TNA Impact Wrestling Results 8/22/13

TNA Impact Wrestling (Hardcore Justice special)
Norfolk, VA (Constant Center) 
August 22, 2013 
Commentators: Taz & Mike Tenay 
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Week two from Norfolk, VA opens up with highlights from last week’s “Hardcore Justice” special.

Bully Ray and Tito Ortiz are shown arriving to the arena with Bully on the phone with “Brooke” and he reemphasizes that this week is about her.

Mr. Anderson approaches Bully and shakes Tito’s hand and Anderson tells Bully he wishes he would have told him about the Tito situation earlier. Bully asks Anderson when he got so sensitive and says this is club business, and Tito is with him. Bully says Anderson shouldn’t be so worried about that but she would be worrying about taking care of business against Main Event Mafia tonight.

Bobby Roode leads Bad Influence down to the ring and Roode congratulates Bully Ray on becoming a two time World Champion last week. Roode says Bully found a way once again to screw the system and found another friend along the way. He says that’s fine because now Bully is the man that has a target on his chest. Roode says he’s looking at the three men that will do anything to take that belt from him too. He says that one of them will walk into BFG and become the new World Heavyweight Champion whether he likes it or not. Roode says that he set the tables, literally, last week in the Tables Match to gain twenty points leapfrogging his way into second place in the BFG Series. Roode says they’re only getting started and then hands the microphone over to Kaz.

Kaz talks about his Ladder Match and reminds us that he beat AJ, Hardy, and Aries in that match. Daniels calls the faction “The Extraordinary Gentleman’s Organization” and says that they are two for two, and tonight he will complete the sweep in the Street Fight saying he’s the best “street fighter” in all of TNA.

Roode says they are 25% of the BFG Series but asks why they would want to just be 25% when they could be a full third. He says they’ve been thinking and they decided they need to add one more member to the group, and that member is none other than his former tag team partner Austin Aries. Roode says Aries knows him and he can trust him and Bad Influence. Roode says they have united as a group and if Aries wants a shot at winning the World Title back he needs to join them on their march toward BFG.

James Storm’s music interrupts Roode and the Tag Team Champions make their way down to the ring. Storm asks Roode if he really just said the word trust and he says he’s pretty sure that Roode told Bad Influence that they could trust him. Storm says he knows Roode and reminds us that he tagged with him for four years and says he trusted him. Storm says it’s not a matter of if he turns on Bad Influence, it’s a matter of WHEN he does it because when he’s done with them he’ll just toss them to the curb. Storm tells them not to look to him when he does it either because Storm is just going to look at them and say, “sorry ‘bout yo damn luck!”

Roode says that Storm is just jealous of him and he’s always been jealous of him. Storm says the only thing he’s ever jealous of is the guy that’s got a six pack and he’s only got two left. Storm says Roode knows him and he knows that he’ll tell a man what he’s going to do even before he does it. Storm says he’s going to go take off his hat, take a sip of his beer, and punch Roode right in his face. Storm says he’s never needed to get dressed up for a fight so he’ll be right back.

Storm takes his shirt off and his hat and then takes a drink of his beer while Roode screams at him. Storm punches Roode and then Gunner knocks Daniels out of the ring and tosses Kaz into a corner! Gunner clotheslines Kaz over the top and Earl Hebner runs out and rings the bell!

Non-Title Match
“Cowboy” James Storm & Gunner vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode & Kazarian w/Daniels

Storm and Roode brawl around ringside while Gunner tosses Kaz all around the other side of the ring. Hebner sends Daniels to the back and then Storm drags Kaz into the ring. Kaz tags Gunner into the match and then whips Kaz into the ropes. Storm hits him with an Atomic Drop and then Storm and Gunner connect with a Russian Leg Sweep/Clothesline combo on Kaz!


