Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
October 8, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show kicks off with a highlight package hyping the beef between Abyss and Mick Foley, and then we cut right to the ring where Abyss has entered the ring wrapping the ropes in barbed wire. Abyss also pours out a bag of glass in the ring and says he’s just making himself feel at home in the Impact Zone. He then grabs a bag of tacks and says he brought a few little friends from home and spills them out in the ring. He says he just wants to feel comfortable. Abyss says Mick has wrestled all over our planet and he’s entertained fans in every state and he’s bled on every continent, but he’s never bled like he’s going to make Foley bleed at BFG. That is a statement right there. Abyss says he’s challenging Foley for a match at Bound for Glory and it’s not just any match but it’s MONSTERS BALL! Abyss says that at Bound for Glory Mick won?t have a very nice day because he’s going to beat Mick’s a**! Foley’s music hits and the Hardcore Icon makes his way out to the ring carrying his barbed wire baseball bat! Tenay reveals that tonight Foley will team with Kurt Angle to face Abyss and Matt Morgan in the Main Event tonight! Foley says it was clever Abyss using Mick’s ?have a nice day? catchphrase against him. Foley starts to say how he feels about Abyss challenging him to Monster’s Ball, but Abyss cuts him off and says that last week Mick referred to him as a cheap knockoff and he asks Mick if it was a cheap knockoff when he Main Evented Lockdown ?05 (he gets it wrong and says 2004) with AJ Styles and blew the roof off the Impact Zone (classic match). He asks if he was a cheap knockoff in 2005 when he competed against Sabu in the first ever Barbed Wire Massacre (another classic). He puts over how he got 122 stitches (and even showed the scars) as a result of the match as well as Match of the Year honors for 2005. He also asks if he was a cheap knockoff in 2007 when he defeated Sting (by DQ) to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion! He says that was him , ABYSS! He asks Mick what he was doing while Abyss was spilling his blood all over the place and answers the question for him: writing children’s books and playing with sock puppets. Abyss says Mick is right about there being a big difference between them and that is he’s hardcore and Foley just used to be! This gets a mixed reaction from the fans. Abyss says Mick is the cheap knockoff because he’s only half the man he used to be. Foley says he never said Abyss wasn?t hardcore and then says he knows that Abyss will be a star in TNA for years to come. He says, in fact, as of right now as Executive Shareholder of TNA he is banning the $50,000 bounty on Abyss. He says he wants Abyss to know that TNA will be his home for a long time to come, but as far as Mick being half the man he used to be at Bound for Glory we?ll find out! He accepts Abyss? challenge and says he better bring his ?A? game because he sure as hell will! BANG, BANG! Foley starts to leave but then stops on the ramp and says he’s going to tweak the match just a little bit. He says he talked to one of Abyss? friend (surely Dr. Stevie) and that friend told him that Abyss may be coming a little too reliant on certain weapons. He says that Abyss will be barred from using thumbtacks in the match and if he even brings them to the ring he will lose. He says the match will be special and it will require a special guest referee and it will be STEVIE RICHARDS! Richards and Daffney walks out to the stage and shakes Foley’s hand. Stevie says that Chris has done it once again in alienating everyone once again. Stevie gets in the ring and says that even Mick Foley, Abyss? idol, has been alienated by Abyss. He says no one cares about Abyss and he is nothing more than an annoyance. Lauren gets in the ring to try and stop Abyss from killing Stevie. Stevie tells Abyss to hide behind the skirt of that $20 a night street walker. Uh oh, Abyss turns and stares at Stevie with a psychotic look on his face. Abyss climbs back into the ring and asks Stevie what he just said. Stevie repeats it right in Abyss? face and Abyss goes nuts! He grabs Stevie by the throat and lifts him up but Daffney low blows him! Foley climbs back in the ring and grates the barbed wire bat across Abyss? forehead! Matt Morgan runs down to the ring and lays out Stevie and then throws him over the top rope as Foley bails out of the ring.

In the back JB is with the World Elite and says that it seems that things don?t look too great between the World Elite and MEM, but Young cuts him off and says that the war is over. He says that he is declaring a strong and decisive victory for the World Elite. He asks how many time did they extend a hand to Kurt Angle only to have it refused and then MEM would fall and World Elite would pick them back up. He says that MEM repays them by showing them nothing but disrespect. He says he’s a brilliant, patient, and great man but last week was the final straw. He says they showed the MEM that they are the most dominant force in TNA when they snatched Kurt Angle & Hernandez right out of their match and showed them what it’s like to be victimized. He says they?ll do it time and time again if they stick their noses into World Elite’s business anymore. JB says he heard a rumor that it would be Eric Young and Hernandez in a one-on-one match at Bound for Glory. Young says it’s simply a rumor and he only deals in facts. He says Hernandez is dead to him and the World Elite. He says he thought Hernandez was his brother and thought he deserved greatness, but he was wrong. He says Hernandez will never be in the ring with EY one-on-one because he doesn?t deserve it and Hernandez isn?t on his level. He says all the rumors will get replaced with cold hard facts tonight and then says ?welcome to our world.?


