Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
December 10, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show kicks off with video of the Hogan signing along with footage of Jeff Jarrett and Foley in the past as well as Angle & Wolfe. They end the video package with the announcement of the big live January 4th 3-hour event.

After the package we cut to ?earlier today? when Mick Foley arrived with Borash in-toe. Foley says he has the footage and he says everyone will want to see it and Kevin Nash is waiting in his office sitting at the desk. Nash says he has a deal for Foley and says he has arranged a meeting for Foley & Hogan for tomorrow but he has to leave now. He hands Foley a plane ticket and says all he wants in turn is to run the show. Foley says it’s a deal and then hands Nash a DVD and says to make sure it airs tonight. JB is going to bring a cameraman along with Foley to the meeting with Hogan. Nash gives JB $100 and they leave. Nash gets on the phone and requests security footage of Foley’s office for the last 3 months and then we cut to the Impact intro.

At ringside Tenay & Taz hype up the show for tonight and then Nash’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring alongside Eric Young. Nash says we?re in for a great show tonight. He lets the fans in attendance know that he is in complete charge of Impact tonight. Nash says tonight the British Invasion (all 3 of them) will be facing Chris Sabin in a Handicap Match, great. In a Mixed Tag Match it will be Scott Steiner and a Knockout of his choice against Bobby Lashley and his wife Kristal, great. Tonight Young will defend his TNA Global Championship for the first time, and he says the only time on American soil, against Hamada. This is really lame. Tara will face ODB in a Trailer Park Throwdown. It’s a Street Fight but both girls will have to drink a six-pack of beer before the match. Team 3D, Rhino, & Jesse Neal will face Dinero, Morgan, Hernandez, & Suicide in an 8-Man Tag Match and whoever is pinned will have to face the other team at Final Resolution for the first 5 minutes alone. Also, Lacey Von Erich will face her buddy Velvet Sky in a Mud Wrestling Match. This smells like 2000 WCW so bad right now. He says the highest bidder will receive a TNA World Heavyweight Title shot against AJ Styles!

We cut to footage of Foley arriving at TNA offices in Nashville earlier this week. He comes across a video screen playing Dixie Carter’s interview from last week and he mocks it. Foley is going around the offices looking for Dixie and walks up on Vince Russo and someone else. He wants Vince to right him a vignette where Dixie actually returns his calls. He asks some guy where he can find Jeff Jarrett but the guy says he hasn?t talked to him in a few months. Foley says he drove past Jarrett’s house but it looked abandoned. The guy tells Foley about a restaurant that Jarrett goes to.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

At ringside Taz and Tenay discuss the announcement this past Saturday about TNA going live on Monday, January 4th with a big 3 hour event.

Handicap Match
British Invasion (Rob Terry, Brutus Magnus, & Doug Williams) vs. Chris Sabin

