TNA Impact Wrestling Results 3/13/14 from Orlando

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
March 13, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

As Impact opens up EC3 leads Bro-Mans, Zema, and Rockstar Spud around backstage blaming Bobby Roode for Team Dixie’s loss at Lockdown. They come upon Roode and bitch about the loss to him, but he screams at them to shutup and says they should blame Dixie herself for the loss because it was her “insurance policy” in the match (Bully Ray) that screwed them over in the first place! Roode says that since Dixie isn’t even hear anymore they should blame the insurance policy himself and the minute he walks into the building they kick his ass. Roode gets in EC3’s face as Spud and others agree to what Roode said.

Highlights from Lockdown are shown and then Tenay and Tazz discuss what went down at Lockdown.

MVP makes his way down to the ring for the very first time in the Impact Zone. MVP says that it gives him great pleasure to stand before the fans and tell everyone that Dixieland is officially closed! He says what a difference a week makes and he says TNA will move forward now in proper fashion. He says that he can’t move past Lockdown before touching on one very important thing, Bully Ray. He says that he doesn’t know what motivates a man like Bully Ray to do what he did, and regardless of his past he will be given the chance to compete on equal footing in TNA just like everyone else moving forward.

MVP says that he knows everyone is wandering how he will “direct wrestling operations” now that he is the “Director of Wrestling Operations.” MVP says his way will be the “MVP Principals: Motivate, Validate, and Participate.” MVP says that he will motivate the talent to try to do what’s right, if they have a beef he will validate them to handle their beef in the ring, and if someone gets out of line he will PARTICIPATE in disciplinary actions. He says his ways are not complicated but before he can say anything else Magnus makes his way out to the ring interrupting him.

Magnus says that this is the fans champion speaking so they need to listen up. He says that the MVP Principals may be the most ridiculous things he’s heard and MVP asks if it’s more ridiculous than Magnus’ title run. Magnus tells MVP to stop wasting everyone’s time and listen to the champ. He says while Dixie Carter was wasting her time trying to keep control of TNA and fumbling the ball he was spending his time running with the ball and kicking through the uprights to remain World Heavyweight Champion continuing the “Reign of Magnus.” He says that he is more powerful and formidable than ever and then he introduces his own insurance policy Abyss!

Abyss comes down to the ring wearing an Ultimate Warrior circa 1998 jacket as well as a new mask. The mask looks nothing like the old Abyss mask and sort of like Rellik (that’s Killer spelled backwards remember?) mask back in the day. The fans “you sold out” and Magnus says he agrees with the fans. He says that what everyone is looking at is the MONSTER Abyss but unlike the Jim Mitchell’s and Eric Young’s that have come before him he doesn’t look at Abyss as a freak or side show to be exploited for his own personal gain. He says that Abyss is only part monster, he is a machine which has received a big time upgrade. Magnus says Abyss is motivated by destruction but also by money, and when you’re World Champion you have plenty to go around and he’s sharing his “lettuce” with the big man going forward. Magnus says money makes the world go round.

MVP says Magnus makes a very valid point but the way he sees things Magnus was getting his “English ass” kicked all over the ring until he “pulled a monster” out of his ass to save him. MVP says this conversation should go no further until they have someone else out here. He says he has to do what’s right and what’s right is to make sure that everyone has the chance to handle their beefs. MVP says it’s time for the #1 Contender to come out…Samoa Joe’s music hits and the pissed off Samoan makes his way down to the ring still holding his ribs from Lockdown.

It looks like Joe has his waist taped up under his shirt. MVP asks Magnus if he knows why Joe isn’t ripping Magnus’ throat out right now and he says it’s because Joe believes in the MVP Principal. MVP says next week Magnus will defend the title against Joe! He says because Abyss pissed him off by getting involved in the match at Lockdown he’s going to give Joe the opportunity to kick Abyss’ ass right now!

“The Monster” Abyss w/Magnus vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe w/MVP

Joe Spears Abyss and starts punching Abyss repeatedly but also holding onto his ribs.


