From The Desk of Mr. V #8
April 2, 2009
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

Hello once again my students!! It is April Fools? Day here and I decided this year not to be silly. Being a teacher, I am a very serious individual and plan on staying that way in my years as a teacher. So for me this year, no more switching my students? desks without them knowing and freaking out, which I did at a particular school in 2004. Plus, this is my last column before the greatest spectacle of sports entertainment, the 24th Anniversary of WrestleMania. Yeah, that is right, the 24th! WWE will be getting the first demerit in this column, for not being able to count!! Also, be on the lookout for ?Predictions F rom The Faculty?, which will be available sometimes during WrestleMania weekend. It is a PPV feature in which various WrestleView columnists giving you, the students, the opportunity to see who we picked to win each match. I got about six of the columnists? predictions and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed.

In this column, there are going to be a TON of rules (let’s just say more than usual because of my bitter anger towards a few things. Also, a lot of detentions (including some new Eternal Detention candidates), a very solid honor roll, a few gold stars here and there, the TV wars, and finally the commentator report card (which for the most part I was frustrated with two of the announcers). So right now, I want you to sit down straight with all 6 legs on the floor (4 chair legs and 2 human legs), finish your cappuccino or whatever you drink, and pay attention to the screen. Class is in session.

Oh, and if you read Josh Piedra’s latest column of ?The Shoot?, it is not a joke. What he said about the late 80s-early 90s beverage known as ECTO COOLER needs to be at our local supermarkets so all our students should enjoy a taste of what us columnists once enjoyed when were were kids. When Mr. V was down in the dumps and failed a test, or when I sat on the bench in Little League Baseball while my team destroyed the opposition, I would come home and my mom would give me a box of Ecto Cooler. It made me the greatest person alive when I enjoyed nectar that I truly believe the Greek gods once consumed. I hope Mr. Piedra does not mind that I add the address the posted on his column, because I think it is important to do this. Here is your assignment, class. Grab a piece of paper and pencil (or pen). Write this down:

The Coca-Cola Company
ATTN: Hi-C Department
PO Box 1734
Atlanta, GA 30301 USA

It makes perfect sense for the Coca-Cola Company. Their stock has been plummeting faster than Vladimir Kozlov and needs to bring back an old-school treat. What better old-school treat than for this company to bring back the recipe for Ecto Cooler. So join the brigade on Facebook. There is an Ecto Cooler fan club page and show your love for this drink. Trust me, if you speak, a company would listen. Eight years ago, my friends brought back an ice cream flavor at a mini-golf location called Blue Goo. This place removed it from the market and it cause minor riots around the place. Blue Goo is a vanilla soft serve with a swirl of Blue Raspberry flavor. It was the millionaire’s club ice cream treat. After a group of friends and I demanded Blue Goo to be back at the place, they brought it back. That is a whole different story that I may go into depth on a down week of wrestling. But seriously, I want Ecto Cooler back on the market. Columnists that are for the cause are Phil Chroniger, Josh Piedra, and ?Mr. Wrestling? Hunter Golden (I think he approves if not he will edit this sentence out). Wow, this column is already starting to get long, so onward to my classroom rules.


21) John Cena should NEVER star in a movie, EVER?..

I am not going to say the whole ?DYK that Cena is in a movie?.? joke, because I am not going to do it. To those that saw 12 Rounds on opening weekend, I want you to stop reading this column right now. I am serious here, go to your study and grab a piece of paper. Write 500 times on that paper the following

The way our economy is at, I will not waste twenty dollars to see a box office John Cena movie.

I did not see it, but one e-mailer (who is exempt from writing the sentence above) gave me a review for this movie. It was not good, I will say that. My students learned better after watching ?The Marine?. I rented the Marine, and to tell you the truth, after hearing the word ?Marine? about 300 times in the first twenty minutes, I turned it off. I think wrestling fans, as a whole, are very intelligent. We are probably brighter than the common man or woman. So, students may suggestion is this. If you desperately want to see this movie, rent it. Don?t spend your hard earned cash to see this box office bomb. Spend it on a couple tickets to a minor league baseball game.

