Time for a quick column on two topics in TNA. First, the picks for Lockdown. I know, 5 out of 6 days with a column is nuts, and I need to be shutting up for a while, but hey, things happen, so let’s get to work. Time is money.

Pre Show Dark Match
Danny Bonaduce vs. Eric Young
First and foremost, Eric Young needs to be commended for doing this, I think. Bonaduce has a lot of demons in his closet, and his pedigree suggests that he’s a few cards short of a full house. This type of stunt normally ends badly, for someone, and I am concerned that Young may be the one who suffers when this is all over. It’s never a good idea to put celebrities in with the talent of your company, and this is no exception. I am grateful TNA took this match off the PPV card, but I wish they had taken it off the card entirely, Philly or not.

As for a winner, I’d be happy to make sure we have survivors here, because I don’t trust Bonaduce to be “professional” in this type of match. This is the type of forum where Bonaduce can make some news by doing something insane, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he tried. I’ll pick Eric Young to go over here, because I refuse to pick against “the boys”, but frankly, this match bothered me from the day it was booked.

WINNER: Eric Young

Queen Of The Cage Match
ODB vs. Daffney vs. Madison Rayne vs. Sojo Bolt
What exactly is the prize here if you win this match?? Is it a future title shot, or just another meaningless title? I know the Knockouts division is a much more talented women’s division in wrestling rather than some of the others out there that are comprobable, but I’m kind of skeptical how much of a reaction this match is going to get. Daffney in her true persona is liable to make a good impact here, as she is definitely nuts enough to flourish in this environment. Rayne is a wrestler, end of story, and may be in trouble here, as I don’t know if she is truly capable to take it to the level necessary to survive in steel. Sojo and ODB can cancel each other out as they are both pretty good brawlers, so the facts are simple. It’s a 3 woman race, I would believe. I’ll pick Daffney because she has the most to gain out of this match, but I think, technically, not any of them have anything truly to lose, because I don’t see them being title contenders anytime soon.

WINNER: Daffney

TNA Knockouts Championship
Awesome Kong vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina Love
I’ve actually kind of enjoyed the seriously heated turn that Love has taken with the Beautiful People, and it may be just intense enough to get over in this match and win the title. Wilde is always a talented competitor, but I don’t know if she can get over the hump here and beat two over the top intense combatants in this environment. I am stunned Kong is still champion, as I have read numerous sources saying she is banged up pretty badly, and needs to be reeled in schedule wise to heal up. Question or a possible wild card, no pun intended here, is Raisha Saeed. Will Saeed be at ringside, and will she make an impact against Love after the dewigging and hair cutting two weeks ago on Impact?? My thought is, Saeed will make an impact, but it won’t be enough to keep the title on Kong. I think the Beautiful People will get the stroke, and Love will win the title, which may just make that faction absolutely either A) truly beautiful, or B) utterly unwatchable. I don’t think there will be a middle ground here whatsoever.

WINNER: Angelina Love

Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match
Matt Morgan vs. Abyss
I don’t remember the format here. I think I have the only other one that TNA has dead with this format, and I’ll look for it today to see it again, but the bottom line is one thing. If Lauren Brooke keeps her nose out of this match, this match should be a lot of fun to watch. Abyss and Morgan are due for some bloody fisticuffs that will leave both of them a shell of their former selves. This is the environment, this is the match, and the only question here is, which one needs the rub more. I think here, in this town, you’ll see the ‘facial’ debut of one Stevie Richards, who will make some sort of an impact in this match, and I think it will be negatively for the Monster, which will lead to the Blueprint’s win. I wonder if TNA is gutsy enough to go Abyss vs. Stevie Richards for Stevie’s first wrestling feud inside the six sided ring. I know one thing, I’d love to see it. And with Richards’ past, I think he could pull it off.

WINNER: Matt Morgan

IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championship
The Motor City Machine Guns vs. No Limit vs. The Latin American XChange
My friend Suzanne said this best. Why is LAX in this match when they could be, or should be, for that matter, in the heavyweight tag title match, as obviously, they do not meet the weight requirements to win this championship.

With that being said, LAX is definitely not in line to win this match for that very reason. This match has LAX in it just to make it more interesting, because I am thinking TNA did not believe the Guns vs. No Limit would be a good sell at a Pay per view event. I believe also that if for some inexplicable reason LAX is victorious in this match, while I would love it personally, I think New Japan would be very ticked off, and probably not recognize the match as a title defense, which would lead to probably some strained relations between the companies. That seems to be the norm lately, as based on the information relayed in reports regarding the deals between ROH, NOAH and Dragon Gate.

