TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 10/10/13 (Angle returns)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 10/10/13

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Tulsa, Oklahoma
October 10, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz
Recap by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with highlights from last week’s show and then Dixie Carter makes her way down to the ring. Dixie says that last week we saw how egotistical and self-centered Hulk Hogan was, and that is the problem and that’s why Hulk isn’t here anymore. She says that’s why she will never utter his name again under any circumstance. She says that she’s the one that provided that “nameless person” an opportunity to come into her company and she didn’t need him. Dixie says she doesn’t need anyone to come into her company and tell her how to run it. She says she didn’t need any “Vince” or any has-beens like Eric Bischoff or a “Stephanie” or any of the Jarrett’s.

Dixie turns her attention to AJ Styles and says she certainly doesn’t need him and after she asked him so sweet to leave her building he sneaks back in and inserts himself into a match he had nothing to do with. The fans are getting on her pretty hard. Dixie asks AJ what he was thinking and says he is not needed in TNA. Dixie says she told security to welcome him in tonight. She says the hard working World Champion, Bully Ray, deserves a break and she is giving him the opportunity to book AJ in any match he wants to.

Sting walks out and interrupts Dixie and he asks her what is going on with her. Dixie says she knows how much he cares for her and thanks him for being here. Dixie says she is wide awake right now and the guys in the back are the ones that need to wake up right now. She says everyone in TNA is under her review and that includes Sting. She says that it was Sting that told her that Hulk Hogan was the best choice for GM and we saw how well that did. Dixie is pissed that Sting booked himself in a match at BFG against Magnus. Dixie asks if he wants to be like AJ without a contract and his future in TNA to be over. She says she doesn’t want that but she will do it. Dixie asks the fans if they want to see Sting wrestle and she says that before they face each other at BFG Sting & Magnus should “bond” so they’re going to team together against Bad Influence tonight. Sting gets pissed and asks what Dixie’s problem is.

Dixie says that if Sting or Magnus don’t win tonight then neither one of them will be on BFG, period. She says that Sting’s future is in the palm of her hand so he needs to remember that. Before she leaves she stops and says, THAT is what’s going on here.

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries is up next and Aries backstage is shown warming up. He says that Jeff Hardy is once again trying to steal his spotlight, this time in the Ultimate X. Aries says he’s not a fan of Ultimate X because he’s a professional wrestler while Hardy needs spectacles and high wires. He says there’s no ladders or wires tonight it’s just a match and he will show Hardy why he’s the greatest professional wrestler alive.


AJ Styles is shown arriving and he says it’s nice to be allowed back in the building without being chased away by security. AJ says he isn’t concerned with Bully’s revenge tonight because he doesn’t back down from a fight. He says that he’s going to make Dixie pay and after BFG he’ll have the power and leverage not Dixie.

“A-Double” Austin Aries vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

This is a rematch of last year’s BFG Main Event in which Hardy won. Aries and Hardy have had several stellar matches over the last two years including a brutal Ladder Match. They will face off again at BFG in an Ultimate X along with Chris Sabin and Manik for the X-Division Title. Aries and Hardy lockup as a “Hardy” chant rings out across the crowd. Hardy gets Aries in a wristlock and then he flips Aries over and leg drops the arm. Hardy does his goofy dance which irritates Aries. They lockup again and this time Aries gets Hardy in a hammerlock and then he transitions into a side headlock and then into a leg sweep. Aries spins around Hardy and then elbow drops Hardy in the back of the head. Aries taunts Hardy lying across the turnbuckles. They lockup again but this time stalemate in the corner but that’s where Hardy lands a series of shoulder blocks on Aries. Hardy whips him into the opposite corner and charges but Aries catches Hardy with a back elbow. Aries then climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Axe Handle attempt, but Hardy catches him in midair with an Atomic Drop! Hardy trips Aries and then sets up for his leg drop to the nuts but Aries saw it coming and kicks Hardy away. Aries catches Hardy with a series of lucha armdrags and then holds onto an armbar on the mat. Hardy counters into a head scissors but Aries headstands out of it and hits a basement dropkick for the first nearfall of the match. Aries sticks his knee into the back of Hardy and then hits the ropes and connects with a Back Elbow to the back of Hardy for another nearfall. Aries elbows Hardy in the head repeatedly and then Hardy tries to fight back with a series of kicks, but Aries shoves him into the corner and charges in with a running clothesline. Aries then hits a Running Bulldog! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Aries hits a Jumping Elbow Drop for another nearfall and then puts Hardy in a chinlock. Taz points out that the focus of Aries’ offense has been on the head setting up for the Brainbuster. That is seriously the first time Taz has made an observation like that all year. Hardy fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with a Jawbreaker. Hardy attempts to whip Aries into the corner but Aries reverses it and charges at Hardy, but Hardy floats up into a Spinning Headscissors that sends Aries flying through the ropes down to the floor. Hardy hits a flying dropkick through the ropes sending Aries into the announce table! Hardy then dives off the apron with a Plancha onto Aries on the floor!