22) ?..Kurt Angle, this means you as well!!

I saw the preview for ?End Game?, the first movie featuring Kurt Angle. And coming from a fellow Pittsburgh resident, I am disappointed. I am extremely mad that he is in a slasher movie that will turn out to be a comedy after you watch the movie. I think after watching the preview, that the HHH and Orton acting jobs are 1,000,000 times better. The only thing really worth watching is the brief scene when you see Kurt Angle as Buffo, the entertaining childrens? clown. Wow, this is going to be a bad 2009 for wrestlers who want to be actors.

23) If you are supposedly going to turn heel and, out of nowhere, start loving all heels, please at least give a good reason for loving all heels.

This rule comes from an e-mailer named Luke. He does not like this heel commentary according to his e-mail. I agree with him, as I will mention the cons in my commentary report card. If you don?t agree with us, listen to last week’s Impact. Don West is just building up the M.E.M. the whole time the main event was going on, and I just simply could not stand it. When Mike Tenay would ask him a question about it, Don West just changed the subject. At least Jerry Lawler and Bobby ?The Brain? Heenan would have reasons and jokes. Those two performed very well and showed great emotion in cheering on the heels. Don West right now is a joke. More on this later?..

24) Men should not wear the ?mankini? that Santino Marella wore on March 30, 2009.

If you watched Monday Night Raw this past Monday and saw this, the male students in my classroom will understand. I did laugh at this, but wow, what are they doing to the ?Milan Miracle?? I really see Marella (in 2009) winning the Women’s Title over Melina. If I was a betting man, I would place a moderate bet on this actually happening.

25) Never let the Undertaker lose at Wrestlemania

Not even Shawn Michaels should end ?The Streak?. I?m sorry. 17-0 is a much better standing than 16-1. Don?t believe me, ask the New England Patriots (too soon?). Moving on?

**Mr. V note: I know the Patriots won more than the games above that year. But no one would buy a shirt that said 18-1, thanks to the New York Giants**

26) Don?t build up a 50-year-old former pro wrestling valet who burned bridges w/ all pro wrestling companies to go to TNA.

That means you, Debra!! Apparently, her webmaster (Marvin Ward) is starting a drive to bring Debra McMichael/Marshall/Austin onto the roster of TNA. Please, students do not support this embarrassing cause. If you want to support a cause, let’s have peace on earth. Let’s have better jobs for every person in the world (yes, I get a TON of worldwide support from England, Ireland, even Pakistan). Finally, let’s make a case of Ecto Cooler. We don?t need Debra on TV. A reader of mine, Osaid, got into an argument with Mr. Ward and his actions. After review, I think Osaid should be praised for his efforts, not bashed. I think he will get a gold star until I no longer hear of Debra again!!

Wow, that was a ton of rules. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did typing them. Now onto people that should be disciplined:


This week’s demerits are issued to the following:

Don West
Vladimir Kozlov
ROH Commentary
John Cena
Kurt Angle
Mike Tenay
Santino Marella


WWE Creative – grow some balls and don?t place Mark Henry in the Money in the Bank over R-Truth. Rumor was that Vince had a meeting with creative and by a vote of 5-4; they put Mark Henry in the MITB match over R-Truth.

Samoa Joe – for this new gimmick, and that he accepted it.

Debra – for trying to get work on TNA

Marvin Ward – for pushing this Debra idea on the Internet.

TNA Creative – because Vince Russo is ruining the company.

Talking Quizno’s Oven – if you live in the US, you have seen this commercial many times and are probably annoyed by that.

Pregnant Taco Bell ?She-Male? – see above.

WCG’s ?Ultimate Gamer? – isn?t it obvious?

The ?RickRoll? – I hope my students did not do this as a prank this year.

