TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 7/25/13 (New X Champ)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Louisville, KY (Broadbent Arena)
July 25, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Jeramy Borash
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with highlights from last week’s Destination X event and then we cut to the ring where the Main Event Mafia walk come down to kick off the show tonight. Everyone but Samoa Joe and Rampage are wearing suits. Joe is dressed for combat while Rampage is just wearing plain street clothes like he always does. Sting says that last week MEM had an incredible night and calls it one of his best nights ever in wrestling because they got to see Chris Sabin beat Bully Ray for the World Title. Sting says that MEM won the first battle in the war against Aces & Eights.

Kurt Angle says the pain that A&8 have caused over the past year is going to come back 10 fold and it’s only a matter of time, but tonight they’re here for a celebration not a fight. Angle says that MEM was reformed to take care of A&8 and to make sure that Bully Ray lost the World Title which was accomplished last week. Angle says the man that accomplished that is an amazing wrestler and then he introduces the NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Sabin!

Sabin comes out with the World Title draped across his shoulder for the first time. Angle hugs Sabin as he climbs into the ring. Sabin thanks MEM for having his back and he says that if it wasn’t for them he may have not been able to win the belt. Sabin says he almost can’t believe he’s standing here as the World Champion and it feels like a dream. Sabin says this is reality and the reality of the situation is now he’s walking around with a giant target on his back. Sabin looks at Joe and Magnus and says that he knows that’s what they want, but he made history last week winning the World Title and he’s all about making history. Sabin says next week he’ll make history again because as his first “decree” as World Champion is he challenges the winner of the Ultimate X tonight to a match next week in a Champion vs. Champion match!

A&8s music interrupts Sabin and former champion Bully Ray walks out onto the stage with a man in a suit. Ray asks if we know who the man with him is and he says that it’s his attorney. The attorney says he’s been retained as legal counsel for Bully Ray and because of the huge injustice that he suffered they have been forced to file a lawsuit against TNA. He says that Sabin can solve this problem by handing the World Title back over to the “true champion” Bully Ray. He says that if he doesn’t the ramifications will go through the wrestling industry and he will crush TNA. The lawyer says not to make him rock their world and he will fight and win for his client. The lawyer says the sound everyone is hearing is the sound of the clock ticking and Sabin has until the end of the night to turn the belt back over.

JB & Tenay run down the card for tonight featuring the Ultimate X and a huge BFG Series Match pitting AJ Styles against Jeff Hardy.

Highlights from the X-Division matches last week are shown.

A vignette hyping up Greg Marasciulo is shown where he says that he’s been wrestling since the age of 15 and he’s here to take someone’s spot.


In the back Hogan is on the phone with someone and tells the camera guy he doesn’t comment on pending litigation.

A vignette hyping up Manik is shown with him actually speaking without the mask. He talks about being homeless while trying to make it as a wrestler and getting robbed at gunpoint in Mexico. He talks about living in Japan in the same dorms that legends like Eddie Guerrero stayed in and getting beat with kendo sticks while training there. He says that Manik is an alter ego for him and offers him a symbol and something to live by.

TNA X-Division Championship Tournament Finals
Ultimate X Match
Manik vs. Greg Marasciulo vs. “The Playa of the Himalayas” Sonjay Dutt