JB is in the Main Event Mafia’s locker room and he tells Angle that Eric Young as declared a victory for the World Elite over MEM (what a snitch). Angle asks JB to repeat that and then he grabs JB and screams for him to say it again. Angle says that no one declares victory of MEM and no one is as dominant as them, and if you want to see dominance then he?ll show you dominance. He turns MEM and is putting up a $30,000 hit on Eric Young tonight. He says that’s how they declare and win war ?Mafia style.?

TNA Legends Championship
?Big Sexy? Kevin Nash (c) vs. ?Super Mex? Hernandez

Another first ever one-on-one matchup tonight as Hernandez looks to add the Legends Championship to his resume. They show replays of the Kurt Angle and Hernandez match from last week. Hernandez and Nash stand toe-to-toe and when Hernandez has to look up to someone you know they?re tall. Hernandez shoves Nash and then Nash grabs Hernandez in a collar-and-elbow tieup and then puts a knee in the gut of Hernandez. Nash with forearms in the corner followed by knee strikes. Nash continues to put the beat down on Super Mex until he blocks one of the shots and starts throwing forearms of his own at Nash! Hernandez attempts to whip Nash into the corner but Nash reverses it and then hits another forearm followed by a Big Boot and then a clothesline that sends Hernandez over the top to the floor. Nash attempts to whip Hernandez into the ring post but Hernandez reverses it slamming Nash into the post! Hernandez whips Nash into the guardrail and then rolls Nash back into the ring. Hernandez with big shoulder blocks to Nash in the corner and then follows up with another whip into the opposite corner. Hernandez charges at Nash but he backdrops Hernandez over the top rope only for Hernandez to land on the apron. Hernandez then hits Nash with another forearm and then the Slingshot Shoulder Block! Hernandez picks Nash up and sets up for the Border Toss but Eric Young runs out and chop blocks Hernandez’s knee!

Winner: Hernandez via DQ (Nash retains)

Young continues to stomp on Hernandez after the referee calls for the bell and then spikes Hernandez with yet another Piledriver! Kevin Nash apparently not aware of the bounty placed on Young’s head (he wasn?t in the MEM lockerroom when Angle placed it) lets Young go as he hands Nash the Legends Title and tells Nash he owes him one.

In the back Abyss chases down Morgan and thanks him for the help tonight but he wants to make one thing clear and that’s that he didn?t want this Tag Match tonight anymore than Morgan wanted. He asks if he can trust Morgan tonight and Morgan says that for tonight and tonight only they will be tag partners, but it won?t lead down that road they went down in the past of being friends. Morgan tells Abyss that he’s got Angle covered but he better take care of Foley. Abyss starts going into psycho mode rubbing his hands together and repeating ?Foley? over and over until Morgan shoves him and tells him to focus. Abyss gets in Morgan’s face and tells him he is focused and tells Morgan he better have his back tonight.


In the back Nash approaches Eric Young and asks him what that was out there, and he asks Young if he really things it’s a good idea to be anywhere near him after what went down last week. Young says he knows it’s a good idea because he knows what makes Nash tick and that’s money and information. He says Angle just put a hit on EY’s head for 30 g’s and Nash asks him what stops him from snapping EY’s neck right now and taking the money. Young says that he will double the money and only asks that Nash return the favor that he just did for Nash in the ring because he has a singles match against Hernandez at BFG. He proposes that they make it a Triple Threat for the Legends Championship with Nash. He says TNA would jump at the thought of that match and they can stick together and take Hernandez out for good and Nash keeps his belt. He says everybody wins and Nash accepts the deal. Nash tells Young he looks good in the suit and walks off.

We cut to a shot of Lauren approaching Hernandez who’s being checked on by the EMT’s and he snatches the microphone from Lauren. He says this isn?t the first time Young has screwed him out of a title shot but it?ll be his last! Hernandez says something in Spanish about pretty much killing Young at BFG.