Mr. V’s NCAA tourney bracket – from worst to first, my tourney bracket looks like the difference between the 1992 and 1993 Pittsburgh Pirates.


Robert O?Ryan – for stalking celebrity (U.S. Gymnast Shawn Johnson, who is 17 years old) and having a boat load of weapons in his car while arrested, you sir, have replaced the three marks that attacked Jericho?..

Three marks that attacked Jericho in Canada – ?.You would think I would forget to add them on my pre-WrestleMania column? Forget that! I can?t believe they wanted to press charges on Jericho.

Jay Cutler and the Broncos – if you have been watching ESPN, you know why.

ETS and the Praxis Series – Because until my column is over, this scam will continue to be on my eternal detention list.

Coca-Cola Company – you will get off of this list once you bring back Ecto Cooler.

The man who made Vickie ?pregnant? – I think this is kind of obvious.

**If you have any other suggestions on who should be in detention, let me know. E-mail me at**


I will have to say class; this was pretty tough to pick out the best matches of the week. But, after much thought and watching the matches very precisely, I came up with the three best matches this week.

DISTINGUISHED HONOR ROLL – Nigel McGuinness vs. Jay Briscoe, ROH on HDNet on 3/28

This is the first time I really saw Nigel on TV, and I was very impressed with his work in the ring. The match between McGuinness and Briscoe had a old-school feel to it, with a mixture of some more moderate-era maneuvers. I start off with the various arm twists in this match, and I have to say it was very impressive how these two men wrestled quite a bit while still in that one move. I really enjoyed the back and forth movement of this match, as there was no dominant wrestler until Nigel hit the Divorce court midway through the match and his patented finisher ?The Jawbreaker Lariat?. This was just a brilliant match that featured Ring of Honor’s upper level talents on Saturday’s ROH. After watching Nigel more, he is quickly becoming on of my favorite wrestlers and I expect to see him in future honor rolls. As for Jay Briscoe, he held his own and then some. I really enjoyed his wrestling skills and can not wait until I see the Briscoe Brothers once again in tag team action.

HIGH HONOR ROLL – Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero, Friday Night Smackdown on 3/27

I am one that was never sold on Chavo, especially when he was the ECW champion which seemed like a long time ago. I am not a huge Rey Mysterio fan, especially when he won the Heavyweight Championship a few years ago. However, you put these two in a moderate-length program, you will see that the chemistry between these two cruiserweights were spot-on! I loved the counters by both wrestlers. I loved the head scissors and the many hurricanrannas (hope I spelled that right) over the course of the match. Chavo really looked good this past week, and I was very happy he did not play Vickie’s stooge on Smackdown. Rey’s best moves were his various counters on Chavo. He executed each move brilliantly. I also really like it when wrestlers counter Rey’s first attempt of the 619, and how Chavo did it was amazing. It kept the ending of the match very fresh. I was real impressed with Rey’s ending to the match, the 619/top rope splash finisher for the victory. Overall, these two when in the same ring can not go wrong. A very good match by these life long rivals.

HONOR ROLL – Jack Swagger/Tyson Kidd vs. Tommy Dreamer/Evan Bourne, ECW on SciFi on 3/24

First off, I think that Dreamer was not bad and hit his spots correctly. Dreamer worked well and I think it is great that Dreamer is getting pushed the right way towards his possible exit from the WWE in June. I was happy to see him get the win. Jack Swagger may have slid down the ladder a bit when it comes to the WWE’s trust in him. After watching his work on ECW in this match, he is back on track. I would have loved to have seen him in a solid program for the title. However, he will not be wrestling at WM and I think it irks many people, especially our ECW recap guy David Stephens. They say that Swagger is the future of the company? If that is the case and he is NOT in a match, what does that say about the future of the WWE? If I do request one thing for WWE creative though, it is this: Please start a good feud involving Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd. These two were magic in the ring this past week. Tyson was really impressive with his moves, and his punches and kicks were executed well. Evan Bourne, to me at least, stole the show over the course of the match. I am surprised at this time that he could possibly be one of the top five most ?over? guys in the company according to the fans (or WWE Universe). I am sorry, but if I am wrong, Bourne hit every move with the greatest of ease. His shooting star press on Kidd was very nice, and his overall skills have improved each week since he came back from a gruesome injury. Overall, I think ECW can build around these four guys in the foreseeable future. In my opinion, I don?t think any of those four will go to a different brand in the upcoming WWE draft (unlike Christian and possibly MizMo and Finlay).