Back from the break Hardy hits a snapmare takeover followed by a basement dropkick to Aries’ back. Hardy whips Aries into the corner and then comes flying in with a Splash, but Aries rolls out of the way and then hits a Leaping Knee Drop on Hardy. Aries hits another Leaping Knee Drop for another nearfall. Aries picks Hardy up and boxes the side of Hardy’s head and them hits him with an elbow. Hardy fights back on Aries and then bounces off the ropes but Aries steps aside and shoves Hardy sending him crashing to the floor through the ropes. Hardy actually lands hard against the announce table. Aries climbs up top and dives off with the Savage Diving Axe Handle onto Hardy on the floor! Aries climbs up to the top again and again dives off with the Savage Diving Axe Handle onto Hardy! Aries tosses Hardy back into the ring and then climbs back up top. Aries dives off with a Missile Dropkick but Hardy falls to the side and Aries crashes and burns! Hardy hits a series of strikes followed by a Flying Forearm off the ropes! Hardy follows up with an Atomic Drop and then the Leg Drop to the balls! Hardy hits a Basement Dropkick! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Hardy attempts to whip Aries into the corner but Aries reverses it and Hardy goes for the Floatover Headscissors again, but this time Aries saw it coming it and tosses Hardy over the top. Hardy lands on the apron and Aries nails him with a shoulder block through the ropes. Aries then drags Hardy through the ropes and hits a Hanging Neckbreaker! Aries climbs up top and dives off with the Missile Dropkick and connects this time! Aries attempts the IED in the corner but Hardy gets his feet up! Hardy catches Aries with the Alley Oop! Hardy goes for the Twist but Aries shoves Hardy into the corner. Aries charges at him but Hardy hits him with an elbow and then quickly springs to the top and dives off with the Whisper in the Wind! Hardy climbs up top but Aries dropkicks the top rope causing Hardy to get crotched on the top turnbuckle! Aries then hits the SUPER BRAINBUSTER! HOLY CRAP! 1…2…3!

Winner: Aries via pinfall (Super Brainbuster)

After the match Aries is not allowed to celebrate very long before Samoa Joe comes out dressed in a suit interrupting the celebration. Joe congratulates Aries on an “impressive win over an equally impressive opponent.” Joe says he’s out here because he was impressed how Aries put himself in an X-Division Title Match and not to be outdone Hardy did the same and upped the ante making it an Ultimate X Match. Joe says even though they’re both “crazy charismatic” but maybe it was just the microphone that let them put themselves in a match like that so he wants to test that theory out. Joe says there will be FIFTH man in the Ultimate X… and that man is SAMOA JOE! Aries looks confused but Joe says Hardy, Aries, Manik, and Sabin have been put on notice, “Joe…IS GONNA KILLA YOU!”

In the back Bro-Mans are talking about some girls they had last night and this numb nuts Robbie actually has “Bro” (Robbie) shaved into the back of his head 90’s style. Robbie asks Jesse what’s up with Jesse getting beat by ODB and Jesse says she’s not technically a girl so there is an asterisk in that loss. Jesse asks Robbie what’s up with getting beat by EY and Joseph Park in seconds. Robbie says he still didn’t get beat by a girl. Jesse says Dixie Carter said she respects people that step up so that’s what he’s going to do right now and take care of their biggest problem. He walks away and Robbie asks him what they’re biggest problem is…bro.