TNA X-Division Championship
?Samoan Submission Machine? Samoa Joe (c) vs. Amazing Red

Red earned this title shot last week in the Ladder Match and this is his first shot at the X-Division Championship in many years. He’s actually a former X-Division Champion back in the glory days of the division. He had many classic wars with the likes of Kid Kash, Jerry Lynn, Elix Skipper, AJ Styles, Low-Ki, Chris Sabin, and even Jimmy Yang (Jimmy Wang Yang sadly of the WWE). Joe and Red had a match a few months ago but it didn?t last long as Joe was just starting his ?Nation of Violence? thing and was just killing people, I believe Red won by DQ or it was thrown out. Tenay and Taz show a replay of last week when Joe choked Lashley out at the end of Impact last week. The face paint on Joe this week is much different. I?ve been told that the design that he had been using was a family symbol (don?t know how true it is) but this week it just looks like a big spear tip under the eye of Joe. I?m sure the internet fans will find some way to make fun of it. Also, Joe is wearing new ring gear. He’s back to the shorter trunks but he also has a kind of sash or something that hangs from the side from the sides with ?Nation? on one side and ?Violence? on the other. The bell rings and Joe charges at Red but he rolls underneath him and then Joe shoots in for a double leg takedown but Red this time rolls over him. Red then hits a dropkick followed by several stiff leg kicks. Red then comes off the ropes and eats a press slam from the much bigger Samoa Joe. Joe puts the boots to Red and then hits a snapmare takeover. Joe then chops the back of Red and follows up with a big head kick and then a running Knee Drop! Bobby Lashley is walking down the ramp and Joe screams at him wanting know what he wants. He distraction allows Red to nail a huge Missile Dropkick off the top! Joe goes for a clothesline but Red ducks and then goes for a roundhouse kick, but Joe ducks and Red spins through right into a Spinning Enziguri that nearly decapitates Samoa Joe! Red has Joe reeling now and he follows up with a running dropkick in the corner but it was a little different. He used kind of double kicked Joe. He used one foot to kick Joe in the leg and then in a split second used the other foot to kick Joe in the chin. Red charges at Joe again but this time eats a Side Slam in midair! Joe picks Red up and slams him into the corner and throws a series of nasty body shots until he beats Red down into a seated position in the corner and then just puts the boots to the Amazing Red. Joe then turns towards Lashley and says something as Hebner warns Lashley to stay out of the match. Joe says ?I want Lashley in here? to Earl Hebner and repeatedly says it so Earl towards Lashley and says ?come on in?! Lashley slides in but Joe goes on the attack! They exchange big rights and lefts at each other until Joe knees him in the gut and then goes for a clothesline but Lashley counters into the Full Nelson Slam! Red then climbs to the top rope and hits the Infrared (Corkscrew Moonsault)! He hit for the first time since returning to TNA! Red follows up with the Red Star Press! 1?2?3 NEW CHAMPION!

Winner & NEW X-Division Champ: Amazing Red via pinfall (Red Star Press)

After the match Lashley smiles as Red celebrates with his new championship and Samoa Joe can?t believe it in the ring! Hell yes Red is the champion again!


In the back Lauren is waiting to speak to the new X-Division Champion but Samoa Joe runs in and snatches the microphone from her and starts cursing (it got bleeped out). Joe screams at Lashley and says if he wants to come after the mob then he’s got what he wanted and he’s in Joe’s sights! He guarantees that Lashley will not survive this war and says that Lashley’s days are numbered. He starts screaming even more and says that he?ll leave just a little piece of Lashley left for him to murder at Bound for Glory! He then screams ?the war is on? into the camera.

?Fallen Angel? Christopher Daniels & Suicide vs. ?The Pope? D?Angelo Dinero & ?Notorious 1-8-7? Homicide