Back from the break Abyss is working on Joe’s ribs in the corner. Abyss fights back with jabs to the chin and then he attempts to whip the Monster into the opposite corner. Abyss reverses it and then charges at Joe, but Joe moves out of the way and connects with a Leaping Enziguri! Joe Facewashes Abyss in the corner repeatedly and then sets up for the Running Facewash but Abyss gets to his feet and catches Joe in the ribs with a knee. Abyss chokes Joe in the ropes and then slams him into the corner again. Abyss punches Joe in the ribs over and over. Abyss punches Joe in the forehead repeatedly now trying to bust Joe’s previously busted open head. Abyss hits a Snapmare Takeover and then puts Joe in a Chinlock. The fans get behind Joe and he fights up to his feet with back elbows and forearms. Joe hits the ropes but Abyss catches him by the throat! Abyss goes for a Chokeslam but Joe chops his arm away and then hits a Leaping Elbow! Joe hits an Atomic Drop and then a Mafia Kick! Joe follows up with the Backsplash Senton but when Joe lands he sells the ribs as the fans chant for him. Abyss comes back with a body shot to the ribs and then he clubs Joe in the back over and over again. Abyss hits the ropes but runs right into the Snap Powerslam! Abyss retreats to the corner and Joe hits a Running Knee and then he tries to lift Abyss up to the top rope for the Muscle Buster. Joe can’t lift Abyss up as he grabs his ribs as if the pain was too much to lift the big man up. Abyss then goes for a clothesline but Joe ducks and headbutts Abyss! Joe climbs up to the middle rope and dives off but Abyss catches him in midair with a Chokeslam! Abyss goes out to the floor and pulls out Janice from under the ring! Abyss slides back in the ring as the referee begs him to drop it. Eric Young comes from out of nowhere with a Missile Dropkick to Abyss off the top!

Winner: Abyss via DQ

EY punches Abyss repeatedly but then eats an elbow from Abyss. EY comes back with a dropkick that causes Abyss to fall out to the floor! Abyss stares at EY as the fans chant for him.

In the back JB is waiting on the arrival of Bully Ray. ANGELINA LOVE walks up and JB asks what she’s doing here. Love hugs him and asks if everyone missed her and then walks away.


JB is still waiting for Bully Ray when the freak Willow walks up and starts ranting and laughing.

A vignette profile of new Knockout “Brittany” airs. If you are unfamiliar with her she has worked on the Indies as Santana Garrett. She says she is a second generation wrestler and grew up in wrestling. She points to Madison Rayne as someone she looks up to. She loves wrestling and there is nothing more she would love to be doing than wrestling.

Brittany vs. Gail Kim w/Lei’D Tapa

Clips of Gail’s physical match with Madison at Lockdown is shown as she comes to the ring. Gail seems annoyed with Tapa as they come to the ring. Gail OBLITIRATES Brittany at the bell with a Running Front Kick to the face! Gail slams Brittany into the corner and puts the boots to her. Brittany fights back with forearms to the face, but Gail ducks one and then grabs Brittany by the hair and snatches her hair back bringing her down into a Backbreaker! Gail punches Brittany repeatedly and then tosses her into the corner. Gail hits a series of shoulder blocks and then hits a Fireman’s Carry Slam. Gail chokes Brittany with her boot and then picks her up and hits a leg kick and then slams her down to the mat by her hair. Gail goes for another Fireman’s Carry Slam, but Brittany counters into a Russian Legsweep! Brittany hits a series of forearms on Gail in the corner and Tapa gets in the ring and attempts to Splash Brittany, but Brittany moves and Tapa hits Gail! Brittany shoves Gail into Tapa and then rolls Gail up! 1…2…3!