Anyway, back to the match, I’m wondering if No Limit has the clout in America to get the titles back, and I am guessing they don’t, because if they did, this whole thing of adding LAX to the match would be a moot point. With all that being said, the bottom line here is, while I think this match will be entertaining, I am guessing that the Guns will retain, and eventually move back to Japan for their next title defense on New Japan soil, whenver that may be.

WINNERS: The Motor City Machine Guns

World Tag Team Domination – TNA & IWGP Tag Team Championships – Philadelphia Street Fight
Beer Money, Inc. vs. Team 3D
This could either be an amazing match, or it could stink up the joint. One thing I am thrilled about, is there’s no “electrified” cage stipulation like there was back a couple of years ago when 3D faced LAX for the belts in what was possibly the worst match in TNA history. This “respect” angle between 3D and Storm & Roode is going to make this match just that more intriguing, and I think it’s going to be fun to watch. Beer Money is going to be at a severe disadvantage from the crowd perspective, and if they win, I would think this would be a major cementing of Beer Money as a supreme player in the tag team division of TNA Wrestling.

Problem is, they’re not winning. 3D gets their 22nd world tag team title. Philly Street fight? Not a match 3D loses often.


I haven’t read much on it, but I really wonder if New Japan is happy with how TNA is using their titles in America. Personally, I don’t approve. They are not the “New Japan” titles, and I know TNA is doing that for the casual fan to understand, but personally, I think its a slap in the face to the prestige of the IWGP title belts. But, its just a fan of Japanese puroresu’s opinion, and I’m digressing, so let’s get back to the lecture at hand, okay?

TNA X Division Championship XScape Match
Suicide vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Kiyoshi
Ok. #1. Who is in the mask? Is it Daniels? Is it Kazarian? Who? It needs to be addressed because if it is Daniels, that’s gonna play a major part in Lethal Lockdown. I would have to think its not, but look at it this way, if Daniels is the last man out in lethal lockdown, then MAYBE there is some good speculation he did this match as well. I doubt it, because I don’t think TNA is that stupid, but it is TNA, so anything is possible.

Anyway, the match, its intriguing for the five combatants, the two tag teams against each other against the champion Suicide. The rules are a bit confusing, but doable. (I can’t believe I’m gonna saying this, but me, the master of the gimmick match, is becoming sick of them from the amount of gimmicks TNA comes up with.) Ok, sorry, digression. Return to base…

I would like to see Kiyoshi make a huge impact here. I don’t think he’s been given shot one to do anything of impact inside the six sides of steel, and he has all the look of a man who could really be a major player inside the ring. Problem is, he has not been given the chance. I’d like to see that here. However, I doubt it’s going to happen. If anything, I would suspect either one of three men would win. Suicide, Bashir, or Lethal.

The potential true wild card here may be the ref. Shane Sewell isn’t listed anywhere on this card, but it would not surprise me one bit to see Sewell put in as a decision maker for this match, to further cloud the potential outcome.

One way or another, I’m going to take Suicide to defend the belt, for the one simple reason that I don’t think the company is done trying to ride this character’s coattails for as long as they can.

WINNER: Suicide

Lethal Lockdown
The Main Event Mafia, (Kurt Angle, Booker T., Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner) vs. Team Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels)
Ok. Wild cards right out of the gate here.

1. Is Nash 100%?
2. Is Daniels doing double duty?
3. Is Joe a team player?

3 pretty damn big wild cards I think. Nash being in this match is dangerous, I don’t give a damn if his elbow is 200%. His age, and his lack of mobility makes him a liability from the word go. Angle, Steiner & Booker are going to have to compensate for Nash’s shortcomings, which is dangerous in this type of match.

I don’t know who got the advantage in this, because I didn’t catch the replay this week, but if memory serves, the Mafia has the advantage, which means that it has to be said will Joe be a teammate, and help his cohorts when the need arises? And we all know the need is going to arise here. Also, is Joe’s conditioning going to be able to get him through this match, because I don’t give a rat’s ass who says what about anything, Joe is not 100% and in not the best ring shape of his career.

Lastly, and I know this probably the least likely of the three wildcards, but if Daniels is doing double duty, he needs to be A) commended, and B) committed, because he’s doing double duty in two massively dangerous steel cage matches. Again, I doubt it, but we all have to at least suspect it for the sheer fact of what we have read in the past for the Suicide character. Like I said in the Xscape match preview, if Daniels comes out last, a lot more speculation is legitimately dropping on this match as to what the Fallen Angel has had to go through in the City of Brotherly Love.

