TNA Impact Wrestling Results 12/26/13

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone II)
December 26, 2013 
Commentators: Taz & Mike Tenay 
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Merry Christmas and Roll Tide to everyone! Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Impact opens up with highlights from Final Resolution focusing on new World Champion Magnus. Tenay and Taz hype up the card for tonight featuring the return of Monsters Ball.

Rockstar Spud comes down to the ring wearing his goofy bowtie. A “you suck” chants tarts and Spud introduces Dixie Carter as she makes her way down to the ring. Dixie hypes up the new World Heavyweight Champion Magnus. A “we want AJ” chant starts as she introduces Magnus and she says that she has some very big planned for next week, but before she can say anything else Jeff Hardy limps out to the ring.

Dixie says that she is trying to make a major announcement and he is a loser so he isn’t welcome out there right now. Hardy says he doesn’t care about Dixie’s champion and the creatures saw what really happened last week. He says what she did will haunt her and he has something very important he needs to get off his chest. Spud says this isn’t on the schedule for right now and there is no time for him right now because it’s Dixie’s time. Spud screams at Jeff to shutup but Jeff says it will only take a minute to say what he needs to. Spud again yells at Hardy to shutup and he wants Jeff to stick all his “little creatures up his backside” and get out of the ring. Hardy grabs Spud by the throat and corners him as he screams at the he said it would take just a minute.

Finally EC3 comes from behind and lays Jeff out. Dixie says she’s fine so no one has to worry about her. She says that she was about to make a major announcement but then Sting’s music interrupts her as well. Sting chases Spud and EC3 out of the ring and comes face to face with Dixie. Sting says he has an announcement to make and he is sick and tired of the entitled punks in TNA thinking they can run around saying what they want and doing what they want without consequences. Sting says he’s not leaving the ring until he and the fans get what they want which is he kicking the “entitled crap right out of EC3.” Sting asks Spud if he came to TNA to come to a pro wrestler in the first place and suggests EC3 and Spud vs. Sting and Hardy tonight! Dixie says no and that she came to make an announcement and that she doesn’t care what he wants. Sting says she should care what the fans want because they want to see Jeff and Sting tag against the “two idiots.” Dixie tells Sting not to take that tone with her and she doesn’t care what they want. Dixie says what SHE wants is to see EC3 and Spud shut Sting and Hardy up tonight. She announces the very match that Sting wanted and pretends like it was her idea the whole time.

Dixie’s music starts to play her out but Dixie gets pissed and says she had an announcement to make before we go to break.


Dixie is still in the ring and before she can make her announcement again this time she is interrupted by Gunner. Dixie gets pissed but Gunner can’t find a sh*t to give. Gunner says he knows that she thinks that what she has to say is important but what he has to say is more important. Gunner holds up his briefcase and reminds her that he has a guaranteed World Title shot. Gunner says he doesn’t have much patience so she needs to get Magnus in the ring so he can have his shot now. Dixie refuses and says she doesn’t care what he wants. She says that Magnus is in the UK celebrating with his British fans so he’ll have to take a rain check.

Dixie tries to say her announcement again but Gunner takes the microphone away from her and he tells her to let Magnus to know that whether it’s this week or next Magnus better be ready because he’s cashing in. Dixie starts to talk again but this time James Storm interrupts her as he comes out to the ring.

Storm sarcastically apologizes for interrupting her and Storm says he believes Gunner owes him so maybe he should give him something. Gunner says he doesn’t owe Storm anything but Storm says last he remembers he asked Gunner not to interfere in his match with Roode and he did it anyway costing him a shot at the World Title in the tournament. Gunner says Storm is right but he was getting ready to get put through barbed wire after getting beaten half to death in a bar fight so he was looking out for Storm and his future. Gunner says he did what was wrong but Storm says it wasn’t the first time he had ever been beaten up in a bar fight and probably won’t be the last, but what he wants to know is who told Roode where he was to begin with. Gunner asks Storm if he really thinks he stooged him off but Storm says he’s damn right he thinks he’s a stooge. A “stooge” chant starts and Storm says he’s out here right now face to face that he wants a match with Gunner right now for the World Title shot. Dixie says that is enough drama for now so if they’re going to have this match then it will at least benefit her. Dixie tells the fans to tweet all their friends that Gunner and Storm are about to fight each other over the World Title shot, and that’s what Gunner gets for interrupting her.

