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TNA Impact on Spike TV
Taped in Orlando, Fla.

[Q1] The show opened with a video that featured footage of Hulk Hogan appearing on various talk shows and a clip of him and Dixie Carter at the press conference in which he announced that his partnership with the company… “A New Beginning” is the title of this week’s show… The opening montage aired…

Mike Tenay discussed Hogan signing and set up a video feature with Dixie Carter addressing the entire TNA talent roster. Vince Russo, Scott D’Amore, Pat Kenney, D-Lo Brown, and others from the office were behind her leaning against the ring, while the wrestlers were seated in the stands at the Impact Zone (taped before the crowd arrived).

“Since I was named president six years ago, I’ve had a lot of people telling me how to run a wrestling company,” she said. “And while I appreciate their contributions, it’s time for a change.” She said they made a big change last week and there would be more in the weeks and months ahead.

Carter said the changes affect different people in different ways. She said that while some people may have differing opinions, she expects their support. “When you question things in this company, you are questioning me,” she said. “And I cannot allow that to happen. Business is about choices. I’ve made the choice to put my finances, my reputation, my passion, my love behind each and every one of you and this company, and it’s time for you to do the same thing.”

“You have a choice to make. You can choose to support me. You can choose to support the direction that TNA is going or you can choose not to, but you’ll need to find another place to work.” She said no great success comes without risk. She said the wrestlers have made her very proud. She asked everyone to step it up in every way possible. She said they have to believe it or they are hurting the people next to them. She said it was time that they show everyone what they’re all about.

A.J. Styles came to the ring and said there have been some changes in TNA. “Who would have thought that Hulk Hogan would be part of the TNA family?” Styles asked. He said they’re on a new playing field and they’re at a whole new level. “I’ve been dreaming about being at this level for the seven years I’ve been here,” Styles said.

Styles turned his attention to the person who has been attacking him. He said he was giving that person a chance to come to the ring and man up. He told the person to come look him in the eyes, man up, and try to take the title.

Daniels’s music played and he came to the ring. Taz acted surprised, Tenay assumed that Samoa Joe was right in accusing Daniels. Daniels entered the ring and took offense to Styles being either gullible or stupid by thinking he attacked him. Daniels said Styles has been spoiled.

Daniels said he and Styles came into the company at the same time and he hasn’t been handed things like Styles has. “And let’s be honest, A.J., I am every bit the wrestler that you are,” Daniels said. Great line. Daniels said the only difference is that every time A.J. was down, the company helped him up. Daniels said every time he was up, the company pushed him down.

Daniels mentioned the meeting Dixie held and said maybe things will change. He said he still believes that if one person doesn’t like him in the back, “it’s going to be another seven years in hell for me.” Styles said Daniels has never said anything like that to him in the seven years they’ve been friends.

Samoa Joe’s music played and he walked onto the stage wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Joe said Daniels is working Styles. Joe said Daniels has been lying to him all along. Joe said Daniels has and always will be jealous of him. Joe said the only reason he and Styles aren’t friends is because Styles has something he wants in the TNA Title.

Joe said he has no problem telling Styles that to his face, unlike the cowardly punk attacking A.J. Daniels took offense and said he’s not the person attacking Styles. He said he could beat A.J. anytime. Styles took offense and asked how badly Styles wanted to find out. “If you wanted a piece of me, all you had to do was ask,” Styles said.

Styles challenged Daniels to settle their differences tonight. He said he wanted there to be a winner and a loser. Daniels glared at Styles and said, “You got it.” The shook hands as Joe laughed on the entrance ramp… [C]

[Q2] 1. Beer Money beat Eric Young and Rob Terry in 3:55. The announcers hyped that the news regarding Hogan and TNA was everywhere you looked in the mainstream. Tenay announced that the main event would feature Styles vs. Daniels with Joe as the main event. Taz pointed out that Young let Terry do the dirty work and would sneak in after the opponents were down.

Late in the match, Young tried to hit Roode with a title belt, but Roode moved and Young accidentally struck Terry, which led to the pin. Afterward, the British Invasion ran out wearing their World Elite sweat pants and attacked Beer Money. Taz said he doesn’t know whether the beatdown or the sweats were worse. Funny. Security ran out and broke it up.