All 4 of these will be involved in Ultimate X at BFG and Tenay points out that everyone in the match has experience in that match except for Dinero. Dinero goes right after Suicide at the bell and Homicide goes after Daniels. Daniels throws Homicide out to the floor and their fight spills out to the floor while Suicide and Dinero continue to brawl in the ring. Dinero whips Suicide into the ropes but he nails Dinero with a big clothesline. Homicide runs in and hits a big running clothesline on Suicide as Tenay says that TNA has asked him to issue an apology for some of the language used by Homicide in the last few weeks. Tenay says that some of the things he’s been saying in the ring are ?far from PG-13? and he’s been fined. Dinero hits a Snap Suplex on Suicide and then drags Suicide to the heel corner and tags in Homicide. Homicide hits an Elbow Drop on the Suicidal one and then hits a short-arm clothesline as the fans chant for Suicide. Homicide then tags in Dinero back in and he nails that huge 4-Up Uppercut on Suicide. Tenay hypes up ?Super Impact? for next week. Dinero with body shots on Suicide in the corner and Suicide tries to make a comeback until Dinero kicks him in the gut and then tags in Homicide. Dinero uses his body to keep Suicide into the corner and then ducks as Homicide throws a big haymaker and nails Suicide with it. Great tag team wrestling showcased by the heels. Homicide hits a snapmare takeover and then just sits on Suicide’s throat using his knee to choke him and also taunts him the whole time. Homicide tags in Dinero again and Homicide hits a Scoop Slam and then Dinero comes off the middle rope with a Flying Fistdrop for a nearfall. Dinero hits a Snapmare Takeover and then pulls one of his kneepads down and hits a Running Knee Drop Ric Flair-style. Dinero trash talks Daniels and then whips Suicide into the corner. Dinero charges but Suicide is able to avoid him by slipping in between the ropes to the apron like a snake. Homicide then tries to clothesline him on the apron but Suicide slithers right back between the ropes and then Double Clotheslines both heels! Suicide quickly tags in Daniels and he hits a Running Forearm Smash followed by a Spinning Heel Kick to Dinero! Daniels then nails The Pope with a clothesline and then whips Dinero into the corner and charges at him, but Dinero hits a back elbow and then climbs up top! Pope goes for a right hand as he sits on the top rope but Daniels blocks it and hits a huge Uppercut! Dinero then falls right onto the shoulders of Daniels and he hits the DVD! 1?2?NO Homicide beaks it up! Suicide runs in and hits a Running Dropkick that sends Homicide through the ropes to the floor! Homicide is pissed and he walks over to the Spanish Announce Table and starts screaming at Willy Urbana and Hector Guerrero and even slaps Willy! Suicide runs up and throws Homicide aside. Homicide has just snapped as he starts tossing chairs around ringside! In the ring Daniels hits a Rock Bottom on Dinero and then goes for the BME but Homicide grabs his foot! Daniels then knocks Homicide off the apron and Suicide grabs Homicide and starts to brawl with him around ringside. While all that was happening Dinero recovered and pulled down his knee pads and destroyed Daniels with the DDE! 1?2?3 and the heels get the win!

Winners: Homicide and Dinero via pinfall (DDE)

Dinero and Homicide shake hands at ringside as Suicide and Daniels look on in disgust at the heels. Tenay says that Homicide must think that Willy Urbana is the snitch that snitched on him to TNA Officials about what he said in Spanish.

In the MEM lockerroom Kurt Angle is demanding Kevin Nash explain why Eric Young is still walking. Nash says it’s simple, he offered more money than Angle did. Angle says that doesn?t matter, they?re Mafia, family! He says it’s about loyalty and he didn?t have to offer him anything but he did. Nash says he offered him double and he ain?t even family! Angle says they?ll talk later but he’s got to go talk to Foley about their tag match later. He says no more side deals and then leaves. Nash says that Angle should?ve at least offered him triple.


Back from commercials Mike Tenay is in the ring with Team 3D, British Invasion, Booker/Steiner, and Beer Money with a ladder in the ring. Tenay reveals that at BFG all 4 teams will compete in a Ladder Match with both the TNA & IWGP World Tag Team Championships on the line! Hebner is standing in the ring with the contract and he goes around to all 4 teams to get them to sign the contract. While the teams are signing Tenay explains how things will go down. Tenay says that the man that pulls the TNA Tag Title belt will win the TNA Tag Titles for his team and the wrestler that pulls down the IWGP Tag belt wins the IWGP Tag Titles for his team! Pretty cool concept there. All 4 teams signed and then Booker grabs the microphone and the fans boo the hell out of him. Booker says they?re going to whoop somebody’s a** at BFG! Storm then grabs the mic and says ?Sorry ?bout yo damn luck!? and all he punches Booker in the mouth! All 4 teams are going at it now! 3D and the Brits spill out to the floor and brawl around ringside. Storm throws Steiner out to the floor and brawls with him out there as well. In the ring Roode beats down on Booker. 3D then pulls out a table! They slide the table into the ring and Roode starts setting it up but the Brits jump 3D! Roode puts Booker on the table and then starts climbing up the ladder! Sharmell comes in and tries to help Booker off the table as Rob Terry slides in the ring! He pushes the ladder over knocking Roode to the mat! Devon then comes in and starts beating on Terry until MEM attack Devon from behind. They grab Devon and Double Chokeslam Booker through the table! Booker then blasts Storm with the TNA Tag Title belt. Booker and Steiner then pick up all 4 title belts and raise them up until the Brits jump them! Terry comes in to help take out MEM and hits a Sidewalk Slam on Steiner. The Brits then grab all the title belts and raise them up!


