Impact Results – 11/12/09

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
November 12, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show starts off with more highlights of the Hulk Hogan signing (seriously this has already gotten old) and Dixie’s ‘speech? to the roster last week. In the back Mick Foley is in his office with Super Dave and Dave gives Foley props for his appearance on the show and he plugs his new Spike TV show some more. Foley then plugs his new book as well and they joke about making plugs. Foley says Dave has the power to book one match he wants to but he can?t make a Title Match. Dave plugs his dumb show again and then Foley & JB leave the office and Foley tells JB to keep his eye on Dave because he’s had more ?head injuries? than Foley. JB goes back into the office and Dave is going through Foley’s stuff when Jay Lethal storms into the office wanting to know where Hogan is. Lethal says he understands a legend has accepted his challenge from last week and then notices Super Dave and realizes he’s on Curb Your Enthusiasm (is he?). Lethal didn?t know that he was Super Dave and then wants to know who’s the legend he’s facing tonight. JB says we?ll find out later and then Lethal leaves still wanting to know where Hogan is. JB asks Dave if he follows his tweets but Dave doesn?t do Twitter. Dave pretty much tells him to shut the hell up (at least someone said it).

The Impact Intro hits and then Foley’s music hits and the Hardcore Legend makes his way out to the announce table and joins Taz & Tenay. Tenay points out how Foley wasn?t happy about not being included in the Hogan deal and also points out that Foley wasn?t in attendance during Dixie’s speech last week. Foley talks about needing to be better informed as Dr. Stevie’s music hits.

Loser Leaves Town Match (if Stevie loses he’s gone)
Stevie Richards w/Daffney vs. ?The Monster? Abyss

Stevie gives Foley the evil eye as he makes his way out to the ring. The Monster looks to be all business tonight as he storms the ring and destroys Stevie with a Big Boot! 1?2?NO Stevie is able to kick out! Abyss goes for the Corner Splash but Stevie moves and then goes for one of his own, but Abyss moves and rolls Stevie up. 1?2?NO Stevie kicks out! Abyss goes for the Shock Treatment but Stevie rakes his eyes and then hits a chop block and puts the boots to Abyss? knee. Stevie hits an elbow drop for a one count and then a Leg Drop for another one count. Stevie puts the boots to Abyss again and hits yet another Elbow Drop this time for a nearfall. Stevie levels Abyss with the Stevie Kick! 1?2?.NO Abyss kicks out again! Stevie throws several right hands at Abyss and then comes off the ropes but Abyss grabs him by the throat! Stevie kicks him in the knee and goes for a clothesline but Abyss ducks and goes for one of his own and Stevie ducks it. Stevie comes off the ropes and eats the Black Hole Slam! 1?2?the lights go out in the arena! The lights come on and Abyss is laid out! Stevie crawls over to Abyss and covers him, 1?2?3 and Stevie gets the pin!

Winner: Stevie Richards via pinfall

After the match Stevie talks trash to Abyss as everyone wonders what just happened. Daffney slides a chair into Stevie but Foley comes in and makes the save for Abyss! Foley lays out Stevie and then grabs the chair but the lights go out again! In the dark we see someone throw a fireball at Foley! The lights finally come on and RAVEN is standing in the ring mocking Foley with the ?Bang, Bang? hand signal and then he poses to the crowd! Raven then grabs Foley and drops him with the Evenflow DDT! Raven celebrates with Stevie and Daffney as EMTs run down to attend to Foley who is screaming in pain and Tenay talks about Raven having a past with everyone in the ring.


In the back JB is with Stevie, Raven, & Daffney and says he can?t believe what we just saw. Stevie screams into the microphone saying that he’s here to stay in TNA and he says it was Abyss that wanted to bring the pain. He looks at Raven and says ‘so I brought the pain and it’s here to stay!? Raven says the last time Foley got in between he and one of his ?playmates?, Tommy Dreamer, Foley’s ?idol? Terry Funk was caught on fire and burnt. He says now he got in between Raven and Abyss and he got burned! Raven tells Abyss that it’s good to be back and he says that he and Abyss are like 2 old men sitting on a park bench remembering old war stories and how the taste of their own blood is erotically stimulating to them. He says that he and Abyss are going to have so much fun ?playing in the sandbox?. He says Abyss? abusive childhood is coupled with very small intelligence which either leaves to prison or insanity. He says his intelligence and abusive childhood leads to a serial killer, but he’s not a serial killer or at least he hasn?t been caught yet. ?Quote the Raven?nevermore!?