Back from the break Roode bounces Gunner back and forth between turnbuckles and then lights him up with chops. Gunner answers with forearms of his own and then attempts to whip Roode into the corner, but Roode reverses it and connects with a back elbow for a nearfall. Roode slams Gunner into Kaz’s boot and then tags Kaz into the match. Kaz whips Gunner into the ropes and hits him with a spinning heel kick for another nearfall before Storm breaks it up. Roode tags back in and takes turns with Roode kicking Gunner. Roode hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a Rolling Neck Snack to the bigger Gunner. Roode follows up with a Vertical Suplex and then a Knee Drop. 1…2…NO Gunner kicks out again! Roode tags Kaz in and holds Gunner as Kaz puts the boots to him. Kaz hits a Leg Drop for yet another nearfall and then taunts Gunner as he tries to reach Storm. Gunner gets pissed and nails Kaz with a forearm but Kaz pokes him in the eyes. Kaz kicks Gunner and then goes for a clothesline but Gunner counters into a Uranage Backbreaker! Gunner slaps himself repeatedly and then tags in Storm! Kaz tags in Roode and Roode runs into a series of rights from Storm. Storm whips Roode into the ropes and nails him with a back elbow followed by an Atomic Drop and then a clothesline. Kaz runs in but gets Hip Tossed by Storm. Storm hits a Powerslam on Roode and then charges at Kaz. Kaz backdrops Storm over the top rope and Storm lands on the apron. Storm hits a Leaping Enziguri to the back of Kaz and then climbs to the top. Storm dives off with a Flying Elbow Drop on Roode! 1…2…NO Kaz breaks it up! Gunner tosses Kaz over the top rope and then Storm shoves Roode into the ropes. Storm goes for a backdrop but Roode stops and attempts the Payoff. Storm reverses it into Closing Time! Storm sets up for the Last Call but Roode pulls the referee in front of him. Storm realizes it and stops before he connects with Hebner. Kaz runs in with one of the title belts but Storm saw him coming and nails him with the Last Call! Roode low blows Storm as the referee shoves the title belt out of the ring, and then rolls him up! 1…2…3!

Winners: Roode & Kaz via pinfall (rollup)

In the back Aries says last week Sting offered him a spot in the MEM and now his ex-partner is offering him a spot in his faction. Aries says he says that he wants him to join their side but then last week they cost him twenty points when they distracted him in the Ladder Match. Aries says he has a lot to think about but he’ll have his answer by the end of the night.


More clips of the Steel Cage Match are shown.

Non-Title Match
Manik (c) vs. “The Playa From The Himalayas” Sonjay Dutt

If you are unaware Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan announced the 3-Way’s are out in the X-Division, so X-Division matches can be one-on-one or any other type of match going forward. Manik started to sprint to the ring and Dutt saw him coming so he went for a springboard move, but Manik ducked it and Sonjay landed on his feet on the ramp. Sonjay charges at Manik again but Manik hip tosses him over the top into the ring! Manik climbs up top and dives off but Sonjay moves out of the way and Manik flips onto his feet. Manik shoulder blocks Sonjay and then hits the ropes ducking a clothesline from Sonjay. Manik bounces off the ropes again and catches Sonjay in a Hanging Octopus before transitioning into a Crucifix Rollup! 1…2…NO Sonjay kicks out and quickly gets back to his feet. Manik catches Sonjay with an arm drag but Sonjay shoves him off into the ropes. Sonjay drops down in front of Manik but Manik flips over him and then goes for a clothesline. Sonjay ducks and then gets Manik with a hurricanrana for a nearfall! Sonjay whips Manik into the ropes and then goes for a backdrop, but Manik counters with a Sunset Flip. Sonjay rolls through it and goes for a head kick, but Manik avoids it by dropping down to the mat but Sonjay quickly hits a Standing Moonsault before Manik can get up! 1…2…NO Manik kicks out again! Sonjay picks Manik up and puts Manik in his own variation of an Octopus and then he rolls Manik up for another nearfall. Sonjay hits a charging Manik with a back elbow and then puts him in a Straight Jacket Sleeper. Manik fights up to his feet and tosses Sonjay to the side. Manik goes to pick Sonjay up but Sonjay kicks him in the head and then whips Manik into the corner. Sonjay charges at Manik but he floats up and over Sonjay and then hits the ropes and does his Spiderman hang between them as Sonjay shows some frustration. Sonjay charges at him but Manik drops down and Sonjay falls through the ropes. Manik then springboards from inside the ring into a Missile Dropkick onto Sonjay on the floor! Manik tosses Sonjay back into the ring and then hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick for another nearfall. Manik goes for the Tiger Breaker but Sonjay blocks it and then attempts a Roundhouse Kick, but Manik catches his leg and then lifts Sonjay up into a Sitout Powerbomb! 1…2…NO Sonjay still kicks out! Manik charges at Sonjay but Sonjay gets his boot up and then catches Manik with a Mafia Kick followed by a T-Bone Suplex! Sonjay then hits a Springboard Splash! 1…2…NO Manik kicks out! Sonjay picks Manik up and hits a Front Slam and then climbs up top for the Moonsault Stomp, but Manik rolls out of the way and Sonjay attempts a Running Hurricanrana. Manik blocks it and lifts Sonjay up to his shoulder where hits a modified Go To Sleep dropping down to his back and kicking Sonjay in the head rather than the way CM Punk drops his opponent onto his knee. I believe Manik calls that move the Detonation Kick or he did when he wrestled as TJ Perkins. Manik then hits the Tiger Buster! 1…2…3!