As they were heading up the stage, Beer Money scolded Rob Terry for losing the match. Suddenly, the Motor City Machine Guns ran out and jumped British Invasion. Security pulled them off quickly…

Backstage, The Beautiful People said they would be shooting “Meanest Girls 2” later in the show… [C]

[Q3] Backstage, The Beautiful People approached ODB, who said she was making a movie and needed some slut doubles. They ended up attacking her and wrapping her in a white bridal bag.

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Black Machismo, who was excited about Hulk Hogan joining TNA. He said TNA is the new home of the Mega Powers. He also announced his invitational. He challenged anyone who wanted to see if they still have it. He mentioned The Birdman, King Kong Bundy, Ric Flair, and other names from the past…

Jeremy Borash approached Mick Foley inside his office. Foley wasn’t pleased that he wasn’t let in on the Hogan news earlier. Foley said Borash seemed surprised a few weeks ago when he found out that there was a camera inside the office. Borash said he was just going to talk to him about that. Foley said he had a surprise for Abyss and said the world would know about it. “Have a nice day, Hulkamaniac,” Foley said to Borash… [C] A shot aired of Desmond Wolfe during the commercial cut-in…

2. Desmond Wolfe pinned Cody Deaner in 0:05. Kurt Angle joined the announcers via telephone. Before he could say much, Wolfe clotheslined Deaner and scored the pin. Angle struggled to speak and said that Wolfe damaged his larynx.

Wolfe put his zip-up jacket (ugh) and shades back on and stood on the entrance ramp for a promo. He said it’s easy for the wankers to get in the ring with him, but when it comes to getting out of the ring, “Not so much.” He referred to Angle as “Mangle” because of what he did to him last week. “Let’s just say I’m hungry like a wolf,” Desmond said. Angle mocked him on the telephone (unbeknownst to Wolfe) by mocking his sun glasses.

Backstage, Lauren recalled Homicide stating that he saw Suicide unmasked. She questioned whether it was time for him to reveal his identity. He said there’s a reason he wears the mask that he’s not ready to share with anyone… Tenay hyped the main event… [C]

[Q4] Lauren asked Team 3D about Rhino. Brother Ray shifted the focus to Hulk Hogan. He said Dixie Carter has the biggest set of grapefruits in the business. Rhino entered the scene and continued to preach his conspiracy theory that TNA management wants to get rid of the old guys. Team 3D said they think Morgan is crazy. Ray said a famous man once said that to be the man you have to beat the man. He said they are the team you have to beat.

Samoa Joe came out wearing a ref’s shirt and purple gloves. Daniels came out for his match. Backstage, Borash was about to interview Styles when a hooded man with his face covered attacked Styles. In the ring, Joe attacked Daniels and left him lying with the Muscle Buster… [C]

3. Tara pinned Hamada in 3:00. Hamada walked out wearing white pants. Taz said he was nervous because he thought they were World Elite pants for a second. Funny. Tenay said management would make a big announcement next week regarding the suspension of The British Invasion. We’re all on pins and needles. After a few minutes of action, Tara hit her finisher and scored the clean pin.

[Q5] After the match, Awesome Kong came out and was greeted at ringside by security. Tara climbed to the top rope and dove onto Kong and the security guards. Cool spot. Security held them apart after the dive… [C]

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Tara, who announced that they will have a steel cage match at Turning Point. “I’m not going to be locked up in there with you,” Tara said. “You’re going to be locked up with me.” Nice line…

Mick Foley came to the ring for a promo and introduced Abyss. Foley delivered the expected promo about how much he respects Abyss and doesn’t really think he’s a rip off. Foley said he was legitimately pissed that his Tweet and Tweek photo was destroyed, but he felt bad about some of the things he said.