Sabin starts the match off with Doug Williams. Williams gets Sabin in a wristlock as Tenay says that Nash has banned Shelley from ringside for this match. Sabin rolls through and reverses the wristlock but Williams is able to roll through and reverse it himself. Williams then transitions into a side headlock but Sabin shoves him off into the ropes and then leapfrogs over Williams, but Williams turns right around and puts Sabin back in a headlock. Sabin counters and rolls through it and then Williams goes for a sunset flip but Sabin rolls through and hits a round kick to the face of Williams. Sabin attempts to whip Williams into the ropes but he reverses it and Magnus puts a knee in the back of Sabin as he hits the ropes. Sabin then turns around and dropkicks the knees of Magnus knocking him off the apron! Williams charges at Sabin but he sidesteps him and sends Williams out to the floor as well. Sabin gets ready for a dive but Terry climbs into the ring and absolutely destroys Sabin with a big shoulderblock. Williams comes back in and hits a Knee Drop on Sabin and then picks him up and hits a big European Uppercut. Tenay says that the Brits will defend the Tag Titles at Final Resolution against the Guns. Williams kicks Sabin in the face repeatedly in the corner and then tags in Brutus. The Brits hit the Double Team Straightjacket Slam. Brutus hits a forearm and then tags Williams back in and they hit European Uppercuts on Sabin. Brutus whips Sabin into the corner and then whips Williams at Sabin and he hits a Running Knee Strike. Williams then whips Sabin into a Big Boot from Brutus. Williams tags in Terry now and he hits a Scoop Slam followed by an Elbow Drop attempt, but Sabin moves out of the way. Sabin follows up with a Running Forearm Smash on Terry in the corner but Williams comes in and grabs Sabin from behind. Williams sets up for the Chaos Theory but Sabin reverses it and shoves Williams into Terry in the corner. Brutus comes in and goes for a clothesline on Sabin but he ducks and Brutus runs into Williams & Terry in the corner as well! Sabin charges in with the Mafia Kick but Brutus & Williams were able to move out of the way leaving Terry wide open to eat the boot in the mouth. Sabin turns around and the Brits go for a Double Clothesline but Sabin rolls underneath and they nail Terry! Sabin hits a Springboard Double Missile Dropkick on the Brits and then attempts a Tornado DDT on Terry but in midmove he switches to a roll through into a small package! 1?2?3 and he gets the huge upset!

Winner: Sabin via pinfall (small package)

After the match Brutus & Williams argue at Terry and it looked like he was about to hit them but he backs down.

In the back Christy Hemme is with Scott Steiner. She talks about Nash handing Steiner the big Mixed Tag Match. Steiner says she’s just replaced JB and she’s already pissing him off. Steiner says the Mafia is still strong and then starts rambling about her being professional. Steiner says Nash wants him to find a freak to wrestle with tonight so he’s going to find one that will stand at ringside and watch him destroy Bobby & Kristal. He unzips his jacket revealing an airbrushed t-shirt with Kristal Marshall on it and says that’s not the first she’s been on his chest. Steiner says if ?Myles? gets in his business he?ll knock him out too. Christy says that’s their son and he’s only 2. Steiner says he’s actually 1 ? and that’s what’s great about Steiner because he doesn?t discriminate. He says he?ll beat anyone up!

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Back from commercials we see more footage of Foley’s search for Jarrett. Foley enters the restaurant Foley was told about and he approaches the owner. He asks if she has seen Jarrett and she says a month ago was the last time she saw Jeff. Foley asks her to let him know if she sees him or hears where he’s at.

Mixed Tag Team Match
?The Boss? Bobby Lashley & Kristal vs. ?Big Poppa Pump? Scott Steiner & Awesome Kong

Kristal looks less than thrilled to be across the ring from Kong for good reason. Steiner and Lashley will start the match off. Steiner taunts Lashley and Lashley kicks him in the stomach and then hits a Scoop Slam! Lashley whips Steiner into the ropes but Steiner grabs ahold of the ropes and bails out to the floor. Steiner reenters the ring and they lockup. Steiner forces Lashley into the corner and lights him up with Knife-edge Chops and then whips Lashley into the opposite corner. Steiner charges at Lashley but eats a back elbow and then hits Steiner with a Over the shoulder Gutbuster! Lashley hits a Shoulderblock in the corner on Steiner followed by a Vertical Suplex for a nearfall. Lashley kicks Steiner in the gut and then attempts to come off the ropes but Kong trips him from the outside and Steiner levels him with a Steinerline. Kong wants a tag but Steiner ignores her and whips Lashley in the corner and follows up with a Steinerline. Kong gets frustrated with Steiner not tagging her in and she goes for a clothesline on Lashley but he ducks and Kong nails Steiner! Steiner argues with Kong and Lashley hits him from behind. Lashley hits a T-Bone Suplex and Steiner rolls out to the floor. Lashley goes to the floor to brawl with Steiner and Kristal pats him on the back but the referee calls it a tag! Steiner and Lashley brawl around ringside and Steiner throws Lashley into the ring steps! Steiner goes toward Kristal and she runs into the ring to get away but Kong is waiting! Kong hits a Mongolian Chop on Kristal and then a Scoop Slam! Kong climbs to the top and was going to do some type of move off the top but instead Steiner covers Kristal in a very explicit way for the pin.