Earlier today JB is with EY and Joseph Park hyping up a Vlog EY and Park are going to be doing from now until BFG as they road trip across the country to San Diego.

Bro-Mans are in the ring and Jesse calls out ODB. He says she wants to embarrass him but she should come out right now and they’ll have their chance to embarrass her. ODB doesn’t make them wait long either and she’s accompanied by EY.

Jesse w/Robbie E vs. ODB w/Eric Young

Jesse gets in ODB’s face and she chops him repeatedly in the chest! ODB then shoves Jesse’s face into her busty bosom. Robbie gets up on the apron and screams at her so she shoves her boobs into his face as well. EY gets up on the apron because he wants to motorboat her as well and she obliges him. Jesse charges at ODB but she moves out of the way and rolls him up! 1…2…NO Jesse kicks out but then ODB quickly drop toe holds him. Robbie trips ODB from the outside so EY goes after him! EY and Robbie fight up the ramp towards the backstage area. ODB takes a sip of her liquid courage but then Lei’d Tapa’s music hits and the monstrous knockout makes her way down to the ring. Tapa DESTROYS ODB with a tackle and then starts beating her head into the mat.

Winner: ODB via DQ

Tapa tosses ODB into the corner and then levels her with a Big Boot. Tapa hits her with a Fireman’s Carry spun into a Stunner! Tapa picks up the Knockouts Title and poses over ODB with it before tossing it on top of her.

Backstage Bully Ray says he’s on his way to take care of a “revenge match” right now.


Backstage Garett Bischoff bitches at Bully and says that he’s killing the group. Knux says they’re down to three members because of Bully, but Bully says it’s not because of him but because of Ken Anderson. Bully says it was Ken that put Devon’s career on the line and it was him that put his ego in the way that challenged Bully for the belt. Bully says they all agreed he would be the champion and the group would protect it. Knux says he’s right but he didn’t have to piledrive him on the stage to try and end his career. Bully says maybe it was too severe but they have to stick together because tonight he can try and take out AJ Styles. Bully says that he’s giving them the spotlight and he wants them both to take AJ out and he wants them to be the reason he doesn’t make it to BFG. Bully puts their hands on the belt and says they need to make sure that the belt stays with the club.

Sting talks to Magnus in the back and Magnus says he needs Sting to know that he needed Sting to give him a kick in the rear and this will be the biggest match of his career. Sting says they both have something to prove and BFG has been good to him in the past. Sting says even though he can’t ever wrestle for the belt again he still wants to prove to the world that it’s still “showtime.” Magnus says they have to put that on ice because now they have to team up and win tonight.

In the EGO locker room Bad Influence hype up Roode’s induction into the “EGO Hall of Fame” tonight.


The Kurt Angle return video is shown again.

Bad Influence makes their way down to the ring and Kaz is wearing an orange suit from top to bottom while Daniels has a slick baby blue one. Both are wearing top hats with canes. Daniels says tonight the stars have aligned because not only is it the inaugural induction into the EGO hall of fame but it’s also once again “Throwback Thursday” and they show off their suits. He says that they decided to dress up like Main Event Mafia the frauds of the company. Kaz says there are many fraudulent Hall of Fames out there and name drops the Baseball Hall of Fame for not inducting Jose Conseco and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for not inducting Judas Priest (I have no idea who that is) and the TNA Hall of Fame for not inducting Bad Influence. Kaz introduces the very first inductee into the EGO Hall of Fame… “The pride of Peterborough, the man who’s a freak who likes the girls with the boom, who once got busy in Tim Horton’s bathroom…Bobby Roode!”

Roode sits down in the huge throne that’s in the ring as Kaz shows off a portrait of Roode. Kaz says he could have written a novel about Roode’s incredible accomplishments in TNA but instead he “slaved over a hot computer” all week and made this as he points to the screen. A video package hyping up Bobby Roode is shown. It’s a mix of humor and editing video of some of the Knockouts sounding like they’re saying how hot he is and some of the TNA wrestlers saying how much he should be in the Hall of Fame. I think that was from either Sting’s Hall of Fame video or Angle’s and they just edited it to sound like they were saying Roode.