Winner: Manik via pinfall (Tiger Buster)

In the back Mr. Anderson talks to A&8 and he says that they need to focus on getting the job done tonight. Devon says they’re more than focus and Anderson says no one is going to step up for MEM making it five on four.


In the back Sting talks to MEM about the match tonight as Tenay says they still don’t have a partner for the match tonight.

BFG Series Street Fight
“Super Mex” Hernandez vs. Jay Bradley vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. Joseph Park w/Eric Young

This one is worth twenty points. Hernandez shoves Daniels into a corner and hits a Splash followed by a Overhead Belly-to-Belly Throw. Hernandez chokes Daniels in the corner while Bradley goes for a splash on Park, but Park moves out of the way and hits a series of strikes. Park hits the ropes but runs into a back elbow from Bradley. Bradley then hits a series of forearms of Hernandez but then walks into a shoulder tackle from Super Mex. Hernandez then clotheslines Bradley over the top but gets caught with a rollup from Daniels for a nearfall. Daniels rolls Hernandez up again but again only gets a nearfall. Daniels hits an uppercut and then bounces off the ropes but Hernandez catches him with an over the shoulder backbreaker for a nearfall of his own. Bradley breaks up the pin with a chair shot to the back to Hernandez. Bradley wraps the chair around Hernandez’s neck and then whips him into the turnbuckles. Bradley hits Hernandez in the neck with the chair and actually cuts Hernandez’s ear with it. Hernandez then shoves Park into an elbow from Park. Hernandez then follows up with what may have been a receipt for that chair shot because Hernandez didn’t just shoulder block Bradley, he ran THREW him. Daniels etas a Hip Toss from Park and then a Scoop Slam. Hernandez then hits a cross chop on Daniels and then Hernandez and Park whip Daniels into Bradley in the corner. Park whips Hernandez into a Splash on the heels and then Park hits a Splash on them of his own.


During the break Roode and Kazarian walked onto the ramp. Daniels picks up a kendo stick but Hernandez kicks him and wraps the kendo stick across Daniels’ back. Hernandez hits him with the stick again and then goes for the Border Toss on the ramp, but Daniels backdrops him! In the ring Bradley hits a splash on Park in the corner and then goes for a Big Boot but Park moves out of the way and hits a series of shoulder blocks before walking into an eye poke from Bradley. Bradley picks up the chair but Park takes him down and locks in a Boston Crab! Kaz gets up on the apron but Park chases him off only to get dragged out by Roode. Eric Young attacks Roode and then gets beat down by Roode and Kaz. In the ring Bradley slams Daniels in the corner and then hits a Mafia Kick followed by a Hip Toss. Bradley charges at Daniels in the corner but Daniels gets his boot up. Bradley catches his foot and then kicks him in the nuts before hitting him with the chair. Bradley Back Suplexes Daniels onto the chair and then goes for the Boom Stick, but Kaz trips him and drags him out to the floor. Kaz and Roode beat Bradley down and then Hernandez comes flying out of nowhere with an insane Air Mexico over the top onto Daniels in the ring! Hernandez whips Daniels into the corner and hits a Splash and then hits him with the Get Off Me! Hernandez goes for the Border Toss again but Daniels holds onto the ropes to block it. Austin Aries runs out and distracts Hernandez allowing Daniels to hit the STO! Aries high fives Roode and Kaz and then kicks Daniels in the nuts and hits the Brainbuster! Roode and Kaz chase Aries up the ramp while Bradley drags Park into the ring. Bradley pulls out some brass knucks and nails Park with them! Park’s mouth is bleeding and he loses his ever loving mind. Park runs Bradley over and then lays Hernandez out and hits the Block Hole Slam on Bradley! 1…2…3!