Tenay & Taz talk about the Hogan signing and how they wondered about how the signing would affect certain individuals and one of those people would be Sting and his decision on whether to retire or not. Tenay announces that next week an exclusive interview with Sting will be shown where he will discuss Hogan and his future in TNA.

A great highlight package is shown hyping up Sting questioning how the Hogan signing will affect Sting’s decision.

?Future Legend? Alissa Flash vs. Traci Brooks

Wow, Flash is looking GREAT tonight. Traci is looking mighty bouncy tonight as well. Traci shoves Flash and then they lockup and brawl into the corner. Flash chokes Traci and then kicks her. Traci sells the arm like it’s injured and she shoves Flash away everytime she tries to grab the arm. Flash finally hits a big right and then wrenches down on that injured arm repeatedly and drops an elbow on that arm. Flash hit’s a Shoulder Breaker for a nearfall as Tenay talks about Traci having a handicap from birth that affects that arm (I do believe that is a very true story, she had some type of Erb’s palsy or something as a kid and it still affects her movement in that arm). Flash hit’s a STO and then starts slamming that arm of Traci into the mat repeatedly screaming ‘shutup? at her the whole time! Alissa then locks her in an Arm Lock and Traci immediately taps! I do believe that is Alissa’s first singles win in TNA (under that name).

Winner: Flash via submission (Arm Lock)

After the match Traci attacks Flash from behind and puts the boots to her kicking her rout of the ring. Traci continues the attack on her screaming obscenities at her (bleeped out) the whole time. Flash has a crazy look on her face as Traci is pulled away.


?Black Machismo? Jay Lethal vs. Jim ?The Anvil? Neidhart

Neidhart is mighty hefty coming down to the ring. Pretty interesting to see the Anvil making an appearance on TNA, even if it’s a onetime thing, with his daughter (Nattie Neidhart or Natalya) in the ?E?. Lethal doesn?t look to thrilled at the Anvil being his opponent. They lockup and Anvil hits a big body shot on Lethal and then whips him into the ropes and hits a big Back Bodydrop! Anvil goes for a Corner Splash but Lethal moves and climbs up top. Lethal hits a Flying Axe Handle Drop and the fans are actually booing Lethal tonight (mainly because they are behind Anvil). Lethal with jabs to Neidhart and then he whips Neidhart into the ropes only to eat a clothesline from him. Lethal hit’s a Jawbreaker over the top rope and gets a nearfall and then hits a big Running Elbow. Lethal goes for another one but Anvil ducks and then catches Lethal as he comes off the ropes and hit’s the Powerslam! 1?2?3 and Lethal is successfully buried 6 feet deep.

Winner: Neidhart via pinfall (Powerslam)

We cut to an interview from earlier where Lauren spoke with Bobby Lashley. She talks about Lashley keeping his wife away from the Impact Zone for fear for her safety, but before he can even get into anything a member of the TNA Staff comes up to Lashley and says there is an emergency and they need him to come. They walk out to the back into the production truck and they see Steiner on the screen where he has brought a camera crew with him somewhere outside of the Impact Zone. Steiner says he’s trying to be Lashley’s friend and he’s just trying to smarten Lashley up because the husband is always the last to find out that his wife is in love with another man. He’s at a hotel and says the room number that Lashley and his wife are staying in. He tells the cameraman to go show Lashley the footage and then walks off. Lashley wants to know when the video was shot and runs out and jumps into his car as a camera crew gets in an SUV and follows him.


In Foley’s office Super Dave is on the phone and they talk about Foley going to the hospital. JB says Dave is in charge now with Foley gone. Dave says JB knows all the wrestlers and he wants him to put the best match together in honor of Foley. JB says the X-Division is the way to go and JB leaves to go make the match.