Dixie now says she’s not ready to tell the fans what she was going to say because they pissed her off so the fans will have to wait.


TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match

Gunner vs. “Cowboy” James Storm

Gunner and Storm shove each other and then they lockup in the center of the ring. They brawl into the corner and then Hebner gets between them to break it up. Storm gets Gunner in a side headlock but then Gunner shoves him into the ropes and goes for a forearm but Storm holds onto the ropes. Storm gets Gunner in a waistlock but Gunner counters into a headlock and then Storm shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Storm comes back with a side headlock takeover but Gunner fights up to his feet and shoves him into the ropes. Gunner goes for a Hip Toss but Storm blocks it and goes for one of his own. Gunner blocks it and then goes for a clothesline but Storm ducks and kicks Gunner. Storm bounces off the ropes but runs into a back elbow from Gunner for a nearfall. Gunner charges at Storm in the corner but eats a boot and then a Leaping Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Gunner answers back with a series of forearms and then he backdrops Storm over the top. Storm lands on the apron and hits a Leaping Enziguri from the apron and follows up with a Flying Forearm! 1…2…NO Gunner kicks out! Gunner forces Storm into the corner and then lights him up with chops. Gunner hits a series of strikes and then Storm fights back with a snapmare followed by a Knee Drop for a nearfall. Storm picks Gunner up but eats a shoulder block from Gunner followed by a Vertical Suplex for another nearfall. Gunner puts Storm in a headlock and then forces him into the corner. Storm responds with an uppercut and then they begin exchanging huge haymakers. Gunner Spears Storm through the ropes and both men crash to the floor! Storm slams Gunner face first into the ring steps but both men get counted out.

WINNER: DRAW via double countout

Gunner and Storm continue to fight after the match until referees run out to separate them.

Brooke Tessmacher walks into Bully Ray in the back and she asks him where the hell he’s been and says she has been trying to get a hold of him for weeks. Bully just blankly stares at the ground and asks him what the hell is going on with him. Brooke shows her ass and asks if he just doesn’t want any more of that anymore. Brooke says Bully loved her at one point but as he continues to say nothing but if he doesn’t want to do it this way she’ll go the ring and air all of his dirty and dark secrets to the world. As she walks away Bully calls her name and tells her that doing that is really not a good idea.


A vignette hyping up Magnus as the World Champion airs. He talks about the different characters he went through from his original “gladiator” gimmick to the British Invasion and the team with Joe. He says they stuck he and Joe together simply because they were both pissed off and frustrated and then they pissed everyone off because they became the best. He says the attack from Aces & Eights was a major wakeup call for him.

Brooke Tessmacher walks out to the ring sporting some new music. Brooke says it has been weeks since she has talked to Bully and she understands and knows why he is giving her the silent treatment. She says it’s because she threw the hammer that Anderson caught in their match but she refuses to take the blame. She demands that Bully come to the ring and tell the truth. Bully walks down to the ring with no music wearing a dark hoodie and sunglasses.

Brooke grabs his hand and asks him what is going on with him and she says they can fix this thing together. She says it’s neither of their fault that the Aces & Eights came to an end, but Bully snatches his hand away and walks to the corner. Brooke says he doesn’t even respect her enough to look at her and she’s done being his dog. She says that it was he that told her to throw him the hammer to begin with and she has watched him destroy everything including his own brother. Brooke says she used him for her ticket into the spotlight and now he’s just become like a weird miserable emo kid in high school that has no friends that no one wants to talk to or look at. She screams at Bully to look at her while she’s talking.

Bully turns around and looks into her face. Brooke laughs and asks if he thinks she’s scared of him and says that she isn’t his possession and she doesn’t need him. Brooke starts to walk away but Bully grabs her arm and then takes the microphone. Bully says that she is done when he’s done with her. He says that he doesn’t blame her for him not being the World Champion or for the end of the Aces and Eights or screwing everything up. Bully says she’s not much in the brains department to begin with and he didn’t keep her around because she was the smartest girl in the world. He says that he kept her around because she was useful for certain things and she honestly wasn’t even that good at those certain uses. He says that sometimes he would shut his eyes and wish he was with Brooke Hogan again.

