with an elbow. Ray taunts Moore and continues to beat on him and then he tags in Fake Devon. Fake Devon beats on Moore and then he whips Moore into the ropes and hits the Corkscrew Elbow that Devon always uses. Fake Devon gets a nearfall and then he stomps on Moore. Fake Devon throws Moore into Bubba’s boot and then tags Bubba back in. Bubba whips Moore into the ropes and then goes for a backdrop but Moore Sunset Flips over him! Bubba blocks it and then attempts to Cannonball on top of Moore but Moore moves out of the way. Moore tries to reach for a tag but Bubba cuts him off and tags Fake Devon back in. Fake Devon hits a Scoop Slam and then climbs up top and goes for the Diving Headbutt but Moore moves. The fans chant “shut up fat boy” at Bubba. Moore tags out and nails Fake Devon with a series of clotheslines and back elbows. Neal then knocks Bubba off the apron and hits Fake Devon with a Front Slam for a nearfall. Neal whips Fake Devon into the ropes and then hits a Drop Toe Hold. Moore comes in and hits a Running Leg Drop on Fake Devon and Neal covers him but Bubba breaks the pin attempt up. Moore comes back in and beats on Bubba only to get poked in the eyes. Bubba then beats on Neal and hits a Scoop Slam. Fake Devon climbs back up top and hits the Wassup Headbutt on Neal. Bubba tells Fake Devon to go get the tables. They set the table up in the ring but Bubba eats a Spear from Neal and Moore hits a Dropkick on Fake Devon. Mooregasm on Fake Devon off of Neal’s shoulders! 1…2…3!

Winners: Ink, Inc. via pinfall (Mooregasm/Samoan Drop)

Bubba goes crazy after the match and kicks Fake Devon HARD in the back of the head. Bubba then goes for a Powerbomb through a table but Devon’s new music hits and he runs down to the ring and chases Devon off! Tenay says that Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon has been set for Genesis.

In the back Tara prepares (horribly) for her performance tonight as Generation Me look on. She says they’re going to be her dancers but then makes them take off their shirts. Tara needs to take her shirt off and leave GenMe’s shirts on! She slaps them on the ass and tells them to go.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

In the back Matt Morgan asks Christy Hemme if she’s seen Mr. Anderson but she hasn’t.

Jeramy Borash introduces Tara out to perform her theme song, “Broken.” It’s obvious that Tara is lip syncing and Generation Me shirtless dance around her. Tara shows that she is very white as she starts to dance (she may be whiter than even Adam Martin!). Mickie James walks up behind her and ends it by punching Tara in the face! GenMe holds her as Tara nails her in the face. Eric Young runs out and starts brawling with GenMe! Mickie & Tara then start brawling again! Damn, Mickie in them jeans! They start rolling down the ramp! Mickie and Tara continue brawling at ringside and Mickie slams Tara with some pretty vicious right hands. Security finally runs out and separates them. Mickie breaks away and jumps onto Tara again! They’re separated again and again break free and start brawling! Mickie rolls into the ring and dares Tara to get in with her. Mickie asks for a microphone and says that she is sick of this thing between her and Tara. She says that Tara doesn’t like her, and she can’t stand Tara. Mickie says the only one to settle this because security’s going to keep breaking up their fights and it’s obvious Tara can’t do anything by herself. She says the only way to settle it is in a STEEL CAGE! Mickie says only one of them will walk out and she can’t wait for Genesis! She wants to do it tonight and Mike Tenay says “HELL YEAH!” (I say that too Mike!) Tara nods and it’s on! Mickie and Tara start brawling yet again!

We cut to the back and Beer Money is talking with Gunner & Murphy. Roode tells them to rough The Machine Guns up tonight and send them a message so they know that the Titles are coming back to Beer Money at Genesis. As they walk off James Storm asks Robert Roode for $20 but Roode says he already gave him 20 bucks a little while ago. Storm says he has to make another beer run and Roode gives him the money.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

In the back Jarrett mockingly says his win over Joe was his biggest victory in his “MMA career” and then he says he will start an MMA Open Challenge to the fans tonight.