Awesome Kong & The Beautiful People (Lacey Von Erich, Velvet Sky, & Madison Rayne) vs. Tara, ODB, Sarita, & Taylor Wilde

For some reason I just don?t think this tag team with BP & Kong is going to go well for the BP. Tara and Madison kick the match off and Madison shoves Tara to the mat and taunts her. Madison shoves her again but Tara shoves her back and then hits a Front Suplex and floats over right into a Bridging Chinlock! Tara rolls back over and then puts Madison in a wristlock and tags in Taylor. Taylor climbs to the top and drops an Axe Handle on the arm of Madison. Taylor with a wristlock now and she follows it up with an arm drag and holds onto the arm in an Armbar. Taylor tags in Sarita and then hits a Rolling Fireman’s Cary Slam and lifts Sarita up and Moonsaults Sarita off her shoulders onto Madison! 1?2?NO Madison kicks out and quickly tags in Lacey. They lockup (good God, Lacey seemed uncoordinated even doing a simple collar-and-elbow tie up! Please, Angelina come back soon!) and Lacey forces Sarita into the corner. Lacey puts the boots to Sarita and then whips her into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Sarita ducks and then Lacey goes back for a back elbow but again Sarita ducks. Lacey finally catches Sarita with a boot to the gut and then gets a nearfall.


Back from commercials Velvet hits a Snapmare on Sarita and then a kick to the back. Velvet knocks Sarita’s partners off the apron and then goes for the Sliding Dropkick to Saritia but she rolls backwards away from it and follows up with a Basement Dropkick of her own! They show replays of a big Double Press Slam BP did on Sarita during the break. Velvet tags out to Madison and Sarita tags out to ODB. ODB with a clothesline on Velvet and Madison and then she knocks both Lacey & Kong off the apron! ODB whips Madison into one corner and then Splashes both her and Madison! ODB follows up with the Bronco Buster on Velvet and then a Fall Away Slam on Madison! Lacey comes in and when ODB nips up she eats a clothesline from Lacey. Tara comes in and Lacey goes for a clothesline but Tara ducks and hits a big right hand. Tara goes to hit Kong but eats the big right hand from Awesome Kong. Madison tags in Kong and Taylor comes in as well. Kong goes for a clothesline but Taylor ducks and Kong hits the Chest Bump on Taylor that squashes her and then goes for the Awesome Bomb! Taylor blocks it and lands on her feet. Taylor with big forearms and kicks and then she goes for a running Clothesline but Kong catches her arm and counters it into the Implant Buster! 1?2?3 and the heels get the win with no heat between Kong & BP at all surprisingly!

Winners: Beautiful People & Kong via pinfall (Implant Buster)

After the match Lacey tried to hug Kong but Velvet & Madison pulled her away before Kong could eat her.

In the back the X-Division is in Foley’s office with Super Dave giving them a form of a pep talk as Homicide steals a picture frame off the table putting it under his shirt (Homicide is so damn awesome). Dave tells them to risk their lives tonight. Bashir says something in Arabic to him and Dave asks him what the hell he is saying and Sabin tells him that Bashir loves him. They do a big hands in the middle thing and then Dave tells them to get out except for Don West. Dave says he saw Homicide stealing stuff.

We see footage of Kurt Angle talking about Hulk Hogan and the TNA signing and says he thinks Hogan and Carter can create a monster in TNA similar to what McMahon and Carter did. Angle says he’s wrestled with Hogan and he knows everything about wrestling. Angle says this partnership will be the most amazing thing that wrestling has seen since the late 90’s.


Back from commercials we see Lashley running through the hotel hallway and busting into his room to see Kristal there laughing and wanting to know what’s wrong with Lashley. Steiner then comes out of nowhere and blasts Lashley with a lead pipe! Steiner continues to hit Lashley as Kristal screams for security and then Steiner grabs a lamp and hits Lashley with it! Steiner tells Lashley to ?look at your baby, it has my eyes.?