Winner: Brittany via pinfall (rollup)

Brittany celebrates her win as Gail screams at Tapa! Gail shoves Tapa and Tapa shoves Gail onto her ass! Gail slaps Tapa and Tapa grabs Gail by the throat! Gail jumps onto Tapa and starts punching her repeatedly but Tapa slams Gail and then beats on her! The referee tries to separate them as the fans chant to let them fight. Finally more referees run out and pull Tapa off of Gail. Gail screams that Tapa is going to be sorry.

Bully is shown arriving backstage where Spud greets him by saying Bully is going to pay for what he did. Team Dixie and EC3 attack Bully and beat the hell out of him! EC3 says Bully embarrassed his family and then Spud takes Bully’s chain and chokes him with it! Roode asks Bully who the hell he thinks he is and he says he screwed him out of 10% of TNA. Roode says Bully will find out “what it takes to be Roode.” Roode grabs a whiteboard that has the matches written on it backstage and nails Bully over the head with it! Roode says you don’t mess with him, you don’t screw with him!


Both Tigre and Sanada made their in-ring TNA PPV debuts at Lockdown, while Bro-Mans won their tag titles back a couple of weeks ago in Japan. Sanada is a protégé of the legendary Great Muta while Tigre Uno was trained by Rey Misterio Sr., Rey Mysterio Jr.’s uncle and mentor. This always has annoyed me when TNA brings in international talent. I love it when they do but do they also have to stick them in random ass tag teams together? I remember when Volador Jr. and Tanahashi came a few years ago at the same time, TNA couldn’t think of a damn thing else to do with them but team them together in random tag matches. Footage of Muta and Sanada talking after Lockdown in the locker room is shown (in Japanese with subtitles). Muta tells Sanada that he has been dreaming of coming to America and now that title is his passport to become a star outside of Japan. He says that Sanada is not just representing Wrestle-1, but the whole industry of wrestling in Japan. He tells him to show and prove the quality of Japanese wrestling. He says that when he started in America over 25 years ago as the Great Muta he came to America with nothing, but he tried his best and made the best. He said that things may be difficult at times and times have changed, and everyone supports him but it will not be easy. Sanada says he will do his best and Muta tells him not to let Japan down.

Non-Title Match
Bro-Mans w/Zema Ion vs. Tigre Uno & Sanada

Sanada and Jesse start the match off with Jesse getting Sanada in a wristlock and then a scoop slam. Jesse hits a dropkick and then tags Robbie into the match. Sanada shoves Robbie away and tags Tigre into the match. Tigre hits a kick to the arm as Sanada had it stretched out. Tigre chops Robbie and then attempts to whip Robbie into the ropes but eats a Shortarm Clothesline counter! Jesse tags back in and Gorilla Press Slams Tigre way up into the air! Robbie tags back in and hits an Elbow Drop and then tags Robbie right back. Bro-Mans whip Tigre into the ropes and then Jesse lifts Tigre up into the air but Tigre counters in midair into a dropkick on Robbie! As Tigre hit the ropes Sanada blind tagged him. Sanada hits a Springboard Flying Muta Chop on Jesse! Tigre and Sanada whip Robbie into the ropes and then take him down with a Double Spinebuster! They treat his legs like a wishbone and then as Robbie sits up then sandwich him with a Double Dropkick! Tigre and Sanada Double Suplex Jesse on top of Robbie! Bro-Mans rolls out to the floor and then Tigre fakes them out with a dive. Bro-Mans quickly run to the opposite side of the ring where Sanada dives off the apron with a Somersault Plancha onto both of them! Sanada then gets back in the ring and lifts a flying Tigre WAY up into the air into a Somersault Plancha onto Bro-Mans on the floor! Well damn, I take back what I said about this team, good lord! Sanada and Tigre toss Bro-Mans back into the ring and then they perch opposite corners and dive off with Missile Dropkicks onto Bro-Mans! Tigre Monkey Flips Jesse over the top rope to the floor and Sanada dives off the top with the Moonsault on Robbie as Tenay about pops a damn artery popping for that finish!

Winners: Tigre & Sanada via pinfall (Moonsault)

Where the hell did that come from?!