Non-Title Match
Motor City Machine Guns vs. Gunner & Murphy

What is TNA’s obsession with having security guys wrestle? I mean remember back in the day Red Shirt Security and then Main Event Mafia security as well. It’s beyond dumb. The Guns are coming off of their awesome Full Metal Mayhem Match with GenMe at Final Resolution. The #1 Contenders, Beer Money, come out to the announce table for this match. Gunner & Murphy jump The Guns as Beer money come out. Gunner hits a big clothesline on Shelley in the ring and then he chokes him with his shirt. Gunner tags Murphy in and he chokes Shelley on the middle rope. Murphy stands on Shelley’s head and then tags Gunner back in. Gunner hits a Snapmare Takeover and then locks in a headlock on Shelley. He hits a Knee Drop on Shelley and then chokes Shelley again. Gunner locks in a Chinlock but Shelley bites his hand. Shelley tries to get a tag but Gunner pulls him back and locks him in a Camel Clutch and then tags Murphy back in. Murphy kicks Shelley and then chokes him in the corner. Murphy catapults Shelley in between the bottom and middle rope and then tags Gunner back in. Gunner chokes Shelley in the corner again and then he tries to slam Shelley into the corner but Shelley shoves him into the turnbuckles. Sabin tags in and nails Gunner with a clothesline and then one for Murphy. Sabin then hits a Flying Forearm on Gunner and then one on Murphy! He hits two more on Gunner & Murphy! Sabin then drops down as Murphy charges at him and pulls the top rope down causing Murphy to go flying over the top to the floor. The Guns hit the Machine Gun Sandwich on Gunner in the corner and then they go for the Skull & ones but Murphy comes in and nails Sabin with a night stick. The referee calls for the DQ and then Shelley dives off the top with a Flying Back Kick to Murphy!

Winners: Machine Guns via DQ

Shelley picks up the night stick and starts beating on Murphy with it! He then nails Gunner with it and grabs Gunner’s night stick and tosses it to Sabin! The Guns are beating the hell out of Gunner & Murphy with the night sticks as Beer Money can’t believe the aggression The Guns are showing. They place a TNA Title belt over Murphy’s balls and then point up at Beer Money and start hitting the title belt repeatedly with the night sticks!

In the back The Beautiful People talk about winning the Knockouts Tag Titles when Winter walks in and wishes Angelina luck. Velvet asks Angelina who the hell she was and Angelina is happy that someone else can finally see her! Velvet says that was not cool at all and Angelina says she’ll tell her all about it as they walk out. Daffney & Sarita are shown walking backstage.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

In the back Morgan finds Anderson. Anderson says he’s going to wrestle and Morgan acts surprised. Anderson says he doesn’t have a choice and Morgan says he had to make a choice awhile back when he turned his back on Immortal and had Anderson and the other guys backs. Anderson thanks him again and says he’s shown Morgan that he is appreciative at that but they are wrestlers and that’s what they do. He says every once in awhile they get a little “owie” on their head. Morgan says Anderson is smarter than that. Anderson gets fired up and says he’s been sitting at home for the past two months riding the pine and he says he has a doctor that will clear him. Morgan calls that bullshit and says this is that “fake ass bravado” stuff from Hogan and he says Anderson is being a stubborn son of a bitch. He says Anderson will end up getting hurt and Anderson asks if he’s going to hurt him. Morgan says “wow” and then walks off.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships Tournament
1st Round Match
The Beautiful People vs. Sarita & Daffney

Sarita and Velvet Sky have both held the Knockouts Tag Titles before while Angelina & Daffney have not. The greatest entrance in TNA history! Taz: “I’ve never been so envious of a ring rope…it’s ridiculous.” Truer words have never been spoken, Taz. Sarita grabs a mic and says this is really starting to become a joke. She says everytime Velvet gets into a little trouble she runs back to Angelina. Sarita says she kicked Velvet’s scrawny little ass and she beat her TWICE and then she went and hid behind Angelina. Sarita asks if Velvet is scared of her and she says she can’t beat her on her own. Sarita starts to ask Velvet when she’s going to grow herself a pair of balls but Velvet cuts her off with a Spear! Velvet slams Sarita’s head into the mat and screams “I’m tired of you” and starts beating on her. Velvet hits a series of Elbow Drops and then gets a nearfall. Velvet whips Sarita into the ropes and then ducks a clothesline and rolls Sarita up for a nearfall. Velvet chops Sarita and then whips her into the corner but Sarita lifts herself up into a Head Scissors on Velvet only to get slammed to the mat. Velvet covers Sarita again and again gets a two count. Velvet attempts to whip Sarita into the corner again but this time Sarita reverses it. Sarita charges at her but Velvet ducks and then grabs her arm and takes her down into an Armbar! Daffney runs in and breaks up the hold to a nice reaction from the fans. Sarita betas on Velvet as Velvet went after Daffney. Sarita slaps Velvet repeatedly and then tags in Daffney. Daffney hits a Scoop Slam as the fans chant for her and then she stands on Velvet’s head. 1…2…NO Velvet kicks out! Sarita tags back in and Daffney holds Velvet for her. Sarita talks trash to her but this allows Velvet to nail Daffney with a back elbow and then she kicks Sarita repeatedly and chops her. Velvet attempts to whip Sarita into the ropes but Sarita reverses it into a Waistlock. Velvet breaks the hold and hits a Jawbreaker! Velvet follows up with a clothesline and then she goes for another one but they clothesline each other! Both girls tag out! Angelina nails Daffney with a series of Forearms and then she hits the ropes. Daffney goes for a clothesline but Angelina ducks and hits a Running Clothesline of her own off the ropes! Angelina slams Daffney to the mat and then she hits a Jawbrekaer of her own! She knocks Sarita off the apron and then hits the Lights Out on Daffney! 1…2…3!

