From The Desk of Mr. V #12
April 23, 2009
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

Hello class and welcome to the column that gives you the information about the week of professional wrestling. Boy, did we have an exciting week this week. The WWE Draft took place on April 13, TNA had Lockdown and a surprisingly solid Impact last Thursday that really took their stories to a whole new level, and we introduce WWE Superstars into our weekly classroom schedule. Also in this column, for THIS WEEK ONLY I decided to scrap the Commentator Report Card and give you thoughts about the draft from not only myself, but a very good friend of mine from the Northwest part of Pittsburgh, PA. The rest of the column will have the usual flavors, such as some new classroom rules from me as well as my loyal scholars. We will also continue the TV wars, the Honor Roll, and some weekly detentions. So, have a seat on at your desk or office. Have a cup of coffee, preferably from Dunkin? Donuts or Sheetz (best coffee in the area). It is time to our 12th session together, and I hope you enjoy this one (sans the Commentator Report Card, West and Cole need a break anyway). On with the session, and what a good one it will be.

First, I need some inspiration, so a new quick installment will be ?Motivational Quote of the Week?. It won?t be a wrestler quote, even though we did get a funny quote from Todd Grisham referring the legendary status of Tommy Dreamer. Also, when I am in a real classroom setting I like to put a motivation quote on the board. As here is Mr. V’s inspirational quote of the week:

?People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.?
Andrew Carnegie

(Well said Carnegie. That can actually go to quite a few wrestlers out there. So class, motivate yourselves to do the very best each day. The rewards will be astonishing.)


First off when I do this, I was thinking about doing a rule regarding the WWE and the death of a nine-year-old apparently doing one of Jeff Hardy’s moves. I read the story and I am appalled by this. My heart goes out to any child, but where were the parents for this poor child? Doesn?t this bother anyone at the alarming rate of death among children? It just sickens me. I will not be making a classroom rule out of this because I don?t want to cover tragedies a lot, it is just not right and I don?t want to be a journalist that feasts on bad news, so to my students asking for me opinion on this, I am sorry. I can e-mail you my feeling towards this, but not to the general public. I know one of my readers asked for my comments, so I gave him one in a Dennis Miller-type (just like he did to me haha) rant. Anyways, since this is classroom rules, let lay out some new, fresh rules, that pro wrestlers and students alike must follow?

33) A wrestler should never ?understand? O.J. Simpson.

Last week, I did a piece called ?Falls Count Anywhere? in which I debated about who was the better draw in pro wrestling, Hogan or Austin. I picked Austin, knowing that it would be a decent challenge because in the squared circle, they were neck and neck. I did not discuss outside the ring because I thought the piece would be inconsistent to the main topic. Also, Hogan can sometimes say some really stupid things.

While I was reading a the latest columns of Rise and Fall of an Underdog and Pro’s from the Palace, I came across an article labeled ?Hulk Hogan Understands OJ Simpson?? So, with all due respect to the columns, I decided to read about Hogan a bit. Here is a direct quote from the Hulkster himself:

??you’re driving through downtown Clearwater and see a 19-year-old boy driving your Escalade, and you know that a 19-year-old boy is sleeping in your bed with your wife . . . I totally understand OJ. I get it.”

This is no lie class, but this was from the website TMZ, so I am not sure either. However if this is true, I have a spot lined up for you in Eternal Detention, Hogan. No disrespect to anyone who enjoyed Hogan’s work inside the ring, but outside of it, he is a lowlife in my opinion. I want to feel sorry for all parties involved, but in the end, they all did it to themselves. They all want their names in the spotlight, unlike other former pro wrestlers who are pretty satisfied with life after WWE. Still, if Hogan was ‘serious? about this, don?t say it out to the public. It will put you in deeper water that you can?t even get out.

34) Don?t ruin a good working relationship when you have it.

I credit TNAGuru, a very knowledgeable student here in my classroom, for e-mailing me this rule. He enjoys the interactive portions of my column and I enjoy the two cents he gave me to a point where this has to be a classroom rule. Here is what he wrote to me on this particular rule:

This week Dragon’s Gate announced that ROH stiffed them out of money and that was why they choose not to work with them anymore. If it’s true that’s a horrible thing to do to a promotion who brought you a 5 Star Match and tons of money, just so you can save a couple of dollars because you over pay to get them here. Note: We now have an awesome Dragon Gate USA about to debut which is a good thing but, it’s a shame it had to end this way.