Neither one of these men have ever held the X-Division Championship (technically the Manik/Suicide character has won it multiple times but not with TJ Perkins under the mask) so we will have a first time champion crowned after this one. Manik and Dutt have both competed in Ultimate X Matches in the past while this is Marasciulo’s debut in the UX. The new fairly ugly X-Division Championship is shown hanging from the cables as the wrestlers make their entrances. The new X-Division Title looks a lot like the NXT Title. As the bell rings Greg attacks Sonjay and shoves Manik to the side. Greg tosses Sonjay out to the floor and then charges at Manik but gets backdropped over the top to the ramp for his troubles. Manik then hits a Springboard Plancha off the top onto Greg on the ramp! Sonjay climbs up top but Manik pulls him down and destroys him with a European Uppercut. Manik then attempts to whip Sonjay into the ropes but Sonjay reverses it and Manik does his Spiderman impression hanging between the ropes. Sonjay charges him but Manik drops down and Sonjay goes flying through the ropes to the floor. Manik looks to setup for a dive but Sonjay trips him from the outside and drags him to the floor. Sonjay quickly slides back into the ring and then flies through the ropes with a dropkick to Manik on the floor. Sonjay then climbs a small ways up one of the corner scaffolds and hits a Moonsault on Manik on the floor! Greg then clotheslines Sonjay before tossing Manik into the side of the ramp. Greg drags Manik onto the ramp and Scoop Slams him onto it! Sonjay starts climbing up one of the scaffolds but Greg pulls him down and connects with a Forearm Smash. Sonjay trips Greg and then hits the ropes and rolls over Greg as Greg dropped down to try and trip him. Sonjay hits the ropes again and Greg leapfrogs him. Greg then rolls backwards to attempt a Monkey Flip but Sonjay somersaults over him and then ducks a clothesline attempt. Sonjay connects with a Hurricanrana and then climbs up to the cables until Greg hits him from behind. Greg then attempts a clothesline but Sonjay ducks and shoves him into the turnbuckles. Sonjay sets up for a suplex but Manik comes running in with a clothesline attempt. Sonjay ducks the clothesline and hooks Manik as well hitting a DDT on Greg and a Flatliner on Manik at the same time! Sonjay climbs up to the top and sees Manik coming at him so he dives off the top avoiding Manik. Sonjay then charges at Manik but Manik uses the corner ropes to lift himself up and over Sonjay and then he connects with a Leaping Neckbreaker! Manik grabs Greg on the apron and attempts a shoulder block through the ropes but Greg sidesteps it and hits a Guillotine Leg Drop Jerry Lynn style on the apron! Greg climbs up top and grabs the cables but Manik pulls him down. Greg whips Manik into the corner and connects with a Running Forearm. He whips Sonjay towards Manik but Manik moves and Sonjay hits the turnbuckles. Greg then charges at them both but eats a mouth full of Manik’s boot. Manik then charges at Greg but Greg kicks him in the gut. He sets up for a Powerbomb but Manik blocks it and then grabs Greg in a wristlock and quickly springs to the top dives into a Springboard Headscissors on Sonjay while also armdragging Greg at the same time lucha style! Greg rolls out to the floor and Manik drop toe holds Sonjay into the ropes. Manik then springs into the corner and over the ropes into a Double Dropkick kicking Sonjay in the ring and Greg on the floor at the same time!


Back from the break Greg hits Manik with that crazy Cradle Back to Belly Piledriver on the ramp! A “this is awesome” chant breaks out. Greg sells a knee injury as he hit the move and then he limps towards the corner and climbs to the top. Greg begins scaling the cables but Sonjay Dutt comes back in and pulls Greg down and as he hits the mat Greg sells the knee again. Sonjay and Greg begin exchanging forearms and chops and then Sonjay whips Greg into the corner and comes flying in with a NASTY Running Mafia Kick! Sonjay then goes to the opposite corner but Greg is right behind with a Flying Knee! Greg then hits the ropes but runs right into a damn Superkick that I think legit knocked a tooth out of Greg’s head! Either that was a MASSIVE glob of spit that went flying or Greg is going to need some dental work done tomorrow! Both men collapse in the ring as Manik is still laid out on the ramp. Earl Hebner walks out and checks on Manik as Sonjay rolls out to the floor and begins scaling one side of the scaffold. Greg scales the other side. Greg kicks at Sonjay’s leg repeatedly and then he climbs up on top of the scaffold! Greg begins climbing towards the center of the X but Sonjay climbs up with him and they begin slapping the hell out of each other! Greg kicks Sonjay and then climbs to the center of the X as Sonjay is in pursuit. Greg punches Sonjay and then teases a damn Superplex off the scaffold! Sonjay blocks it and headbutts Greg and nails him with a series of forearms! Greg slips through the holes in the structure as Manik is now scaling the cables! Greg holds onto the scaffold as Manik hangs from his legs from the cables! Greg stomps on Manik’s hands every time he tries to grab the belt! Greg pulls Sonjay through a hole in the scaffold and as he’s hanging upside down kicks him in the head! Greg finally comes fully down onto the cables and hangs upside down and begins fighting with Manik over the belt. Manik grabs both of Greg’s arms and pulls them off causing Greg to go crashing back first down to the mat! Manik pulls down the belt and falls to the mat winning the X-Division Championship!