Kurt Angle’s music hits and the Olympic Gold Medalist makes his way out to the ring to a pretty good ovation as we see a replay of Wolfe attacking Angle a few weeks ago. Angle says that this Sunday may be the most important match of his life. He says that for the past few months AJ Styles & Matt Morgan have taken him to the limit and puts them over more. Angle says that they get into the ring everytime to try and prove they are the best in the business and he respects that, but what he doesn?t respect is a young punk coming off the street and trying to end his career. Angle says he spent 3 days wondering whether he broke his neck again and he says Wolfe knew what his weakness was and he went after it. Angle says only 2 weeks later he’s back in ?his? ring and he says Desmond has proven nor earned anything, and at Turning Point he will terminate Wolfe’s career! We see Wolfe on the big screen and he says that’s exactly why he’s not there tonight. He looks like he’s in a bar or something. Wolfe calls Angle ?Mr. Mangled? again and he says that he knew Angle would go crazy tonight because he nearly broke Angle’s neck again. Angle dares Wolfe to try it again now but Wolfe says he’s not in TNA to beat Angle. He says he?ll leave that to the Matt Morgan’s of the world but he’s in TNA to hurt him and to make him suffer and then end his career. Wolfe says he ?aint? in TNA to play or to be better than Angle but he’s there to take Angle’s place. Angle keeps trying to say something to him but Wolfe just keeps talking like he can?t hear him and Angle asks if he’s an idiot and then asks what the hell is going on as Wolfe continues to talk. We see Angle look like he’s realized something and then he starts counting on his hand as we see Wolfe appear behind him! Angle turns around and ducks the Lariat from Wolfe and throws a series of rights at the Brit! Angle lights Wolfe up with a European Uppercut as the video continues to play on the big screen. Angle hits another European Uppercut on the floor now and throws Wolfe into the guardrail. Angle grabs a chair and swings but Wolfe moves and then DDT’s Angle on the floor! Wolfe grabs the chair and absolutely destroys Angle with the chair! Wolfe kneels over Angle and says ?3rd time’s the charm, Sunshine.?


Back from commercials Super Dave is at the announce table with Taz and Tenay and once again they plug his stupid TV show.

6-Man X-Division Tag Match
Amazing Red & Motor City Machine Guns w/Don West vs. World Elite (Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kiyoshi, & Homicide)

Homicide and Kiyoshi come out with flags in their hands. Kiyoshi had the Japanese flag in his teeth and Homicide looks to have something wrapped up in the Puerto Rican flag. Super Dave talks about Homicide stealing some stuff earlier as Homicide sets the flag wrapped stuff on the table and tells them that it’s some flowers for his girlfriend, Guadalupe, and not to touch it. The heels slide into the ring and attack the babyfaces as the bell rings. It quickly dwindles down to just Homicide and Shelley in the ring. Homicide whips Shelley into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Shelley stops and kicks Homicide in the head. Shelley then comes off the ropes but eats a Corkscrew Back Elbow from Homicide. He tags out to Bashir and he throws Shelley into the top turnbuckle. Bashir puts to boots to Shelley and then chokes him and then a Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Kiyoshi tags in and hits a body shot and then they trade some nasty chops with each other. Shelley gets the advantage with a series of chops but Kiyoshi comes back with a Palm Thrust to the throat of Shelley. Kiyoshi hits a Snapmare followed by the Sliding Lariat! 1?2?NO Sabin comes in and breaks it up! Kiyoshi whips Shelley into the heel corner and charges but Shelley gets his boot up! Shelley then hits back elbows on Bashir and Homicide. Shelley takes off and tries to leap over Kiyoshi to get to the face corner but Kiyoshi catches him in midair and then puts Shelley in a wristlock and puts his foot on the face of Shelley and drops back into the Inverted Stomp Facebreaker (I actually heard that he called that move the Kurt Cobain when he was in Japan and when you actually see it you see why that makes sense and why that would be seen as inappropriate in America and I?m going to leave that one alone). Homicide comes over and pulls the Puerto Rican off whatever he had wrapped up revealing a barbed wire baseball bat! Homicide tries to take it into the ring but security runs out and pulls Homicide out and he actually starts fighting with security! Kiyoshi & Bashir double team Shelley in the ring and they whip him into a corner. Bashir whips Kiyoshi into him but Shelley backdrops Kiyoshi over the top to the apron! Bashir charges but eats a boot from Shelley and then Shelley hits a back elbow on Kiyoshi knocking him off the apron. Shelley hits an STO on Bashir into the middle turnbuckle! Shelley tries to crawl to his corner but Kiyoshi rolls back in and grabs Shelley by the foot only to get kicked off. Shelley tags in Red who then climbs to the top and hits a Double Missile Dropkick on Kiyoshi & Bashir as the fans are going nuts. Red follows up with a Spinning Heel Kick on Kiyoshi and then one to Bashir! Red attempts to whip Bashir into the corner but he reverses it and then Kiyoshi whips Bashir into Red but Red hits a back elbow! Red then hits a Front Kick on a charging Kiyoshi! Red then hits a Rolling Enziguri over the back of Kiyoshi on Bashir! Red then hits the Spinning DDT on Kiyoshi! Kiyoshi bails out to the floor and Red hits that gorgeous Corkscrew Plancha over the top onto Kiyoshi on the floor (as Red hit the ropes Sabin tagged Red on the back)! In the ring Sabin whips Bashir into the corner and then he hits a Running Mafia Kick to Bashir as Shelley hits a Leaping Enziguri to the side of Bashir’s head from the apron! Shelley tags in and Sabin gets Bashir in a Neckbreaker hold as Shelley climbs to the top and they hit the Neckbreaker/Frog Splash combo! 1?2?3 and it’s over!