Roode fakes tears and Daniels calls Roode a “real genuine hall of famer” not like Sting who he says will get the beating of his life tonight along with Magnus. Daniels says Sting doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame like Roode does because he is the longest reigning World Champion in TNA and he’s the “prime minister of swab and debonair.”

Roode shakes Bad Influence’s hands and then hugs Daniels and kisses his bald head. Roode says this is such an amazing moment for him and he thanks “two amazing gentlemen” Bad Influence and he again fakes like he’s choking up. Roode says he promised himself he wouldn’t cry and says without them none of this would be possible. Roode says he has to thank one more “special individual” who without the passion and heart and god given talent this night wouldn’t be possible either, himself. Roode says he is the man deserving of the HOF induction, not Kurt Angle. He says the only reason that Angle is being inducted at BFG is because of the fans. He asks what Kurt Angle has done lately for TNA while Roode has made history as the longest reigning and dominate World Champion in TNA history. An “Angle” chant starts up as Roode says he carried TNA on his back. Roode asks where Angle is now but then Angle’s music interrupts him! Roode freaks out as Angle walks through the tunnel!

Angle takes off his jacket and hits the ring! Angle looks pretty ripped. Angle tells Roode to shut his mouth and says he’s been gone for a little while and asks who Roode’s girlfriends are. Daniels swings at Angle but he catches him with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Kaz then swings his cane at Angle but ducks and German Suplexes the hell out of him! Roode tries to bail out of the ring but Angle catches his leg and locks in the Ankle Lock! Roode’s shoe slips off allowing him to get away. Angle says Roode has made the biggest mistake of his life and he’s back! Angle says, “me…YOU…BOUND FOR GLORY!”


In the back a fired up Bobby Roode goes nuts and says that it’s not he who made the biggest mistake of his life, Angle did. Roode says Angle wants to ruin his night then he accepts the challenge and says Angle’s going to get it at BFG.

TNA Knockouts Title #1 Contenders Match: Velvet Sky w/Chris Sabin vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Velvet has her ribs taped up after the attack from Lei’D Tapa last week. As Velvet tried to let the pigeons loose during her entrance Sabin covers her butt as she does it, and then he covers her chest as she poses on the top rope. Tenay says that Gail Kim vs. ODB for the KO Title at BFG has already been signed and the winner of this match will be added making it a Triple Threat. They lockup and Velvet gets Brooke in a side headlock but she shoves Velvet into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Velvet gets some advice from Sabin and then they lockup again but this time Brooke forces Velvet into the corner and chokes her. Brooke swings at her but Velvet ducks and stomps on her repeatedly. Velvet slams Brooke into the opposite corner and then charges at her, but Brooke moves and then starts kicking and punching the ribs of Velvet. Brooke rips off the tape and chokes her with it. Brooke tries to whip Velvet into the corner but Velvet counters into a Russian Leg Sweep. Velvet sells the ribs and Brooke grabs her and tosses her into the ropes. Brooke hangs her up in the ropes and chokes her before kicking her in the ribs repeatedly again. Brooke tosses Velvet out to the floor and then she slams Velvet into the apron before tossing her back into the ring. Brooke mocks Velvet’s entrance as she gets back in the ring so Velvet kicks her in the crotch and then whips her into the ropes. Velvet hits a series of clotheslines and then a Back Elbow! Velvet attempts to whip Brooke into the ropes but Brooke reverses it and goes for a backdrop. Velvet kicks her and then hits a Running Bulldog! 1…2…NO Brooke kicks out! Velvet hits a series of kicks and then a Leaping Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Brooke kicks out again! Sabin tells Velvet to come over again and starts saying something to her. That distracted her and Brooke rolls her up! 1…2…3!

Winner: Brooke via pinfall (rollup)

I think Velvet actually got her shoulder up before the 3 but the referee ignored it. Sabin asks her what happened after the match as Velvet is frustrated.