The eerie music starts to play again as Bully says that she should consider herself lucky because he could treat her like Ken Anderson right now. He says that he could stick her head between his legs and Piledrive her on her ugly face. He says he won’t do that because he still has one last use for her. Bully says he’s going to use her to spread his word. Bully says that she knows how evil and sick and sadistic he can be. He says that he wants her to let everyone know what’s in store for them. He takes his glasses off and then gets in her face and says to let everyone know that it will be a lot worse than that. He tells her that he’s done with her and tells her to leave.

Brooke bails out of the ring as Bully stares at her.


Another Magnus video package plays with Magnus talking about the ups and downs of his 2013 including the MEM.

EC3 walks into Dixie’s office with Spud and bitches about the match with Sting and Hardy. They talk about the huge experience edge they have over them. Dixie says Hardy had a big experience advantage over Magnus and look what happened there, but EC3 reminds her that they all helped Magnus win which causes her to roll her eyes. Dixie says she doesn’t like his tone and she reminds EC3 that they’re Carter’s. She tells him to remember that and they need to get ready for the match, and she has them covered.


A video package highlighting the Abyss/Park drama airs. EY tries to hype up Park backstage and then EY tells the production guys to hit his music. Abyss’ music plays and Park says that’s not his music but EY says it IS and hands him Janice.


In the back Sting talks to Hardy about their match tonight but Hardy looks a little unfocused. Sting says it’s exciting to him to team with Jeff but Jeff says that’s cool but he really didn’t come here to wrestle tonight. Sting asks if they can just go out there and take care of business tonight and then he can get whatever he needs to off his chest, and Jeff agrees but puts his head in his hands as Sting walks away.

Monsters Ball Handicap Match

Bad Influence vs. Joseph Park

Taz mentions how dangerous this match could be for Bad Influence because of the danger of cutting Park and having Abyss come out in him if that happens. Park holds Bad Influence off with Janice but Kaz kicks it away and Daniels starts beating the hell out of Park with a crutch. Kaz hits Park with a kendo stick and then Daniels chokes him with the crutch. Kaz chokes Park with the kendo stick and then hits him over the back with it. Bad Influence take Park down to his knees and then Kaz hits a kick to the chest followed by a Sliding Clothesline from Daniels and then an Elbow Drop from Kaz. They choke Park and then go outside for some “plunder” as Dusty Rhodes would say. They toss a bunch of weapons in the ring and even chunk a trashcan at Park’s face. Daniels puts the boots to Park and then Kaz hits Park repeatedly with a crutch. Daniels grabs a trashcan lid and blasts Park with it and then chokes him with some tape. Kaz almost hits him with a chair but Daniels stops him and says they don’t want him bleeding. They wedge the chair into the turnbuckles but as they were doing that Park recovered and hits Daniels with a shoulder block and a Hip Toss to Kaz. Park hits a Scoop Slam on Kaz as well and then grabs the kendo stick and threatens to hit Daniels with it, but Kaz hits him from behind with a trashcan. Kaz tosses Park out to the floor and then Bad Influence follows him out and continues to beat on him. They toss Park into the ring steps and then talk trash to some fans at ringside. Bad Influence tosses Park back into the ring and then they start to put the beating on him again in the corner. Kaz whips Daniels into Park but Park backdrops him over the top rope! Kaz then charges at Park but Park sidesteps him and Kaz slams headfirst into the chair that they set up earlier. Park puts a trashcan lid on Kaz’s stomach and then hits a Splash! Park puts Kazarian in a Boston Crab but Daniels breaks it up with a crutch. Kazarian grabs Janice and apparently he feels like committing a homicide. Park rolls out to the floor and he starts to go up the ramp but EY stops him and tells him to fight back. Park says he can’t do it but EY tells him again to get up. Park says he needs EY’s help so EY grabs Park and was about to bust him open, but Bad Influence saw it coming and they attack him from behind. They toss EY hard into the ring post and then they toss EY back into the ring. Kaz swings the kendo stick at EY but Park knocks him out of the way and takes a full shot right to the forehead. Park is busted open, BLADE JOB! Park goes Abyss mode and Bad Influence looks like they may need some new shorts. They start wearing Abyss out with chair shots and kendo shots but it has no affect. Abyss slaps the kendo stick away from Daniels and then punches the chair into Kaz’s face. Abyss lays Bad Influence out with SICK shots from the kendo stick and then hits a Splash on Kaz followed by Shock Treatment! Abyss then hits the Black Hole Slam on Daniels! 1…2…3!