Winners: MCMG & Red via pinfall (Neckbreaker/Frog Splash)

In the back Lauren is with Desmond Wolfe and she says that it seems like he has Kurt Angle’s number. Wolfe says it’s not about having Angle’s number, it’s about being Kurt Angle. He says he’s followed Angle’s entire career from the amateurs and the Olympics to the WWE and TNA. He says every breath Angle took he took with him. He says he’s here to replace Angle and he says he is a younger, better looking, more determined, and a healthier version of Kurt Angle. He says he was so close to ending Angle again just so Angle can crawl into the ring at Turning Point and finally end his career. He says that after Sunday everyone will bow to his howl.


Back from commercials they show more footage of the ‘speech? last week. Do we really need to osee that so many damn times?

Team 3D & Rhino make their way out to the ring. Bubba says that last week Dixie said that there would be a lot of changes and she said that everyone would have to make a choice: are you on onboard or not. He says that he and Devon are onboard and then says that last week he had a choice and that choice was to grab a steel chair and wrap it around Hernandez & Morgan’s head. He says he wasn?t proud of that choice but after thinking about it he’s glad he did it. He says for awhile Rhino has been trying to tell 3D that the young guys have been trying to take the vets out of TNA. He looks at Rhino and apologizes to him and says Rhino was right. Bubba says that Rhino has had their back for the past 15 years and then says for the past 15 years the fans stab them in the back every chance they get. Bubba says that the young talent will not take them out but instead they will hold them down and make sure what they?re trying to do never happens. He turns his attention to Matt Morgan & Hernandez and calls them out to the ring. It doesn?t take the two big men long to make their way out to the stage. Morgan says if Bubba has something so bad to say to them then he needs to walk his ?fat a**? up to that stage and say it. Bubba calls them the ?golden boys? of TNA and he mocks Morgan’s nickname ?DNA of TNA? and says he’s spilt more DNA in TNA than Morgan’s had showers in the back. Bubba says Hernandez is just an uneducated Mexican with no green card (uh, he was born in Texas genius). Hernandez says everything they have got in TNA they took and they took it because they can. Bubba clowns him out being Mexican somemore and then says that they issued a challenge to them earlier today for a 6-Man Tag Team Street Fight for Turning Point and he asks if they found a partner yet or are they waiting for TNA management to give them one. Morgan calls Bubba ?Blubber Ray? and Team 3D ?Team Triple D? and says they don?t need any partner or any help and they?re more than happy to do it themselves. Devon says they better pray to God they get a partner because if they are TNA’s future they will be no more after the Street Fight. D?Angelo Dinero’s music hits and the Pope has returned! Dinero makes his way out to the stage and he says they need to look no further for a partner! Dinero says Morgan and Hernandez is the future and The Pope is pimpin?. Dinero tells Rhino to ‘slow his roll? because he has a ?pimp slap? for him waiting. Dinero says they all three need to line up in the back and ?testify? to that because The Pope has spoken!