8-Knockout Tag Team Elimination Match
The Beautiful People, ?Future Legend? Alissa Flash, & Traci Brooks vs. Sarita, Taylor Wilde, Christy Hemme, & Hamada

Tenay calls the face tag team ?The United Nations of Knockouts?. Sarita lives in Mexico and is a trained Luchadora but is from Canada, Taylor is also Canadian, Christy from the U.S., and obviously Hamada from Japan. I?m going to touch on Sarita really quick (boy that would be awesome to do). I?ve gotten a few e-mails asking (since I?m the ?TNA guy? and the ?Lucha guy?) if she’s actually Mexican or not. No, she is not. She is a born and raised Canadian. She was trained in Muay Thai Kickboxing and then began training in wrestling in Canada. In 2003 she moved to Mexico to train in the Lucha Libre style where she became very, very good. Now that we have that out of the way time for some Knockouts action. Hamada and Traci will kick this match off against each other. Hamada trips Traci and then starts stomping the knee of Traci. She then rolls Traci backwards and attempts to whip her into the corner but Traci reverses it. Hamada then goes for a Springboard Asai Moonsault but Traci moves out of the way and Hamada eats the mat. Traci then hits a sunset flip but Hamada rolls through and goes for the knockout kick, but Traci drops backwards to avoid it and then rolls Hamada up! 1?2?NO Hamada kicks out! Traci goes for a clothesline but Hamada ducks and then sends Traci’s head right into the rafters with a sickening Roundhouse Kick! 1?2?NO Traci kicks out! Hamada tags in Christy and she hits a Hook Kick and then wraps her leg around the head of Traci in kind of a one-legged standing headscissors. That was pretty inventive of Christy. Traci lifts Christy up but she turns it into a One-Legged Headscissors Takeover! Christy goes for a clothesline but Traci ducks and counters into the Jawbreaker! 1?2?3 and Christy is eliminated! Taylor comes in and starts throwing forearms at Traci and then whips her into the corner and follows by a back heel kick for a nearfall. Taylor attempts to whip Traci into the ropes but Traci reverses it and Flash grabs Taylor’s leg from the outside. Traci then hits a clothesline on Taylor and tags Flash into the match. Flash puts the boots to Taylor and then hits that nasty Curb Stomp on Taylor! 1?2?NO Taylor kicks out! Flash goes for a Scoop Slam but Taylor counters it into the Lung Blower! Taylor tags in Hamada and she hits a Missile Dropkick off the top on Alissa! Flash and Hamada then start exchanging vicious forearms in the middle of the ring until Hamada gets the best of Flash with a series of forearms. Hamada then follows up with a running Yakuza Kick that sends Flash out to the floor! Hamada follows her out and again they start exchanging forearms! They then both fall to floor and start brawling and rolling around as the referee starts to count them out! In the ring Sarita hits a series of innovative moves as she has Velvet in a kind of wrist lock and she arm drags Velvet repeatedly while still holding onto the wristlock but it was more of snapmare than an arm drag. She then turns the wristlock into kind of modified Northern Lights Suplex! The referee counts both Hamada and Flash out as they brawl to the back! Sarita gets a nearfall on Velvet in the ring. Taylor tags in and they whip Velvet into the ropes. Sarita hits a drop toe hold and then Taylor follows up with a Basement Dropkick to Velvet. 1?2?NO Velvet kicks out! Velvet comes back with a knee strike and then goes for a big right hand but Taylor blocks it and then hits a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex! 1?2?NO Velvet kicks out! Taylor with a series of forearms and then she attempts to whip Velvet into the corner but Velvet reverses it. Taylor puts her boot on the corner to stop herself from slamming into it and then turns and charges at Velvet. Velvet kicks Taylor in the gut and then hits a Spike DDT! 1?2?3 and Taylor is eliminated! Sarita is the lone surviving Knockout for her team going against Velvet, Madison, and Traci! Sarita attempts a running dropkick but Velvet avoids it and then throws Sarita into the heel corner and tags in Traci. Traci and Velvet put the boots to Sarita in the corner and then Traci goes for the Jawbreaker but Sarita blocks it and hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! 1?2?3 and Traci is eliminated! BP attack Sarita from behind and put the stomp down on her. Madison hits a Reverse Curb Stomp on Sarita for a nearfall and then tags Madison in. BP whip Sarita into the ropes and they attempt to Back Bodydrop Sarita but she backflips over them and then shoves both girls into the ropes. BP goes for a Double Clothesline but Sarita ducks and then grabs Velvet in a Waistlock and shoves her into Madison! Sarita then rolls Velvet up in a Small Package! 1?2?3 and Velvet is eliminated! Madison immediately jumps on Sarita and reigns down right hands on her. Madison grabs Sarita and attempts a Brainbuster but Sarita counters into another Small Package, 1?2?NO Madison kicks out! Madison goes for a clothesline but Sarita ducks and rolls Madison up again! 1?2?NO Madison still kicks out! Sarita attempts to whip Madison into the ropes but she reverses it and hits a forearm followed by a running front kick to the face of Sarita. Alissa Flash walks down the ramp and the referee stops her from coming in and we see Lacey Von Erich sneaking in from the other side! Sarita hits a Tiger Bomb on Madison in the ring but Lacey comes in and kicks Sarita in the back and then Chokeslams her! Lacey then slides out of the ring and ducks down at ringside! Flash leaves and then referee turns around and sees the Madison covering Sarita! 1?2?3 and Madison picks up the win for her team!

