WWE Raw House Show Results – 4/22/09
Location: Liverpool, England

Robert Cook sent this report in:

Just thought I’d pass on the results to the 22/4/09 RAW house show from Liverpool, England.

William Regal (w/Layla) defeated Dolph Ziggler after a boot to the face
Regal played the face. Match didn’t last long, seems it was ended early due to Regal recieving a nasty looking cut after bashing heads with Dolph and bleeding quite badly. After the match Layla grabbed an English flag as Regal brought his niece into the ring and posed for a picture.

John Morrison beat Jamie Noble with the Moonlight Drive.
Not much to say, Morrison was over with the females in attendance. Not a bad match at all, with some nice reversals and Morrison doing well playing the arrogant (yet cowardly) heel.

Beth Phoenix and Santina Marella (w/Rosa Mendes) beat Kelly and Women’s champ Melina.
Mostly played for laughs, Beth arguing with Santina telling him she knew it was Santino. Stalled alot at the beginning with Santina and Kelly delaying locking up. Finish came when Beth hit Melina with the Glam Slam and Santina tagged “herself” in and got the win. Seems like they’re playing up the breakup of Rosa and Beth already as Rosa started celebrating with Santina, who gave a playful hug to Beth and a more intimate hug to Rosa.

Kane beat Kofi Kingston
Kofi was very over. Good match with lots of near falls and reversals of chokeslams. Kane eventually trapped Kofi after he missed Trouble in Paradise.

Primo and Carlito beat Charlie Haas and Mike Knox for the Tag Titles
Charlie (playing the heel) was VERY pumped up for the entire match (showed ALOT of charisma) and played to the crowd. Primo played the face in peril before Carlito won with the Backstabber to Charlie.

The Miz beat Goldust
With no offence meant, the worst match of the night. Not bad, just bland. Miz was also over with the women in attendance and won with the Reality Check. Goldust showed no character at all. Disappointing.

CM Punk beat Y2J
Match of the night in my opinion. Both men brought their A-Game with a back and forth contest. At one point CM Punk hit the GTS only for Y2J to roll out the ring and by the time he got him back in, he had time to kick out. Y2J was also able to hit the Codebreaker but took too long to cover (like on Monday’s RAW). Finish came when Jericho brought a chair into the ring and RICKY STEAMBOAT ran down and took it off him, but had the chair booted in his face in retaliation. CM Punk used this distraction to hit the GTS for the win. After the match CM Punk told the audience not to cheer for him but for Ricky, hyping his match at Backlash.

Cena and Rey beat Big Show and Edge
Cena and Rey were, unsuprisingly, very over. Cena had the majority of the crowd’s support and no doubt got the biggest reaction of the night. Lots of comedy moments in the beginning with Big Show and Edge trading chops to tag themselves in. Show/Edge got the advantage in a good, lengthy match which ended when Cena turned things round after Edge accidently speared Big Show, leading to Rey getting tagged in and hitting the 619 on Edge followed by a splash from the top rope as Cena hit Show with an Attitude Adjuster. After the match Show got hit with a 619 and another Attitude Adjuster from Cena. The two Attitude Adjusters shook the ring, literally.

Over all a very good show with everyone (except for Goldust) giving it their all. Kofi and Charlie Haas deserve credit for giving 110% to both of their matches, despite losing and it was also nice to see pretty much everyone having fun with the show. Little comedy moments with Regal, Beth, “Santina”, Charlie, Miz, Big Show and Edge added so much to their matches while Kelly, Melina, Y2J and Punk also seemed to be having a ball performing.

Adam Farrand sent this in:

Here are the results from tonights House Show at the Echo Arena in Liverpool:

William Regal (W/ Layla) Def. Dolph Ziggler. During the match both crashed heads near the turnbuckle and Regal was busted open the hard way, He seemed to be bleeding pretty bad but still invited his niece to join him in the ring afterwards.

John Morrison Def. Jamie Noble. Noble is now sporting a bald look, Morrison got the win after a Moonlight Drive.

Beth Pheonix (W/Rosa Mendes) & Santina Marella Def. Women’s Champion Melina & Kelly Kelly. Mainly a comedy match, Santina tagged in after Beth hit a Glam Slam for the win.

Kane Def. Kofi Kingston. Kofi was looking his best and actually hit about 3 Trouble in Paradise’s. Kane got the win after countering a Kofi jump into a Chokeslam.

Carlito & Primo Def. Mike Knox & Charlie Haas to retain the Unifed Tag Team Championships. This was strange with Haas playing the heel, He was going for a Chris Masters type character as he kept flexing his muscles, Carlito got the pin after a botched Backstabber.

Tony Chimel then annouced the Intermission. Afterwards he invited the Honey Monster down to the ring to say Hi to the fans and annouce a competition.

The Miz Def. Golddust. Pretty standard match, Miz got the pin after a Reality Check.

CM Punk Def. Chris Jericho. Match of the night (as usual). Lots of false finishes with two GTS’ and Punk kicking out of a Codebreaker. Jericho went to grab a chair from the outside but Ricky Steamboat ran down and took it off him which allowed Punk to hit the GTS for the win. After the match Punk invited Steamboat in the ring for a celebration. Punk got on the mic and said that Steamboat was an inspiration for him as a kid and can’t wait for Steamboat/Jericho at Backlash.

DX music played and alot of people were expecting them but it was only for Tony Chimel’s annoucement that the WWE will return to the arena in November for the DX Invasion tour. Boo’s followed.

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena & Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio Def. Edge & Big Show. Pretty decent tag match with both Cena & Rey getting the win after a FU.. Sorry, Attitude Adjustment to Big Show and a top rope splash to Edge from Mysterio. After the match Cena gave Big Show another Attitude Adjustment and Rey gave him a top rope splash.

Overall a decent show that pleased the crowd. WWE returns to the UK in November and will be taping Raw, Smackdown & ECW in Sheffield on the 9th & 10th November.

Adam Farrand