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Hi, just a quick question. Why did the WWE get rid of Badd Blood as a
PPV? I think the last one was in 2004, with Michaels vs Triple H in a
(very good) Hell in a Cell match, but it’s not been on PPV listings for
some time now.
Rick M

It’s as simple as they decided to change their PPV names, that’s about all there is to it. No secret meaning or anything, WWE just likes to change things up once in a while when it comes to PPV names. The first event titled “Badd Blood” was the October 1997 In Your House featuring Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker in the first ever Hell in a Cell match. They brought the name back in 2003 at the event featuring Triple H vs. Kevin Nash in a a Hell in a Cell match. And then 2004, the event you mentioned, was the final event titled Badd Blood.

Will Kevin Von Erich be accepting the Von Erich induction award?
-(No Name Given)

Last I heard it will indeed be Kevin, as father Fritz passed away in 1997 and Kevin is the sole surviving member of the Von Erich wrestling brothers.

Where has Mike Knox been he has been the only reason ive been watchin raw as of late and he hasnt been on RAW in 3 weeks if you could get back to me with that I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Chris from Pittsburgh

He wrestled at the house show in Laredo, Texas this past Saturday against Evan Bourne. He’s just had minor roles on television as of late, likely because WWE hasn’t thought of any fresh ideas for him recently and are waiting on repackaging him or coming up with a new storyline. This happens with the undercard guys alot, they run out of ideas for them and keep them off TV until something new is thought of.

I remember watching WCW back in the day and Chucky from Child’s Play talking with I believe Rick Steiner. Did they ever do anything with it and why was he there?
-Mickey Thompson

In the early 90s, WCW did alot of crossover work promoting movies because of Ted Turner’s connections and business ventures in the movie business. Another example was when they brought in Robo Cop for a PPV. That’s all it was, and I don’t recall Chucky from Child’s Play having any other involvement other than the promo you speak of. It was probably just a one off deal to help promote the movie.

Hey Ryan,

Do you think the WWE will ever do a u-turn and begin mentioning Benoit again?In all fairness,the man and the wrestler are two completely different people and Shawn Michaels has begun to use the crippler crossface from time to time.

Austen Allen.

Personally? No, at least not for a very very long time. PR wise it’s bad for the company to at all promote anyone who committed murder. Here is the problem, though. I have no problem with WWE not promoting his name any longer in newly produced segments or publications, however I have a problem with them trying to change and erase history (like taking his name out of title histories) in past events. I believe the deleting his segments on old Nitro shows and PPVs on WWE 24/7 was too far and pointless. However, I see their point in not bringing him up on any newly produced segments. I believe his past work should be left untouched, for historical purposes at least, just not promoted. Unfortunately, WWE doesn’t see it that way (although his matches have been left untouched on the recent SummerSlam anthology DVD release). Seeing as how they have really gone out of their way to erase his name and likeness from so many different areas, it’s unlikely it will change in the forseeable future. Maybe in the decades to come, but right now the horrible events of the end of his life are too fresh and the company wants no association with that tragic event. Can you really blame them?

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