Winner & NEW X-Division Champ: Manik via pulling down the belt

Replays of all the action are shown followed by Manik’s celebration with the belt.

Bully Ray talks with Mr. Anderson in the back about making Hogan squirm over the proposed lawsuit. Bully says he’s proud of Anderson being the VP and says that if he had voted he would have voted for Anderson too. He says the VP is very important but what is even more important is the BFG Series and Anderson winning that tournament. Bully tells Anderson to go out and do what he does best, get the job done.


BFG Series Match
“Super Mex” Hernandez (7 points) vs. Mr. Anderson (7 points)

Both of these men have 7 points in the BFG Series so a win here would move either man into a tie for 4th Place. Hernandez and Anderson lockup and Anderson gets Mex in a side headlock. Hernandez shoves Anderson into the ropes and Anderson bounces back with a shoulder block attempt but Hernandez doesn’t budge. Hernandez dares him to do it again but Anderson decks him instead. Anderson then hits the ropes but eats a double sledge from Hernandez. Hernandez attempts to whip Anderson into the ropes but Anderson reverses it and attempts a clothesline. Hernandez ducks the clothesline and hits a big Shoulder Block. Anderson rolls out to the apron and Hernandez grabs him but eats a shoulder block through the ropes. Anderson then attempts to Suplex Hernandez out to the floor but Hernandez reverses it and Suplexes Anderson back into the ring for a nearfall. Hernandez picks Anderson up but Anderson pokes him in the eyes and shoves him into the corner. Anderson hits a Corner Splash and then goes to pick Hernandez up but Hernandez kicks him away and then flips backward up to the top rope. Anderson crotches Hernandez on the top and tosses him off for a nearfall. Anderson hits a series of crossfaces and then locks in a Keylock submission. Hernandez fights up to his feet but Anderson brings an elbow down across the back of Super Mex. Anderson whips Hernandez into the ropes and connects with a back elbow for another nearfall. Anderson attempts to whip Hernandez into the corner but Hernandez reverses it and then goes for a splash, but Anderson backdrops him over the top and to the apron. Anderson punches Mex and then hits the ropes but runs right into a Slingshot Shoulder Block from Hernandez! Hernandez follows up with a series of clotheslines and double sledges that sends Anderson retreating to the corner. Hernandez hits a Splash and then lifts Anderson up to his shoulder for a Backbreaker! 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out! Hernandez picks Anderson up but Anderson shoves him away and hits a big right hand. Anderson goes for the Green Bay Plunge but Hernandez blocks it only to eat an elbow. Anderson then hits the ropes but runs right into the Get Off Me! Hernandez runs down to the opposite end of the ramp and goes flying over the ropes with the Air Mexico, but Anderson drops down and Mex crash lands. Anderson then hits the Mic Check for the pin!

Winner: Anderson via pinfall (Mic Check)


Footage of what happened earlier with Bully Ray’s lawyer is shown.

In the back Dixie Carter refuses to answer any questions about the Bully Ray situation.

Eric Young approaches Joseph Park in the back and shows Park some porn on his iPad and then shows footage of his match with Jeff Hardy where he got disqualified. Park says he has no “recollection” of what happened and then EY says he’s worried about Park and he’s “pretty much a scientist now” so he’s going to get to the bottom of this for Park.