Winner: Steiner via pinfall

After the match Steiner does pushups over the limp body of Kristal pretty much humping her. That was a little much even for me. How Lashley doesn?t legit rip a guys head off for something like that is beyond me. Finally Lashley gets up and chases Steiner & Kong off. Kong never looked happy about Steiner stealing the pin.

In the back Lauren is with Samoa Joe who will be in the Feast or Fired Match at Final Resolution. Joe says it was just last month at Turning Point that he was in the Main Event but he’s sat at home for the last two weeks while the ?new flavor of the month?, Christopher Daniels, has been pushed to another title shot. He talks about being left off the TCS Tournament. He says it’s apparent that there is someone in TNA that wants to keep him far away from the TNA Title and that’s why he’s entering the Feast or Fired Match. Joe says he will take his title shot and then Beer Money walks into the picture. Storms says Joe might get the briefcase that sends him back to that ?island sipping on coconut juice.? Roode says they know where Joe is coming from because Feast or Fired is their only shot at getting another opportunity at the Tag Titles as long as the Brits have the titles. Joe laughs and says ?well, I?m sorry about your damn luck? and walks away. Storm says they have double the opportunity to get the case because their a tag team but Roode says it’s also double the opportunity for one of them to get fired. Roode says it’s worth the risk but Storm questions whether it’s worth the risk because it could be the end of Beer Money. Roode says they have no other choice and walks off while Storm tells Lauren there’s always choices.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

In the Knockouts Lockerroom BP are complaining about having to Mud Wrestle tonight and Madison sounds pissed that she wasn?t asked to be in the match. Nash walks in and says he isn?t trying to humiliate them and its about ratings instead. He talks about all the attention they will get for this match and talks about how bad he wants to see it. He says more ratings equals more money. Nash suggests that Madison be the referee for the match and she accepts. Now they are talking about how excited they are and Lacey says she can?t believe they?re going to get ?rated? like one of those 5-star hotels except they?ll get 6 stars. Velvet pats her on the head and says ?bless your little heart, but she’s so pretty isn?t she?? That is one dumb?female.

We cut to footage of Sting’s TNA history as well as footage of Hogan and questioning whether Stinger will be coming back to TNA. We cut to footage from the Ultimate Finale this weekend where Hogan announced the big live 3-hour show for January 4th.

In the back Lauren is with Tara who is drinking her six pack. It looks like she is drinking Corona’s (they have the label covered up). Tara says she is going to destroy ODB and says she would drink a keg to get her hands on ODB.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

In the back Christy is with EY and he makes it clear that he wouldn?t defend his belt for just anybody, he’s doing it for Nash. He says he’s breaking his rule of not defending his belt on American soil but at least he’s defending his belt against a non-American. He says that Hamada was a star in Japan and Mexico and he says World Elite has had their eyes on her for awhile and they want to see what she has. He says he wants her to pull out all the stops to try and beat him and he is going to treat this like any other Championship match and he wants her to do the same. He says he takes it very seriously.

TNA Global Championship
?Showtime? Eric Young (c) vs. Hamada

Well this is the 3rd straight match where she is facing a Canadian. First Taylor Wilde and then Sarita (a Canadian that lives in Mexico) and now Young. This is obviously the first defense of the Global Championship since it’s change from being known as the Legends Title. Does anyone know if it still says ?Legends Championship? on that belt? They lockup and Young forces Hamada into the corner but we get a clean break as the referee pulls them apart. They lockup again and Young again forces her to the corner and this time he mockingly pats her on the cheek. He turns around and laughs and when he turns back around he eats every bit of a Spinning Roundhouse Kick from Hamada! Young crashes out to the floor and Hamada follows and lights up Young with a series of chops & headbutts! Hamada rolls Young back in and charges at Young in the corner but he gets a boot up and climbs to the top. Hamada rolls backwards and hits back heel kick to the top of the head of Young! Hamada climbs up top with Young and hits a Superrana! 1?2?NO Young kicks out! Hamada hits a Scoop Slam and then climbs to the top and attempts the Moonsault, but Young moves and covers her with the lateral press. Young puts his feet on the middle rope for leverage as the referee was in a bad position to see it and Young retains his belt.

