TNA Impact Wrestling Results 5/8/14

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
May 8, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with Bully Ray arriving in Nashville, TN earlier this morning. Bully says he’s on the hunt for Dixie since MVP said that he couldn’t touch her in the Impact Zone.

Highlights from last week are shown.

Eric Young makes his way down to the ring and he says that he has had the first hiccup in his reign as World Champion. EY says that he made a vow to the fans that he would defend his belt every single week, and everyone knows he isn’t in the best mental condition or physical condition but MVP hasn’t booked him in a match this week. EY says that he’ll handle this himself and issue an open challenge for tonight. EY says he knows there is a whole line of guys in the back itching for a shot at the belt.

Bobby Roode comes down to the ring and says that as the World Champion EY has every right to be any kind of champion he wants to. He says that EY wants to be a fighting champion and defend his belt tonight and he is standing right in front of the guy who EY should be defending his belt against. Roode says he overcome every obstacle TNA has put in front of him for 10 years. Roode calls himself “Mr. Consistency” in the ring and he says that TNA and EY himself knows it. EY says Roode was the #1 Contender last week and even though he might not be the smartest guy, but he knows he beat Roode last week so that is the end of that.

Roode says EY did beat him but Roode came “just that close” and he reminds EY that he had a war with Gunner before that match too. Roode says if EY wants to be a fighting champion and a man he should defend against him tonight. They get in each other’s face and then Roode talks about their history together, and says even before TNA existed he and EY knew each other breaking into the business. Roode says he and EY did it together and they signed their contracts together for TNA as a part of Team Canada. He talks about their reign as Tag Team Champions and mentions they are two of the very few TNA Originals left. He says that he and EY were great friends but even better enemies. Roode talks about their rivalries against each other as well saying they beat the hell out of each other, but he says tonight for old time’s sake they go to war one more time for the World Title. Roode grabs the World Title and says that is the only reason they got into this business. He says that if EY beats him again he gives EY his word that he will never ask for another shot from EY.

EY says Roode is right and they have a ton of history together. EY says Roode may be a lot of things but one thing he definitely is is one of the best wrestlers in the world. He says tonight they do it one more time! EY and Roode shake hands.


EY Walks into MVP’s office and MVP says he understands EY wanting to be a fighting champion and that is refreshing, but he had something real special lined up for tonight and EY didn’t even give him a chance to tell him. MVP says EY can’t book his own matches and reminds him that he is the Director of Wrestling Operations in TNA. EY says he is calling the match with Roode off tonight and says they have to have rules around here. EY says that he should be the exception because he is the World Champion, but MVP says that is not true because he should be the one setting the example for everyone else as champion. EY says he wants to defend the belt and MVP gets pissed and yells at EY asking him what else he needs to prove. MVP says these types of opportunities like EY has right now come very few and far between so he should bask in it. MVP guarantees EY that his opponent at Slammiversary will be someone EY has never faced if he will just chill out for a little while. EY agrees but says Roode is going to be pissed. MVP says that he will take care of Roode.

Evening Gown Tag Team Match
The Beautiful People vs. Brittany and “Killer Queen” Madison Rayne

First Evening Gown Match I’ve seen in awhile. Velvet and Angelina flirt with the referee before the match. Got to say, Brittany is fine as hell good lord. Velvet and Brittany start the match off and Velvet slams Brittany to the mat by her hair. She slams Brittany into the mat repeatedly but Brittany gets back to her feet and clotheslines Velvet. Brittany hits a drop toehold on Velvet and then catches a charging Angelina with one as well. Madison and Brittany try to strip BP but they quickly roll out of the ring. Angelina gets back in the ring and locks up with Brittany. Angelina forces Brittany in the heel corner where Velvet chokes her while Angelina puts the boots to her. Velvet tags back in and hits a series of shoulder blocks on Brittany in the corner. Velvet follows up with a Snapmare followed by a kick to the back and a sliding dropkick. Velvet whips Brittany into the corner and charges at her only to eat a back elbow. Brittany then kicks Velvet and hits a Running Clothesline. Brittany hits a Russian Legsweep and then a Back Handspring Moonsault! Brittany hits the ropes but Angelina trips her and Velvet strips off Brittany’s gown. Brittany has been eliminated.


