TNA Impact Wrestling Results
London, England (Wembley Arena)
March 20, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with Ultimate X.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Ultimate X Match
The Wolves (c) vs. The Revolution (Manik & Great Sanada) vs. Bro-Mans (Jessie & Zema Ion)

The last time TNA had an Ultimate X Match on Impact was way back in 2013. Manik hits a Snap Suplex on Davey and all the heels take turns chopping and kicking Davey. Jessie holds Davey as Manik climbs to the top but instead of diving off Manik starts scaling the cables to try and pull the belts down! Jessie takes Manik out with a dropkick and then Bro-Mans whip Manik into the ropes and Jessie lifts Manik up into the air and down into a Spinebuster onto the knees of Zema! Jessie tries to lift Zema up to the titles but they fail and then Jessie dives off of the back of Zema but again he can’t hold onto the belts. Zema then climbs up on Jessie’s shoulders but Manik climbs on Sanada’s shoulders as well and they begin playing a game of chicken under the belts! The Wolves dive off of opposite corners with Missile Dropkicks to the heels! Davey climbs up the scaffold and grabs the cable but Sanada stops him and pulls him down to the top turnbuckle. Manik climbs up onto Davey’s back and starts scaling the cables as my stream dies. I have no idea how but the Wolves won, sorry guys. This is frustrating as hell.

Winners & STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Wolves


Kurt Angle is shown preparing backstage for his match tonight.

Austin Aries comes down to the ring and he says that there is something that has been missing from TNA the past few weeks and that is him. He shows off the scars from the attack the BDC put on him a few weeks. Aries mentions his briefcase that the BDC stole from him and he demands that they bring his briefcase back because he won’t leave the ring without it. He says he won’t jump Joe or Low-Ki from behind but instead he wants them to come out and face him like a man and give him back his briefcase.

Samoa Joe comes out alongside Low-Ki who is carrying the briefcase. Ki says that last he checked possession was 9/10ths of the law so as long as they have it then Aries can’t play his games of “will I or won’t I go after the title.” Aries says that briefcase has no value to the BDC because they can’t do a damn thing with it but he has a way they can remedy it. He says that Ki also stole his X-Division Championship so he suggests Aries vs. Ki in a winner takes all match for both the X-Division Title and the World Title shot briefcase. Ki says that Aries doesn’t deserve a shot at his title and then Joe blindsides him! Ki says that if Aries wants him so bad that he has to go through Joe first!


“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe w/Low-Ki vs. “A-Double” Austin Aries

As the bell rings Joe lights Aries up with a series of chops and headbutts. Joe whips Aries into the corner and connects with a Running Clothesline. Joe whips Aries into the opposite corner and charges at him but Aries leaps over him and hits a dropkick. Aries goes for the Brainbuster but Joe counters into a Front Slam and then tosses Aries shoulder first into the ring post. Joe slams Aries’ arm across the ring steps and then hits a series of elbows into the injured shoulder of Aries. Joe rolls Aries into the ring and puts Aries in a Bear Hug into a Belly-to-Back Suplex for a nearfall. Joe puts Aries in a rear chinlock but Aries fights it off only to get tossed into the corner by Joe. Joe hits a Running Back Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Joe hits a Snapmare Takeover and puts a submission on the injured shoulder of Aries. Aries fights Joe off with elbows to the gut of Joe only for Joe to rake his eyes. Joe hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Mafia Kick and then he goes for the Backsplash Senton, but Aries rolls out of the way and hits a series of nasty Forearm Smashes! Aries lights Joe up with chops and then he mounts Joe in the corner and rains down right hands. Joe tosses Aries over the top but Aries lands on the apron and drags Joe through the ropes and hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker onto the middle rope! Aries dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick sending Joe into the corner and follows up with the IED! Aries goes for the Brainbuster again but Joe counters into a Fujiwara Armbar! Aries manages to get to the ropes to break the hold but Aries continues to sell his injured arm. Joe lifts Aries up to the top rope and goes for the Muscle Buster, but Aries blocks it and counters into a Roaring Elbow! Aries hits a Running Roaring Elbow causing Joe to fall through the ropes to the floor. Aries follows up with the Heat Seeking Missile through the ropes onto Joe on the floor! Aries goes to toss Joe back in the ring but he eats a huge kick from Low-Ki right to the face!

Winner: Austin Aries via DQ

Low-Ki and Joe continue to beat Aries down after the match. Ki grabs Aries’ briefcase and goes to hit Aries with it but he ducks and Ki nails Joe! Aries then hits a Roaring Elbow sending the briefcase into Ki’s face!