In the back Lauren is with the Brits and Eric Young. Lauren says that TNA Management has lifted the Brits suspension but if they are pinned or DQ?d tonight then Beer Money is going to be added to the Tag Titles Match this Sunday! Brutus says it’s unfair and pathetic how they are treating them. He says it’s another prime example of the discrimination they have faced since coming into TNA. Williams says as British men they know how to overcome adversity and tonight they will assure Beer Money will never darken a TNA ring again with their presence. Eric Young says this is exactly why they are the way they are and he says TNA is a company without authority in a country without authority and that’s why they are taking over. Young says this is Beer Money’s last chance and after the dust settles he can?t wait to lean over and whisper to them ?welcome to our world.? Young turns his attention to Hogan and says they have no problem with him and in fact he was a huge fan of his, when he was 3. He says as long as he knows they earned their spots and nothing was given to them then they?ll be fine.

At ringside Tenay & Taz rundown the card for this Sunday.


In the back JB is with the champ, AJ Styles and they discuss the big match this Sunday and the friction between he and Daniels lately. He apologizes about thinking it was Daniels that was attacking him as it obviously was not but he won?t apologize for beating him. AJ says that they allowed Joe to work his magic on him and he talks about being jumped 3 weeks in a row by somebody. AJ says that maybe Daniels just wants what AJ worked so hard to get and this Sunday Daniels can come take it from him. He says Joe is just playing games and then says Joe’s games won?t work on him because they both know he’s the best at what they do.

Non-Title Match
*if Brits are pinned, submitted, counted out, or DQ?d Beer Money is inserted in Title Match*
British Invasion vs. Beer Money Inc.

James is back to riding the Boozer Cruizer down to the ring. Roode and Williams start the match off and they lockup in the center of the ring. Roode gets Williams in a side headlock but Williams shoves him off only to eat a shoulder block from Roode. Roode comes off the ropes and ducks a clothesline attempt from Williams and then hits a Flying Forearm followed by a clothesline! Roode then backdrops Magnus as he comes into the ring and then clotheslines Williams over the top to the floor! Storm then clotheslines Brutus over the top to the floor! The referee starts counting them out as they started to walk out so they get back to the ring. Williams slides back in and eats a drop toe hold from Roode. Roode tags in Storm and he locks Williams in a wristlock and bites his fingers as Rob Terry walks down! Brutus stops him and tells him that they can?t get DQ?d so he cannot get involved. Terry is pissed and walks to the back. Roode attempts to whip Williams into the ropes but he reverses it and then goes for a clothesline, but Roode ducks and Brutus trips Roode from the outside. Williams then hits a Corkscrew European Uppercut and tags in Brutus. Brutus puts the boots to Roode and then throws him into the top turnbuckle and tags Williams back in. The Brits hit the Double Straight Jacket Slam and Williams gets a nearfall. Williams puts Williams in a Rear Chinlock and then slams him down by the hair. Brutus tags in now and they whip Roode into the corner and then Brutus whips Williams into Roode but he gets his boot up and then hits a back elbow on a charging Brutus! Roode climbs up top and hits a Double Blockbuster on the Brits! All 3 are down now and Roode is able to dive and make the tag! Storm with right hands to the Brits and then he hits a Jawbreaker followed by a Neckbreaker on Brutus. Storm then hits a Running Bulldog on Williams and then he lights Brutus up with a chop. Storm attempts to whip Brutus into the corner but Brutus reverses it and charges. Storm backdrops Brutus over the top but Brutus lands on the apron and hits a big right hand on Storm! As Brutus climbs through the ropes Storm kicks him in the face and then hits the Hanging DDT off the ropes Randy Orton style! 1?2?NO Williams comes in and tries to break it up with a boot but Storm moved and Williams kicked his own partner! Roode comes in and Beer Money hit the Beer Money Double Suplex! Brutus goes for a clothesline on Storm but he ducks and Brutus walks right into a Spinebuste from Roode! Roode comes off the ropes and clotheslines Brutus right into a Backstabber from Storm! 1?2?NO Brutus kicks out! Roode grabs a chair and slides it into the ring but Storm doesn?t pick it up and allows Brutus to pick it up. He dares Brutus to hit him with it and he starts to but Williams pulls it away and reminds him what happens if they get DQ?d. Roode sneaks in behind the Brits and Beer Money shove them into each other! Roode throws Williams out to the floor and they hit the DWI in the ring on Brutus for the pin!