Winners: Beautiful People via pinfall (Lights Out)

Sarita bails on Daffney after the match and she grabs a microphone again. Sarita says it doesn’t matter because she still didn’t beat HER and Velvet is still a loser.

In the back some guys are carrying a casket.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

A great hype video package highlights Tara & Mickie’s past is shown.

Highlights from Pope vs. Abyss is then shown. I have to say the finish to the match was pretty unique (if you didn’t see it Pope had Abyss in the casket but before he could close the lid Abyss punched through the casket and low blowed Pope. Eventually he Chokeslammed Pope into the casket and closed the lid).

Some guys walk a casket out to the ring and then a choir dances down to the ring while “This Little Light of Mine” plays. We then hear Pope’s voice (but don’t see him) tell his congregation to fear not. He says many might have thought that Final Resolution may have been the end of The Pope, but it’s only the beginning…a new beginning. Pope says while he was lying in the casket he was surrounded by darkness but it was during that time that he had a spiritual awakening and the time has come for Pope to lead his congregation to new heights. He says new heights that have never been seen before. He says tonight they will start by helping those in need. He talks about kids in need during Christmas and he asks the fans to reach down in their pockets and give a donation to help those that are less fortunate. He says this marks a new era of the Congregation, CAN I GET AN AMEN?! He says “with The Pope, there is hope because the Pope is pimpin!”

In the back AJ tells Abyss to rip Williams arms off him and then beat him with them. Abyss cuts him off and tells AJ not to worry because he’s going to handle his business (suggesting AJ couldn’t).

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

In the back Mickie James talks about the Cage Match. She is standing by one of the Steel Cage walls and she says she’s never been inside a Steel Cage before so they’ll find out just what it’s all about.

TNA World Television Championship
Douglas Williams (c) vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Williams is fresh off his win over AJ Styles to get the belt this past Sunday in a match that is definitely a candidate for Match of the Year in my book. Williams and Abyss lockup and Abyss tosses him back. Abyss goes for a clothesline but Williams ducks and headbutts Abyss in the gut and then nails him with a right hand. Williams attempts to whip Abyss into the corner but Abyss reverses it. Williams then dropkicks Abyss and nails him with a series of right hands. Williams follows up with a European Uppercut and then he mounts him in the corner and reigns down rights. Abyss shoves him off and then goes for a clothesline but Williams ducks and headbutts Abyss again. Williams locks Abyss in a Cravate and throws repeated Knees at the head of Abyss. Abyss shoves Williams into the ropes and nails him with a Big Boot! Abyss beats on Williams in the corner and then he nails Williams with a nasty chop. Abyss whips Williams hard into another corner and then locks Williams in a chinlock. Williams fights it with back elbows and a headbutt and then a big forearm! Williams then hits the ropes and goes for a Sunset Flip but Abyss blocks it. Abyss then tries to Cannonball onto Williams but he moves out of the way. Williams nails Abyss with headbutts and European Uppercuts and then he hits a Running Knee on Abyss in the corner! Williams climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Corkscrew European Uppercut! 1…2…NO Abyss kicks out! Williams goes for Chaos Theory but Abyss grabs the corner to block it! The turnbuckle bad actually rips! Abyss then back elbows Williams and throws the corner pad down. Williams kicks Abys and then goes for a Piledriver but Abyss backdrops him. Abyss goes for the Corner Splash but Williams moves and Abyss nails the exposed steel! Williams rolls him up! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL TV Champ: Williams via pinfall (rollup)

AJ jumps Williams from behind on the stage and Styles Clashes Williams on the stage! That was nasty! AJ screams at Williams and he screams at Williams about not just stealing his belt, but stealing his move (the Styles Clash). He tells Williams to never steal his move again.

In the back Jeff Jarrett walks towards the entrance.