Winners: Madison, Flash, Velvet, & Traci via Madison being the lone survivor

After the match Velvet returns and the Beautiful People celebrate in the ring. We then cut to Foley’s off where Kurt Angle is talking to Mick Foley who is holding a barbed wire bat. Angle asks Foley to promise him no games tonight. No cheap pops, no stupid socks, no nothing. Foley slams the bat down on his desk and asks Kurt if it looked like he was playing two weeks ago when he left Abyss swimming in a pool of his own blood. Mick says he’s not in the mood for games and he fully understands that Morgan and Abyss are former tag partners while they have never teamed together in the past. Foley says no games tonight and Angle says good but looks disturbed at Foley’s psycho tendencies.


In the back Morgan is warming up with pushups in the locker room while Abyss sits in a corner rocking back and forth saying ?PAIN? every time Morgan asks him ?what do they get?? Morgan says ?this might just work? as Abyss walks off laughing hysterically.

Sting’s music hits and the #1 Contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship makes his way out to the ring in street clothes and no face paint tonight. Sting says that after he and AJ had their sit down interview with Mike Tenay he sat in the middle of the ring alone and just thought about all the things that AJ said to him. He says one of the things AJ said was, ?there’s wanting to pass the torch and just not wanting it anymore, which side of the line are you on Sting?? He says that AJ then reminding him about all the times that Sting told him that if you don?t want it then there’s no point in even lacing up the boots. He says he did say that because he believes it. He says it doesn?t matter if you?re 20 years old or 50 years old, if it’s your tenth match or ten thousandth match, the bottom line is when you step through those ropes you want to bring your best. He says for 20 years he’s done that he knows sometimes his best wasn?t good enough but he also brought his best. Sting says he was taken aback when AJ issued the challenge for BFG but his natural reaction was to just say yes and take AJ up on the challenge. Sting is starting to get excited now. He says it’s just in his veins and it’s all he knows, and he still has the will to win. He says at BFG in Cali he?ll lace up his boots one more time and he?ll bring his best believing that he can still get the job done. He says if the question is answered with anything less than his own expectations then it?ll be ‘showtime for the last time.? Sting starts to leave the ring until Kurt Angle walks out and asks Angle if he’s going to retire. Angle says he should?ve retired before No Surrender when he and AJ scammed him. He says Matt Morgan screwed him and then Sting literally handed AJ the TNA World Title and AJ in return does a favor for him giving him a Title shot at BFG. Angle says the way Sting and AJ have been getting along lately maybe they should change TNA Impact’s name to ?The View? so they can kiss each others a**es the whole two hours. Angle says he wants his rematch and his title shot. He says AJ has never questioned Angle’s integrity yet he gives his buddy a title shot at the biggest PPV of the year and he thinks Angle will just go away. He says he won?t go away. He says in order to be the best of all time you have to beat Kurt Angle and Sting knows it and so does AJ. Angle says Sting should just do us all a favor and retire BEFORE Bound for Glory so a real champion can step up to the Main Event instead of some washed up has been! The fans chant ?you suck? at Kurt and then Sting says if Kurt wants him to retire then he should retire him right here and now! Sting pushes Angle and screams at him to do it and then they get face-to-face in the ring until security comes out as the fans chant ?let them fight.? Sting starts to leave the ring but Kurt attacks him from behind! Kurt grabs Sting and puts him in the Ankle Lock! Security tries to pull Sting off but they cant and then AJ Styles runs out and Kurt bails out. Kurt screams that he wants his shot and says he can have Sting at BFG because his schedule is full that day anyway, but next week his schedule is wide open! He says if AJ thinks he’s the best then prove it next week and tosses the microphone to him. AJ says if Angle wants him next week then he’s got him! AJ says they?ll settle it one way or another! Tenay questions what’s going through AJ’s mind to accept a match with a guy like Kurt Angle only 3 days before BFG.


In the back Lauren is with AJ Styles and she asks if it was wise to accept Kurt’s challenge. AJ says it wasn?t wise but it was necessary. He says he isn?t thrilled how he won the title and he gets it that people question his win so he feels he has a lot to prove. AJ says next week they?ll leave no doubts!

At ringside Tenay and Taz hype up the big match next week and then hype up the BFG card and the only new match signed is Nash defending the Legends Title against Hernandez and Young in a Triple Threat. Apparently, Joe vs. Lashley won?t be a Submission Match after all though.

