WWE Raw House Show Results – 4/17/09
Location: Glasgow, UK

Craig King passed this report on courtesy of The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online:

1. Kofi Kingston beat The Miz ? This match went about 10 minutes, with Kofi getting the win with his finisher.

2. William Regal beat Charlie Haas(as himself) ? William Regal got tremendous heat in Glasgow as always but it was kinda the wrong guy to save the day. I would have liked to have seen CM Punk(who was one of the more over guys on the show) face Regal. It was interesting to see Haas work as himself.

3. Santino beat Goldust ? Santino won with a roll up in boring match, although Santino was great on the mic before the match.

4. Melina beat Beth to retain the Women’s Title (Kelly Kelly was the guest referee)

5. Carlito & Primo def. Mike Knox & Kane to retain the Tag Team Titles ? The match ended when Carlito hit the Backcracker on Mike Knox

6. CM Punk beat Chris Jericho ? This was the best match on the show by far, went about 15 minutes. Will be interesting to see them work a program on Smackdown. Punk won with the GTS after a number of near falls exchanged between the two.

7. Rey Mysterio & John Cena def. Edge & Big Show ? quite a long main event with Mysterio pinning Edge with the splash off the top and Cena giving Big Show the Attitude Adjuster.

It was announced that RAW will be in Glasgow on November 5th for the DX Tour. WWE will be back in Glasgow next Thursday(April 23rd) with the Smackdown house show.

Overall it was a dull show but the last 2 matches were really good. Quite a lot of people were disappointed that guys like HHH and Randy Orton weren?t there(even though they are on RAW), but they are on the Smackdown house shows for the tour.