Great job, Guru. An early gold star for you, my friend (even though it won?t be your only one this week). I just find it very awkward that once ROH started airing their matches, they have had problems each week, from lawsuits to Larry Sweeney leaving. I want some of these ?other guys? to succeed, and I do hope that ROH can dig themselves out of it.

35) Don’t ask someone where their dress is three lines before telling them they’ve got some balls.

This rule came from VW’s own David Stephens, gold star for you on this. He referred to a TNA segment in which he may have heard Jeff Jarrett say to AJ Styles ?Where’s the dress at?, then 30 seconds later follow it up with ?You got some ball confronting me..?. I had to listen to it again and sadly, David was wrong. Jeff actually said ?Where’s the trust at?? However, I thought he said dress at first and I think even though it was not really said, we have to make this a classroom rule. This is just a warning to all those wrestling programs out there, not just TNA (who did a very nice job with their programming this week). Violators will spend three weeks in detention.

36) Don?t force Mr. V to “Go Green.”

Usually I don?t get into things like this, but I have to in this case because everywhere I went this week, people are telling me to save the Earth. I am completely fine with that, but I have been recycling since Captain Planet told me to in the early 90s (The Power is YOURS, people). Furthermore, I spent nine weeks of my teaching career teaching students the values of the environment while I was at the McKeever Environmental Learning Center (side note: To those in Western PA who are in need of a field trip, call them and schedule a day with them, you won?t be disappointed). So please, save that talk for someone else, not for someone that does take care of the planet. Oh, by the way class HAPPY EARTH DAY!! After I am done with this column, I will be sure to add ?Planting a Tree? to my things to do list.


Demerits this week go to the following (usually lasts only a week or two in each column)

– People Telling me to ?Go Green?. (But not to Target, they gave me a free cloth bag)

– The Khali Kiss Cam

– Cody Deaner

– WWE Creative for some of their draft picks

– Michael Cole

– Don West


Detention usually goes to the following people (lasts more than two weeks)

?That Guy? – again class, don?t be the guy or girl the WWE catches doing zany stuff during a ring entrance (i.e. laughing at Santina or a soccer mom dancing to HBK’s theme music).

Burger King – how many times do I have to see that ridiculous commercial on TV? I just want to punch that King in the face.

Just for Men – other than the Keith Hernandez commercials, they are all pointless. Maybe some people are happy to have gray hair, didn?t you think of that?

Mike Hogewood – until he quits saying ?THAT?S GOTTA HURT? a million times during the broadcast.

Santina Marella – this gimmick brings shame to the wrestling community in my opinion.

The Miz – for laying out John Morrison on RAW, you should ?be jealous of the shaman of sexy?.

Samoa Joe – please get into better shape, and get rid of that face paint. There are many fans that think it looks like something that if shown in public, you can get arrested.


Eternal Detention lasts until there is nothing bad left to say about the mentioned?

Hulk Hogan – Word of advice: Get away from the cameras and the radio. Or else you may say things you will regret, oh wait, that may have happened already?

Philadelphia Flyers – because they are playing my Penguins in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Coca-Cola Company – I STILL do not see Ecto Cooler in the market aisles. What do I have to do, out to Washington D.C. and speak to Congress on behalf of the Ecto Cooler Brigade?

ETS and the Praxis Series – This weekend marks another day in which college students and teachers throughout the country are going to deal with this scam. And shame for the states that state you MUST take them in order to be certified. Want to make is fair? Give the money back to those who pass the test.


**Ring of Honor Matches will not be in this column today, because of some technical issues on YouTube. Since I do not have HDNet and Comcast does not pick it up, I can only watch it on the computer. I will put those matches in my honor roll next week, sorry for the delay**

Distinguished Honors – John Morrison vs. Evan Bourne on ECW, 4/14

Wow, what an amazing match here. Matt Striker and Josh Mathews called an excellent match in what is called by some as ?Match of the Year?. On network TV, definitely I would agree. This is the only match in the singles department to earn Mr. V’s A+ rating (a poor man’s Wrestling Observer 4-star match). Do students love to see submission and mat skills? This match had it. Do students love to see high flying aerial assaults? The match had this and more. Do students love technical wrestling skills? Well, this match had a ton of that. I am so glad that ECW’s creative team gave these two over 15 minutes to show the world that they are the best high flyers in the United States. I did not read the spoilers for this one, so I was seeing and feeling true emotion on the close pinfalls and the smorgasbord of wrestling tactics by these Morrison and Bourne. I follow a wrestling match rubric. If you don?t know what a rubric is, here is what I do. Before I became a columnist for the greatest wrestling website in the world, I had four things I look for in a match, with four being the highest and 0 being the lowest. This match had a perfect score. Sure, we did not get to see the Shooting Star Press, but you have to lose some to win some in the wrestling business, class. Morrison’s Moonlight Drive was a perfect ending to a perfect wrestling match. Boy, I wish I could see a longer storyline with these two. But Morrison is at a higher level than Bourne right now. However, do not be surprised if you see Evan Bourne reach that level within the next six months or before that. Honestly, the WWE struck gold with Bourne, even though he came up short this time.