Winners: Beer Money via pinfall (DWI)

On the stage Lauren interviews Beer Money and she asks them how they feel about getting into the Title Match this Sunday. Roode says what’s fair is fair and what’s right is right and this Sunday Beer Money will once again prove why they are the tag team in the history of TNA! Storm says ?Boys, sorry about yo damn luck!?

In the back JB is with Hernandez, Morgan, & Dinero. Hernandez says they don?t trust nobody that wears sunglasses all the time but he says he wears the shades all the time because his future in TNA is so bright. Morgan admits that Dinero is talented but asks him what in the hell thinks he would trust a ‘street pimp.? Dinero corrects him and says he’s a ‘street pope? and he says where he’s from there is a code of honor and when he gives his word it’s golden. He says Team 3D and Rhino say they want to hold the young guys down and he’s one of those young guys an if that means teaming with ?the giant and D-Bo from Cell Block 6? then he?ll do it. Dinero says at Turning Point they?ll be pimpin?.

Lauren is now with Daniels and they hype up Styles-Joe-Daniels 2. Daniels says through it all he and AJ will always be friends but this is the wrestling business and when the bell rings there is no friends. He says both he and AJ started from the bottom in TNA and if the company supported him the same way that they supported AJ he could be World Champion right now because he is every bit the wrestler that AJ is and AJ knows it. He questions whether that’s the reason why AJ wanted to wrestle him AFTER he was attacked by Joe and why it’s a Three Way at Turning Point and not a one-on-one match. Daniels says he knows the story of the wolf in sheep’s clothing and he’s smarter than that.

Main Event
Non Title Match
?Samoan Submission Machine? Samoa Joe vs. ?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles

They show highlights of Joe choking AJ out last week. AJ slides out of the ring to go after Joe but Joe slides into the ring and then when AJ rolls back in Joe goes right back to the floor. AJ follows him again and Joe slides back into the ring once again followed by AJ. Joe comes off the ropes and AJ leapfrogs Joe and then AJ hits the Phenomenal Dropkick! AJ walks over to Joe but he grabs AJ by the tights and flings him headfirst into the middle turnbuckle. Joe then hits a series of jabs on AJ in the corner and then follows up with the Facewash! Joe then hits the Running Front Kick to the face of AJ in the corner. Joe hits a big Powerbomb on AJ for a nearfall and then rolls him right over into the STF! AJ fights it and Joe transitions into a Crippler Crossface. Again AJ fights it and is able to crawl over and get his foot on the bottom rope. Joe with another series of jabs on AJ and then hits some nasty rights and lefts in the corner. Joe then goes for a big right but AJ ducks and hits a series of rights of his own. AJ lights Joe up with chops and forearms now and then he attempts to whip Joe into the corner, but Joe reverses it and then charges but AJ hits a back elbow. AJ then springboards off the middle turnbuckle going for the Phenomenon but Joe moves and hits a huge Lariat! 1?2?NO AJ kicks out! Joe goes for another Powerbom but AJ blocks it and then hits a nasty Spinning Heel Kick! AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Joe blocks it and counters with a backdrop. Joe then goes for another Lariat but AJ ducks and hits the Pele out of nowhere! AJ climbs to the top but Daniels runs out and as he grabbed the top rope AJ stumbled and fell off. AJ gets in Daniels face and they argue and then AJ absolutely blasts Daniels with a haymaker as Joe looks on smiling. Joe comes up from behind and chokes AJ out with the Coquina Clutch! AJ tries to fight it but he eventually passes out and we see Daniels actually smiling from ringside as he sees AJ being choked out!