Winner & STILL Global Champ: Eric Young

In the back the BP are discussing their match tonight and Madison suggests a wardrobe malfunction for the match to ensure they get the pay they were promised. Lacey suggests they just wrestle and Velvet says she’s right and Madison agrees and then they start laughing and Velvet says she knows how to get ratings. Velvet suggests them all in the mud and then shows them (with her back to the camera) what she’s wearing. Velvet then says maybe they should kiss on TV tonight, please God allow this to happen.

We cut to more footage of Foley in Tennessee. He arrives at another restaurant and he finds the owner and asks for directions to I-40 east. She gives him directions and then we hear someone from the back say ?looking for somebody?? We then see a very shaggy looking Jeff Jarrett at the bar drinking as Foley says ?well, I?ll be damned.?

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

In the back Christy approaches ODB who is drunk as hell. ODB says she’s going to give Tara a hangover that will last until Final Resolution tonight.

Street Fight
Tara vs. ODB

Tara grabs a bucket in the ring and acts like she is going to puke in it but it’s just as a fakeout as she nails ODB with the bucket. Tara then dropkicks ODB off the apron down to the floor. Taz says that if someone vomits he will too and I?m right there with you Taz. Tara hits ODB with the bucket again and then grabs a kendo stick and nails ODB repeatedly with it. Tara then lays ODB down in a wheel barrow and then picks up a Gatorade bucket but ODB spits whiskey into her face. ODB grabs some police tape and wraps it around Tara screaming ?don?t cross the line b*tch? the whole time. ODB nails Tara with a cooking tray and then she grabs a plunger and channels the NYPD as she attempts to stick it up Tara’s backside. ODB rolls Tara back into the ring and catapults her into a ladder that was set up in a corner! ODB sets the ladder up and climbs up it but decides to come back down when she realizes it’s very high. She grabs a step ladder and hits a splash off it! 1?2?NO Tara kicks out! ODB climbs up top and chokes Tara up there with the Tiki Torch (yes I?m serious) until Tara snapmares her off the top. ODB grabs a trashcan lid and blasts Tara with it and Tara answers back with one of her own but it slips out of her hand and ODB blasts her again. Tara takes the trashcan lid from ODB and hits her repeatedly with it! Tara hits a Scoop Slam and then lays the trashcan lid on the chest of ODB and hits a Standing Moonsault! Tara looks like she is about to puke but decides to climb to the top anyway and then she slips off (selling the beer). ODB wraps a chain around Tara’s neck and chokes her with it and then she hits an X-Factor onto a chair for the pin.

Winner: ODB via pinfall (X-Factor onto a chair)

We cut to more footage of Foley where he asks where Jarrett has been and he says he looks like hell. Jarrett says he’s been living in hell and he asks Mick why he came. Foley says they go back over 20 years and he knows Jarrett can?t stay away from wrestling and that’s a fact. Jarrett says ?Double J? can?t but Jeff Jarrett can. Jeff says after what ‘she? has done to him, ?are you kidding me?? I am guessing ‘she? would be Dixie.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Tenay says that some ‘shocking footage of Abyss? was too graphic to show tonight on TV but they are airing it in it’s entirety at

8-Man Tag Team Match
Team 3D, Rhino, & Jesse Neal vs. D?Angelo Dinero, Hernandez, Matt Morgan, & Suicide