High Honors – Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels on TNA Impact!, 4/16

Correct me if I am wrong, but is this the first TNA non-X division match that ever received the Honor Roll? I am not sure, but what I can tell you is this. Kurt Angle needs more guys like Daniels to wrestle with in TNA. I actually was ecstatic to see Christopher Daniels perform other than a dancing guy with a hat on or as a TNA video game character. Daniels was able to hit a Split Leg Moonsault to perfection, and Angle took the bump very well. I enjoyed the various suplexes in this match, mainly the German Suplexes Kurt hit. This was an excellent back and forth contest, as both men did not show an advantage, until the finish. This was perhaps a solid main event, and possibly the best main event in 2009 by TNA (including PPVs). The finish also further told the story. I usually do not like the weird finishes, but this one surprisingly went real well. I did not even know that Angle’s shoulders were up until the replay came up. If you looked at it in full speed class, then you would have thought that Daniels? came out the winner. That was perfectly done as well, as you could feel the quick chemistry between these two great TNA talents. Overall, it told a great story inside and outside the ring, which amounted to a very entertaining match.

Honors – John Cena vs. Jack Swagger on Monday Night Raw, 4/13

After seeing this match live on TV, I got to say this. If Swagger reaches his potential ceiling, watch out. He is going places and was able to work well with arguably the biggest draw in professional wrestling, John Cena. I liked the talking segment with him and Cena and the match was great. Swagger used a ton of his amateur background tactics on Cena. Swagger showed great power at times, and Cena sold Swagger’s moves brilliantly. I don?t think that Cena is one of those backstage politics guys that want to only lose to a select few. I was never a fan of Cena before I worked on this column. However, he is starting to get a ton of respect from me, as he was able to hit his wrestling moves spot on. Was able to counter Swagger’s tactics with some of his trademark moves. The ending was good and too the point. It told us that a young, cocky wrestler (Swagger taking too much time) will always lose to the smart, older veteran (Cena noticing all that and applies BOTH in a five second span). I think this helped Swagger more than Cena in conclusion. We heard through rumors that Swagger is not on good terms with WWE, and I think this match put a stop to these rumors. Now we are going to see an ECW title match, and I think it is going to be a great match this Sunday at Backlash. A nice job by both men and I hope for they have continued success.

Honorable Mention goes to: Miz vs. Kingston on 4/13, Christian vs. Finlay vs. Dreamer on 4/14, Sabin vs. Homicide vs. Naito on 4/16, Taker vs. Shelton on 4/17, Batista vs. DiBiase Jr. on 4/17, and Ziggler vs. MVP on 4/17

WORST MATCH OF THE WEEK – Kane vs. The Brian Kendrick

There was no story to this match. At least there is a storyline with Khali and Santino/a, which I think is still the worst storyline in 2009. The reason I picked this match as the worst is because I feel bad for Kendrick. Kendrick is getting totally buried after his brief run as a mid-card heel. So, he faces Kane and gets completely squashed for his efforts. This match just did not work for me, actually felt bad for these two, because they can do so much more than have a 90 second squash match.

Dishonorable Mention goes to: Khali vs. Santino on 4/13, 6-Diva Tag Match on 4/13, Kozlov vs. a jobber on 4/14, 6-Knockout Tag Match on 4/16, and ODB/Deaner vs. Daffney/Abyss on 4/16


**Ring of Honor TV will not be in this column today, because of some technical issues on YouTube. Since I do not have HDNet and Comcast does not pick it up, I can only watch it on the computer. I will put those matches in my honor roll next week, sorry for the delay**