Back from the break Madison tosses Angelina to the floor but Angelina trips her from the outside. Velvet stomps on Madison and then slams her into the heel corner. Velvet chokes Madison and tags Angelina back into the match. Angelina hits a Running Back Elbow on Madison and tags Velvet back into the match. Velvet chokes Madison in the ropes but Madison fights back with forearms. Angelina runs in but Madison sends her to the floor. Madison Spears Velvet and strips her of her gown! Velvet has been eliminated.

I think Velvet’s boobs almost popped out. Angelina hits Madison from behind and hits her with a series of big right hands. Angelina grabs Velvet’s dress and chokes Madison with it. Madison fights back on Angelina and hits the Rayne Drop! Madison chokes Angelina with Velvet’s dress and tosses her across the ring with it! Madison tosses her across the ring again and then goes for a Spear, but Angelina kicks her and sets up for the Lights Out! Madison fights it off and hits a Spear! Velvet Sky comes out in a towel and distracts the referee by flashing him. Angelina sprays the hairspray in Madison’s face and then strips Madison!

Winners: The Beautiful People

Earlier today Dixie Carter is leaving her office trying to get away from Bully. She leaves Rockstar Spud in charge at the office. She tells Spud not to let Bully in the office and don’t tell him where she has gone. A man wearing a “Bully fears Dixie” t-shirt walks by and bows to Dixie in a funny moment.

A promo hyping EC3-Angle is shown.


Back from the break Bram approaches Magnus backstage and he says that he sat down with MVP and signed a contract with TNA. He says he isn’t going anywhere and Magnus congratulates him. Bram says that he got MVP to book Magnus in a match against Willow tonight. Magnus asks him what he’s doing and Bram says that he wants Magnus to be the old Magnus, and he is going to be out there with him watching his back.

Ethan Carter III vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle

They lockup and Angel takes EC3 down and then locks in a headlock. EC3 gets to the ropes quickly and Angle releases the hold. They lockup again and this time he gets EC3 in a wristlock, but EC3 reverses it only for Angle to reverse it right back. EC3 grabs the ropes to break the hold. EC3 kicks Angle and then beats on him in the corner. EC3 showing a mean streak as he whips Angel into the corner. He charges right into a boot from Angle and Angle beats on EC3 now. Angle hits a Snap Suplex and then floats over into a nearfall. EC3 tries to come back with a clothesline but Angle ducks and hits the Rolling German Suplexes! As Angle gets up he falls right back down and grabs his knee immediately as the referee checks on him. EC3 grabs the leg and starts elbow dropping Angle’s knee over and over. EC3 slams his knee into the mat and starts talking trash to Angle. EC3 goes for a Figure Fur but Angle kicks him away and hits a series of clotheslines and then hits the Olympic Slam! As Angle gets up his knee buckles and he grabs his knee again. The referee wants to stop the match but Angle won’t let him, but as he turns around EC3 chop blocks the knee! 1…2…3!

Winner: EC3 via pinfall (Chop Block)

Angle remains on the mat grabbing his knee as trainers run out to check on him.


Back from the break Angle tells Big John in the back that he heard something pop and he thinks he blew it out. Referee’s help him over to the doctor to get his knee looked at.

MVP comes down to the ring and he says that when he first took his position in TNA he thought he knew what he was in for, but he had no idea how difficult this job could be. MVP says he hopes he didn’t disappoint the fans too bad by cancelling his match tonight. MVP says that wrestlers wrestle not book and it is his job to make sure the wrestlers follow the rules. He says that he is going to make it up to the fans because he has a blockbuster announcement pertaining to EY’s opponent at Slammiversary. Before he can say anything else Bobby Roode walks out and interrupts him.

Roode walks out and asks MVP if he is joking. Roode says he and EY should be facing each other tonight, but MVP says that Roode lost in his shot last week so that is over. MVP says title opportunities are rare and now Roode has to earn another one because there are no handouts on his watch. Roode asks MVP where the hell he was when he was winning Tag Championships in TNA and when he was the longest reigning champion in TNA history. Roode gets in MVP’s face and tells him not to talk to him about handouts. MVP says this conversation is over and starts to leave, but Roode grabs him and spins him around and says that he says when it is over. MVP says if he touches him again he will skip to participate.

Roode shoves MVP and MVP tackles Roode! They start brawling until referees and agents run out to separate them.

Bully Ray walks into TNA’s offices and the secretary at the front desk tries to stall him as he sees “Bully fears Dixie” on a screen behind her. Spud intercepts Bully and says he is not welcome there. Bully says he will count to three and if Spud is not out of his way he will go through him. Bully counts to three and then picks Spud up and drags him away as he goes into Dixie’s office. Bully tells Spud to go get him some tea and get out of his way. Bully sits down at Dixie’s office and tells Dixie’s secretary to get everyone together for a big meeting.