Neal is wearing Pope’s ring jacket to the ring and Bubba keeps saying ‘sorry Pope? while laughing into the camera. Bubba has a microphone and he tells the fans to shutup. Bubba says what Kevin Nash forgot to tell everyone is tonight’s match will be a Handicap Match because Dinero won?t make it into the match tonight. Apparently they beat the hell out of Dinero.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Morgan and Rhino kick the match off and Rhino attempts to throw Morgan into the corner but he blocks it and throws Rhino into the corner and throws those nasty back elbows at Rhino. Morgan then attempts a Corner Splash but Rhino moves and tags Devon in. Devon eats a back elbow from Morgan followed by a series of rights but Devon comes back with a big body shot and then a series of rights of his own. Devon comes off the ropes but eats a clothesline and then Morgan tags in Suicide. Suicide dives off the top but Devon moves out of the way and tags in Bubba. They lockup and Bubba forces Suicide into the corner and goes for a big right, but Suicide ducks it and then goes for an armdrag but Bubba blocks it. They lockup again and Suicide climbs to the top where Bubba attempts to arm drag Suicide off the top but Suicide holds onto the arm of Bubba when he hits the mat and hits an armdrag of his own. Suicide hits yet another arm drag followed by a dropkick. Suicide attempts to whip Bubba into the corner but he reverses it and charges at Suicide. Suicide moves out of the way and then climbs up top but Jesse Neal shoves Suicide off the top to the floor! Neal then rolls Suicide back into the ring where he eats a Big Boot from Bubba. Bubba throws Suicide into the heel corner and tags Neal into the match. Neal headbutts Suicide and then throws him headfirst into the top turnbuckle and reigns down right hands. Rhino tags himself in and puts the boots to Suicide. Rhino whips Suicide into the corner and hits a running shoulder block and then tags in Devon. Devon throws a series of rights at Suicide in the corner and beats him down in the corner. Devon whips Suicide into the corner again and charges but Suicide gets his boot up and hits the Running Dropkick! The fans get behind Suicide as he tags in Hernandez and Devon tags in Neal. Neal charges across the ring but Hernandez slingshots into the ring with a Shoulder Block on the Mohawk Avenger! Forearm s to Devon & Rhino and then he knocks Bubba off the apron. Big Backrop on Neal and then he throws Rhino over the top to the floor and clotheslines Devon over the top! Neal attacks Hernandez from behind and comes off the ropes but eats the big Shoulderblock! Hernandez then hits the Super Mex Dive over the top onto 3D & Rhino on the floor! Neal knocks Morgan off the apron but then Hernandez comes in and hits the Overhead Gutwrench Slam for a nearfall. Bubba comes in and hits the Bubba Bomb on Hernandez from behind but then Morgan comes out of nowhere with the Carbon Footprint on Bubba! Rhino comes in now and hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Morgan! Suicide hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick on Rhino and then attempts a clothesline on Devon, but he ducks it and hits a Reverse Front Suplex on Suicide! Hernandez uses the ropes to roll backwards up to the top rope but Devon comes in and hits an uppercut on Hernandez. Devon climbs up top with Hernandez but he shoves Devon off and then comes off the top and destroys him with the Border Toss! Neal comes of nowhere with the Spear! 1?2?3 and the heels win it!

Winners: 3D, Rhino, & Neal via pinfall (Spear)

After the match the heels put the beatdown on the faces until Dinero’s music hits and The Pope limps down to the ring with his cane in hand. His leg is taped up as he clears the ring.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Back from commercials we see some training footage of Tomko in the gym with ?Tomko Is Back? at the end.

Mud Wrestling Match
Special Referee: Madison Rayne
Velvet Sky vs. Lacey Von Erich

Good lord at what these girls are wearing. Lacey is wearing some cutoff (VERY cutoff) jean shorts and a very short pink tank top. Velvet is wearing some booty shorts and a white tank top. Earl Hebner never looked like that in a referee’s outfit, that’s for sure. It says ?Smack That? (the Eminem & Akon song) on the back of Velvet’s shorts and good lord would I love to. Velvet takes Lacey down and Taz’s commentary is freaking hilarious. They rolls around on each other in the mud then Velvet shoves Lacey down and gets a nearfall. Lacey & Velvet trip Madison as Tenay screams ?three way!? Velvet takes Lacey down and gets the pinfall. Velvet comes extremely close to ?popping out? there at the end, damn t-shirt got in the way.

