TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/11/13

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Corpus Christi, Texas (American Bank Center)
April,11, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz, & Todd Keneley
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact live from Corpus Christi opens up with highlights from the past couple of weeks and then backstage Jeff Hardy is approached by Hulk Hogan. Hogan asks him if he’s ready and Hardy says he was born ready for this kind of match.

After the Impact intro we jump right to the arena where chairs, tables, & ladders all set up on the stage.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
2/3 Falls Match
Dirty Heels (c) vs. “Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero Jr. & “Super Mex” Hernandez w/Jesse James Leija

*If Chavo & Hernandez lose then they must split up as a team.

Chavo & Hernandez are accompanied down to the ring by Mexican legendary boxer Jesse James Leija who lives in Texas. Leija is carrying a Texas flag down to the ring and is going to be sitting ringside. Roode & Aires jump Chavo & Hernandez at ringside as they are showing Leija where to sit! Roode tosses Hernandez into the ring steps several times and Aries tosses Chavo into the ring as the bell sounds. Roode whips Aries into the IED on Chavo in the corner and then Aries tosses Chavo into the Double-R Spinebuster! 1…2…3! Just like that Dirty Heels are one fall away from retaining the belts!

2nd FALL
As the bell rings for the 2nd fall Roode tags Aries in and Aries climbs to the top rope! Aries mocks the Eddie Guerrero shimmy and dives off with a Frog Splash! Chavo rolls out of the way and catches Aries with an Oklahoma Roll! 1…2…3! Roode wasn’t able to break it up in time! We are down the 3rd Fall just like that!

3rd FALL
Roode tags himself in and goes right after Chavo with stomps and kicks. Roode chokes Chavo in the corner and then hits a Back Suplex for a nearfall. Aries tags back in and Roode holds Chavo down as Aries connects with a Slingshot Somersault Senton. Aries stomps on Chavo’s head and then hit’s an Elbow Drop for another nearfall. Aries slams Chavo into the turnbuckles and then lays into him with body shots. Roode tags back in and whips Chavo into another corner. Roode charges at Chavo but Chavo nails Roode with an elbow. Chaov then climbs up top and goes for a Tornado DDT but Roode blocks it only to eat a dropkick from Chavo! Both men are down but Hernandez is still laid out at ringside. Hernandez climbs back up to the apron and Chavo tags him! Hernandez with a Slingshot Shoulder Block takes out Roode and then Aries comes flying in but get’s dropped by a shoulder block as well. Roode then hits a couple of Double Sledges to both of the tag champs. Hernandez whips Roode into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Roode stops and kicks him. Roode lights Hernandez up with a nasty chop and then bounces off the ropes only to walk right into the Get Off Me! Hernandez lifts Aries straight up into the air and Gorilla Press Slams across the damn border! Hernandez climbs out onto the ramp and goes all the way to the end. Hernandez dives over the top with Air Mexico onto both champs!


Back from the break Aries dives off the top onto Hernandez on the floor with a Diving Savage Axe Handle. Dirty Heels toss Hernandez back into the ring as a “Chavo” chants starts up. Roode covers Chavo for a nearfall and then puts him in a side headlock as the Spanish Announce Team is shown. Roode hits a Snapmare Takeover on Roode and then tags Aries in. Roode hits a Rolling Neck Snap on a seated Hernandez and then Aries dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick to the back of Hernandez. 1…2…NO Hernandez kicks out and then Aries hooks Chavo’s leg and Roode tags himself back in as Roode puts the boots to Hernandez’s knee as Aries holds it. Hernandez tries to fight back but Roode takes him back down with a clubbing blow to the back. Roode knocks Chavo off the apron and then he rakes Hernandez’s eyes. Dirty Heels whip Hernandez into the ropes and attempt a Double Clothesline, but Hernandez runs through it and hits a Double Clothesline of his own! Hernandez tags Chavo in and Chavo catches Roode with a shoulder block through the ropes. Chavo then hits a Slingshot Somersault Senton on Roode and then knocks Aries off the apron. Chavo hits the ropes and catches Roode with a Spinning Head Scissors sending him to the outside! Chavo then dives over the top with a Plancha onto both Aries & Roode! Chavo tosses Roode back in and covers him, 1…2…NO Aries breaks it up! Aries grabs Chavo and attempts the Brainbuster, but Chavo counters into the Three Amigos! Roode blocks the third one and then grabs Chavo and attempts the Payoff, but Chavo counters into the Three Amigos again! This time Chavo connects with all three and then he climbs up top for the Frog Splash. Aries knocks Chavo off the top and Roode rolls him up, 1…2…NO Chavo still kicks out! Roode immediately locks Chavo in the Crippler Crossface! Hernandez runs in and breaks it up but then Aries tosses Hernandez over the top and he lands on the ramp. Dirty Heels then pick Chavo up for something and Hernandez dives back over the top for Air Mexico, but the Heels move and Hernandez nails his own partner! Aries tosses Hernandez out of the ring and Roode covers Chavo! 1…2….NO Chavo is still able to kick out! Roode tosses Chavo into the corner and then whips Aries into the IED on Chavo! Aries tosses Chavo into an attempt at the Double-R, but Chavo reverses it into a Spike DDT! 1…2….NO Aries is able to come in and make the save! Aries slams Chavo into the corner and lifts him up to the top. Aries goes for a Superplex but Hernandez comes back in and lifts Aries up for the Border Toss! Roode breaks it up and Dirty Heels go for a Double Suplex on him, but Hernandez counters into one of his own! Chavo then dives off the top with a Frog Splash on Roode! 1…2…Hernandez stops Aries from breaking it up…3! New Champs!