Winner: Park via pinfall (Black Hole Slam)

Park slowly comes back to earth and then celebrates with EY.


Sting talks about TNA’s bad night last week and starts getting pissed. Rampage says he’s going to break Tito’s face when he sees him next time. Sting says he doesn’t think anyone is going to step up for them and Magnus says “so what” and calls them the elite of pro wrestling so they’ll step up themselves. Joe says he’s right and says they don’t need anybody to step up because they’re “bred for war.”

A video package highlighting all of the Bully-Hogan drama is shown.

The NEW World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray strolls his way out to the ring followed by Tito Ortiz. Bully says it sounds like everyone here tonight is really happy to see him which gets a chorus of boos. Ray asks if they’re mad at him and then asks the fans how it feels to have the wool pulled over their eyes…AGAIN. He says he suckered everyone again and he only has one question for everybody, “do you know who I am? I’m Bully Ray, I’m the president of Aces & Eights…and I am the World Heavyweight Champion.” Ray says he’s not a two-time World Champion because he doesn’t recognize Sabin’s title reign because it was a fluke. Ray says everything is now right in TNA again which brings him to his new best friend, Tito Ortiz.

Bully hands Tito the microphone and Tito says Rampage should have known when he signed on the dotted line to fight him what would happen. Tito says he knocked Rampage out and on November 2nd he’ll do it again. A “you sold out” chant starts and Bully says if everyone thought the Tito surprise was big they’re about to be really shocked. Bully says it’s time for the whole world to know about he and his girl, and then he calls “Brooke” out to the ring.

Brooke Hogan’s music hits but Miss Tessmacher (Brooke Tessmacher) comes out instead. Tessmacher and Bully kiss in the middle of the ring as the fans boo. Bully says that now that he has the “hot Brooke” with him and the Huntington Beach Bad Boy with him he can’t ever be stopped again. He says there is only one thing left to do and then Brooke uses her mouth to take Bully’s wedding ring off and she spits it out.


ODB vs. Gail Kim

ODB and Gail with a collar and elbow tie-up and ODB shoves Gail back. They tie-up again and again ODB tosses Gail back. Gail gets ODB in a waistlock but ODB bucks her off and then charges at Gail, but Gail sidesteps her. ODB grabs Gail by her hair and slams her into the turnbuckles. ODB hits a Splash in the corner and then the Carpet Muncher in the corner! ODB stacks Gail up but only gets a nearfall. ODB whips Gail into the corner and Gail attempts to float up into a headscissors, but ODB catches her in midair. ODB goes for a Powerslam but Gail blocks it and shoves ODB into the ropes only catch a shoulder block. ODB hits a Fall Away Slam and Gail rolls out to the floor. ODB chases her back into the ring but Gail catches her with a Flying Armbar as she gets back in the ring. Gail cannonballs across the arm of ODB and then puts her in a hammerlock and shoves the same arm into the turnbuckles. Gail pulls ODB’s arm through the ropes and cannonballs down onto it again. ODB kicks Gail away and then climbs up top and grabs Gail by the hair. Gail kicks her arm away and then kicks ODB in the injured arm. Gail pulls ODB down off the top and hits a Shoulderbreaker! 1…2…NO ODB kicks out! Gail puts ODB in a Hammerlock on the mat and then kicks her in the arm again. Gail grabs the arm and hangs it on the ropes and goes for another cannonball, but ODB uppercuts her in the crotch. ODB tosses Gail back in the ring by her hair and hits a clothesline followed by a forearm and then a back elbow. ODB attempts to whip Gail into the corner but Gail reverses it and charges at ODB. ODB gets her boot up and climbs to the top again and slams Gail’s head into the turnbuckles with the Dirty Dozen. ODB then dives off the top with a Thesz Press, 1…2…NO Gail kicks out and ODB continues to sell the arm. As ODB reaches down to pick Gail up Gail kicks her in the arm again. Gail climbs up top but ODB crotches her on the top and then climbs up with Gail. ODB slaps Gail in the chest and then hits a Superplex! ODB sells the arm as they land but finally rolls over and pins Gail, 1…2…NO Gail kicks out! ODB goes for the BAM but can’t pick Gail up because of the arm allowing Gail to catch ODB with the Crucifix! 1…2…3!