Backstage Bully Ray recovers from that good old fashioned country ass whooping he just took and walks away looking pissed off.


Backstage Madison and Velvet complement each other on how good they look, and then Velvet talks about how great Madison’s match at Lockdown was. Madison says that’s awesome but asks if they are going to address the fact that “she” is back. Velvet asks who she is talking about and when Madison says “Angelina” she looks shocked.

Bro-Mans freak about their loss backstage but Jesse reminds Robbie that they’re still Tag Champs. Bully walks into the locker room and attacks them with his chain! Well it’s been a bad night for the champs. Bully slams both of them with chairs and then gives Zema a wedgie! Thank God now maybe he’ll pull his damn pants up.

Samuel Shaw is talking to someone backstage about being a “creepy bastard.” He says he isn’t a “creepy bastard” but an artist and when that person intergected themselves into his match at Lockdown they inspired her. He says it’s Christy, though the person is out of the camera shot, and asks her if she will accompany him to the ring tonight. Shaw says the world will see the true meaning of their relationship after tonight. Shaw spots the camera and chases him away.

Wilow is shown creeping around the rafters. What the hell is going on tonight?

EC3 and Spud talk backstage about paying tribute to Dixie tonight.


Samoa Joe gets in EY’s face backstage about getting involved in his match. He says he understands EY wanting to get his revenge but it crossed into his own business tonight. He says he understands what he did tonight and he’ll give him a pass, but if he gets in Joe’s business again then there will be a problem. EY asks if that was a threat and he doesn’t give a damn about threats. EY says this isn’t about threats, its about a mistake it made in Abyss. EY apologizes for getting involved in Joe’s business but Abyss is his problem and he has to take care of it. Joe nods and tells him to have at it and EY says he will have at it because he talked to MVP. EY says he will be chained to Abyss during Joe’s Title Match next week.

Rockstar Spud and EC3 come down to the ring as footage of Lethal Lockdown is shown. Spud asks the crowd to be quiet as they are here to mourn the loss of Dixie Carter as the Director Wrestling Operations. A huge picture of Dixie Carter is in the background behind EC3 and Spud. A huge “boring” chant drowns Spud out as he bitches about MVP.

EC3 says the more the fans chant “boring” the more Spud wants to cry which causes a “we don’t care” chant. Spud says tonight isn’t about MVP it’s about his queen Dixie. He says tonight is about how Dixie made all the fans feel which results in a bunch of boos. Spud then turns to EC3 and says it is also about how Dixie made “beautiful young supple Ethan” feel which causes a PRICELESS facial expression on EC3’s face. Spud says “that woman picked me up from obscurity like the little baby Jesus from the manger and cradled me in her arms.” If you didn’t notice EC3’s facial expressions during this whole thing, please go back and just pay attention to him I promise you won’t be disappointed. Spud says Dixie is the reason he is the great man that he is today as a “you shutup” chant starts. Spud says he has prepared a tribute for Dixie tonight and then introduces a video on the big screen.

A video of over the top compliments of Dixie is show, the mod turns to somber as it talks about Lockdown. The narrator says MVP can take away wrestling operations from Dixie but you can’t take Dixie Carter out of our hearts. A “Dixie sucks” chant starts as Spud reads his prepared speech. He reads some poem but the fans aren’t going to let him get through it and then MVP’s music interrupts him!

MVP walks out and asks who the hell approved this and this ridiculousness is over. MVP says that they are acting like she is dead or something and Spud says that’s what it feels like to him as he starts crying again. MVP says after getting to know Spud over the last few weeks he’s started to grown on him, like a fungus or a rash. MVP says he has to commend Spud because through everything he has stayed loyal and he needs someone like Spud on his roster because if he can be loyal to her then he knows he can be loyal to anyone. Spud says he can’t be a member of the roster because he’s the Chief of Staff, but MVP says he doesn’t need a Chief of Staff but what he does need is for Spud to fulfill his contract as a wrestler. MVP reminds Spud that he won British Boot Camp, but Spud says everyone in the back is bigger than him including some of the Knockouts. MVP says not everyone has Spud’s heart and he will take on everyone. MVP says he’s motivated Spud now right and Spud takes his jacket off and slams it down Ric Flair style. Spud says hell yeah he’ll wrestle a rookie tonight or something, but MVP says he’ll meet Spud halfway by letting him face someone making his Impact debut…WILLOW! Spud freaks out as EC3 laughs at him.