Winners & NEW Tag Champs: Chavo & Hernandez via pinfall (Frog Splash)

Brooke Hogan is shown arriving backstage and Joey Ryan approaches her again. He tells her that she doesn’t have to apologize for the way the knockouts acted last week and he’d love to referee for them again, but Brooke says she’s already hired someone for the job. Brooke says last week was ridiculous and the reason he’s here tonight is because she talked to Hulk and he has a match tonight. Brooke says they’ll definitely find out who the “bigger” man is tonight and she walks away.


Aces & Eights are shown arriving in the parking lot.

Joseph Park makes his way down to the ring in a suit and tie and he says he’s going to get right to the point. Park says his issue is with Aces & Eights and more specifically with Bully Ray. Park says what they have done to TNA is downright wrong and it stops now. The fans are not into Park at all. He says the word that is coming to his mind is justice and tonight justice will be served when Jeff Hardy regains his title. That’s the only thing that he’s said that has received anything resembling a pop. Park says that justice won’t end there and he says that he is “well versed” in marriage laws and divorce. Park holds up an envelope and he says that he has taken it apon himself to write up a “writ of annulment” for Bully and Brooke. He says it will be filed by his office but before he can say anything else Devon walks out.

Devon takes the envelope away from Park and rips it up. Devon says if he has a problem Bully then he has a problem with Devon. He says he doesn’t know what rock he crawled under but he needs to go back and he better stay out of his family’s business. He tells Park he’s been warned and then starts to leave the ring but stops as Park picks up the pieces of paper. Devon wraps a chain around his hand and punches Park in the ribs.

A video package highlighting the Terrell-Gail Kim drama is shown. Gail & Terrell, separately, are shown warming up backstage.


Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim
Special Referee: ODB

ODB is introduced as the special referee for this one. Her wife beater has hand prints where her breasts are, classy. Gail argues with some fans at ringside and then ODB grabs her and literally lifts her up and into the ring. Terrell hits her with a Hip Toss and then a Snap Suplex! Terrell follows up with a Monkey Flip and then she goes for a Spear, but Gail Kim sidesteps her. Terrell catches Gail with an elbow and then climbs up top but Gail grabs her leg and slams her to the mat. Gail puts the boots to Terrell and then tosses her into the corner. Gail hits a series of kicks in the corner and then ODB grabs her and pulls her out as she warned her repeatedly. Terrell hits Gail in the ribs repeatedly as Gail turns around but then runs into a back elbow. Gail lifts Terrell up and into a Fireman’s Carry Slam. Gail chokes Terrell in the ropes and stands on the back of her head as she has her hung up in the ropes. ODB pulls her off and Gail gets in her face as they yell back and forth. Gail attempts to whip Terrell into the corner but Terrell reverses it and charge at Gail. Gail floats up and over Terrell into a rollup! Gail hooks the trunks but ODB catches her and stops counting. Terrell kicks Gail into the turnbuckles and then rolls her up! 1…2…3!

Winner: Terrell via pinfall (rollup)

Gail argues with ODB after the match but ODB tells her to kiss her ass. ODB chases Gail to the back as they argue and Terrell continues to celebrate. Christy Hemme interviews her on the ramp and Terrell says she has waited a long time to get physical with Gail but now the question is who wants to get physical with her and then she slaps Christy on the ass. Well that was interesting.