Honorable Mention goes to: CM Punk/Christian/Kofi/MVP vs. Kane/Shelton/Henry/Finlay on 3/23, Rey vs. Regal on 3/23, Morrison vs. Carlito on 3/24, Kiyoshi vs. Suicide on 3/26, Kong/Saeed vs. Beautiful People on 3/26, 20-man Gaunlet on 3/26, Kevin Steen vs. Eddie Edwards on 3/28, Sara Del Ray vs. Daizee Haze on 3/28, the return of Gail Kim, and the various storylines involving main RAW and Smackdown superstars.

WORST MATCH OF THE WEEK – Big Show vs. Jesse/Festus, Friday Night Smackdown on 3/27

I know they are making Big Show out as a big-time threat to Edge’s world title to push WrestleMania even more, but to do it against a team that at once point was pretty over is another thing. I feel bad for this tag team. It seems to me that since Michael Hayes? suspension in early 2008, Jesse and Festus became a joke, and that is not a good thing for these two Smackdown stars. To me, the match felt sloppy and really did not go anywhere. The end result, Big Show can beat anybody and Jesse/Festus could be ?future endeavored? very soon.

Dishonorable Mention goes to: Edge vs. Big Show on 3/23, Santino vs. Mickie James on 3/23, Samoa Joe segment, and the commentary of Michael Cole and Don West.


This was a very tough decision this past week, as I saw each show being very good whether it be wrestling or the effective segments of each show. The students? choice was for Monday Night Raw, but I thought it was an average show. Raw probably had the best segments, but wrestling was not that good. According to Mr. V, if I have a tie-breaker, I choose the programs with the best wrestling. Ring of Honor on HDNet was very effective wrestling wise, but they only focused on one storyline. I know that ROH is all about wrestling, but they have to at least have a couple of nice segments along the way. If it was an average week of wrestling, ROH would have gotten a point. Impact was a very close third place. I really enjoyed the matches on the card, but the segments and storylines were not as strong as the other two shows that I will mention here soon. My runner-up was ECW, as the MITB segment was awesome and made all wrestlers look good in their promoting of their upcoming match at WrestleMania. Also, the wrestling was excellent. It helped build up the tag team unification match and pushed four of the better ECW talents on the roster. My pick of the week is Friday Night Smackdown. Outside of the Big Show match, the wrestling was good for the most part. The storylines were what blew me away. They plugged three of their top storylines on this show to go along with the decent amount of wrestling. The three stories are the Hardys, HBK/Taker, and the triple threat match. It was great, accurate, and a fun overall show to watch.

**Remember students, this is your column as well. e-mail me your favorite show of the week by e-mailing me at I thank you all for your continued support. **

Best Show: Friday Night Smackdown! (2 points)
Runner-Up: ECW (1 point)
Students? Choice: Monday Night Raw (1 point)

Overall Standings

Friday Night Smackdown…..17 points
Monday Nigh Raw…..16 points
ECW…..8 points
TNA Impact…..2 points
Ring of Honor on HDNet…..0 points

COMMENTATOR REPORT CARD (Sponsored by Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler)

Everyone enjoyed my new format for the commentator report card, as many said it was much easier to read. It was easier for me to type as well, so I am going to stick with this format. So, without further adieu, let’s grade these commentators.

Monday Night Raw

Michael Cole: F (2009 Grade: D+)

Pros: Cole did an adequate job on emotions dealing with the Jericho/Flair attack. He called a bit of the opening match, but not enough. He showed emotion during the HHH/Orton storyline.