Foley said he knew Abyss was good, but having a match with him was the only way to find out how good he is. Foley said he wanted to be a cross between Bruiser Brody and Dynamite Kid. He said he added bits of Harley Race and Terry Funk. He said Abyss has only scratched the surface of what he’s capable of. Foley gave him a caricature of the two of them as a gift. Foley announced that Abyss will face Dr. Stevie next week. He said Stevie is gone from TNA if Abyss pins him…

Backstage, Borash interviewed Scott Steiner, who spoke about his NWO history with Hulk Hogan. He predicted that Hogan would come in and put all the young punks in place. He said maybe Hogan will join him in the Main Event Mafia. He shifted his focus back to his role as Rick Rude while talking about how he can tell that Kristal Lashley wants him… [C]

[Q6] A video featured Matt Morgan putting over Hulk Hogan coming to TNA. He said he idolized Hogan when he was a kid. He mentioned their history on American Gladiators and said Hogan was good to him…

4. Bobby Lashley pinned Homicide in 1:05. Kristal came out with Lashley, but referee Earl Hebner sent her backstage. Homicide attacked Lashley from behind to start the match. Lashley came back and hit an awkward one-handed slam and got the clean pin. Tenay announced that Daniels vs. Styles would still take place later in the show.

After the match, Homicide attacked Lashley, but Lashley picked him up for a press slam. A shot of Steiner harassing Lashley appeared on the big screen. Lashley dropped Homicide and ran backstage. Lashley beat up Lashley until wrestlers and agents pulled him off… [C]

After the break, Homicide was still pissed off in the ring. He shoved Hebner to the mat. Amazing Red ran out and hit some flashy offense on Homicide, who eventually ran away…

The announcers ran through the Turning Point lineup… Ring entrances for the women’s match took place…

[Q7] 5. Taylor Wilde pinned Madison Rayne in 1:00. Tenay announced that all the championships will be on the line when ODB, Sarita, and Wilde face The Beautiful People in a six-Diva tag at Turning Point. Wilde won with a roll up into a bridge for the pin.

After the match, Lacey Von Erich and Velvet Sky came out. Lacey was holding a big pink dildo, which she used to choke Wilde until Sarita ran out for the save. Sarita was outnumbered. ODB ran out and the heels ran away… [C]

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Hernandez and Matt Morgan. Hernandez said they work for TNA and they’re out to win no matter who they face. “Conspiracy theory?” Morgan asked. “Really?” He said they respect Team 3D, but they’re still out to knock them off their perch. He said Team 3D was one of the best teams in history, but the key word was history. Hernandez spoke in Spanish. “Yeah,” said an over the top Morgan. “What he said”…

6. A.J. Styles pinned Daniels in 5:00. Samoa Joe was the special referee. Late in the match, Daniels hit a moonsault for a near fall. The crowd didn’t buy in because it was so rapid fire. Daniels and Joe bickered. Daniels wanted to hit him, but he showed restraint. Styles hit a neckbreaker. Taz pointed out that Daniels injured his neck earlier via the Muscle Buster.

Styles hit the springboard flying forearm. Both men stayed down and Joe chuckled. A short time later, Styles hit the Styles Clash and scored the pin. Joe handed the belt to Styles and raised his hand. Styles looked at Joe cautiously, but Joe backed off and left the ring. Styles checked on Daniels. Joe entered the ring and locked Styles in the Kokina Clutch…

[Q8] [C] A video piece featured Hernandez said that if Hogan signing is good for TNA, then it has to be good for the young guys… Backstage, Lauren interviewed Dr. Stevie and Daffney. Stevie said anyone who thinks Abyss is going to pin him next week needs their head examined. Daffney grabbed the mic and said, “Trust him on that, he knows.” Funny…

7. Matt Morgan and Hernandez beat Team 3D by an apparent DQ in 7:00. Tenay announced that Super Dave Osbourne will be on the show next week. Nice. Taz pointed out that he’s also Marty Funkhauser. Curb rocks! At 3:10, Ray ripped Hernandez’s shirt, slapped him across the chest, and then hit a nice superplex.

At 4:00, Rhino walked to ringside and preached to Ray about his conspiracy theory. Meanwhile, Morgan worked over Devon’s injured knee inside the ring. Rhino tried to give Ray a chair to use in the ring, but Ray jumped off the apron and shoved him down. Ray told Rhino to leave. The chair was left on the ring apron.

Morgan kept working over Devon and motioned for the chokeslam. Ray grabbed the chair and struck Morgan and Hernandez with it. Rhino entered the ring and hugged Ray. Rhino gored Hernandez and Morgan, then raised Team 3D’s hands. The show went off the air with Ray closing his eyes and shaking his head…

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