Magno & Pearce are shown backstage.


Last week the Gut Check judges discuss Magno & Pearce’s match. Snow mentions the botches from Magno and Bruce talks about Pearce being 17 years in the business and he says he appreciates Pearce doing whatever it takes to win. Davis says Pearce was technically sound and Snow liked the aggressiveness. Prichard says this one is as difficult as their last Gut Check but in a different way. Back live the judges talk to Magno & Pearce. Prichard says they have had a lot of tough decisions in Gut Check but they can’t remember a more hyped up Gut Check Match than this one. Prichard says only one can go to the judge to face the Gut Check. Prichard says Magno has his entire career ahead of him and Pearce as a 17 year veteran can be viewed as a negative or a positive. They eliminate Pearce from the Gut Check and Prichard offers a handshake. Pearce hesitates before accepting it and then calls him a “damn fool” as he walks away. Pearce did not look happy whatsoever.

The history of the AJ Styles drama is shown.

Backstage Hulk Hogan says there is a lot of pressure tonight and he says that he can’t express just how important the World Title match is tonight, but before that even happens he has to take care of the AJ Styles issue.

In the parking lot earlier AJ Styles is shown arriving. AJ shoves the camera away and then Mr. Anderson approaches him with an Aces & Eights vest again. Anderson says they made him a serious offer last week and gives him the jacket again as AJ looks down at it.


A video package hyping up Hardy-Ray is shown.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he comes out to a big ovation. The fans surrounding the ramp actually bow down to Hogan as he walks down it. Hogan says you can say that Impact is on fire in Corpus Christi and that’s why he’s out here to get down to business. Hogan says there are a lot of things going on tonight but the man he needs to talk to is AJ Styles. He says AJ needs to get out to the ring and let him know what’s going on.

AJ Styles comes down to the ring as Taz says it’s time for AJ to come to the dark side. AJ is carrying the Aces & Eights jacket. Taz says that it would be awesome if AJ put the Aces & Eights cut on right in front of Hulk Hogan. Hogan says TNA is the middle of a crazy war and he needs to know who is friend or foe. He asks AJ which side is on and this is an ultimatum. AJ snatches the microphone away from him and says he needs to tell Hogan something…brother. He says he doesn’t respond well to ultimatums but before he can say anything else James Storm’s entrance music hits.

Storm comes out and says he’s not out there to give him an ultimatum or even to hear what side he’s on. Storm says he’s out there because he and AJ are going to fight but then Bad Influence’s music breaks up the party. AJ looks like he’s about to commit a serial murder spree as Bad Influence get in the ring. Kazarian calls Storm “Toby Keith” and tells him to step aside. Kaz says they’ve come out to mend the fence with AJ and because they see through all the “poop” going on right now. He says that they’re “both sexual and intellectual” so they see through this game that’s being played. He says that “Thunder Lips” is going to try and get AJ to join his “team” because Aces & Eights have all but disbanded his roster. Kaz says it is a good mood and then tells Hogan “good job brother, brother” but Aces & Eights are also in the midst of the war so it’s obvious why they would try to recruit the guy that was TNA’s most loyal soldier for the past 11 years.

Daniels says AJ needs to listen to reason and the choice that Hogan wants him to make is lose-lose. He says no matter which side he choices that side will chew him up and spit him out no matter what. He says that he and Kazarian have a much better proposition for AJ and they want AJ on their side. He says that he knows AJ thinks the whole Claire Lynch thing was bad but it was worse when Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan stopped believing and trusting him, and when the hypocrite fans turned their backs on him. He tells AJ not to stand with strangers but stand with his brothers. Daniels reminds AJ of the Tag Titles he and AJ have won together and suggests how great it would be if he, Kazarian, & AJ stood together against the world. Storm gets in AJ’s face and starts screaming at him and the fans chant for Hogan. AJ doesn’t say anything else and just walks away. AJ stops on the ramp and looks at Bad Influence but also walks away from them. Hogan tells AJ to stop and says since he won’t make a decision then Hogan will, and AJ will face Storm next week on Impact!


Backstage Kurt Angle says the feud between TNA & Aces has just begun, and the balance of power switches back when Jeff Hardy regains the World Title. Kurt says next week he’s going to do his part because he went to Hogan and asks for a Handicap Match against the two punks he took under his wing: Garett & Wes. He says next week he will show everyone why he’s the baddest SOB in wrestling.