Winner: Gail Kim via pinfall (crucifix)


A video package highlighting Jeff Hardy’s BFG Series win last year is shown. Hardy says the BFG Series is tough on your body but the competition from all the guys also brings out the best in everyone.

Backstage Aries says Roode and company asked him a question and he just answered them. Aries says he can play mind games too and says Roode picked two guys that have never been World Champions before, but he has because he beat Roode for that belt. Aries says he doesn’t need their help or Hogan’s help or Dixie Carter thinking he’s gorgeous (boy, that was a shot at Magnus if I ever heard one) either. Aries says he doesn’t need to politic to keep his spot either and all he needs is his God given talent.

More footage of the Steel Cage Match is shown. Chris Sabin is shown after the match in the back and he calls A&E the masters of manipulation. Sabin says he knows Bully is vicious and dangerous, and he proved it in the match. He says they always find a way to get around the rules and he calls them a cancer. Sabin says the belt meant everything to him but he says he will be back.


After MEM and A&8 make their entrances Anderson grabs a microphone and calls out the A&8 leader Bully Ray to come watch this one. Bully Ray walks out with Tessmacher and Tito. Bully sits down in a chair on the stage with Tessmacher on his lap. Anderson says there are only four of MEM and that’s unfair so they can just pick someone to lay down and get it over with. Sting says not a single one of them is laying down for anyone and if they go down then they will go down together.

AJ Styles’ music hits and the lights go out. AJ walks onto the ramp and stares over at Bully. AJ stops at the end of the ramp as an “AJ” chant starts. AJ’s music stops and then his “Get Ready to Fly” theme hits and AJ pulls off the hood and holds up the P1 sign as the fans lose their damn minds. AJ pulls off the hoodie off revealing his old blue and black gear and AJ is fired up and Tenay is losing his damn mind too. AJ leaps over the top rope and the fight erupts!

Main Event
10-Man Losers Leaves Town Tag Team Match
Main Event Mafia (Rampage Jackson, Magnus, Samoa Joe, & Sting) & “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Aces & Eights (Mr. Anderson, Knux, Devon, Garett Bischoff, & Wes Brisco)

The loser of the fall must leave TNA forever. MEM cleans house on the A&8 and AJ drags Anderson to ringside and starts working him over. AJ slams Anderson into the apron as another “AJ” chant breaks out. Sting slams Knux into the ring steps. Back in the ring AJ whips Anderson into the ropes and then leapfrogs him and connects with the Phenomenal Dropkick! Magnus tosses Wes into the ring and whips him into the ropes and catches him with the Tormentum! Magnus tosses Wes into the MEM corner and tags Joe into the match. Joe destroys Wes in the corner with lefts and rights before tossing Wes into another corner. Joe whips Wes into the opposite corner and comes charging in with a Running Back Elbow followed by the Leaping Enziguri for a nearfall! Wes rakes Joe’s eyes and quickly tags Garett into the match only for Garett to eat a back elbow. AJ tags into the match and hits a Fireman’s Carry Backbreaker on Garett.