Rockstar Spud runs down to the ring with HIS briefcase and cashes in his X-Division Title shot!

TNA X-Division Championship
Rockstar Spud vs. Low-Ki (c)

Spud hits the Underdog on Ki as the bell rings and gets the pin!

Winner & NEW TNA X-Division Champ: Rockstar Spud via pinfall (Underdog)
Joe chases Spud out of the ring but Spud goes into the crowd with his new title and celebrates with the fans! Low-Ki has no idea what just happened as Joe chases Spud up the ramp.


Backstage Bram and Magnus are brawling. Magnus lays Bram out on a storage case with wheels and rolls him right into a wall. The fight spills out into the arena and Magnus tosses Bram into the ring. Magnus hits a Lariat on Bram and then grabs a chair and blasts Bram with it! Magnus is absolutely beating the piss out of Bram with that chair before security finally runs out and pulls Magnus away. Magnus gets away from the referees and security and clotheslines Bram again. Magnus gets a microphone and says that last week Bram took a match and burned all of his hopes and dreams to the ground after what he did. Mickie James runs out and tells Magnus to chill out, but then Mickie lays into Bram with a huge Roundhouse Kick! Mickie jumps on Bram’s back and lays into him with rights and lefts before refere’s finally pull her off as well. Bram almost gets away crawling up the ramp but Magnus catches him and Powerbombs him on the stage! That was absolutely wicked!


Members of the TNA roster talk about the Angle-Lashley match for later.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Triple Threat Match
Taryn Terrell (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

The bell rings and both Gail and Taryn go after Kong. They take her down but Kong kicks them both away. Gail hits a Running Dropkick and then goes for a Splash but Kong sidesteps her and Gail hits Terrell! Kong connects with a Running Splash onto Terrell and Gail in the corner. Kong puts Gail in a Sleeper and then swings her around before tossing her to the mat. Kong lifts Terrell up and then tosses Terrell on top of Gail. Kong lays both Gail and Terrell out with Shoulder Blocks, and then she tosses Terrell across the ring by her hair. Kong tosses Gail across the ring as well and then puts the boots to Terrell and chokes her with her knee. Kong goes to pick Gail up off the mat but eats a big head kick from the former Knockout Champ. Terrell then dives off the top right into a clothesline in midair from Kong. Gail lays into Kong with a series of strikes but Kong catches the last one and counters into an Implant Buster attempt, but Gail blocks it and attempts a Hurricanrana! Kong blocks the rana but Terrell sneaks up behind Kong and rolls her up! 1…2…NO Kong kicks out and lays both Gail and Terrell out! Kong charges at Gail but Gail moves out of the way escaping through the ropes. Kong grabs Gail by the head and tosses her into the ring post but then Terrell dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick on Kong! Terrell climbs back to the top and takes Kong off her feet with a Flying Cross Body for a nearfall! Terrell goes for the Taryn Cutter but Kong blocks it and slams Terrell to the mat. Kong decides to ditch her gloves and climbs up to the top! Kong dives off with an Awesome Splash but Terrell moves and hits the Taryn Cutter! 1…2…NO Kong kicks out again! Kong gets back to her feet and dropkicks her through the ropes to the floor! Gail climbs up top and dives onto Kong with a Plancha on the floor! Terrell and Gail both climb up top now and Gail hits a Sunset Flip Bomb! 1…2…NO Terrell kicks out! Gail goes for Eat Defeat but Terrell counters into a rollup for the pin!

Winner & STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Taryn Terrell via pinfall (rollup)

Kong is super pissed after the match and she stares a hole through Terrell.

In the back James Storm says the time has come for Matt to be ended. He says that no one will come to Matt’s aid tonight and he is going to give Matt an option tonight. He flips a coin and says that heads he will beat Matt within an inch of his life, “or tails…think about your brother.” Storm laughs and says he would love to tell him what the result is.


An excellent video package hypes up Angle vs. Lashley and yes it is finally a different one than the one they have been showing on TV the past couple of weeks.

Backstage Kurt Angle says that it has been over a year since he got a shot at the World Title and tonight it is against one of the most dominant World Champions in TNA history. Angle says that he will prove to Lashley and everyone else that he is still the best in the business.