MVP asks “C3PO” what he’s laughing at because next week EC3 will face “this man” as Bobby Lashley’s music hits!

Lashley walks down to the ring and EC3 says Lashley is not on the roster so there is no way MVP will “motivate me to participate” in a match against someone not on the roster. MVP says he fixed that problem by signing Lashley! Spud freaks out and starts getting in Lashley’s face which caused Lashley to almost start laughing. Lashley takes Spud’s big ass poster of Dixie and hits him over the head with it! Spud grabs the picture and hugs it while the fans chant “Dixie’s lapdog.”

Lashley gets in EC3’s face but EC3 bails out of the ring before Lashley could do anything.

Backstage JB asks EC3 about Lashley and he says next week he will do the same thing to Lashley that he did to Angle, but then Bully blindsides him and beats the hell out of him! Bully picks up a piece of wood or something and hits EC3 with it!


Street Fight
Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson

Shaw walks onto the stage by himself and then goes back in the tunnel and comes back with a half of a mannequin that is dressed like Christy. “This guy gets creepier by the week,” Tenay says. No shit Sherlock. Shaw comes out of nowhere and jumps Anderson as Anderson was going to do his typical intro. A “creepy bastard” chant starts as Shaw beats Anderson around ringside. Anderson tries to fight back but Shaw whips him into the ring steps and then slams him into the apron. Shaw slams Anderson into the apron again and then Anderson fights back with kicks and punches. Anderson goes for a suplex on the floor but Shaw reverses it! Shaw tries to slam Anderson into the apron but Anderson reverses it and then tosses Shaw into the ring. Anderson elbows Shaw and lays into Shaw with right hands and a running clothesline. Anderson hits a back elbow and then a Spinning Neckbreaker! Anderson hits the Green Bay Plunge and then Shaw begs him off. Anderson notices the mannequin and starts to mess with it causing Shaw to freak out. Anderson threatens to punch it which causes Shaw to freak out. Anderson then kisses it and then throws it at Shaw and hits the Mic Check as Shaw catches it! 1…2…3!

Winner: Anderson via pinfall (Mic Check)

Shaw smiles after the match as he comes to.

Backstage Angelina Love says she’s back for one simple reason and one special person. If you want to find out, don’t go anywhere.


Willow is shown walking around backstage again.

Another “King of the Night” Kenny King vignette airs.

Angelina Love comes down to the ring as a “welcome back” chant starts up. Angelina says there were times that she thought she would never hear that music again but it does feel great to be home in TNA. She says since her departure her life has changed a lot and she has definitely grown wiser. Angelina says as a young girl growing up in TNA you never realize until you don’t have it anymore. She says she never understand that until he left TNA, and she never realized how much she missed the fans until she was gone. Angelina says his words were much deeper than that and he was talking about friendships so Angelina calls Velvet down to the ring.

Velvet comes out as we are about to see Angelina and Velvet, the original Beautiful People, in the ring together in TNA for the first time in years. Velvet and Angelina hug and then Angelina says she can’t change the past and there were so many things she wanted to say to Velvet before she left but she just didn’t. Angelina says she doesn’t know if it was pride or ego but being apart from Velvet made her realize that if it hadn’t been for Velvet she never would have achieved the level of success she did. Angelina says for years “Angel Williams” she struggled in wrestling and it wasn’t until “Angelina Love” and the Beautiful People were born where she found her place. Angelina says everywhere she goes people talk about the Beautiful People and when they were going to get back together. Angelina says it’s time to put the “girl band back together” as a “yes” chant starts.