Cons: On a 4.0 GPA scale, Michael Cole only scored a 0.3 (that is failing students). That is the worst grade I EVER gave someone in my months of doing this report card. In a two hour show, he only called EIGHT wrestling moves, which is unacceptable over the course of two hours. He completely forgot how to do play-by-play. How does he still have a job with the WWE? He makes Monday Night Raw embarrassing to watch at times. He botched a few lines, mainly saying that Kofi Kingston beat someone else other than Jericho to get to WM. He messed up the 8-man tag royally, which is tough to do when you have the improving Jerry Lawler nearby to help you out. He did not call one move in the Edge/Show match. He forgot to call the Rey/Regal match, never called a move. He laughed more than called the Santino/Mickie match. Overall, it was bad. His commentary was almost as bad as ECW on 3/31 (more to come next week).

Jerry Lawler: C (2009 Grade: B)

Pros: He called more maneuvers than Cole did, and that is not good for Mr. Cole. He showed strong emotions during the Jericho segment. He did a very good job on calling the replays during each match. He showed great awareness in what was going on in the ring and showed great emotions for the most part of Raw this past week. He was good in doing commentary for the Santino match, paid attention to detail. I liked his intensity later on challenging Jericho to a match. Lawler even did a nice job towards the ending of the show. I was real impressed with a bit of Lawler’s reactions and his insight.

Cons: While Flair is getting beat to a bloody pulp, you would think he would do something about it, right? All he did was ?Stop It!? He sounded like whipped parents telling a 2-year-old to stop misbehaving. Students, please picture that and you would get what I mean when I mentioned the last sentence. He forgot what match he was calling at times, especially the Show/Edge match and also the 8-man tag match. He did call some attacks in those matches, but he was not really calling the match well during those cases.


Todd Grisham: A (2009 Grade: B)

Pros: He called both matches on the card to the best of his ability. Crelly mentioned to me that Todd called each move during the Morrison/Carlito match. After listening to it again, Todd actually DID call each move. He was much, MUCH better with his play-by-play. He also did a nice with the tag match last week, very nicely done. He called both matches clearly and concisely and worked well with his color commentator, which was greatly missed. He really worked well with Matt Striker with great transitions and humor to the program. Overall, I was very impressed with the play-by-play of Todd Grisham.

Cons: I can honestly say the only thing I did not like were a couple of cheap jokes towards Striker. I really can?t think of anything bad to say about him this past week. Todd was just excellent this week and I hope to hear more of this in later shows.

Matt Striker: A+ (2009 Grade: A)

Pros: He had great interactions with Todd. He toned down teasing Todd, and that was a good thing. He did great color commentary during the opening match. The perfectly talked after Todd called play-by-play, and that is how you do color commentary. He showed great emotion throughout the one hour show. Also, he was very entertaining and hooked the viewers of ECW by his entertainment value alone. He was real impressed with the execution in those two matches, and I think it clearly showed it this past week. Also, he did a great impression of Howard Finkel (a well-deserved HOF inductee). Students, whether a certified teacher is either in a classroom or behind a WWE announce table, we have to dress and play the part very well. Striker did that this past week.

Cons: I know I am going to get bashed for this part of his report, but I did not detect one bad call on his part. I listened twice, and I could not find anything. That is expected from a former classroom teacher.

Friday Night Smackdown

Jim Ross: B- (2009 Grade: B)

Pros: He called each match adequately. However, what really stood out was his clarity during the Rey/Chavo match. His commentary made the match more enjoyable than any other match on the Smackdown card. Also, did a nice job in calling the 8-man tag match. He even has time to plug his BBQ Sauce during the worst match of the week, which I must say is good BBQ Sauce. He was very clear at times with his commentary. He also worked well this week with Tazz (I am getting emotional here, hold on?.). Nice joke on a blonde winning the Diva’s match (even though it ended in a no contest)

Cons: He did not have an ?A? show because there was nothing special this week for Good Ol? JR! He did get annoying at times and repeated the same move (i.e. what a kick, what a kick!) a few times. There were too many plugs for 12 rounds, which I guess I can?t blame him for doing that. That is it for the bad. He just did not merit enough to get a higher grade, because he was just very average. Also, enough with the jokes of the World Baseball Classic. I completely forgot that there was one this year, I am too focused on the WrestleView Fantasy Baseball Challenge.