Winner: Joe via KO (Coquina Clutch)

After the match Joe grabs the World Title and raises it up over his head standing over the prone body of AJ Styles while Daniels looks on.

Final Thoughts

Tonight was a good mixture of solid wrestling and some good promos and backstage segments to make up for a solid go-home show.

The opening segment was pretty bad between Foley and Super Dave. First off, I barely even know who in the hell that guy is and he just seemed as out of place as any of the RAW guest hosts.

Stevie and Abyss was okay for what it was but the big story was the return of Raven. We last saw him at Slammiversary. I?m all for Raven staying in TNA for a long run because he brings a solid worker in the midcard for the younger guys to work with. I?m not with this bringing him back for a month or two and then letting him go again though, but it does sound like he’s back for awhile after listening to his promo. They could maybe even slap together a new Flock or something for him but Raven’s promo was very solid as it always is with him.

I?m not sure where they?re going with this thing about Traci’s arm. I know it’s a legit injury but honestly I have no desire to see anything go forward with this other than her retiring from the ring and just be a manger. She is only average in the ring and there are far too many great workers in that division. Flash looked great (both her looks and in the ring) and it’s great to see her finally get a win. She, Sarita, Taylor, and Hamada are the future of that division.

Lethal getting pinned by an overweight, out of shape, and retired Jim Neidhart was not a good look for the youngster. I mean other than that Battle Royal at the Raw 15th Anniversary when’s the last time he wrestled an actual match? I have no problem with them bringing in a few legends for Lethal to face but what sense does it make to have him get pinned the first time out? I figured they were headed towards an eventual showdown with the real Savage but apparently not. I think it’s time to just take Jay off TV for a few months and completely revamp his character. The Black Machismo gimmick is done.

Steiner is doing his best to make this feud with Lashley interesting but I?m just not into it whatsoever.

Pretty good Knockouts Tag Match, some great action in the ring and they were able to hide Lacey’s uncoordinated a** for the most part. If they put a belt on that?female, I?m going to throw a shoe at my TV.

Another great promo and segment between Desmond and Angle, I?m loving this feud and I would prefer it be a few month long feud rather than a one month short feud.

Nice little showcase match with the X-Division and they really let Amazing Red show out, he is getting super over just by his actions in the ring and Homicide is just freaking awesome. I?m loving this ?crazy jackass? thing they?re doing with him and Red-Homicide should be very good.

Decent promo between 3D & the young guys and I was really thrilled with the Pope’s return. The fans have been cheering him for awhile now and a face turn was needed. Especially with the family thing he was probably going to get sympathy as he returned as well. That should be a very interesting match at the PPV.

Beer Money and Brits have great chemistry and had another good match tonight, that 3-Way good be a show stealer on any card that didn?t have Styles-Daniels-Joe 2 on it.

Good promos from AJ and Daniels tonight especially Daniels and another good little match from AJ and Joe giving you a little taste of what’s to come this Sunday which I really liked that they did the past few weeks. Kind of giving the fans a ?here’s a little taste now buy the PPV and see what these three can do together going all out? type of thing. It would make absolutely no sense whatsoever for Daniels to have came out to ?watch AJ’s back? as he said when AJ was going for the win but I think the smile he had on his face as Joe choked him out told the real story there. This match should be great.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Desmond-Angle Promo/Fight
Match of the Night: Joe vs. Styles (**1/2)
Overall Grade: B +

Turning Point Lineup:
– TNA World Title 3-Way: AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniels
– Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe
– TNA Tag Titles 3-Way: British Invasion (c) vs. Beer Money Inc. vs. Motor City Machine Guns
– Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner
– TNA X-Division Title: Amazing Red (c) vs. Homicide
– 6-Sides of Steel: Tara vs. Awesome Kong
– TNA Knockouts Tag Titles & Knockouts Title: ODB (c) & Sarita & Taylor Wilde (c) vs. Beautiful People
– Street Fight: Team 3D & Rhino vs. Matt Morgan, Hernandez, & D?Angelo Dinero

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