No DQ Match
“Cowboy” James Storm w/The Revolution vs. Matt Hardy

Storm has the entire Revolution with him, this doesn’t bode well for Matthew. Storm meets Matt in the aisle way and the fight is on! Matt slams Storm into the apron and then lays Sanada out! Matt tosses a bunch of chairs into the ring and then tosses a trashcan in as well! Manik stops Matt from getting in the ring and Storm jumps on Matt with right hands. Storm wedges a chair in the corner and then walks right into a shot from a trashcan from Hardy! Storm fights back with the trashcan lid as they exchange big shots with each other. Storm hits the ropes but Storm throws the trashcan at him and then hits a Leg Drop using the trashcan lid as an aide. Matt knocks Sanada off the apron and then climbs up top but Manik crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Storm sets up two chairs side by side and then hits a Leaping Enziugir to Matt who was still sitting on the top rope. Storm climbs up with Matt and hits a Superplex onto the chairs for a nearfall. Storm points at Abyss and he pulls out a bag of tacks! Storm crotches Matt on the top rope and then pours out the back of tacks on the mat. Storm goes for another Superplex but Matt blocks it and headbutts Storm repeatedly until he falls back onto the tacks! Matt dives off the top with a Flying Elbow Drop! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Matt blocks a Last Call attempt and hits the Twist of Fate! 1…2…NO Abyss pulls the referee out! Matt hits a Flying Dropkick through the ropes onto Abyss on the floor and then lays Sanada out again! Koya attempts to hit Matt with a chair but Matt takes it from him and lays into him with it! Matt hits Manik with a Twist of Fate on the floor! Matt rolls back into the ring and charges at Storm but Storm sidesteps him and sends him into the chair that he wedged in the corner earlier! Storm rolls Matt up and only gets a two count which makes Storm irate! Storm picks Matt up and eats the Twist of Fate out of nowhere! Both men are down! Abyss hands Storm the cowbell and Sanada spits mist into Matt’s face! Storm hits Matt in the back with the cowbell and then the Last Call! Matt bounces off the ropes and Storm hits a second Last Call for the pin!

Winner: James Storm via pinfall (Last Call)

Storm screams at the members of The Revolution and they set up the ring steps near the ring. Storm grabs a microphone and says that HE is the reason that Jeff is out of wrestling and now Matt can visit his brother in the hospital! Storm hits Matt in the back of the head with the cowbell and says that there is always room for one more in the Revolution.

Both Lashley and Angle are shown warming up backstage.


Main Event
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
“The Destroyer” Lashley (c) vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle

Boxing style intros for this one which is the first time TNA has done that in a few months. I saw some genius on Twitter say that TNA was “stealing” those style intros from NXT. Yeah too bad TNA has been doing boxing style intros off and on since 2002. An added dimension here is that the camera follows both wrestlers from the locker room to the ring.


The bell rings and they lockup. Angle gets Lashley in a waistlock but Lashley fights out and shoves Angle into the ropes before running him over with a shoulder block. They lockup again and this time Lashley gets Angle’s leg and takes him down for a quick one count. Lashley follows up with a clothesline and stares Angle down. Another lockup leads to Lashley getting Angle in a Waistlock and then Lashley takes Angle down. Lashley transitions into a Front Chancery but Angle reverses into a waistlock of his own. Lashley breaks the hold and hits the ropes only to run right into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Angle follows up with a series of Rolling German Suplexes and then he catches Lashley with a drop toehold and quickly puts Lashley in the Angle Lock! Lashley gets to the ropes to break it and they exchange strikes. They exchange some reversals and Lashley catches Angle with a suplex of his own and goes into some submission work. Angle goes for the Angle Slam after a series of German Suplexes but Lashley counters into a Spinebuster! Lashley goes for the Spear but Angle moves and goes back to the German Suplexes! My stream went out yet again guys, I’m sorry and trust me I am extremely pissed off about this. All I can say is that Angle won and is the new World Champion.

Winner & NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle via pinfall (Olympic Slam)  


“Final Thoughts” will be posted later tonight.

1) TNA Tag Titles Ultimate X Match: The Wolves (c) def. Bro-Mans & The Revolution to retain the titles!
2) Austin Aries def. Samoa Joe
3) TNA X-Division Title: Rockstar Spud def. Low-Ki (c) to win the title!
4) TNA Knockouts Title Triple Threat: Taryn Terrell (c) def. Awesome Kong & Gail Kim to retain the title!
5) No DQ Match: Matt Hardy def. James Storm
6) TNA World Title: Kurt Angle def. Lashley (c) to win the title!

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Eric Young, ECIII, & Tyrus vs. Austin Aries, Bobby Dooe, & Mr. Anderson
-TNA X-Division Title: Rockstar Spud (c) vs. Low-Ki
-Steel Cage Match: Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm

Until next week… PEACE!

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