This past week we saw some very good wrestling shows. All of them scored better than average grade. My students were even unsure as to what the best show was. So, let me give you a rundown, and my picks for the best shows of the week. Remember, I did not watch ROH by the time this column was due, so they will carry on to the next week. First off, I was real impressed with WWE SUPERSTARS on Thursday. They featured some good quality matches, but the main event did not really belong there. Also, no storylines were in this episode, just Shane O? Mac getting interview by Eve Torres. MONDAY NIGHT RAW was a good show, but so many squash matches resulted in a lower overall grade (just the way my grading scale goes). Also, the Orton/HHH storyline is not working for me anymore. The only way to do it is to give the belt to Randy Orton, I think he deserves some time with that gold around his shoulder. The draft helped the show out, but on a storyline/wrestling standpoint, this show did not deliver a whole lot of skills. ECW was a pretty solid show this past week. It is nice to see what they can do in just a one hour show. They had a couple of efficient storylines, albeit quick. Swagger really helped himself out again on this show. Along with 2 high quality matches (see honor roll) gave this show a high score. However, a couple of two hour shows dominated this past week. FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN is my runner-up choice this week. There was not one bad match on this card at all (no match on this card scored lower than a C), and the crowd in Knoxville had to be impressed with what they saw. Though I am not a fan of the Khali storyline and the HHH/Orton rivalry as of late, what they did on this show was spot on and impressive. Throw in a little Hardy feud and a wow factor in Dolph pinning MVP, it was a pretty good show. The students? choice for best show surprised me, and well, MY OWN pick surprised me this week. To my viewer who were frustrated with my TNA bashing over the year, I looked at all those words, are you following me? I saw every bad thing I mentioned about TNA, all those words, put a little Lite Italian Dressing on it, and started eating those words. TNA IMPACT had great buildup for their matches last week, and they also gave us some excellent matches involving their X-Division, Angle, and Daniels. Mick Foley interviewing himself was a stroke of genius and this feud with Sting was excellent (bonus points for Curry Man’s theme music while Foley was beating Sting down). This show really impressed me so much, after the show was over and I wrote my notes down, I said, ?Thank You?. So TNA, thank you for bringing the viewers something that entertained even the ones that did not like your motives recently. This was a great go-home show for this company. TNA, you won this battle. Now, let’s see if you can win the ?Weekly TV Wars?. Now, only if you can replace Don West with Tazz?.

Best Show: TNA Impact (2 points)

Runner Up: Friday Night Smackdown (1 point)

Students? Choice: TNA Impact (1 point)

**Students, this is your column as well! E-mail me your pick for show of the week by e-mailing me at Thank you**

Overall Standings

1. Monday Night Raw…..22 points
2. Smackdown……18 points
3. ECW…..9 points
4. TNA Impact…..5 points
5. ROH on HDNet…..1 point
6. WWE Superstars…..0 points


Instead of the weekly commentator report card, I decided to go over the WWE Draft and Supplemental Draft, one week later. I am at my place over the weekend and I call my friend up, Travis, wondering what his take on the Draft was. Then I had an idea, why don?t we both grade each draft pick and give our thoughts out. I am pretty smart sometimes, or stupid, you decide on this one.

**Students, I would love to read your take on the WWE Draft. E-mail me your best pick and worst pick, and other thoughts by e-mailing me at All e-mails are welcomed (except that Spam crap) and I will post up each one on next week’s column. Spread the word, my friends. Thank You**

Ok, our take on the overall draft was this as far as brands go?

1. Raw really loaded up their talent and acquired a TON of star power. However, we both agreed that it may not be for the better for the majority of the draft picks and that many of them will just get buried or even released. We both fear for the futures of MVP, Miz, and Brian Kendrick.

2. Smackdown lost a lot, but what they got in return is going to impress the casual fan. With Jericho (underrated and was buried recently on RAW), CM Punk (Money in the Bank winner and unpredictability when he cashes it in), and Morrison (We both agreed he is the next Shawn Michaels). They should not worry about their ratings, since it will still be a fun show to watch.

3. ECW may have lost great talents in MizMo, but they did get some interesting pieces to their brand. Acquiring DH Smith and Natalya may bring us the New Hart Foundation, and perhaps Shane Helms can go back to being the Hurricane. We also think that Vladimir Kozlov would be a decent fit in ECW, for now.

So, overall the draft was huge and quality, but not too much of the ?wow? factor. We do wonder how the rosters after Backlash will work out, but it should be fun to watch all three brands, as all three brands benefited from these moves, but some may have question marks throughout the year.