Velvet Sky comes down to the ring and says that she wanted to come out and admit to everyone that she made a mistake. She says that mistake wasn’t wrestling with an injury but letting Mickie know that she was injured. She says that it’s her own fault for trusting Mickie and then Mickie took advantage of it to get what she wanted. Velvet says she’ll never make a mistake like that again and moving forward she’s playing things closer to the vest than ever before. Velvet says she’ll sit ringside as she watches Gail & Mickie tear into each other.


TNA Knockouts Championship
“Hardcore Country” Mickie James (c) vs. Gail Kim

Mickie shows the title to Velvet and smiles at her at ringside. Mickie & Gail lockup and Gail catches Mickie with an armdrag but Mickie holds onto the collar & elbow tieup. Both girls get to their feet and this time Mickie connects with an armdrag but Gail holds onto the tieup as well. Mickie grabs Gail’s hari and Gail responds in kind but ODB pulls them apart and tells them to cut it out. They lockup again and this time Mickie forces Gail into the corner and kicks her in the gut and then connects with a shoulder block. ODB separates them again and then Gail hits a Forearm Smash. Gail shoves Mickie back into the corner and connects with a series of kicks and forearms until ODB pulls her away. Mickie slaps Gail and then puts her in a Hammerlock but Gail nails her with an elbow and then a leg kick. Gail gets Mickie in a wristlock but Mickie cartwheels into a reversal until Gail slams her to the mat by her hair for a nearfall. Gail gets another nearfall and then puts Mickie in a side headlock. Mickie breaks the hold with elbows until Gail kicks her. Gail then whips Mickie into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Mickie slams her to the mat by her hair and then connects with a Sliding Dropkick for a nearfall. Gail puts Mickie in a side headlock but Mickie rolls backwards to break the hold and then puts Gail in a side headlock. Gail shoves Mickie into the ropes but then eats a shoulderblock from the champ. Mickie hits the ropes and then cartwheels over Gail as Gail dropped down in front of Mickie to try and trip her up. Mickie goes for a dropkick but Gail sidesteps her and connects with one of her own. Gail follows up with a clothesline for another nearfall. Gail then rolls Mickie up and holds onto the ropes for extra leverage but ODB catches her. ODB gets in Gail’s face and then Gail swings at Mickie but Mickie blocks it and hits a series of forearms. Mickie whips Gail into the corner and charges at her but Gail sidesteps her and hits a Running Back Elbow and then a Running Body Splash! Gail grabs Mickie by the hair from the apron but Mickie slaps her hands away and connects with the Mick Kick sending Gail crashing to the floor! Gail almost get counted out but Gail climbs back on the apron right before the 10 and Mickie grabs her. Gail catches Mickie with a jawbreaker onto the top rope and then pulls her to the corner and attempts the Hanging Figure Four around the post but Mickie kicks her away! Mickie then dives off the apron with a Seated Senton! Mickie rolls Gail back into the ring and connects with a Hangwomans Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Gail kick out! Mickie covers Gail again but again only gets a two count. Mickie goes for the Mick-DT but Gail counters into an attempt at the Eat Defeat. Mickie blocks it catches Gail with a Flapjack! Mickie taunts Gail and then climbs to the top and dives off, but Gail sidesteps her and then catches Mickie with a Spinning Headscissors into a Hanging Octopus! Mickie grabs the ropes and Gail tries to transition into a rollup but Mickie holds onto the ropes and then hooks Gail’s legs and locks her in a Death Lock. Gail grabs the ropes and then kicks Mickie in the head as she releases the hold. Gail shoves Mickie into the corner and comes flying towards her with a Flying Clothesline attempt but Mickie catches her in midair with her boots. Mickie then goes for the Mickiecanrana but Gail blocks it and counters into a huge Powerbomb! Gail puts her feet on the ropes for added leverage, 1…2…NO ODB looks up and sees Gail using the ropes. Gail gets in ODB’s face and Mickie nails Gail with a series of uppercuts. Mickie then attempts to toss Gail out to the floor but Gail reverses it and Mickie goes flying to the floor. Gail gets in ODB’s face and ODB shoves her. Gail slaps ODB and Mickie slides in and rolls Mickie up! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL KO Champ: Mickie via pinfall (rollup)