Earlier tonight “Ethan” is shown arriving somewhere but it’s the exact same video from last week. A video package featuring “Ethan” is shown and it’s very over the top with fire in the background and females watching him as a movie trailer narration announces his name as “Ethan Carter III…EC3.” I’ve been informed that he is former WWE developmental wrestler Derrick Bateman. I had to go watch some videos of him on Youtube because I had never heard of him.

Main Event Mafia (Sting & Magnus) vs. Bad Influence

Magnus and Daniels will start the match off. They lockup and Daniels hits Magnus with a series of forearms sending him into the corner. Magnus fights back with a series of rights but Daniels cuts him off with a poke to the eyes. Daniels puts Magnus in a side headlock but Magnus shoves him into the ropes and then goes for a clothesline. Daniels ducks and then goes for a Cross Body, but Magnus catches him in midair and connects with the Tormentum. Sting hits Daniels from the outside and then Magnus tosses him into the babyface corner and tags Sting in. MEM whips Daniels into the ropes and lays him out with a double back elbow. Sting picks Daniels up but Daniels pokes him in the eyes and tags Kaz into the match. Kaz charges at Sting but eats a hip toss from the legend. Sting then follows up with a clothesline and then he tags in Magnus. Sting attempts to whip Kaz into the ropes but Kaz reverses it and then leapfrogs Sting causing Sting to run into Magnus. Kaz then hits Magnus from behind and clotheslines Sting as Daniels drags Sting out to the floor. Daniels slams Sting into the ring post and then into the ring steps!


Back from the break Kaz chokes Magnus with his knee and then whips him into the ropes and connects with a Back Heel Kick for a nearfall. Kaz puts Magnus in a front chancery as some of Bad Influence’s double team moves during the break are shown. Magnus tries to fight his way back to his corner but Kaz cuts him off with an elbow and throws him into the heel corner. Daniels tags in and then Kaz whips Magnus into a back elbow from Daniels. Daniels climbs up top and grabs Magnus by the hands and rides him down to the mat with his foot into the chest of Magnus. Daniels covers Magnus for a nearfall and then puts him in a headlock. Magnus fights back up to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows but then Daniels takes him over with a snapmare. Kaz tags in and hits a Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop on Magnus for another nearfall. Kaz taunts Sting and then Bad Influence pull off the phantom heel tag as Sting tries to get in the ring and Hebner deals with him. Daniels tosses Magnus out to the floor and then Kaz slams him into the ring apron several times before tossing him back in the ring. Daniels covers Magnus and uses the ropes for leverage but the referee catches him. Daniels puts Magnus in a chinlock. Magnus fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows. They exchange right hands but Magnus gets the better of Daniels until Daniels catches him with a jawbreaker. Daniels then hits the ropes but Magnus is right behind with a vicious Lariat! Magnus is able to dive for a tag as Daniels tags in Kaz as well. Sting hits a backhand followed by a dropkick and then a clothesline on Kaz! Sting hits a Bulldog! 1…2…NO Daniels break it up with an elbow drop but Sting rolled out of the way and Daniels hit Kaz! Sting tosses Daniels out to the floor and then tags in Magnus as he climbs up top and dives off with the Flying Elbow Drop on Kaz! Magnus doesn’t go for the pin as Sting screams at him to pin Kaz. Magnus locks in the British Cloverleaf! Daniels breaks it up and then grabs the referee as Sting is able to blind tag himself into the match. Sting hits the Stinger Splash on Kaz and then the Scorpion Death Drop! 1…2…3!

Winners: Sting & Magnus

Magnus seems like he wasn’t happy that Sting blind tagged himself into the match. Sting doesn’t understand Magnus’ illogical frustration.

Dixie Carter approaches AJ in the back and says AJ doesn’t have to face A&8 tonight and then shows AJ a check. She says AJ has never seen that much money and tells him to think about how much “stuff” he could buy in Georgia with that kind of money. Dixie says he could even start a “foundation for the little redneck kids that can’t read” (okay as a fellow Southerner I laughed out loud at that one). Dixie says they can shake hands and just call it a career for him. AJ smiles and says he could buy a lot of stuff with that money but you can’t buy him with it and then rips it up and throws it in her face. As he walks away she says she didn’t sign the check anyway.