When I first typed this, I was saying to myself, ?this won?t work, too long?. So I will give you an overview on each grade for each wrestler. Here is what my friend and I came up with. We looked at it in a overall matter, such as what level will they be, any shot at them being champion this year, and other pieces of information that led to the decision. So, the following grades were given to the draft picks, starting with the F category (future endeavored) to the A category (small, but will be a force this year and expect a breakout from the higher graded superstars):

Grade F: Ezekiel Jackson (ECW), Layla (SD), Zach Ryder (ECW), Ricky Ortiz (SD), and Festus (RAW)

Overview: We just do not see any potential with any of these superstars. Expect these talents to be gone from the main roster or forever within the next few months.

Grade D-: MVP (RAW) and Mike Knox (SD)

Overview: MVP was the worst pick in this group, as we both feel he is going to get buried on RAW. Knox does have a small chance at making an impact. We think if he is buried on SD, he is done from the company (to many of my colleagues? delight).

Grade D: Shad (SD), Both Bella Twins (RAW), The Brian Kendrick (RAW), and Chavo Guerrero (RAW)

Overview: So much for Cryme Tyme winning the tag belts in the long haul. The Bellas are still a work in progress, and putting them on RAW is going to really hurt their careers. Kendrick is going to get squashed everywhere, pretty much what they did to Paul London last year. Chavo is just going to be a punching bag that gets a lucky win or two.

Grade D+: Alicia Fox (SD), Candice (SD), Hornswoggle (RAW), and Charlie Haas (SD)

Overview: Fox is going to be interesting here, as she did put on a couple good matches when she was in ECW. Even though Candice will be wrestling a bit, we both agree that she could be gone from the WWE before 2009 is over. Haas is going to be a gimmick guy that helps get the bad guys over. Either that or they may pair him back up with Shelton, which would be a roadblock decision for Shelton. Hornswoggle is going to be a real tough pill to swallow. We laugh at the thought that he could wrestle the Big Show at least once on RAW, but we are not sure. Anything can happen in this group, so enjoy.

Grade C-: Matt Hardy (RAW), Mr. Kennedy (RAW), Miz (RAW), and JTG (SD)

Overview: Kennedy will be a mid-card at best that will fight for the US Title. With all his injuries in the recent past, we think his time as a main event guy is over. Hardy and the Miz are interesting picks here, too. They won?t make a huge impact in the long haul, but don?t be surprised to see them get a brief push. JTG, my opinion not my friend’s, can make it in the company. He does have the ability, but does he have patience? We will find out by the fall on what they will do with him.

Grade C: Carlito (RAW), Primo (RAW), HHH (RAW), Maryse (RAW), Big Show (RAW), and Dolph Ziggler (SD)

Overview: The Colons are only drafted here so they can drop the belts to Priceless before the summer, bank of that one happening. HHH is not a surprise here, but his move to RAW is going to be a big factor, just not in my eyes. We see him taking some time off sometime while Orton graces us with his appearance. Maryse coming to RAW we think is a good move. Since SD has the more talented divas on their brand, the Melina/Maryse switch does make some sense. Ziggler is my one of my sleepers, because he has the ability, but was buried on RAW. Putting Ziggler on SD will be a good thing, which is nice for the only Spirit Squad Survivor. The Big Show, we believe, will have his moments, but he will not be a WWE champion this year. He could be in a match for the title, but he will probably job out to the more popular superstars.

Grade C+: Natalya (ECW)

Overview: Sadly, she will not win the Women’s Championship. However, putting her in a program with real-life fianc?e Tyson Kidd and the upcoming appearance of DH Smith is going to make this really work for her.

Grade B-: Melina (SD), Kane (SD), Vladimir Kozlov (ECW), and DH Smith (ECW)

Overview: Melina is one of the best women wrestlers around. And I think it is going to be a great move for her to go to SD. The Divas are more talented there, with Gail Kim, McCool, Fox, etc. Creative is running out of ideas for Kane, so putting him on the B show is a good idea. I heard they teamed him up with Knox, ugh. Oh well, at least Kane will benefit from this move. Smith will be a fun addition to ECW, again dreaming of a new Hart Foundation here. My friend and I agreed that Kozlov will either be great in ECW or terrible in ECW. With that case, we hope that Kozlov is going to be ok here. I personally think that he is a pretty good wrestler, but needs someone to speak for him.