Rebel is fire dancing backstage as a crate is brought in with Knux watching. She asks Knux what it is and he says “it’s their home.”


Security is forcing Roode out of the arena per an order from MVP.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Ladder Match
Bro-Mans w/Zema Ion vs. The Wolves (c)

This is a rematch of sorts from Sacrifice. The Wolves chase Zema to the back right from the jump and Bro-Mans attack The Wolves on the stage. Bro-Mans grab a ladder and nail The Wolves with it. They slam the ladder down on top of both of the Wolves. Bro-Mans set the ladder up in the ring but The Wolves run in and pull them down. The Wolves toss Bro-Mans onto the apron but Bro-Mans catch The Wolves with Double Jawbreakers onto the top rope. Bro-Mans grab another ladder and then The Wolves go for a Double Sliding Dropkick into the ladder, but Bro-Mans lift the ladder up. They swing the ladder at the Wolves but they duck and then quickly slide back into the ring and dive through the ropes with a Double Suicide Dive but the Bro-Mans throw the ladder into their faces in midair! Bro-Mans toss Davey out to the floor and then Jesse Press Slams Davey onto the guardrail! Robbie and Jesse sandwich Eddie’s head between the ladder as they close it on him, and then they hit the Boom Knees into the ladder slamming it into Eddie’s head! Robbie slams Davey into the apron on the outside and then grabs another ladder and lays it across the ring steps and apron set up like a bridge. Bro-Mans attempt to Double Suplex Davey onto that ladder, but Eddie rolls out and intercepts Davey catching him in air. The Wolves then kick the ladder into Bro-Mans! The Wolves set a ladder up in the ring and start climbing, but Bro-Mans come in with a second ladder and set it up beside them. They climb up the second ladder and start eating nasty chops from The Wolves! Eddie and Robbie fall off the ladder and Davey starts headbutting Jesse causing both men to fall of the ladder as well! Eddie climbs back up the ladder but Jesse dropkicks him off of it! Jesse attempts to Press Slam Eddie into the ladders, but Eddie blocks it and then Suplexes Jesse over the top rope causing both men to go crashing hard to the floor! Davey hits Robbie with an Enziguri causing him to fall off the apron onto that ladder that was set up at ringside! Davey dives off the top with the Ghetto Stomp onto Robbie who was laid out on the ladder! That did not look like it felt very pleasant at all. The Wolves climb up the ladders in the ring and grab the titles, but Zema slides into the ring to stop them! The Wolves Double Headbutt him repeatedly and then Hip Toss Zema off the ladder over the top rope onto the Bro-Mans on the floor in an INSANE spot! Zema’s head cleared the top rope literally by centimeters. The Wolves pull down the titles to retain their belts.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Wolves via pulling the belts down

Rebel and Knux talk backstage and he knocks on the crate and asks if they are ready to come out yet. Someone punches the crate open and it’s a massive masked man. A clown is with him as well running around.


Earlier Spud can’t find Bully anymore and he freaks out about the “meeting” Bully has called.

The Menagerie come out with some circus music and two weird guys on stilts. Crazy Steve is a clown with balloons while The Freak is a massive muscle head in a mask. That is obviously Rob Terry in a mask. Knux and his hot girlfriend Rebel are also there. Rebel actually does a split on the ropes and I think I my head exploded as she did that.

Kazarian vs. Knux w/ The Menagerie

Kaz catches Knux with double knees to the back as the match starts. Knux whips Kaz hard into the corner but comes back with a jawbreaker onto the top rope on Knux. Kaz hits a Missile Dropkick on Knux and then chokes him in the ropes. Kaz springs to the floor and hits a Leaping Kick to Knux’s face. Crazy Steve approaches Kaz which annoys him so he grabs his balloons and tosses them to the side and tells him to shove his horn up his ass. Kaz then backs into The Freak so he rolls back onto the apron where Knux Hip Tosses him back into the ring. Knux hits a clothesline followed by a Big Boot. Knux then hits a big backdrop followed by a Splash attempt in the corner, but Kaz gets his boot up and only to run into a Cross Body from Knux! Knux hits a Sitout Spinebuster for the pin.

Winner: Knux via pinfall (Sitout Spinebuster)

Spud walks into the staff meeting and calls Bully the “worst human being on the planet.” Bully appears behind him and tells Spud to go get him a case of beer. Bully asks them what the company motto is now and they start chanting “Bully fears Dixie” like robots which causes Bully to shake his head.


