Scott Barton sent this report in:

This is my report from the 22/04 Wrestlemania Revenge Tour from the Echo Arena in Liverpool

*The show started from the off with Tony Chimel announcing that this will be the superstars from Raw, only the main event was advertised so by this the “WWE Universe” as it likes to go on and on about obviously ignored the draft and went with the Raw brand pre-draft. I havent seen so many kids at a wwe event in years, literally more than half of the mostly sold out arena were kids. I didn’t see many adults there without kids

MATCH #1 – William Regal (w/ Layla) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Anyway the first match kicked off with England’s own William Regal with Layla entering the ring (He got very minimal response really) and his opponent was Dolph Ziggler. If im honest when I saw that was the opening match I had a feeling what the night was to entail, or wasn’t to entail. Anyway there was a clash of heads to which Regal busted his head open which seemed to enrage him, anyway some typical moves and his knee strike and it was all done


*After the match, Regal welcomed the fans to the show and brought his Neice in to the ring and that was that

MATCH #2 – Jamie Noble vs. John Morrison

I guess this is an Interpromotional match of sorts, although Morrison hasn’t been on the Raw brand for a while now so im not sure what this was, to be honest it doesn’t seem to matter at the moment anyway Morrison was much more over than I expected although seeing as I cant remember the last time I saw Jamie Noble do anything of any significance whatsoever its not a surprise but Morrison looked the real deal. Match was pretty lousy to be honest and Morrison won with his Moonlight Drive


MATCH 3# – DIVAS TAG TEAM MATCH: Melina & Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix (w/ Rosa Mendez) & Santina Marella

I have to say this match was very entertaining, not for wrestling because Santino..i mean Santina is very entertaining and Santina has now grown a large pair of breasts. Anyway mostly comedy, was sad in some ways because it was the best womens match in a long time and its because of a man dressed as a woman. Anyway on an related topic, I cant believe how long they have had Rosa Mendez and done absolutley nothing with her. Beth Phoenix hit the glamslam on Melina, Santina tagged in and got the pin. But great comedy although I really hope they don’t take it too far and do it when its not funny anymore


MATCH #4 – Kofi Kingston vs. Kane

If im honest up to this point I felt the show was quite lousy apart from Santina but this was quite a entertaining back and forth match, was easily the best ive seen up to this point and Kofi does do some good things in the ring. Anyway Kane hit the chokeslam and got the pin but very good effort from Kofi


MATCH #5 – WWE UNIFIED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Carlito & Primo vs. Charlie Haas & Mike Knox

Can someone please give me 15 minutes of my life back and someone explain how the Tag Team Division has got this bad, Charlie Haas seems to have stopped his imitation gimmick and gone back to a boring heel with nothing about him and Mike Knox was well…his consistent self. Anyway I have seriously nothing good to say about this both Haas and Knox were doing very slow wrestling, Mike Knox seemed to have had a hold for about 5 minutes. Carlito hit the backstabber on Haas and I just hope to hell this is the last we see of the tag team of Haas and Knox because it wasn’t pretty infact was awful. Worst tag team title match ive seen since Chris Masters was involved in it

Anyway brief intermission time for about 10 minutes then Tony Chimel brought The Honey Monster to the ring. Imagine the WTFness on that anyway he gave a password to win Summerslam tickets

(At this point I was hoping after the interval the big guns would come out after the interval, well if it was 97 this could have been a biggish match…kinda)

MATCH #6 – The Miz vs. Goldust

As I said 12 years ago, Goldust did have a big part to play in the wwe. However in 2009 he was as stale as stale gets, infact he was a lot better than Mike Knox but still anyone is, I probably enjoyed Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez from Mania 9 more than watching Knox. Ok im exaggerating but you get the picture. At this point some idiot dropped a drink so there was a pool underneath my seat, ruined my Tuna sandwich. Dammit and yeah that was the exciting part of the match, oh and Miz hit his Neckbreaker thing


So now im still hoping for a good match, just something which does involve wrestling and not things which are aimed at kids or just aimed at arrogant to think that anyone over the age of 6 would enjoy anything given to them. I got my wish

MATCH #7 – Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk

So Smackdown gets two of the finest workers, Jericho cut a promo before the match slating England and calling us hypocrites. I was reading Paul Heyman saying that Jericho had lost what he had which made us like him. I thought he was entertaining. Anyway very good match, easily the best of the night infact the winner of this didn’t matter, this one was a win for wrestling and the only thing on the show really which was anything like a good wrestling back and forth match. So many near falls, Jericho grabbed a chair was going to use it when Ricky Steamboat came to the ring (with a crowd reaction of who the hell is that seeing as 65% were kids and the others were parents who didn’t watch wrestling and only came for the kids) anyway I marked and grabbed the chair only to get it kicked in his face. Jericho got back in the ring, Punk hit the GTS and got the 3. The show actually had some wrestling good job!


*After the match, Punk got the mic and gave a promo about Ricky Steamboat being a legend and such, he got a good ovation from the crowd

*D-Generation X music hits and Tony Chimel announced the DX Reunion tour coming to Liverpool in November. So 12 years later DX are still alive and strong…well maybe not strong infact probably Stale would be the word

MATCH #8 – TAG TEAM MAIN EVENT: Big Show & Edge vs. Rey Mysterio & John Cena

Well its needless to say and is obvious that the product is aimed at kids because Mysterio and Cena, whatever happened to Raw guys being on Raw shows regardless of the draft. Infact the whole show had been very lackluster in talent. Anyway a decent match, Big Show and Edge kept chopping each other in to the match. Cena is so over with the crowd more than anyone at the show to be honest anyway Edge Speared Big Show by accident. Rey Rey hit the splash on Edge whilst Cena hit the F…Attitude Adjustment on Big Show and that was that.


*After the match, both mens finishing moves were hit again

So overall, One of the worst House shows ive been to. If you’re a kid and its your first show its kinda fun, but for someone who has been watching it for years or who understands that wrestling isnt kayfabed anymore then go to it but this wasn’t worth L55 (around $100)