Ok, to the match itself, Styles and Daniels, if on the same stamina level, can outwrestle anyone on the mafia side, but the sheer violence nature of Steiner and Angle may be able to take the dream team out of the picture. Booker will focus on Joe, we all know this, and the question will be, whether or not Booker can keep Joe down. My guess is probably not, but it will be interesting to see. That leaves Jeff & Kurt. I wonder how much of this rivalry is legitimate within the company, and not just a storyline. I really do. Anyway, the bottom line on this one is, the Mafia is more of a team than Jarrett’s crew, and when push comes to shove, I think the heels will find a way to get the job done.

WINNERS: The Main Event Mafia

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Sting vs. Mick Foley
I never thought in all my following of Mick Foley’s career that he’d get another world championship opportunity.

He has it, and the question is, what is TNA going to do with it?

Sting has been champion probably a little longer than the company would like, or the storylines would like, and the obvious heartfelt choice in Philly would be to have Foley win the belt. But the true question is, what is the long term effects of this match if the miracle does happen?

I mean, let’s be honest, it’s going to be a miracle if Foley does win. He’ll make a major league impact in the match, but winning it is I think, a totally different kettle of fish, or in this case, corpussle of blood.

Is this Jeff Jarrett’s final parting gift to Mick Foley for his career? Is this TNA’s way to keep the notoreity for the company in check by having a legendary name hold their title?? Only time will tell. One thing is definitely for certain, there is a short term reign left for whomever comes out of this match, because I can’t see either of them lasting much longer in the ring at this pace.

As for the build up to this match, I’ve loved it. Seeing Foley dip back in to the seeds of madness has been a joy. Sting’s non-cowardice approach to the match, yet still expressing a lot of apphrension has also been a good tact to take for the build up. I suspect this match will be a lot better than what I had originally given it credit to be when I first heard it was booked. However, I don’t believe this is the type of pay per view main event that’s going to be drawing a ton of crowds in the future, and that is, what I think, TNA ought to be focusing on, more of its future, rather than the past. Sting retains.


If you’ll permit me a chance to step on my soapbox one more time before I go, I have to.

I have continued to search for the TNA founder’s DVD. I have had people email about it to me, I even had a friend of mine email a contact in TNA, who says he heard my griping about it, and basically responded with a quote that I didn’t appreciate, but to be professional, I won’t repeat it here.

I wanna make sure everybody knows something here. I’m NOT looking for a freebie here. Never have. I’m not that important in the grand scheme of things. Sure, I’d love the chance to do DVD reviews for companies, and I HAVE done a few reviews of other products that have been sent to me in the past, but in this case, for this particular item, I am NOT looking for a hand out. I have been looking in the NATIONAL RETAILERS, and last I checked, Best Buy and Wal Mart are NATIONAL RETAILERS, and to this day, as I checked yesterday, I can report to you this.

Wal Mart has ZIP, ZERO, NADA, NIL on its shelves.

Best Buy still does not have the title listed on its WEBSITE. So how the hell is it going to be in the stores if its not even on the WEB YET?

I have not had the chance to check an FYE, as the nearest one to me is not close enough to check on a quickie trip, and time has been a factor. I just checked FYE.com. ITS NOT LISTED ON THAT SITE, EITHER!

I KNOW people are going to say to me, “check the web”, “buy it off the web”, and I am going to end up doing this, but that’s not the point of my rambling on and on about this issue. I also have one other thing to say to the people who tell me to buy it off the web.

I DON’T WANT TO PAY SHIPPING COSTS! Not when I can pay half that in gas and buy it a lot quicker at a local mall, if they had it.

My issue is simple. TNA WRESTLING has said that their products are being released on a NATIONAL SCALE to NATIONAL RETAILERS. It’s not like I’m living in a SMALL TOWN, (no offense Adam Martin or anyone who does live in a small town). I’m living in the shadows of New York freakin’ city, and I can’t find their newest product on the shelves if my life depended on it.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a freaking travesty. It’s unprofessional, and it stinks.

I’d love to hear the company’s reply to this, because I can promise you this, I don’t think they have one that would be legitimate. Hell, I’d like to find a way to email a complaint to TNA, but I’m pretty sure it’d be thrown in the circular file faster than anything, so its kind of moot.

I’d like to hear your stories about picking up TNA DVDs.. If I get enough, I’ll put them up in a future column, so TNA can see its not just me that’s having these problems. It’s obvious, I am seeing, that the powers that be behind the scenes in pro wrestling are reading schlubs like me, so let’s let them hear from the fans of the product, the hard core fans of the product that want their product, but can’t buy it because the resources AREN’T available to them to get the product out there to the people.

Ok, soapbox done. And so am I.

Click here with your stories as to how you’re doing with picking your DVDs up from TNA wrestling.

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Thanks for reading, everybody.