Main Event in a Handicap Match: “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Aces & Eights (Garett Bischoff & Knux) w/Brooke Tessmacher & Bully Ray

Bully tells Mike Tenay that his night is over and to go sit off to the side. Bully sits in Tenay’s spot and is going to do commentary I guess. AJ gets a huge pop as his music hits. AJ jumps A&8 as soon as he gets in the ring nailing Knux with a Leaping Enziguri that sends him through the ropes! AJ then tosses Bischoff into the corner as Knux tries to get back in the match. AJ is distracted by Knux allowing Bischoff to catch him with some strikes. Bischoff attempts to whip AJ into the corner but AJ reverses it and then hits a Flying Clothesline in the corner! AJ hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a Leaping Knee Drop! AJ tosses Bischoff back into the corner and then lays into him with strikes. AJ hits a series of elbows and then he stomps him down onto the mat as AJ is fired up. AJ picks Bischoff up but Bischoff chops AJ in the throat and then tosses him into the ropes. Bischoff goes for a backdrop but AJ kicks him and then shoves him into the ropes. AJ goes for a clothesline but Bischoff ducks and as he hits the ropes Knux blind tags himself into the match. AJ goes for a clothesline again and I think Bischoff was supposed to duck but he didn’t do it in time causing a weird botch. AJ picks Bischoff up but Knux hits him from behind and slams him into the turnbuckles. Knux picks AJ up onto his shoulders and then drops him across the ropes. Knux catapults AJ throat first into the ropes and covers him for a nearfall. Knux beats on AJ in the heel corner and then tags Bischoff back into the match. Bischoff chokes AJ in the ropes and then taunts the crowd. AJ tries to fight back but Bischoff cuts him off with a knee and then he hits a Butterfly Suplex. 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Knux tags back in and stomps on AJ as Bischoff holds him. Knux climbs up top and dives off with a Guillotine Leg Drop but AJ rolls out of the way! Knux tags Bischoff and then AJ ducks a clothesline attempt and hits a Flying Forearm on Knux! AJ then nails Bischoff with a clothesline and then a Spinning Heel Kick! AJ hits a big right hand and then charges at Bischoff. Bischoff backdrops AJ over the top but AJ lands on the apron and hits Bischoff with a right hand. AJ follows up with the Springboard Flying Forearm leaping over Bischoff and nailing Knux! Bischoff comes up behind AJ and holds him in a Full Nelson. Knux swings at him but AJ ducks and Knux nails Bischoff! AJ hits the Pele on Knux as he turns around! AJ rolls Bischoff up, 1…2…3!

Winner: AJ via pinfall (rollup)

Knux attacks AJ after the match and starts beating on AJ as Bischoff joins in as well. Bully Ray hits the ring with a chain and gets pissed at Knux & Bischoff for losing. Bully hits AJ over the back with the chain repeatedly. Bully screams at Knux & Bischoff as he beats AJ. AJ refuses to stay down as Bully beats him but as he gets back up Bully backdrops AJ over the ropes onto the ramp with a crazy thud! Bully stands over AJ and screams at AJ that the last person he will ever see is him and the last voice he hears will be Bully’s. Bully says he’s going to take AJ away from the fans.


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) Austin Aries def. Jeff Hardy
2) ODB def. Jesse via DQ
3) Brooke Tessmacher def. Velvet Sky
4) Sting & Magnus def. Bad Influence
5) Handicap Match: AJ Styles def. Knux & Garett Bischoff

Scheduled for Next Week:
– 4-Corners Match: Hernandez vs. Robbie E vs. Eric Young vs. Christopher Daniels
– Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin
– Knux vs. Gunner

TNA Bound for Glory Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Bully Ray (c) vs. AJ Styles
– TNA X-Division Title Ultimate X Match: Manik (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe
– Sting vs. Magnus
– Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Gauntlet: Bro-Mans vs. Bad Influence vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez vs. Joseph Park & Eric Young (PRE-SHOW)
– TNA Tag Team Titles: James Storm & Gunner (c) vs. Gauntlet winners
– Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode
-TNA Knockouts Title Triple Threat: ODB (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher


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