Tazz: C (2009 Grade: B)

**This is strictly a rumor until further notice, but Tazz is out after this Friday’s Smackdown. The reason is he needs a break from what I heard and I guess that is ok. If Tazz does read my column (which I doubt), I want to say thank you for the memories as both a wrestler and as an announcer, I will miss you as well as my students. **

Pros: He occasionally called a nice match with decent fluency. He showed decent emotions with the Rey/Chavo match, as well as both tag matches. He was awesome in calling the Matt Hardy/R-Truth; he was very impressive in this match. He ended the match showing concern for Taker’s streak. Also, students have to enjoy it every time Tazz mentions what kind of suplex a wrestler uses. No one does that part better than Tazz.

Cons: This was just an average show for Tazz. If he is leaving because he feels burned out, I can understand. Was it just me, or was he not talking as much as he usually does. He did lack emotion and times and did botch his words as well. Like I mentioned before, he that is the case of his release, I am cool with that and I hope to see him do commentary very soon. I don?t know if anyone caught this, but he showed a bit of jealousy towards the ECW announce team. I hate to say it, but ECW’s team is in fact the better announce team. I hope this Friday will be his best show yet. If he did say his good byes to the fans and staff of the WWE, I hope it is short term and not the long term.

TNA Impact!

Mike Tenay: C (2009 Grade: C)

Pros: He was able, at times, call the matches on hand very fluently and effective. He was clear throughout the gauntlet match, calling moves at his very best since he has Don West by him yelling at various things. He was good at calling the Suicide/Kiyoshi match, as well as the Knockouts tag team match. Despite his at times nonsense, he was able to call the matches at good speed and spoke well.

Cons: Mike, please quit yelling at Don West if he is trying (usually failing) to get his point across. Remember, Don West is the bad guy, not you. Tenay frequently turned away from the mid-card matches to promote the main event, and it is ok, but only to an extent. When you see Kiyoshi hit a huge spot, don?t talk about Jarrett and Angle. It is frustrating and annoying when any announcer does that. I am not along when I say this, but his little biting his upper lip when mad has to go as well. It reminds me of a kid that is about to cry, but only this one being that of a middle aged-man. I know Tenay is better than this and I pray one day that Don West is off Spike TV and someone better will replace him.

Don West: F (2009 Grade: F)

Pros: Though I did give Don West an F, he did show strong emotions for a heel commentator, but he really ?crossed the line? with some of them. He was entertaining only one time during a two hour segment, which was one more time than Michael Cole this past week. He built up the Main Event Mafia, but way too many times.

Cons: Where do I begin? Students, do you remember when Don West left the show early for like three straight week? Do you wish he would do that rather than listen to him for two hours? First off to my TNA fans, please accept my apologies in advance. I wanted, I mean REALLY wanted to give this a chance. A heel commentator, something I have not seen done well since Jerry Lawler a decade ago, gracing my television set. What we got was this, my scholars. A blabbering babble of Main Event Mafia and the Beautiful People. During the main event, how many times did he plug the odds of the Main Event Mafia? The results are astonishing, and annoying. When Tenay questioned him on promoting what is wrong with TNA (kayfabe wise) Don West seems lost and incoherent. This is not a good combination. I wonder why TNA decided to tone down the heel turn now. How about this, TNA? Tazz is available after his no-compete clause expires. WWE fans, you may be mad at me for this, but wouldn?t Tazz replacing Don West be really good for TNA? I just wonder about this. Lastly, his confrontation to Jim Cornette was probably the most horrendous thing I have ever seen. I, among the many scholars that read my column, asked ourselves: Why didn?t Jim Cornette just punch him out? Don West screamed too much, put the heel over when he should have done color commentary, and just is not a good fit right now. Sorry TNA fans for this long ?con? part. I understand if you are frustrated with me at this time.