Gail gets pissed and starts screaming at ODB after the match. ODB stops Gail from leaving the ring and gets in her face! Brooke Hogan walks out and says she can’t believe Gail is yet again hitting referees and says she thought Gail learned her lesson last time. Brooke says she’s here to remind Gail that ODB is also an active wrestler and ODB then dares Gail to come at her again as the fans chant “ODB.”

Highlights from the World Title match last week are shown. Footage of Sabin hugging Dixie Carter after the match is shown.

Hogan and Dixie discuss the situation with Bully Ray and says the situation isn’t fair to Sabin. Dixie says no one understands it more than her because she is the one that sat beside Sabin after he blew out his knee a second time and saw the look on his face. Dixie says she doesn’t want this to happen either but sometimes you have to make tough decisions. Hogan says he knows there is procedures and politics and asks if she wants to “tell him” or should he.


BFG Series Match
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe (26 points) vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels (14 points)

Kaz doesn’t come down with Daniels and Joe comes out alone as well. Tenay mentions the long history between Joe & Daniels and says that Daniels has never beaten Joe in one-on-one matches. Joe and Daniels circle each other and Joe catches Daniels with a leg kick. A “Joe’s gonna kill you” chant starts and then they lockup and Joe starts facewashing Daniels with his forearm which pisses Daniels off. They lockup again and Daniels does the same to Joe but Joe catches him with an armdrag and then connects with a series of jabs. Daniels cuts Joe off with a kick to the gut and then hits the ropes but runs into a Back Elbow from Joe. Daniels retreats to the corner and Joe destroys him with repeated jabs. Joe then whips Daniels into the opposite corner and nails him with a Running Back Elbow followed by the Leaping Enziguri! Joe facewashes Daniels in the corner with his boot and then connects with the Ole Kick! Joe hits a front kick on Daniels and then charges at him but Daniels sidesteps him and drop toeholds Joe into the ropes and follows up with a Running Clothesline! Daniels puts the boots to Joe and then chokes him with his knee. Daniels picks Joe up but Joe shoves him away and begins chopping away at Daniels. Daniels comes back with a cross chop and then chokes Joe with his boot in the corner. Daniels then hangs Joe across the top rope and hooks his legs around Joe’s head in a Headscissors while he hangs across the ropes with the rest of his body. Daniels then hits a Slingshot Elbow Drop over the ropes across the back of Joe for a nearfall as he uses the ropes for leverage. Daniels hits a Forearm Smash followed by a series of chops. Daniels hits a Snapmare Takeover and then puts Joe in a Cobra Clutch! Joe breaks the hold with elbows to the gut and then he nails Daniels with a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex! Joe hits a series of clotheslines and then an Atomic Drop followed by a Mafia Kick and then the Backsplash Senton for a nearfall. Joe picks Daniels up but Daniels slaps him and then hits the ropes only to run right into a Snap Powerslam from Joe! 1…2…NO Daniels kicks out! Joe picks Daniels up and Daniels hits a series of palm thrusts but they have no effect on Joe and then he swings a few times, but Joe ducks the shots and then connects with an open hand across the face! 1…2…NO Daniels kicks out! Daniels retreats to the corner and Joe charges at him but Daniels sidesteps and then connects with a huge Uppercut! Daniels charges at Joe but runs right into a massive Uranage Suplex as Joe screams “sit your ass down!” Joe lifts Daniels up to the top rope and goes for the Muscle Buster, but Daniels blocks it and then Mr. Anderson runs out. Joe swings at him and Daniels takes Joe’s legs out and then hits the BME! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! Daniels follows up with another BME! 1…2…3!