Clips of the drama between Storm and Anderson from last week is shown, and they announce Storm vs. Anderson for next week.

Gunner and Anderson talk about James Storm and Gunner calls Storm a liar. Gunner asks Anderson why Shaw was such a freak, but Anderson just says he’s “freakin’ crazy.”

Back at TNA headquarters Bully is drinking with the TNA staff and they are all wearing Bully Ray shirts now and playing cards while Bully’s theme music plays. Spud freaks out and tells them all to get back to work. Bully calls him a buzzkill and Spud begs him to leave. Bully says he’ll leave if Spud tells him where she is. Spud refuses and says he has no idea where she is, and Bully says if Spud will have a beer with him he’ll leave. Bully pours Spud a drink and then as Spud starts to drink it Bully Powerbombs him through a table. Bully takes Spud’s phone and looks through his address book for Dixie’s address.

Willow cuts another goofy ass promo talking about the Dixieland Match, he says that match started the “reign of Magnus” but he does not fear Magnus’ reign because he has an umbrella. Yes, he really said that.


Main Event
Willow vs. Magnus w/ Bram

Remember it was Willow, as Jeff Hardy, that Magnus beat for the TNA World Title back last December. As Willow is doing his goofy ass entrance Magnus clotheslines the hell out of him on the floor. Bram gets in Magnus’ ear and then Magnus starts beating Willow around ringside. Magnus tosses Willow into the ring and puts the boots to him. Magnus connects with a Lariat on Willow and goes back to stomping on him. Magnus hits an elbow drop for a nearfall and then puts Willow in a headlock. Willow fights up to his feet only for Magnus to shove him into the corner. Magnus charges at him but Willow floats up into a Headscissors Takeover on Magnus. Willow headbutts Magnus and then comes off the ropes with a Flying Forearm! Willow hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Leg Drop to the nuts and a Basement Dropkick! Willow hits a Leaping Mule Kick and then hits a Cartwheel into a slap in the corner. Willow goes for the Hardyac Arrest but Magnus rolls out to the floor. Willow hits a Slingshot Dropkick through the ropes on Magnus and then he slides under the ropes into a Splash on Magnus! Willow rolls Magnus back in the ring but Bram quickly grabs Willow and slams him into the ring steps!

Winner: Willow via DQ

Bram beats on Willow in the ring and then hits a Suplex into a Diamond Cutter on Willow. Bram handcuffs Willow to the ropes and then pulls out a turnbuckle from under the ring, which Magnus was threatening Abyss with a few weeks ago. Bram hits Willow with the turnbuckle repeatedly

MVP approaches EY in the back and tells him to meet him in the ring.


Kurt Angle is show being examined by a doctor. The doctor tells Kurt that nothing is broking but he thinks maybe something was torn. Kurt says it doesn’t hurt anymore but the doctor says he thinks he clearly tore his ACL.

MVP says he promised to reveal who EY’s opponent at Slammiversary would be and he won’t let anything prevent that from happening. EY comes out and MVP says he wants to tell EY how proud he is of EY and what he has accomplished. He says that every obstacle he has faced he has overcome. He says that EY is an inspiration and he even inspired MVP. He says that if every wrestler on the roster had EY’s spirit and heart there is nothing TNA couldn’t accomplish and that EY is a leader. MVP says that EY made it clear that he is a fighting champion and he wants to face the toughest competitors possible, and it is his responsibility to find those challengers for EY. MVP introduces EY’s opponent and points to the entrance ramp. No one comes through the tunnel and MVP acts like whoever it was is late. MVP shrugs and says they didn’t play his music he’ll just break the news “like this” and decks EY!

MVP puts the boots to EY and hits him with the microphone! Magnus wraps his chain around his fist and punches EY with it over and over as a “you suck” chant starts. MVP says he’ll see EY at Slammiversary!


“Final Thoughts” will be up later tonight.

1) Evening Gown Match: Beautiful People def. Madison Rayne & Brittany
2) Ethan Carter III def. Kurt Angle
3) TNA Tag Team Titles Ladder Match: The Wolves (c) def. Bro-Mans to retain the titles!
4) Knux def. Kazarian
5) Willow def. Magnus via DQ

Scheduled for Next Week:
-James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

Slammiversary Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Eric Young (c) vs. MVP

Until next week… PEACE!
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