Winner: Every male that watched

After the match Lacey trips Velvet & Madison again and then Velvet takes her back down and they roll around somemore. They all hug and damn that is hot.

In the back Lauren is with Jay Lethal and she says that next week is the return of the Jay Lethal Open Invitational. Lethal says he can?t prepare for a match without knowing who his opponent is but Lauren says he made the challenge. Lethal says he doesn?t care who his opponent is next week because he?ll come out on top and every week after that until he gets in there with Hogan and ?re-writes the history books.?

We see AJ walking towards the entrance way for his title defense.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Back from commercials more of Mick & Jeff. Mick asks Jeff where the Hogan signing leaves Mick but Jeff asks Mick if he forgot what he did to him. Jarrett talks about founding TNA with his money and his blood, sweat, and tears and just like that it’s taken away. Foley says he brought it upon himself and Jeff screams ?bullsh*t!? and says the penalty didn?t fit the crime. You screwed Kurt’s wife, Jeff. Mick says he doesn?t know that that is true and that he thinks he liked the old Jeff better. He says ?Double J? would?ve stuck around and fought for his baby and then says ?why don?t you let someone else raise your two little girls.? Jeff tells him he has 3 kids and then tells Mick to sit back down. He says they need to talk.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles (c) vs. Desmond Wolfe

Apparently Wolfe was able to purchase his title shot. I believe this is a first ever match if I?m not mistaken. As the bell rings we see Kurt Angle walking down the ramp. AJ & Wolfe lockup and AJ forces Wolfe into the corner as Angle sits down at the announce table. Styles shoots in for a lockup with Wolfe but he ducks underneath it and locks AJ in a Full Nelson. Wolfe transitions into a wristlock and forces AJ to the mat. AJ nips up to his feet but Wolfe slams him back to the mat keeping the wristlock on. He then sits his knee down on the arm of AJ. AJ is able to get the knee off and then nips up to his feet and hits an arm drag but Wolfe holds onto the wristlock! AJ counters with a Scoop Slam but again Wolfe holds onto the wrist of AJ and forces him back to the mat. AJ gets to his feet and finally reverses the hold. Wolfe rolls through and reverses right back into a wristlock of his own. AJ reverses right back but Wolfe breaks it and then hits a Snapmare Takeover. Wolfe comes off the ropes but AJ leapfrogs him and then hits the Phenomenal Dropkick! AJ puts a Hammerlock on Wolfe but Wolfe backs AJ up into the ropes and then hits a big back elbow. Wolfe grabs AJ by the shoulder and attempts to throw him into the top turnbuckle but AJ blocks it and then chops Wolfe and throws him headfirst into the top turnbuckle. AJ whips him into the opposite corner and goes for a Flying Forearm, but Wolfe moves and then hits the Hammerlock DDT. Wolfe hits a Northern Lights Suplex and then grabs the arm of AJ and slams it into the mat. Wolfe puts AJ in the corner and AJ comes back with rights at Wolfe but he hits a shoulder block to that injured arm of AJ. Wolfe throws a Forearm Smash at that arm and then charges AJ but he gets a boot up and then lights Wolfe up with forearms and chops. AJ hits the Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker over his knee but AJ still sells the arm like it hurt him just to hit the move. AJ charges at Wolfe but he backdrops AJ over the top and AJ catches himself on the apron. AJ hits the Springboard Flying Forearm! AJ comes off the ropes and then hits a shoulderblock but as Wolfe was going down he kicks AJ in the nuts! The referee didn?t see it. As the referee checks on AJ, Wolfe points at his head and smiles. Wolfe sets up for something but Daniels runs down and grabs the boot of Wolfe in the ring. Wolfe turns around and starts talking trash with Daniels. AJ runs up from behind and rolls Wolfe up and bridges back! 1?2?3!