Winner: Daniels via pinfall (BME)

AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy are shown getting ready for the Main Event.


In the back Sting approaches Kurt Angle and he says they have to be on the same page right now but Angle says his concern is with this legal situation right now. Sting says he doesn’t have any ground to stand on here but Angle asks what if he gets what he wants. Sting says they proved Bully can be beat and Angle says when he’s alone he’s vulnerable. Sting says the goal is still the same, take Bully Ray & the rest of Aces out.

JB hypes up the thing they’re doing on right now where the fans get to vote on what card they want to see on upcoming episodes of Impact.

Main Event
BFG Series Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (12 points) vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy (17 points)

These two have faced off many times in the past having first faced off way back in 2004 at TNA’s 2nd anniversary. Jeff could jump into the #3 or #2 spot with a win here while AJ could jump into the top 4 with a win. AJ and Hardy lockup with AJ getting the advantage with a side headlock. Hardy shoves AJ into the ropes and attempts a clothesline but AJ slides through his legs and puts Hardy into a headlock again. Hardy tries to break the hold but AJ squeezes down on Hardy’s neck. Hardy finally shoves AJ into the ropes and they run into each other. AJ then hits the ropes again but this time Hardy catches him with a big Back Elbow! Hardy slams AJ into the top turnbuckle and then puts the boots to him. Jeff whips AJ into the opposite corner and charges but AJ floats up and over him and then goes for a Back Suplex. Hardy lands on his feet and then catches AJ with a Leaping Mule Kick that sends AJ crashing into the turnbuckles. Hardy follows up with the Hardyac Arrest in the corner.


Back from the break AJ connects with a dropkick flying through the ropes sending Hardy crashing into the announce table! AJ tosses Hardy back into the ring and then he hits a Snapmare Takeover and kicks Hardy in the back. AJ puts Hardy in a chinlock but Hardy fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows. Hardy hits the ropes and charges at AJ but AJ sidesteps him and sends Hardy flying through the ropes to the floor! AJ grabs Hardy by the hair and pulls him up to the apron but Hardy catches him with a jawbreaker. Hardy then charges at AJ but eats a nasty Spinebuster from AJ! AJ puts Hardy in a chinlock again but Hardy fights up to his feet and breaks the hold. Hardy swings at AJ but AJ blocks it and then kicks Hardy and attempts to Springboard out of the corner with a Tornado DDT but Hardy blocks it. Hardy then ducks a clothesline and hits the Alley Oop! AJ & Aries are about the only Main Event guys that Hardy gets to actually use that move with. Both men are down now. Hardy connects with a series of forearms and then attempts to whip AJ into the ropes but AJ reverses it only to eat a Flying Forearm from Hardy! Hardy hits an Atomic Drop and then sweeps AJ’s legs and hits a Leg Drop to the nuts followed by a Basement Dropkick! Hardy hits the ropes and AJ leapfrogs him and then he drops down in front of Hardy and Hardy leaps over him but bounces off the ropes right into a Phenomenal Dropkick! AJ waits for Hardy to get back to his feet and then he goes for a Flying Clothesline but Hardy moves and hits a Front Slam. Hardy then climbs up top and dives off with a Splash! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Hardy tries to whip AJ into the corner but AJ holds onto the ropes and then Suplexes Hardy into the turnbuckles! AJ whips Hardy into the corner and then charges but runs right into an elbow from Hardy! Hardy springs to the top and dives off with the Whisper In The Wind! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out and Hardy can’t believe it! Hardy seems to be favoring his leg or hip. Hardy goes for the Twist but AJ blocks it and counters into the Pele! The fans are going nuts right now. AJ catches Hardy with the Calf Killa! Hardy tries to reach the ropes but AJ starts really wrenching back on that leg and Hardy taps! Jeff Hardy taps!