Grade B: Rey Mysterio (SD), John Morrison (SD), and Hurricane Helms (ECW)

Overview: I really like seeing Helms to ECW. He is a great talent that came back from neck surgery and we hope he can get back to at least mid-card status. When I think of ECW, I think of comic book fans and Ghost Hunters (one of the better shows I have seen). If he goes back to the superhero gimmick, he will be there in a heartbeat. Mysterio had his best success on the Smackdown brand, and this is the best place for him to go and take the IC title with him. WWE made the right move on putting him back on Friday Nights. Morrison is the steal of the WWE Draft in my opinion. Every time I see him wrestle in single’s competition, he can go toe-to-toe with HBK in his top. He has the look, the talent, and the charisma. Morrison will do just fine in the SD Brand, and he may even get a title shot during the year.

Grade B+: None

Grade A-: None

Grade A: CM Punk (SD)

Overview: The storyline possibilities are endless for CM Punk now that he will be one of the top six guys on Smackdown. He can also make appearances on other shows, which is good for my readers and viewers who are fans of Punk. Both my friend and I think he is near the top of the mountain, and that this move was one of the best in the Draft.

Grade A+: Chris Jericho (SD)

Overview: Jericho was the steal in my friend’s opinion. He goes from being a bit buried in storylines on RAW to being possibly the biggest star on Smackdown, Taker and Edge included. This move is going to make the biggest splash out of any other of the picks.

So, now you know why there was no commentator report card this week? That will be back up next week. Also, the 6 man announce team of the WWE was very difficult to follow. Enjoy the free homework pass, commentators. At least some of you earned it.

TIME FOR THE GOLD STARS!!!! (Presented by Hi-C Ecto Cooler)

There are gold stars a plenty once again class. I have a long list of people to give one out to this week, so here it goes.

TNAGuru0513 – A gold star for you for posting a solid 8-1 record in our Predictions f rom the Faculty piece this week for Lockdown. We will be doing one for Backlash this week, so if anyone wants to participate, e-mail me.

David Stephens – A gold star for you for posting the best record out of all the faculty members and closing in the title ?Dean of WrestleView?. David posted a 7-2 record.

Joe Baiamonte – For retaining the ?Dean? title for yet another PPV.

Hunter Golden – for completely destroying me in fantasy baseball this week. I have played the game for 10 years, and I never got beat like that. Well done, Hunter. Next up, a team named Katie Vick. I wonder who that could be?.

Pittsburgh Penguins – for a satisfying win over the hated Philly Flyers and a 3-1 advantage in a best of 7 series.

Penguins fan that grew playoff beards – may our beards grow as long as Mike Knox’s. Just a vibe here?

John Morrison and Evan Bourne – for putting on what might be the best match of the year for your performances in ECW on April 14th.

Batista – for looking solid after a long layoff with a huge victory over Ted DiBiase Jr.

TNA – Yes, a gold star for this company. Way to build up a solid PPV. I think Philly left home happy.

U.S. Navy Seals – for being able to take out the Pirates from Somalia and keeping that captain safe.

To the new TNA champions at Lockdown – Mick Foley, Angelina Love, and Team 3D earn one for their new title runs.

Christopher Daniels – for coming back and putting on a heck of a show against Kurt Angle.

Dolph Ziggler – Yes, this is no joke. After putting on some solid performances recently, I hope he does not get released by the WWE anytime soon. Dolph, I am extending my hand out and my name is Mr. V. Today, you got a gold star.

To my loyal readers – it is tough to name you all, but you know who you are. The ones that e-mail me and send me feedback on Facebook, I thank you very much for keeping my column up and running.

So, ends another column class. Here is another thing I like to call ?homework?, hope you do the assignment


Write 2 sentences (easiest homework assignment for the week) One sentence telling me who the best draft pick was in the 2009 WWE Draft. One sentence telling me who the worst draft pick was in the 2009 WWE Draft. Complete sentences ONLY!!! None of this 3 word answers nonsense. When you complete this assignment, e-mail it to and receive your grade. You will get a gold star for doing your homework, or a detention if you do not complete this assignment. Due 4/29/2009. Signed: AJV

Ok, now that I signed your homework notebook, it is time for me to get away from the desk and get stuff cleaned out for my next party, in which it will be the 2009 NFL Draft. Here is hoping the Steelers get some offensive linemen. Well, if you enjoyed the column, hated the column, have some comments, or even have a homework problem that needs to be gone over, e-mail me. The address has been posted a few times, so no need to do it again. I will respond within 48 hours usually, but if I do not replay I will give you an e-mail telling you that it will take a little bit of time, as being a teacher is hard work at times. Until next week, please push in your chairs and leave the classroom. You are…DISMISSED!

Thank you to all of the most loyal of loyal for reading this. Without the students, there is no Mr. V. Take Care everyone.