In the back Joe is kicking stuff over looking for Lashley.


On the stage the Machine Guns are out. Sabin says they have listened to the fans and just then they listened to their entrance music and puked a little in their mouths. He says they are going to start doing things Machine Gun-style. Shelley says that he has it on good authority is what Consequences Creed throw up last week. They then introduce their new entrance music video. It’s a remixed version of their current one with more of Detroit-theme and of course new lyrics. All of a sudden Samoa Joe jumps them from behind! Joe throws Sabin off the stage! Joe grabs the microphone and gets into the ring. Joe screams for Bobby Lashley to come out. He says that Joe wanted to start a war and his war is waiting for him in the ring so get out there so Joe can kick his a** all over the building! Lashley’s music hits and he doesn?t make Joe wait long, but Joe doesn?t want to wait at all as he storms out of the ring and runs right at Lashley! Lashley meets him midway on the ramp and they start throwing lefts and rights at each other! Joe and Lashley brawl all around ringside and exchange stiff shots at each other. Joe grabs a chair and hits Lashley in the gut with it and then swings but Lashley ducks and then kicks Joe. The Spanish Announce team bails out as Joe starts walking up to their table. Joe tosses their chairs at Lashley! They continue to brawl and Joe kicks Lashley in the nuts! Joe then lays Lashley on the Spanish announce table and then climbs up onto a scaffolding that has TNA banners all over it and then dives off with a Flying Elbow Drop sending Lashley crashing through the table and then falling to the concrete as the fans chant ?TNA?! Joe screams ?MAFIA? as he looks down at what he’s just done to Lashley.


During the break they cut back to the Impact Zone where Lashley is being helped to the back.

Back from commercials they show several replays of what just went down and then cut to the back where EMT’s are checking on him.

TNA Knockouts Championship
ODB (c) vs. Tara

This match stems from the beef between Tara and ODB in the last few weeks. Tara and ODB get in each others face as the bell rings and Tara knocks ODB’s flask out of her hand and then ODB pie faces Tara. ODB then nails Tara with a big forearm and a chop. Tara comes back with chops of her own and then she attempts to whip ODB into the corner but she reverses it and then Tara goes for a float over up and over ODB, but ODB catches her in midair on her shoulders. ODB goes for the Running Powerslam but Tara blocks it and pushes ODB into the corner and then rolls ODB up! 1?NO ODB rolls through, 1?2?NO Tara kicks out! She had her feet hooked on ODB’s arms as she kicked out and then rolls over right into a nice pin attempt! 1?2?NO ODB kicks out and then kicks Tara. ODB goes for a Vertical Suplex but Tara blocks it and goes for one of her own. ODB blocks it and then Tara hits forearms followed by a kick. Tara goes for a Cross Body Block as she comes off the ropes but ODB catches her in midair and hits the Fallaway Slam! ODB nips up to her feet and gets a nearfall. Awesome Kong starts walking down to the ring doing her best Triple-H impression carrying a sledgehammer. ODB throws Tara back to the mat and then goes for a Powerbomb but Tara reverses in mid move right into an Armbar! Kong grabbed So Cal Val at ringside as this is going on and keeps pointing at Tara’s tarantula. She makes Val pick it up and put on the floor and she gets ready to smash the sledgehammer onto Poison’s cage! Tara sees this and grabs the sledgehammer and then kicks Kong through the ropes. ODB then kicks Tara as she turns around and hits the TKO! 1?2?3!

Winner: ODB via pinfall (TKO)

After the match Kong smiles and then stares down Tara and ODB. In the back Angle is warming up when Foley walks out and asks Kurt if he’s ready. Kurt says he’s ready and then asks Mick if he is. He says ?yeah, we?re ready? and then walks off. Kurt wants to know what he means by ?we?.


?Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle & ?Hardcore Legend? Mick Foley vs. ?The Blueprint? Matt Morgan & ?The Monster? Abyss