Winner: AJ via submission (Calf Killa)

A pretty loud “you tapped out” chant erupts at Hardy but Hardy ignores it and offers a handshake to AJ, but AJ just looks at Hardy and walks away.

In the back Hogan says he doesn’t want to do what he’s about to do but it has to be done.


Bully Ray comes down to the ring and he says he’s been wronged and has suffered a major injustice. He says that he’s highly offended that everyone in the wrestling world can sit back and praise Sabin for what he did to Bully. Bully says that the man hit Bully in the head with a hammer and asks what kind of man or athlete would ever sink to such a low to hit another man in the head with a hammer to win a match. Bully says that Sabin has no choice but to return the belt and he says he will sue everyone in the company and do whatever it takes to right this wrong. Bully tells Sabin to come out right now and hand the belt back over.

Chris Sabin comes down to the ring and Bully says he won’t say anything negative towards Sabin because he’s obviously come out to do the right thing. Bully says it’s obvious that Sabin is highly intimidated by him so it’s time to hand over his World Title.

Sabin says the real reason he came out is because he wanted to see with his own eyes what a “big fat crybaby” Bully has become. Sabin says he almost had his career taken away from him but he didn’t sit at home and whine and complain like Bully. He says it drove him to become 10 times greater than he ever had and now he’s the World Champion. Sabin says Bully must have been hit in the head one too many times if he thinks Sabin is really about to give the title up. Sabin says Bully will have to pry it away from his cold dead hands.

Bully says he’ll get the belt back by suing him and then he points to a bandage on his forehead and tells Sabin to look at what he did to him. Bully asks Sabin how he can call himself a man after hitting him with a hammer. Bully demands Hulk Hogan come out and return his belt to him.

Hogan comes out onto the ramp with a piece of paper. Hogan says he’s been back and forth with his lawyers reading the contract inside and out, and he does have a counter for Bully. Hogan says it comes with no negotiation and rips up the paper as Bully screams he can’t do that. Hogan says he can do that because he’s the GM and Chris Sabin is and will remain the World Champion! Hogan says fair is fair and per Bully’s contract he does have a rematch clause. Hogan says he understands Bully doesn’t want any outside interference from MEM so Ray will get his rematch on August 15th from Norfolk, VA and on that day there will be justice…HARDCORE JUSTICE! Hogan says Aces & Eights nor Main Event Mafia will be involved and Ray will get his shot at the World Title. Hogan says at Hardcore Justice the TNA Title will be defended inside a Steel Cage!


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) TNA X-Division Title Ultimate X Match: Manik def. Sonjay Dutt & Greg Marasciulo to win the vacant title!
2) BFG Series: Mr. Anderson def. Hernandez via pinfall (7 points)
3) TNA Knockouts Title: Mickie James (c) def. Gail Kim to retain the title!
4) BFG Series: Daniels def. Samoa Joe via pinfall (7 points)
5) BFG Series: AJ Styles def. Jeff Hardy via submission (10 points)

BFG Series Standings
1) Magnus (49 points)
2) Samoa Joe (26 points)
3) AJ Styles (22 points)
4) Christopher Daniels (21 points)
5) Jeff Hardy (17 points)
6) Austin Aries (14 points)
Mr. Anderson (14 points)
7) Hernandez (7 points)
8) Kazarian (0 points)
Jay Bradley (0 points)
Bobby Roode (0 points)
9) Joseph Park (-10 points)

Scheduled Lineup for Next Week:

One Night Only: 10 Reunion Lineup
– 4-Corners Elimination Match: Kenny King vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Petey Williams vs. Kazarian
– Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim
– Gauntlet Battle Royal: Matt Morgan vs. Joseph Park vs. Shark Boy vs. Johnny Devine vs. Cassidy Riley vs. Chase Stevens vs. ODB vs. Johnny Swinger vs. Jesse vs. Mr. Anderson
– Team 3D vs. L.A.X.
– Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries
– James Storm vs. Bobby Roode
– Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

Until next week… PEACE!

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