Velvet says she doesn’t know what to say right now and she has caught her off guard. Velvet says that hasn’t even spoken in awhile and a lot has changed since Angelina has been gone. She says she feels like she had to jump through so many hoops during that time to get back where she had been before, and during that time she has found herself and understand who she is. Velvet mentions her first Knockouts Title win which causes Angelina to applaud her. Velvet says she’s finally ready to move on and there will never be a bond as strong as the Beautiful People had but she is ready to move forward. Angelina says sometimes you have to step backwards to move forward and there is a ton of unfinished business for the Beautiful People. Angelina says they were good before but now they can be great.

Velvet says she hears what she is saying but she needs more time to think about this. She says she loves Angelina and then hugs her and says she needs to think.

Backstage Bully Ray is still hunting heels.


Main Event
Rockstar Spud vs. Willow

They are using some strange filter on the camera as Willow comes to the ring that makes everything kind of blurry. Taz says this is the kind of things that go on inside Jeff Hardy’s brain. Of course if you are unaware Willow is the alter ego of Jeff Hardy which he has been using since his very early days in wrestling. Willow attacks Spud and slams him into each and every corner. Willow whips Spud into the corner and goes for a splash, but Spud moves and hits Willow from behind. Spud goes for a side headlock but Willow Back Suplexes him. In a comical moment as Spud rolls over Willow is starring him in the face which frightens Spud. Willow hits as Cartwheel into a Forearm Smash! Spud pokes Willow in the eyes and then climbs up top but Willow crotches him. Willow hangs Spud upside down in the corner and puts the boots to him. Willow chokes Spud with his boot as he’s still hanging upside down and then Willow grabs his umbrella and climbs in the ring with it. Willow hits Spud in the nuts with the umbrella!

Winner: Spud via DQ

Willow continues to beat on Spud with the umbrella and then hits the Twist of Fate on the referee! Willow pulls out a ladder from under the ring! Willow grabs a chair and then sets up the ladder in the ring. Willow hits a Sitout Front Suplex on Spud and then puts Spud’s foot inside the chair and stomps on it repeatedly! Willow climbs up the ladder and dives off with a Splash onto Spud! Tenay mentions that it was Spud that pushed Hardy off the ladder in the Dixieland that cost him the World Title. The fans chant “we want more” as Willow walks up the ramp. Bully Ray’s music hits and he comes face to face with Willow but they both go their separate ways. A little foreshadowing there?


Bully says one thing he never thought he would hear is the Impact Zone chanting his name as the chant gets louder. He says that people say when you die your life flashes before you. He says when Ken Anderson Mic Checked him into the coffin his life flashed before his life. Bully says he came to the arena with the intention on giving the people a really good reason for why he did what he did, but from the minute he got here tonight Roode and the rest of Team Dixie jumped him. Ray says he tried to save Roode from himself, he saved Roode from becoming just another Dixie Carter which is the last thing the wrestling business needs. Bully says he doesn’t want to talk anymore, he wants to do what he does best and fight Bobby Roode!

Roode comes out and jumps into the ring as the fight is on! Ray hits Roode with an Atomic Elbow and then leads the crowd to scream “GET THE TABLES!” Bully pulls out a table and sets it up in the ring. As Bully turns around Roode catches him with the Double-R Spinebuster! Roode goes for the Roode Bomb but Bully blocks it and counters into a Bully Cutter! Bully Powerbombs Roode through the table!


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) Abyss def. Samoa Joe via DQ
2) Brittany (Santana Garrett) def. Gail Kim
3) Sanada & Tigre Uno def. Bro-Mans in a non-title match
4) Street Fight: Mr. Anderson def. Samuel Shaw
5) Rockstar Spud def. Willow via DQ

Scheduled for Next Week:
-TNA World Title: Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe w/Eric Young chained to Abyss at ringside
-Bobby Lashley vs. EC3

Sacrifice Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Magnus (c) vs. TBA

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