Stevie Richards and Daffney accompanied Foley to the ring but Slick Johnson stopped them and made them go back to the back. Abyss and Angle will kick off the match. Angle kicks Abyss in the gut and then starts throwing rights at Abyss. Angle attempts to whip Abyss into the ropes but Abyss reverses it and then Angle kicks Abyss as he went for a backdrop. Angle then comes off the ropes again but eats a series of clotheslines from Abyss followed by the corner splash! Abyss then goes for the Chokeslam but Kurt counters into a rollup and then puts Abyss in the Ankle Lock! Abyss is able to kick Angle off and then from the outside Foley nails Abyss with the barbed wire baseball bat while the referee was distracted by Angle. Angle then chop blocks Abyss, looks like Angle got some tips from the Auburn University football team (shots fired). Angle gets a nearfall on Abyss and then tags Foley. Angle holds Abyss so Foley can kick him in the gut. Foley then hits several right hands on Abyss in the corner and then puts the boots to Abyss and chokes him on the middle rope. Foley then hits a Running Knee to the back of Abyss? head as he was hanging on the middle rope. Abyss comes back with right hands on Foley but Foley falls backwards as he went for a poke to the eye, but covers himself nicely by turning the fall into a drop toe hold. Angle tags back in and goes for the Angle Slam but Abyss blocks it and hits the Shock Treatment! Abyss and Angle both tag out. Morgan lays Foley and Angle out with clotheslines and then hits a Corner Splash on Angle followed by a Sidewalk Slam! Foley then hits Morgan from behind and comes off the ropes but eats a Discuss Clothesline from Morgan! Abyss then clotheslines Angle over the top to the floor! Morgan then goes for the Chokeslam on Morgan but Foley chops Morgan in the throat! Abyss rolls into the ring with the barbed wire bat as Foley puts Mr. Socko on. He turns around and goes for the Mandible Claw on Abyss until he sees what Abyss is holding and then turns around and runs right into the Carbon Footprint from Morgan! 1?2?3!

Winners: Morgan & Abyss via pinfall (Carbon Footprint)

Abyss and Morgan stand over a fallen Foley as Angle looks on from the ramp as Impact goes off the air. Global Impact 2 is up next!

Final Thoughts

Pretty fun show tonight from start to finish it was pretty nonstop.

I loved the opening segment between Abyss and Foley and I much rather the monster ?I want to eat your family? Abyss rather than the stupid, cuddly monster. Dr. Stevie’s addition to the match won?t add anything other than another person taking a big bump I would imagine. The thumbtack ban doesn?t really bother me because Abyss goes through the tacks as much as he puts people through them so I would imagine Foley brings tacks into the picture and Abyss probably just breaks out the glass. Should be an intense, bloody brawl.

Red and Joe was good for what it was. Put Red over while still making Joe look strong and it also continued the feud between Joe and Lashley. I don?t necessarily like how Red got the belt but I love the fact that he has it. It would be great for them to have a longer more substantial match down the line between these two and I wish Red would get thrown into the Ultimate X or at least give him a title defense with someone like one of the Guns or one of Lethal Consequences.

The X-Division Tag was pretty fun and I like them putting the 4 involved in the UX together. Dinero and Homicide surprisingly had good chemistry together as a team.

Hernandez and Nash was what was and I could totally see Hernandez walking out of BFG with the Legends Title and this is a good way for them to be able to have a good match by putting Young in there to so Hernandez doesn?t have to try and make a good match with just Nash.

The segment with all the Tag Teams in the ring was great. I loved it and I love the concept of the match being for both titles and this is the match this 4-way feud has been leading up to for months. The match will actually be a Full Metal Mayhem Match instead of just a Ladder Match which is the TNA equivalent of Tables, Ladders, & Chairs (which they can?t say because WWE has the phrase trademarked).

The Knockouts Elimination match was just flat out fun and Hamada and Flash look like they could be heading into a great feud with each other. Lacey looked ten times better this week (in ring wise) with the big Chokeslam.

Abyss and Morgan against Foley & Angle just wasn?t very good for me. I didn?t think Abyss and Morgan were a good team when they were together and I still don?t think they are.

I liked the Sting promo they are really putting over this whole ?can I still go? thing and they also set up for a huge matchup for next week which is always great. AJ needs way more TV time though and it looks like he?ll definitely get it next week on the big 3-hour Impact.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Abyss and Foley
Match of the Night: Knockouts Elimination Match (***)
Overall Grade: B

Scheduled for Next Week’s ?Super Impact?:
– Stretcher Match: Rhino vs. Bobby Lashley
– ODB, Tara, & Awesome Kong vs. Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, & Lacey Von Erich
– TNA X-Division Title: Amazing Red (c) vs. Suicide
– Daniels vs. D?Angelo Dinero
– Falls Count Anywhere: Hamada vs. Alissa Flash
– Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

Bound for Glory Lineup:
– TNA World Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Sting
– Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan
– Submission Match: Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley
– Monsters Ball: Mick Foley vs. Abyss
– Ultimate X: Suicide vs. D?Angelo Dinero vs. Daniels vs. Homicide
– Full Metal Mayhem TNA & IWGP Tag Titles: Team 3D vs. Beer Money vs. MEM (c) vs. British Invasion (c)
– TNA Legends Title Triple Threat: Kevin Nash (c) vs. Hernandez vs. Eric Young
– TNA Knockouts Tag Titles: Sarita & Taylor Wilde (c) vs. Beautiful People

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