Highlights from the Knockouts Match last week with Joey Ryan as referee are shown.

Joey Ryan vs. Rob Terry

Terry has new entrance music and a new entrance video and has dropped the Jersey Shore sweater. Ryan bounces off the ropes and tries a shoulder block but gets laid out. Terry this another shoulder block and then tosses Ryan across the ring with a Hip Toss. Terry lays into Ryan with some vicious chops and then he whips him hard into the corner. Terry hits a Scoop Slam and then destroys him with a clothesline in the corner. Terry lifts Ryan up and drops him with a big Powerslam. Terry lifts Ryan up on his shoulders and swings him around into the Freakbuster for the pin.

Winner: Terry via pinfall (Freakbuster)


Hulk Hogan talks to Brooke Hogan about wanting her to watch the Main Event in a sweet rather than at ringside, but she says she has to look in his eyes when Jeff takes the title away. She says she’s bringing security with her. Brooke walks away and then Matt Morgan walks up to Hogan and says Hulk should have listened to him a long time ago by naming HIM the #1 Contender instead of Bully. Morgan says Hogan just couldn’t resist and he did what he does best and that’s make a mistake. Morgan says one day all those mistakes are going to come crashing down on him and then Morgan flinches at him before laughing and walking away.

JB introduces the judges for Gut Check and then Magno. Prichard gets overwhelmingly booed when he’s introduced and Magno also gets booed when he comes to the ring. Danny Davis grabs the microphone as a huge “no” chant starts. That’s not a good sign because Magno is from Texas. Davis says he has to agree with the fans and his answer is NO. Magno gets a chance to plead his case and he says something to the crowd in Spanish. He says he has a lot of goals in life and because of this business he’s been all around the world, but that’s not enough for him. He says the people know him now as Magno from El Paso, TX (cheap pop) but he wants the whole world to know him as Magno, the luchador from Impact Wrestling.

Another “No” chant starts and Prichard says the reason Magno is out here is because he has his entire career ahead of him. Prichard says that Magno has all the physical attributes as well as a marketable look, but his inexperience in the ring could cost him as much as Pearce’s vast experience could cost him. Prichard says he doesn’t know who Magno is and he needs more seasoning. Prichard answer is NO as well so that means he’s eliminated as well. Well that was a big, fat, whopping waste of dumbass time.

In the parking lot Aces & Eights are getting Bully Ray fired up for the Main Event. Anderson reminds Bully that when you ride with the Aces & Eights, you never walk alone. Ray says he NEEDS to walk alone tonight and he needs to beat Hardy on his own so he can shove it up Hardy & Hogan’s asses. He makes Aces promise him that they will let him do it on their own. Ray says he’s not doing this for himself but he’s doing it for the group. Ray takes of his wedding ring and tells Anderson to hold it for him.


Main Event
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Full Metal Mayhem Match
“Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray (c)

There are tables, ladders, and chairs scattered everyone around the ring, on the ramp, etc. as the two make their way to the ring. This is a rematch from their Cage Match at Lockdown and they revolutionized the Ladder Match with the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Matches in the early part of the 2000’s with the Dudleyz, Hardyz, & Edge/Christian. Bully Ray has a few choice words for Brooke at ringside before the match. Hardy kicks Ray and immediately nails him with a Twist of Fate as Ray turned around! Hardy jumps on Ray in the corner and explodes on him with right hands, and then whips him hard into the opposite side corner. Hardy blasts Ray with a chair repeatedly and then drags a ladder into the ring. Hardy sets up the ladder in the ring and tosses Ray headfirst into it! Hardy then dives off the ladder with Poetry In Motion sandwiching Ray between himself and the ladder! Ray then falls forward right into the chair and the ladder falls down on top of him. Hardy sets the ladder up in the center of the ring and climbs all the way to the top but Ray actually tips the ladder over. Hardy lands on his feet and then catches Ray with a Leaping Mule Kick! Hardy charges at Ray but Ray lifts Hardy up WAY up into the air with an INSANE back drop over the top onto the ramp. That absolutely looked VICIOUS as Hardy crashed onto the ramp. Good lord that was a sick bump. Ray hits Hardy with a chain repeatedly and then sets the ladder back up. Ray climbs the ladder but Hardy is able to crawl back into the ring and then climbs the ladder with Bully. They exchange punches at the top of the ladder but Ray pokes Hardy in the eyes! Ray then Superplexes Hardy off the top of the ladder! Hardy’s legs actually hit the ropes on the way down as well so that probably made the fall that much worse.