Winner: Park via pinfall (Black Hole Slam)

Park remains in Abyss mode after the match as he picks up Janice and leaves.


Yet another Magnus vignette airs highlighting the BFG Series and focuses on the loss to AJ Styles in the Finals. He says that after that loss watching AJ celebrate he said to himself that he never wanted to feel that feeling of disappointment again.

Gail Kim and Tapa come down to the ring and Gail says that last week her former best friend humiliated her. Gail asks Tapa how something like that would happen but Tapa just looks ahead holing the Knockouts Title. Gail says ODB stuck her nose into Gail’s business a few weeks ago and when someone sticks their nose into her business they stick it into Tapa’s business.

Lei’D Tapa w/Gail Kim vs. ODB

ODB gets in Tapa’s face and gets shoved. They exchange forearms but then ODB ducks a clothesline and attempts a Scoop Slam. Tapa shrugs her off and then tosses her into the corner. Tapa charges at her but ODB ducks and hits a series of chops. ODB then clotheslines Tapa but she doesn’t go down. ODB hits a shoulder block and again Tapa doesn’t go down. ODB hits the ropes again and this time Tapa goes for a clothesline but ODB ducks and hits the ropes. Tapa gets ODB in a Tongan Death Grip but ODB slaps her hand away and goes for a Scoop Slam again. Tapa blocks it and kicks ODB in the back. Tapa slams ODB into the turnbuckles and then hits a sloppy axe handle in the corner. Tapa tosses ODB across the ring and then chokes her with a scarf or something. Tapa chokes ODB in the ropes and then she goes for a Powerbomb but ODB blocks it shoving Tapa into the corner. ODB hits a series of splashes but when she went for a third one she ate a boot from Tapa. Tapa climbs to the middle rope and attempts a Guillotine Leg Drop, but ODB rolls out of the way and chops Tapa repeatedly. ODB hits the ropes and connects with a shoulder block and then she hits another one but again Tapa stays up. ODB hits a dropkick that sends Tapa into the ropes and then she whips Tapa into the corner. ODB hits a splash in the corner but as she does Gail slides the KO Title into the ring. ODB goes for a Fall Away Slam as the referee disposes of the belt, and Gail grabs Tapa’s feet allowing her to land on top of ODB! Tapa hits the Fireman’s Carry Stunner for the pin!

Winner: Tapa via pinfall (Fireman’s Carry Stunner)

Gail says after the match that this should serve as a message to Madison that when you interfere with her business, you interfere with Tapa’s business and that’s not a business you want to be in.

Velvet and Chris Sabin talk backstage about their Christmas holiday. Sabin says next week is a brand new year and they can look at it as a clean slate for them. Velvet says her New Year’s resolution is to do everything to make their relationship stronger than it already is and Sabin says his resolution is winning back his title from Aries next week. Sabin asks her to do anything he asks to win back that belt since it was her fault that he lost it anyway. Velvet doesn’t want to do it but Sabin says maybe he needs to find someone that will support him the way needs.

Sting and Hardy talk backstage about their match and Sting says whatever is going on in his head he needs Hardy to leave it backstage.


Another video package highlighting Magnus and he says that the one person that has been behind her this whole time was Dixie Carter.

A special needs kid dressed up in Hardy gear is shown at ringside as Hardy talks to him before the match. There have been a few videos and articles written about how his community came together to bring him to those Impact tapings and TNA let him go backstage and meet the wrestlers, cool story.

Dixie appears on the big screen and says she’s ready to make her announcement. She says that next week they will hold a coronation for her new champion, but this week when she made the announcement of the tag match she left out a tiny detail. This will be a Handicap Match and teaming with EC3 and Spud will be the Bro-Mans.