In the back Tara discusses the Steel Cage Match and says there is no escaping the cage which means Mickie can’t escape her. She says she’ll give Mickie the beating of her life. GenMe is standing beside Tara and nodding at what she says. Max says Eric Young can go get his buddy Orlando Jordan and they’ll face them next week.

Double J-MMA Open Challenge
Jeff Jarrett vs. Mike (a fan)

The fans chant “you sold out” at Jarrett and he says for the last time, he bought in not sold out. Jarrett says Sunday the entire world of wrestling found out that he is the most feared athlete in the world today. He says that no one thought he could make “The Samoan Submission Machine” tap out but he did. He says now it’s time for him to up the ante and it being the holiday season and he’s in a giving mood. He says he will give someone in the Impact Zone tonight the opportunity to make something of themselves. He says if any man, woman, or child can make him submit he will pay them $100,000 of his own money! Jarrett asks if there are any fans up to it and a bunch of fans are screaming at Jarrett wanting to get in. JB spots a guy at ringside but Jarrett refuses him and then he spots another big guy. Jarrett says no and tells him to get another pack of beer and he’ll see him in a few years. The dude goes nuts screaming at Jarrett and flipping him off. Some fans in the upper section are flicking Jarrett off and then Jarrett sees a guy wearing a TNA shirt and tells him to come down to the ring. The guy climbs into the ring and JB makes sure he understands all the rules and everything. JB tells the guy he’s insane and then Jarrett asks his name. He’s Mike from Brooklyn. Jarrett asks him if he thinks this is a joke and then he tells him he better take his damn glasses off. Jarrett then slaps the kid and says he ain’t playing. A referee comes down and Jarrett slaps him again and then nails him with some nasty knees. Jarrett beats down the kid and kicks him and then the fans chant for Mike. Jarrett locks in a Rear Naked Choke and the kid taps out but Jarrett doesn’t let go immediately.

Winner: Jarrett via submission (Rear Naked Choke)

In the back the cage is being brought towards the ring.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

As the cage is being constructed a video package highlighting RVD is shown.

Main Event
Steel Cage Match
Mickie James vs. Tara

I believe not only is this the first Knockouts Steel Cage Match on TV but it’s also the first Knockouts Main Event since 2008 when Awesome Kong and Gail Kim tore down the house in a Street Fight. Mickie is back to wearing those awesomely short shorts tonight. Tara tries to slam the cage door on Mickie as Mickie stuck her head out of the cage. Mickie then comes out and they start brawling outside of the cage! They exchange kicks and forearms and then Mickie clotheslines Tara. Mickie drags Tara into the ring and the cage door is locked! Mickie beats on Tara in the corner as we got a break.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Back from the break Tara now has the upper hand on Mickie. Tara hits the Spiders Web on Mickie! 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! You can win by pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage through the door or over the side. Tara tries to toss Mickie into the cage but Mickie reverses and tries to throw Tara into it. Tara is able to grab the cage before she hit it but then Mickie grabs her from behind and hits a Reverses X-Factor! Mickie follows up with a Running Clothesline and then a second one followed by a Forearm. Mickie attempts to whip Tara into the ropes but Tara reverses it and then goes for a clothesline, but Mickie ducks and then hits a Snapmare Takeover on Tara. Mickie hits a Sliding Dropkick to the face of Tara and gets a nearfall. Mickie goes to pick Tara up but Tara grabs her by the shorts and slams her into the corner. Tara hits a Snap Suplex and rolls backwards into a Guillotine! Mickie fights to her feet and rushes Tara into the corner and slams her with shoulder blocks. Mickie nails Tara with Forearms and then Tara turns it around and nails Mickie with some stiff shots. Tara charges at Mickie but Mickie hits a back elbow and then lifts herself up into a head scissors on Tara but Tara blocks the Mickiecanrana and flings her over the rope and on the apron. Tara then hits a big Roundhouse Kick sending Tara sandwiched into the cage. Tara picks Mickie up and bounces her back and forth between the ropes and the cage! Mickie fights back with a back elbow and then she slams Tara into the top turnbuckle. Mickie climbs up top but Tara follows her and they exchange punches at the top. Mickie then uses the cage to lift herself up and onto Tara’s shoulders for another Mickiecanrana attempt! Tara blocks it and Super Bombs Mickie off the top! Tara puts the boots to Mickie and beats on her and slams her head into the mat. Tara tosses Mickie into the cage and then she grabs her and slams her into the cage again! Tara decides its time to leave the cage but Mickie grabs her by the tights and pulls her back into the ring and slams her into the mat. Mickie beats on Tara more as Impact goes off the air.