Ring of Honor

I am not grading these two guys as of yet. I want to listen to them for about a month before I give them an honest grade. However as of now it is not looking good for both Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak. If I had to pick who is better between the two, I would say Prazak by a mile. Who knows, with Nigel McGuinness injured, maybe he can call a match or two.

GOLD STAR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, the gold stars were flying this week. I am honored that many people want one of these virtual gold stars because I thought no one wanted to be a part of this. To all those who have got one previously or ones that will receive one in the future, I thank you very much.

Gold Stars this week go to:

Everyone on my Facebook page: You guys are good people, and I thank all of you for accepting me into your Facebook page. If you would like to join fellow students, e-mail me or search Anthony J. Valvo on Facebook, I am the only one there. The reason, there is only one, the original Anthony J. Valvo.

My students at the five school I teach at: Many thanks for your support again. Now get your work done, ALL OF YOU!!!! I am sure you have a test tomorrow and you probably spend a half an hour reading this column. 🙂

Osaid (one of my first readers): For giving Marvin Ward a piece of your mind. Keep it up and after this, you may have an army protesting this Debra to TNA move.

Josh Piedra: Happy 30th Birthday!! I bet your gift was to receive a gold star from Mr. V, right? How about not only a gold star, but the title ?Commander of the Ecto Cooler Brigade?? If you accept, the fate of this delicious drink is in your court, now run with it.

Phil Chroniger and Hunter Golden: for remember the importance of our cause. Both of you shall be in this brigade as well.

To the fans that already posted WM picks: That means Crelly, Osaid, Ricky, TNAGuru, and Austen have given me their picks. Thank you and good luck on them.

?Predictions From the Faculty? will be posted later Friday or Saturday.

Tazz: Best of luck to you, we will miss you.

Older Divas in the Battle Royal: It will be nice to see Sunny, Molly Holly, and others in this match. Should be fun to watch.

To WWE, TNA, and ROH: For putting on some solid shows last week. They were fun to watch.

The caller known as ?Mango?: No one talk smack about the Mango.

Shane Douglas: For organizing one more ECW alumni show. I hope it goes well.

David Stephens: For having to deal with some person in regards to a legit PETA story.

Kevin Kups: Another one of my most loyal readers, thanks for your support.


I will get more into this topic on Saturday. My picks are set, but I will not explain them until the weekend.

HHH vs. Orton: Orton wins
Cena vs. Show vs. Edge: Cena wins
Rey vs. JBL: Rey wins
Tag Tiles match: MizMo wins
?The Streak?: Taker goes 17-0
Divas Battle Royal: Trish Stratus (if she is not in it: Beth Pheonix)
MITB ladder match: Shelton Benjiman
Brothers? Feud: Matt Hardy
Jericho vs. Legends: Legends

Once again, if you love the column or hate the column or if you want to express your views on a topic or talk about Ecto Cooler, you can e-mail me personally at To those that have already e-mailed me, thank you all for your support. To those that plan on e-mailing, remember that I will always respond back to your mail. I do this because of the respect you give me; you deserve a response from the author. Well, until next week students, push in your chairs. I mean it!! Also, if there are any loose pieces of paper on the floor, pick them up and throw them in the recycling bin (we must love mother Earth). I need to also sign the assignment books, as you need to have an ?AJV? autograph on them. Once again in case you do not know this already, I am a certified teacher in the Pittsburgh, PA area and a proud substitute for a handful of the greatest schools in the country. Well, the bell has rung once again class. Line up in a single file line and until April 9, 2009, you are DISMISSED!

Thanks for reading everyone!