Update on ticket sales at UBS Arena for Monday’s WWE Raw and December 8 AEW Dynamite and Rampage taping

WrestleTix posted to Twitter what ticket sales look like for this Monday night’s episode of WWE Raw debuting at the new UBS Arena in Belmont Park in Long Island, New York.

For Monday night’s Raw, WWE has barely sold 5,000 tickets, while AEW has sold nearly 9,000 tickets for the live episode of Dynamite and Rampage taping at the same venue on December 8.

Raw is not close to a sellout even with Roman Reigns announced, ticket prices cut in half, Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals, Black Friday discounts, Edge returning and Big E vs Kevin Owens.

I could not find any current ticket sales information on WrestleTix for AEW, which is holding a live Dynamite and a Rampage in the same venue on December 8. From what I can locate, it appears that AEW has sold around 9,000 tickets. A screen shot from Ticketmaster’s website is below.

Tickets still available for WWE Raw Monday night range from $21 to $109, plus fees. Tickets for AEW Dynamite with a Rampage taping the same night at the same venue range from $31 to $258, plus fees.

Seats available for AEW Dynamite/Rampage in the same venue (UBS Arena) December 8.

What are you thoughts on lackluster ticket sales for WWE Raw? Is it bad storylines?, bad booking? Is it the fact that WWE has cut to many talent and their product just is not that interesting anymore? or is that because of the talent cuts, WWE is losing support from the fans? What makes AEW different with their tickets sales? Be sure to comment below.

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