Mickie tosses Tara from corner to corner slamming her into the turnbuckles. Tara answers back with a nasty Knee to the face! Tara goes for the Widows Peak but Mickie blocks it and then slams Tara hard into the cage! Tara is favoring her shoulder or arm as Mickie tosses her over the top rope into the cage again! It looks like Tara may have jarred that elbow or arm as she landed. Mickie chokes Tara with her boot as the referee checks on Tara. She’s selling the arm or its legit hurt. Mickie slams Tara into the turnbuckle as they zoom in on Tara’s elbow (which seems to be swelling). Tara tries to escape as Mickie thought about climbing out so Mickie follows her up and starts elbowing Tara. Mickie kicks Tara repeatedly and she finally lets go of the cage and falls to the mat hard! Mickie climbs up to the top of the cage! Mickie doesn’t climb over though! Mickie dives off the f*cking cage with a damn Flying Senton! Right into a pin! 1…2…3! Holy shit!

Winner: Mickie via pinfall (Senton off the top of the cage)

That was a beautiful finish and Mickie seems to have maybe tweaked her knee as she came off! Mickie stands over Tara and holds up the “3” signal saying she got the 3 count. Referees and medical staff come out to check on Tara and Mickie is limping pretty noticeably.


Holy shit was that an awesome Main Event or what?! Mickie and Tara raised the bar again when it comes to the Knockouts. This feud has been every bit as entertaining, in my opinion, as Gail Kim-Awesome Kong from back in the day. Kudos to both those ladies for laying it all on the line and giving us one hell of a match. Steel Cages have always HISTORICALLY been the be-all end-all of feuds, that match is supposed to be the end to a blood feud. TNA handled this feud better than just about anything in the company all year and this leaves me wanting more and I know down the line they can do it again. I don’t think I’ve heard Taz better than he was tonight in the Main Event, selling this match as just brutal. Tenay was a little over the top at the finish but I prefer over the top Tenay than quiet Tenay. And if you’re going to oversell something, oversell a crazy finish like that. Give us more Main Events like this TNA! No over-booked bullcrap, no interference, just two (or however many you want) great athletes out there doing what they do best!

I liked the opening segment with Bischoff trying to plant the seed of dissension between Anderson & Morgan and setting everything up there. I also liked that Bischoff singled AJ Styles out. This plants the seed of what, I HOPE, is the eventual turn of Fortune on Immortal. I’ve been saying the whole time the way to handle it is have Fortune turn on Immortal and them be the ones to take Immortal out. I just hope they don’t turn AJ and leave Fortune with Immortal. I think where they go with Anderson having his own doctor check him out will be interesting.

Pretty decent stuff with the fake 3D and they still put Ink, Inc. over and I think Devon & Bubba could have a nice brawl.

I love how they set the Cage Match up as well. The concert was god awful but it was supposed to and Mickie got the pop she was supposed to by breaking it up. Also, the video packages and interviews from the two throughout the night hyped it up nicely. I really hope that Main Event pops a nice rating.

Machine Guns vs. Gunner & Murphy was not a great match but it furthered The Guns vs. Beer Money nicely. They showed The Guns continue their aggressive side and have them show Beer Money they’re not just gonna let them bully them. We all know these two teams can have some incredible matches, the last time around they really didn’t do a lot with promos and segments to build it. Hopefully the do more this time around.

I don’t like that Hamada got stripped of the belt and all I can say is I hope she and Taylor both still come back down the line. It’s crazy to think The Beautiful People have never held those belts so they’re obviously the favorite. Sarita still has her push going on as she wasn’t actually pinned and she got the mic work before and after. I really want her to get a title shot this month.

The Pope thing was kind of odd but it worked for some reason with me. I’m looking forward to see where they go with him.

Williams-Abyss was a pretty solid matchup with Williams outsmarting the monster. I’ve been screaming for months that AJ needed a great feud to get this belt finally over and FINALLY they have given it to us. Williams vs. AJ was a MOTY candidate, like I said before, and this feud should be awesome.

Jarrett’s Open Challenge wasn’t as long as it has been and he’s getting more heat than any other heel in the company. People legit can’t stand this dude and everything he does pisses them off more. I was actually amused by it this week. Even I am ready for Angle to come out and beat the shit out of Jarrett.

I’ve already said a ton about the Main Event and all I can say further is it was awesome. Most definitely the Knockouts Match of the Year, EASILY.

Promo/Segment of the Night: All the Mickie James-Tara hype/brawls.
Match of the Night: Steel Cage (****1/2)
Overall Grade: A –

Scheduled for Next Week:

Genesis Lineup:
– TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Matt Morgan
– TNA World Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Beer Money
– Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon