Shane McMahon Injury

Shane McMahon Injury

Mike Johnson of PWInsider received confirmation that Shane McMahon was indeed injured at last night’s Survivor Series. Sources declined to comment on what exactly the injury to Shane was, but they did confirm that he received treatment backstage and left the arena in pain.

Randy Orton comforting Shane’s kids

Shane McMahon was on the top rope and about to deliver the Coast to Coast on Roman Reigns, but Reigns speared him in mid-air and covered. We barely saw the third count from the referee because he saw McMahon out of it. Randy Orton briefly broke out of character to tell Shane McMahon’s sons who were sitting front row that he was okay.

Orton comments on Twitter


  1. Wait wait wait…Shane was supposed to kick out of Roman Reigns finisher?


    I mean, ok, I hope he recovers soon, and I hope he isn’t hurt too bad, but cmon. What is with WWE’s insistence on pushing Shane as being completely equal to their biggest stars?

    Whats next, he gonna face AJ Styles for the title at the Royal Rumble and win the belt?

  2. no, he’s going to face lesnar at wrestle mania, or at least that’s what the rumor mill has been spouting (and i hope it isn’t true).

  3. Yeah I’ve heard the rumor, and does nobody else see the problem with that? the once unstoppable god-beast Lesnar is going to be threatened by the man with no training, no skill, and the worst looking punches ever thrown in a wrestling ring?

    I mean, its bad enough he got squashed utterly by a 50 year old injured man, who hadn’t been in the ring for 12 years, now he’s gonna have to put over the bosses 40 something year old kid? Cmon.

  4. I think he was supposed to be pinned for the 3, but he was so out of it he stuck his shoulder up. The rest of the match seemed to go as planned, so my guess is Shane was supposed to be eliminated there.

  5. You sound like quite a Lesnar mark. He’s in the wrong industry if he has trouble selling the fantasy of older or less menacing/skilled guys going over every now and then. It’s wrestling. If he wanted to return to MMA, he should’ve peed clean.

  6. Still… you gotta keep things somewhat reasonable. I have no problem with Lesnar putting people over, but you gotta pick the right guys. Lesnar has been built as an unstoppable beast, and he broke Taker’s streak. He now looks weak losing to Goldberg in such a fashion, and losing to Shane would damage him even more. It was fine when Brock lost to Triple H and Cena, cause he still put up a good fight, thus it didn’t hurt his character. But c’mon man, last night was pure bogus and a total ripoff.

  7. Honestly, I wonder why He keep pushing himself to his own superstars, what do wwe gain from that when there’s a lot of talents around?

  8. Why was he in the match anyway? I’m not happy he’s injured but I think, He deserved it. At least his superstars will have a chance. And please wwe shouldn’t think of fixing a match between him and the beast Brock… And for Randy, he is a human like us who has feelings, so there’s nothing wrong with what he did.

  9. You don’t know wrestling bud.last night set up an awesome storyline for was genius on WWE’S part.Daniel Bryan lost the title in seconds to Sheamus at WM and I am pretty sure that Daniel Bryan turned out slright.Lesnar will be back and will not face Shane at WM.That rumor is wrong.

  10. He should not be even in the match in the first place but on the other hand i give him credit for what he did last nite sacrificing his body to give a hell of a show.
    Hope he will recover soon

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