Winner & STILL TNA Champ: AJ via pinfall (rolling bridge)

After the match Daniels screams ?that’s my title? at Wolfe and then Wolfe gets in Daniels face. They start arguing and Daniels shoves him and then they begin trading forearms! Referee’s run out and separate the two as the fans chant for them to let them fight.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Back from commercials we are back to Foley & Jarrett in Tennessee. Foley and Jeff discuss Jeff talking to Dixie about coming back and Jeff says ?what about Kurt? but Foley says they need to worry about Dixie right now. Jeff says if she won?t talk to Foley then she won?t talk to him but Foley says he founded TNA and there is a respect there for Jeff because he founded TNA. Foley tells Jeff to go to the Impact Zone next week and Jeff says ?let’s do this? and shakes Foley’s hand as Impact goes off the air.

Abyss Incident

This was the incident they said they couldn?t show on Impact because it was too graphic. You can see it at Abyss is being attacked by Raven & Stevie Richards inside the Impact Zone as it looks like they are setting up for the show. Daffney comes in and sets a torch on fire for Stevie as Raven tells him to ?light him up?. Stevie sets Abyss on fire! That was kind of disturbing and kind of dumb because it looked like every member of the TNA staff was watching and even a member of the staff came and got the torch from Stevie and put it out afterward. No one even seemed to be upset over this.

Final Thoughts

Wow, this was a REALLY bad show tonight. I mean it was really bad. Impact has been very strong for awhile now in my opinion but man was this was a step back. This is definitely not what I wanted to see from TNA heading into the end of the year.

All the Foley stuff was dumb until he finally got Jarrett and all of that was actually interested to me but what about the fans that don?t follow the ?dirt sheets? and what happened between Kurt-Jarrett-Dixie? Those people are going ?what the hell did I just see?? They are going to have to touch on this at some point but it definitely seems like we will have some sort of power struggle between Jarrett & Foley against Dixie & Hogan.

The Handicap Match was average but Sabin did come out looking very strong heading into the Tag Titles Match. I absolutely despise Handicap Matches though.

The Mixed Tag wasn?t very good at all. Kong is being wasted at this point.

I liked Joe’s promo along with Beer Money and they are finally building up the Feast or Fired Match.

Hamada actually came out looking strong in the Global Title Match while Young came off as the chicken sh*t heel who escapes again. They really need to do something with this belt. Either have him go to other countries and defend the belt while a TNA cameraman films it and show it on Impact or just make it where he defends against Non-Americans. With TNA’s relationships with Scott D?Amore’s promotion in Canada, New Japan, CMLL, etc. that should not be a problem.

The whole idea of ODB & Tara having to drink before the Street Fight was just stupid. It was an okay Street Fight for what it was though.

Pretty decent 8-Man Tag.

The Mud Wrestling Match, while dumb, was still very pleasing to the eyes. Those types of things I can enjoy just because it was hot!

This Lethal Invitational is such a waste of time it’s not even funny.

Pretty decent match between AJ and Wolfe for the short time it was given but I didn?t like them giving this match away free and such a short time. This could be an awesome PPV match down the line. Wolfe still looked strong with AJ retaining.

Match of the Night: AJ Styles vs. Desmond Wolfe (**1/2)
Promo/Segment of the Night: Foley/Jarrett skit
Overall Grade: D ?

Final Resolution Lineup
– TNA World Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Christopher Daniels
– 3 Degrees of Pain: Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe
– TNA Tag Titles: British Invasion (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns
– Last Man Standing: Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner
– TNA Knockouts Title: ODB (c) vs. Tara
– Feast or Fired Match
– 8-Man Elimination Tag: Team 3D, Rhino, & Jesse Neal vs. D?Angelo Dinero, Matt Morgan, Hernandez, & Suicide

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