My cable went out (it’s storming right now) shortly right before the break so I don’t know if I missed anything directly after the big spot off the ladder because it was in the middle of commercials when it came back on (it was only maybe 2 minutes). Back from the break Ray has Hardy laid out on a table and is up on the top. Hardy rolls off the table and blasts Ray with a chair! Hardy moves the table a bit and is limping very noticeably. Hardy sets a ladder up upside down near the corner and then climbs up top with Ray. Hardy tries to Superplex Ray into the ladder but Ray blocks it and knocks Hardy off the top. Ray dives off the top but Hardy kicks him in midair. Hardy sets up for another Suplex into the ladder but it falls over, and then Ray blocks the suplex and slams Hardy down to the mat. Ray sets the ladder back up and screams “THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED TO DO ME?!” and Front Suplexes Hardy into the damn ladder in a disgusting spot! Good God Hardy’s knees and stomach came right down across the hinges that spread the ladder out. Ray tries to set the mangled ladder back up but that’s not going to happen and instead tosses it out of the ring. Ray hits Hardy with a chair and then sets the table up again. The fans chant for Hardy so Ray taunts them and then goes back to beating on Hardy. Ray grabs another ladder off the ramp and sets it up in the corner. Ray says he’s going to put Jeff through a table, grab the belt, and then slap Brooke in the face. Ray picks Hardy but Hardy explodes with a series of rights and then a Flying Forearm off the ropes! Hardy hits an Atomic Drop and then he trips Ray and Leg Drops him in the nuts followed by a Basement Dropkick! Hardy tosses a chair to Ray and when he catches it Hardy blasts the chair into his face with another chair! Ray goes crashing to the outside and then Hardy dives off the apron but Ray moves out of the way and Hardy slams into the guardrail! Brooke screams at Jeff to get up while Ray tells her to sit her ass down and Brooke flips him off. Hardy tries to fight back but Bully slams him into the steps and then gets back in Brooke’s face. It looks like Bully is busted open above the eye. Bully mockingly tries to kiss Brooke so she slaps him and then Hardy comes back and slams him into the steps repeatedly! Hardy tries to lay Bully out on a table but it gives way so Hardy improvises and Leg Drops Ray on the outside. Hardy goes to find another table up on the stage. Hardy clotheslines Ray and then walks right into a right hand from Ray. Ray grabs Hardy but eats a kick and then the Twist of Fate! Ray falls back onto the table and then Hardy climbs to the top rope and dives off with an insane Swanton Bomb! I think Mike Tenay just had a brain aneurism as Hardy dove off the top. He lost his damn mind and the fans chant “holy sh*t.” It wasn’t quite like the Swanton Hardy used to do off the huge 20 foot ladders but it was pretty damn high. Hardy rolls back into the ring and sets the ladder up in the center of the ring. Hardy climbs up the ladder as Taz hands Bully a hammer! Ray climbs up the other side of the ladder and exchanges right hands with Hardy. Bully pulls the hammer out and hits Hardy with it knocking him off the ladder and crashing through a table! Ray reaches up and pulls the belt down to retain!

Winner & STILL World Champ: Ray via pulling the title down

Tenay bitches about Taz getting involved as the rest of Aces & Eights runs out and celebrates with Bully. Ray screams for the music to shut off and does his “do you know who I am?” thing. He says when you ride with Aces & Eights, you never walk alone and holds the title up in the air. Aces & Eights pose together in the ring over the prone body of Jeff Hardy as the show closes.


“Final Impact” thoughts on tonight’s show will be up tomorrow.

1) TNA Tag Team Titles 2/3 Falls Match: Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez def. Dirty Heels (c) 2-1 to win the titles!
2) Taryn Terrell def. Gail Kim
3) Rob Terry def. Joey Ryan
4) TNA World Title Full Metal Mayhem: Bully Ray (c) def. Jeff Hardy to retain the title!

Scheduled for Next Week:
– AJ Styles vs. James Storm
Handicap Match: Kurt Angle vs. Wes Brisco & Garett Bischoff
Knockouts #1 Contenders Match: Mickie James vs. Miss Tessmacher

Slammiversary Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Bully Ray (c) vs. TBA

Until next week… PEACE!

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