Back from the break MEM is beating on Magnus in their corner. Magnus tires to fight out of the corner but eats a huge Cross Body from Knux! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! Knux hits a Back Suplex on Magnus and then tags Devon into the match. Devon hits a Diving Headbutt on Magnus and then chokes him in the ropes. Devon tags Garett back into the match and he puts the boots to Magnus. Garett chokes Magnus on the ropes and then hits a Flapjack for a nearfall. Garett tags Wes into the match and they whip Magnus into the heel corner. Wes then whips Garett into a Running Forearm from Garett and Garett whips Magnus into a clothesline from Wes for a nearfall before Joe breaks it up. Anderson tags into the match and punches Magnus in the ribs. Mr. Anderson slams Magnus and then covers him for a nearfall. Anderson hits the ropes and goes for a Cross Body but Magnus catches him in midair only for Anderson to poke him in the eyes. Anderson tags Devon and then holds Magnus as Devon beats on him. Devon hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a Leg Drop and then a taunt to the crowd. Devon puts Magnus in a chinlock and then he hits the ropes and connects with a shoulder block. Knux tags in scoop slams Magnus. Knux climbs up top and dives off with a Guillotine Leg Drop for a nearfall. Knux covers Magnus over and over but Magnus continues to kick out. Knux goes for a Vertical Suplex but Magnus counters into a DDT! Both men are down now. Magnus rolls to his corner and gets the hot tag to Sting! Sting with a dropkick to Knux and then the Stinger Splash twice! Sting goes for the Scorpion but A&8 interrupt him and now MEM jumps in the ring as all hell breaks loose. Rampage rolls into the ring and lays each member of A&8 out with clotheslines and forearms. Rampage hits Scoop Slam on Wes! Knux hits Rampage from behind but then Sting hits the Stinger Death Drop on Knux! Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! Devon takes out Sting’s knee and then rolls Knux on top of him, 1…2…NO Sting kicks out! Devon tags into the match and beats on Sting in the corner. Devon hits a Scoop Slam on Sting and then climbs up top and dives off with a Diving Headbutt, but Sting rolls out of the way and tags AJ into the match! AJ hits the Springboard Flying Forearm on Devon and then knocks all the members of A&8 off the ramp! AJ hits a big series of strikes capping it off with a Spinning Backfist! AJ hits a Leaping Enziguri on Devon! 1…2…NO Devon kicks out! Anderson hits AJ from behind and puts the boots to AJ but MEM hits the ring again and cleans house on A&8 as the brawl goes back out to the floor. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Garett runs in with a clothesline attempt. AJ ducks it and nails him with the Pele! AJ goes for a Clothesline on Devon but Devon ducks and Spears the holy hell out of AJ! Devon goes for a slam but AJ blocks it and hits the Styles Clash! 1…2…3!

Winners: MEM & Styles via pinfall (Styles Clash)

Bully Ray can’t believe it as AJ and MEM stand over Devon in the ring. A&8 freak out at ringside as AJ celebrates in the corner. AJ looks over at Bully and stares him down


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.


1) Bobby Roode & Kazarian def. Gunner & James Storm
2) Manik def. Sonjay Dutt
3) BFG Series Street Fight: Joseph Park def. Daniels, Hernandez, & Jay Bradley via pinfall (20 points)
4) Gail Kim def. ODB
5)10-Man Loser Leaves Town Tag Match: Main Event Mafia (Rampage Jackson, Sting, Magnus, & Samoa Joe) & AJ Styles def. Aces & Eights (Mr. Anderson, Devon, Knux, Garett Bishcoff, & Wes Brisco) via AJ pinning Devon

BFG Series Standings

1) Magnus (39 points)
2) Bobby Roode (34 points)
3) Austin Aries (28 points)
4) Samoa Joe (26 points)
5) Jeff Hardy (24 points)
Mr. Anderson (24 points)
6) Christopher Daniels (23 points)
7) AJ Styles (22 points)
Kazarian (22 points)
8) Austin Aries (21 points)
9) Joseph Park (18 points)
10) Hernandez (7 points)
11) Jay Bradley (0 points)

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