Main Event

“Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy & “The Icon” Sting vs. Rockstar Spud, Ethan Carter III, & Bro-Mans w/Zema Ion

Someone tell Zema to pull his damn pants up. Sting and EC3 start the match off  but EC3 decides to tag Spud in instead. Sting scares Spud and he tags Jesse in. They lockup and Jesse attempts to whip Sting into the ropes but Sting counters with a hip toss. Zema grabs Sting’s foot and Jesse hits a series of knees followed by a suplex. Jesse tags EC3 but when Sting gets up EC3 tags in Robbie instead. Robbie attempts to whip Sting into the ropes but gets reversed into a clothesline. Sting tags in Hardy and holds Robbie as Sting hits him in the ribs. Hardy attempts to whip Robbie into the corner but Robbie reverses it and charges at Hardy, but Hardy gets his boots up and then climbs up top and dives off with a Splash! 1…2…NO Robbie kicks out! Hardy kicks Robbie and then backdrops him over the top rope! Jesse grabs Sting from the apron and then EC3 runs in and tries to Spear Sting but he moves and EC3 runs right into Jesse causing them both to spill out to the floor! Sting drops down to his knees and Hardy dives off his back into a gorgeous Somersault Plancha onto the heels on the floor! Hardy tosses Robbie back into the ring and slams him into the corner. Hardy charges at him but Robbie backdrops him on the apron and he lands on his feet, but Jesse slams him hard to the apron. The heels beat on him on the outside and then toss him back into the ring. Robbie covers Sting for a nearfall and then continues to beat on him.


Back from the break Jesse whips Hardy into the ropes and connects with a running knee that looked awkward as hell. Jesse gets a nearfall and then puts Hardy in a top wristlock. Jesse hits a Snap Powerslam and then gets a nearfall and tags in EC3. EC3 hits a Snap Suplex and then spits at Sting and the heels go to town on Hardy as the referee holds Sting back. Jesse and Robbie exchange tags and double team Hardy. Robbie whips Hardy hard into the turnbuckles and covers him for another nearfall. Robbie chokes Hardy in the ropes and then the other heels choke him as well as Robbie distracts the referee. Jesse puts Hardy in a Half Crab but Hardy immediately gets to the ropes only to have Robbie kick his hand away. Hardy almost crawls to his corner but Robbie runs in and knocks Sting off the apron. The heels all jump on Hardy beating him down. Jesse gets another nearfall and then tags EC3 back into the match. EC3 hits a Back Suplex and then he whips Hardy into the corner. EC3 goes for the Stinger Splash but Hardy moves out of the way and then connects with a Jawbreaker! Hardy gets to his corner but EC3 grabs his foot! Hardy kicks him away and makes the hot tag to Sting! Sting takes out all of the heels and Spud jumps on his back. Sting lays out the other heels with Spud’s legs as he hung on his back and then scares Spud out of the ring. Sting hits a Stinger Splash on Robbie and Jesse and then EC3 rolls him up! 1…2…3, he had a hold of Sting’s tights too!

Winners: Bro-Mans, Spud, & EC3 via pinfall (rollup)

Hardy gets on the microphone after the match and he says that he got into the wrestling business because of Sting and says without a young Hardy seeing Sting there would never have been a Jeff Hardy in wrestling. Hardy apologizes to Sting for what just happened and said neither he or Sting deserve what happened. He says that everything that has happened with Dixie lately has driven the heart right out of him and without that he has nothing. Hardy says he destroyed himself in the match last week and still lost despite being the better man. He says that Dixie does not own him and he says that he is so sick of the politics and the games in TNA. A big “Hardy” chant breaks out as Sting tells him to listen to them.

Sting tells Hardy not to say what he thinks he’s about to say. Hardy says he wants to stay and fight but the fight is all gone from him. A “NO” chant starts up and Hardy says this was his last match in TNA. Hardy says he is going to leave the building and he will not return until sun shines on the “dark kingdom” again. Hardy says he loves the fans and shakes Sting’s hand and hugs him before leaving.


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) Gunner fought James Storm to a DRAW
2) Handicap Monsters Ball Match: Joseph Park def. Bad Influence
3) Lei’D Tapa def. ODB
4) Handicap Match: Bro-Mans, Rockstar Spud, & EC3 def. Sting & Jeff Hardy

Scheduled for Next Week:
-TNA X-Division Title: Austin Aries (c) vs. Chris Sabin

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